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you can virtually inhabit toyota’s new humanoid robot

toyota has a new, third-generation humanoid robot bears the charming name “t-hr3” and is designed to be a helpful and safe assistant to humans. it also features a so-called “master maneuvering systems,” which is essentially a vr-powered remote operating platform that a human can use to have the t-hr3 mirror its movements. yes, kind of like a jaeger from kaiju movie pacific rim.the t-hr3 is designed to work in an assistant capacity to humans across a range of different potential uses, including in-home care, at hospitals, on construction sites, in areas impacted by disaster and even, toyota says, in the far reaches of outer space. the robot resembles a somewhat short person with long arms and smooth white panels covering its mechanical bits, with optical sensors but into the operato

the humanoid robot that can do a backflip

videoatlas, a humanoid robot developed by boston dynamics, is now able to perform backflips.share this withcopy this link more about sharingclose share panel

robot priest: the future of funerals?

developers in japan are offering a robot "priest" to conduct buddhist funeral rites complete with chanted sutras and drum tapping - all at a fraction of the cost of a is the latest use of softbank's humanoid robot pepper.produced by simon atkinson.

the robot that can pick up virtually any object

scientists at the university of california berkeley have created a robot that has learnt to pick up virtually any object.the way the robot understands the world is through its vision and it can also construct models using lego pieces.jeffrey mahler of uc berkeley explained to click how it worked.see more at click's website and @bbcclick.

researchers propose iron man style flight for humanoid robot

the way iron man flies may be cool, but if we’re honest it’s also kind of impractical. even if your core strength is off the chart, as i assume tony stark’s is (you’re basically planking the whole time, right?), putting jets on your hands and feet is just asking for broken bones. but the seeming foolishness of this method hasn’t stopped a handful of italian researchers from suggesting we give it a shot… on a robot, anyway.a flying humanoid robot may have applications of its own, such as doing repairs or inspections, or it could serve as the beginning of research toward an exoskeleton for human flight. the paper details a basic framework for how such a robot would be controlled, with the assumption that the propulsion would be from the hands and feet (of a virtual icub humanoid bot with a b

when a robot runs the company

robots are performing a variety of tasks at organizations, and they're expected to take on a growing number of functions at companies including manufacturers, hotels, healthcare providers, and retailers. ​don't worry, robots and ai won't take your job: well, at least not all of it automation probably won't lead to massive unemployment, but governments will still need to prepare for major upheaval, according to a new study. will the day ever come when a robot actually runs an entire company? probably -- and it might not be too far off in the future. "in reality, humans doing many tedious automated tasks have already become replaced by robots," said kevin curran, professor of cyber security at ulster university and ieee senior member. "i see no reason why this trend will not continue right u

ironing robot tackles creased clothes

a humanoid robot is being taught to iron clothes at madrid's charles iii university.the researchers hope teo will one day be able to perform a number of household chores.but the speed at which it works is one crease that still needs ironing out.

leaked boston dynamics video shows wheel-footed robot named "handle"

why it matters to you robots are the future, and boston dynamics is at the cutting edge with its mind-blowing wheeled robotwhen you think of boston dynamics, you probably think about the company’s freakish four-legged robots that walk and crawl their way over obstacles. but if you thought it couldn’t get any crazier than that, just check out the company’s latest creation: an experimental wheeled robot that one team member described as being “potentially nightmare-inducing.”in a recent presentation, boston dynamics showcased its first-ever wheeled robot along with a preview of its new and improved spotmini robot. while the spotmini wowed the crowd with its skills in doing the dishes and delivering drinks, it was the wheeled robot named “handle” that left everyone in awe. why was it given t

new video shows a creepily human-like robot doing a backflip

a new video shows a robot performing amazing acrobatic feats, from backflips to half-turn jumps. the eerily humanoid robot, called atlas, is 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) tall and weighs 165 pounds (75 kilograms), and uses lidar and stereovision to navigate in its surroundings, according to boston dynamics, which makes the robot. atlas is designed to be able to take on emergency situations where human life would normally be put at risk, such as going into buildings that have crumbled after an earthquake, or dealing with patients who have deadly, highly infectious diseases, according  to the defense advanced research projects agency (darpa). in the video, the newest version of the humanoid does a kind of jump training called plyometrics, leaping between raised platforms, doing a 180-degree turn in

how movies can help robots and people get along

by updated march 12, 2017 11:08 p.m. et how can people learn to work better with robots? first, have them watch robots on the silver screen.that’s the finding of a recent study that had 56 undergraduate students rate their feelings toward humanlike service robots. half of the group watched the science-fiction movie “robot and frank,” which involved a robot, and the other half watched “safety not guaranteed,” a sci-fi romantic comedy that didn’t involve robots, before they made their decision.the result: those who viewed the movie with the robot were more likely to say that they would buy humanoid robots that assist the elderly. the researchers chose helper robots because they are becoming a common way to assist seniors and people with disabilities, but the same results could easily apply t

how movies can help robots and people get along

by updated march 12, 2017 11:08 p.m. et how can people learn to work better with robots? first, have them watch robots on the silver screen.that’s the finding of a recent study that had 56 undergraduate students rate their feelings toward humanlike service robots. half of the group watched the science-fiction movie “robot and frank,” which involved a robot, and the other half watched “safety not guaranteed,” a sci-fi romantic comedy that didn’t involve robots, before they made their decision.the result: those who viewed the movie with the robot were more likely to say that they would buy humanoid robots that assist the elderly. the researchers chose helper robots because they are becoming a common way to assist seniors and people with disabilities, but the same results could easily apply t

russian humanoid space robot totes handguns but isn't terminator, says official

why it matters to you robots will likely be the first full-time settlers in outer space and with these gun-slinging skills, mars could look like the wild west.russia’s deputy prime minister dmitry rogozin took to twitter last week to both praise and defend his country’s gun-toting space robot, fedor (final experimental demonstration object research).“robot platform fedor showed shooting skills with two hands,” he wrote, as translated by the independent.“we are not creating a terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of great practical significance in various fields,” he rogozin’s defense, gun slinging ain’t the only skill in fedor’s repertoire. initially developed as a rescue robot, engineers have also trained fedor to screw in light bulbs, use keys, and drive cars.but

boston dynamics’ atlas robot is a parkour master

parkour! that’s what we should all be devoting our combined robotics expertise towards. there’s no nobler human pursuit, so of course we should create a robot that can master the so-called ‘sport of kings.’ and yes, that is the true sport of dynamics has shown off its new version of spotmini, a robot dog that’s slightly less intimating cased in its more consumer friendly rounded future armor. but now it’s also catching us up on what’s been going down with its bipedal atlas bot, the most humanoid of its creations.atlas can now jump from elevated block to elevated block, and do a complete about-face in the air. it can leap pretty high, and also do a backflip – and then celebrate its backflipping ability. i could do without the grandstanding, future destroyer of worlds.

elon musk: say 'sweet dreams,' humanity

elon musk has once again sounded the alarm about killer robots, this time in response to a video of a humanoid robot doing a backflip.

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watch amazon ceo jeff bezos control a giant mech robot

amazon ceo jeff bezos got to live out every 6-year-old's fantasy when he got behind the controls of a giant "mech" robot.the verge reports that bezos tried out the 13-foot-tall (4 meters) robot yesterday (march 19) at his company's private machine learning, home automation, robotics and space exploration (mars) conference. video of the bot, developed by hankook mirae technology in south korea, first surfaced in december in promotional clips. live science was skeptical of the robot's existence and functionality at the time.  but the new video reveals that the robot does, indeed, exist. however, it's far from clear how much the mech (a term for piloted, humanoid robots) can really do. bezos flails the arms around using controls in the robot's torso cockpit, but the robot does not take any st

'star wars' droids already exist

r2-d2 never goes anywhere without his neurotic friend c-3po. this robot is a protocol droid, which is a humanoid-esque machine designed to break down communication barriers and act as servant, translator or companion. unlike r2, c-3po is designed for the explicit purpose of understanding humanoids and communicating with them. the most famous real-life humanoid bot is honda's asimo, a bipedal robot designed to move similarly to humans and resemble them in other ways. asimo can physically respond to human actions as well as respond to human voices. the robot performs a variety of functions, including playing soccer, gesturing, reading faces and moving around in its environment. asimo has limited language abilities, and can only respond to audible commands with short phrases and physical gest

meet pepper, japan's robot priest that can now conduct funerals / boing boing

japan is already known for being at the forefront of humanoid robots that take over traditionally human jobs (hotel concierge and elderly companions, for instance). now they can add robot funeral priests to their list. japan's telecommunications company softbank just unveiled "pepper," its robot priest, dressed in buddhist robes, that can chant buddhist scriptures, play the drum, and livestream the ceremony for people who can't attend the funeral in person. the demo took place at japan's "life ending industry expo" in tokyo last wednesday. according to the guardian: the robot was on display on wednesday at a funeral industry fair, the life ending industry expo, in tokyo, shown off by plastic molding maker nissei eco. with the average cost of a funeral in japan reaching in excess of £20,000

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mit’s new ford-funded robot can deftly navigate pedestrian traffic

robots have a lot of challenges remaining before they become commonplace in our lives, and many of those are likely not even something you’d think about when trying to make a list. one good example is simply walking around among people, and keeping pace with pedestrians on streets and sidewalks. mit engineers have created a new autonomous robot that can do exactly that, however, in a way that doesn’t impede or inconvenience the people it’s walking alongside.why is this important? because future robots employed in service roles will have to navigate densely populated spots with a lot of foot traffic, including hospitals, malls, neighborhoods and campuses. that’s why an mit team led by mit researcher yu fan “steven” chen set out to create a robot that can move around completely on its own us

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mit’s remote control robot system puts vr to work

mit’s computer science and artificial intelligence lab (csail) has come up with a use for virtual reality headsets that goes beyond firing them up, checking out a new game, muttering “cool” briefly after 5 minutes of use and then putting them back in the closet: controlling robots remotely for manufacturing jobs.the csail research project combines two things with questionable utility into one with real potential, marrying telepresence robotics and vr with manufacturing positions. the system gives the operator a number of ‘sensor displays’ to make it feel like they’re right inside the robot’s head on site, and even employed hand controllers to provide direct control over the robot’s grippers.this system actually uses a simplified approach compared to a lot of 3d virtual simulated remote wor

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cabo nonstop: southwest airlines launched its first international flights from oakland international airport to san jose del cabo/los cabos and puerto vallarta earlier this month, with three daily flights to cabo and two to puerto vallarta. it’s a flight path already enjoyed by travelers flying out of san jose or san francisco, but a first for oak. details: www.southwest.comescape lounge: there’s more passenger comfort to be had these days at oak’s terminal 1, with the opening of the premium escape lounge this winter near gate 8. for a $45 fee, guests can lounge in the swanky space, surf the free wi-fi, nosh from a menu designed by oakland chef and restaurateur chris pastena (chop bar, lungomare, calavera) and enjoy complimentary drinks, including boozy ones. details:

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facebook atwitter over friendly fox sightings in southern minnesota

a friendly pet fox named notchi has gone missing from his lakeville home and is gallivanting across southern minnesota, despite multiple run-ins with humans, a social media paign and a $1,000 reward for his return.notchi, a tame, 8-month-old red fox, was rescued from a fur farm as a kit by mikayla raines, 21, who has a usda license to keep foxes. notchi has distinctive silver and white markings because foxes used for fur often are bred over generations for unique colors.foxes generally make poor pets, raines said, because they mark their territory and chew things up.“there’s just a special bond that i have with foxes that i can’t explain,” raines said. “you have to work hard to bond with a fox, but i like the challenge.”more than 50 people have spotted notchi traipsing from lonsdale to was