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zvimba: mugabe's homeland calls for a dignified exit | zimbabwe

zvimba, zimbabwe - far from the marching crowds and parliamentarians baying for frail president robert mugabe's impeachment, lies a rural heartland west of the capital, harare, where the fate befalling the world's oldest sitting president is discussed in parables about dignity and zvimba, mugabe's rural homeland, some villagers say the leader's seniority entitles him to continue ruling, while others have humbly accepted the nation's call.many never imagined mugabe would be chased out of power, and they call for a dignified exit, rather than what they believe is a callous and hasty attempt to remove him.a day after sacking him as first secretary, zanu-pf's central committee moved to impeach the 93-year-old after he failed to tender his resignation by monday's noon deadline.some of