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wyoming department: thousands more women hunting since 2008

casper, wyo. (ap) — wyoming game and fish department numbers show that the number of female hunters in the state rose from 11,189 to 14,770 between 2008 and 2016.the casper star-tribune reported monday that the number of male hunters in the state stayed relatively steady during the same eight-year span, decreasing from 64,649 to 64,371.kathryn boswell, hunter and angler participation coordinator for wyoming game and fish, said she doesn’t have hard data explaining the increase in women hunters. but she said there is camaraderie that comes with hunting. she says it’ something families can do together to put organic meant on the table.___most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.information from: casper (wyo.) star-tribune,

wyoming wolf hunt to begin sunday

cheyenne, wyo. (ap) — for the first time since 2013, licensed wolf hunting will take place in wyoming.wyoming’s wolf hunting season opens sunday and runs through dec. 31. it is confined to 12 trophy game hunt areas in the northwest part of the state.the wyoming game and fish department has set a quota of 44 wolves to be taken.wolf hunting continues to be prohibited in yellowstone and grand teton national parks, the national elk refuge near jackson and on the wind river indian reservation.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.outside those areas and the trophy game hunt area, wolves are considered predators and can be shot on sight as long as the kill is reported.earlier this year, a court lifted federal protection for wolves in wyoming. montana and idaho already have es

wyoming wildlife managers to hold grizzly management circuit

jackson, wyo. (ap) — wyoming wildlife managers are hosting a circuit of meetings around the state to talk about management of grizzly bears.the jackson hole news & guide reported monday that the wyoming game and fish department recently gained authority over the state’s grizzlies.the meetings aren’t designed to set policies, such as hunting regulations. they’ll simply be for members of the public to share their feelings on the state’s grizzly management.the state’s large carnivore supervisor, dan thompson, says he realizes hunting is a part of management, be he says he doesn’t want the meetings to be solely about hunting.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.there is no current grizzly hunting season in wyoming.grizzly bears became state-managed earlier this summer afte

wyoming wolf hunts to start again after us court decision

cheyenne, wyo. (ap) — wyoming will hold a wolf hunt for the first time in four years this fall now that a federal court has lifted endangered species protection for wolves in the state, the wyoming game and fish department said wednesday.planning is now underway for the hunt in northwestern wyoming, which will probably be similar to the state’s last wolf hunting seasons in 2012 and 2013, officials 2013, the department allowed hunters to kill as many as 26 wolves in an area outside yellowstone and grand teton national parks and northwest of the wind river indian reservation.hunters who were among the 2,153 who purchased licenses that year got 23 wolves. another wolf killed that was killed illegally also counted toward the 2013 quota.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for

2 fined nearly $31,000 for poaching elk on tv hunting show

douglas, wyo. (ap) — two kentucky men who appeared on a cable television hunting show have been fined nearly $31,000 and have lost their hunting privileges for 15 years after poaching two bull elk in southeastern wyoming in 2014.the case emerged when a wyoming resident watching “hunting in the sticks” on the pursuit channel reported that the men appeared to have killed elk in the wrong hunting district during an episode titled “western redemption.”“i believe the two defendants were driven to get kill-shot footage for the television show and that resulted in their making bad decisions,” said mike ehlebracht, an investigator with the wyoming game and fish department.ricky j. mills and jimmy g. duncan, both of bedford, kentucky, pleaded guilty to several poaching violations monday. the websit

states won't rush approval of yellowstone grizzly hunts

helena, mont. — the latest on removing yellowstone region grizzly bears from federal protections (all times local):___4:15 p.m.wyoming, montana and idaho officials say they won't declare open season on grizzly bears once federal endangered species act protections are lifted for the bruins in the yellowstone national park region.the three states that will take over jurisdiction of yellowstone-area bears once federal protections are lifted this summer have submitted management plans that allow for limited hunting.but state officials say there is no rush. brian nesvik of the wyoming game and fish department and laurie wolf of montana fish, wildlife and parks both say it's unlikely any hunting will be allowed this year.nesvik says rules still must be developed, and wolf says her agency is stil

crowdfunding a subscription to ms. for every state official in wyoming, home of

rudy rucker writes, "isabel rucker and friends are promoting a gofundme project to give an ms. subscription to each of the elected officials in wyoming. why? to raise awareness of women's issues. wyoming has the largest gender pay gap in the country, has the smallest percentage of women in its state legislature, is among the costliest for childcare, and faces continuing cuts in publicly funded family planning and in women's health services." dear [legislator name], we write as a group of wyoming women interested in starting a conversation about equality in the state. to begin, we are sending you a two-year subscription to ms. magazine. the magazine will provide you with an important perspective on the issues faced by women in the nation and state today. we are concerned that wyoming legisl

wyoming to pilot digital driver’s license phone app

cheyenne, wyo. (ap) — wyoming is set to run a pilot program that will make driver’s license accessible through a phone application.the wyoming tribune eagle reported ( ) thursday that about 100 people statewide within the wyoming department of transportation and wyoming highway patrol will be using the pilot program.wyoming is joining three other states and the district of columbia in using the digital ids.the program is run by tech security company gemalto, which states the app isn’t connected to the internet, so there’s virtually no risk of someone tracking a user’s whereabouts or personal information based on when they open the license.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.the money for development and the pilot program comes from a two-year gran

jammed: eclipse crowds may have doubled wyoming’s population

cheyenne, wyo. (ap) — the least populated state in the nation has seen total eclipses before but likely never as many people.the amount of traffic during monday’s eclipse suggests wyoming may have temporarily doubled its population of 585,000 — as some predicted it would.the wyoming department of transportation counted 536,000 more vehicles than usual on wyoming’s roads and highways — a 68 percent increase.“i have no doubt that we had hundreds of thousands of visitors,” department spokesman doug mcgee said tuesday. “i would guess that yesterday was the most people that ever have been in wyoming at one time.”most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.the coast-to-coast total eclipse crossed a strip of wyoming from the majestic teton range to the torrington feedlots near nebra

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court rules wyoming wolves should be stripped of federal protections

wolves in wyoming should be stripped of endangered species act protections and management given to the state rather than the u.s. government, a federal appeals court ruled on friday, a decision that opens the door for hunting of the animals.u.s. wildlife managers in 2012 determined that wolves in wyoming had rebounded from the threat of extinction and that the state plan to oversee the creatures was adequate to ensure their survival.but conservation groups sued, contending the u.s. fish and wildlife service had acted in an arbitrary and unlawful fashion in finding wyoming’s plan acceptable. they argued the state would fail to maintain the animals at certain population levels and would subject a portion of them to being shot on sight.a u.s. district judge sided with environmentalists in a 2

outdoor channel star sentenced for poaching in wyoming

kemmerer, wyo. (ap) — the star of an outdoor channel hunting show has been fined $23,000 and given a suspended jail sentence for poaching in wyoming.the incident occurred in october on spring creek ranch, a property owned by the “wildgame nation” star, billy a. busbice jr.busbice was caught when kemmerer game warden chris baird was told by other hunters of an odd hunting incident.the hunters told baird they saw a man filming a hunter who shot two elk.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.baird said he met with busbice, who admitted to having accidently killed a calf elk while trying to harvest a large bull.busbice had all of his game and fish license privileges revoked for two years, including in his home state of louisiana.

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court rules wyoming wolves should be stripped of federal protections

facebook, trump news, u.s. newscourt rules wyoming wolves should be stripped of federal protectionsreuters04 mar 2017 at 00:02 etwolves in wyoming should be stripped of endangered species act protections and management given to the state rather than the u.s. government, a federal appeals court ruled on friday, a decision that opens the door for hunting of the animals.u.s. wildlife managers in 2012 determined that wolves in wyoming had rebounded from the threat of extinction and that the state plan to oversee the creatures was adequate to ensure their survival.but conservation groups sued, contending the u.s. fish and wildlife service had acted in an arbitrary and unlawful fashion in finding wyoming’s plan acceptable. they argued the state would fail to maintain the animals at certain popul

grizzly bear in northwest wyoming attacks hunter

jackson, wyo. (ap) — a 41-year-old man hunting in northwest wyoming has been injured in a grizzly bear attack.sgt. todd stanyon of the teton county sheriff’s office says the man suffered severe lacerations monday on his head and left arm as well as bites on his back and hip area. but he survived and was being treated at eastern idaho regional medical center in idaho falls, idaho.the name of the man was not released. stanyon says he is from rock springs.stanyon tells the jackson hole news & guide ( ) that the man and his brother were hunting in the bridger-teton national forest when he was attacked around 10 a.m. monday.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.the brother was not hurt.police say the bear involved was a female grizzly with two cubs.___in

wyoming museum’s fossil collection is going digital

laramie, wyo. (ap) — a wyoming museum and library plan to make digital files of thousands of mammal fossils, hoping to increase access to the information for researchers and the public.the university of wyoming geological museum and coe library are working together on the effort.wyoming public media reports that the museum has room to display less than 1 percent of its rare fossil mammal collection. the rest of the collection is available for research but only about 100 people a year are able to view other and collections manager laura vietti says the project will create digital records of more than 5,000 specimens from the collection, including examples from the period before and after dinosaurs went extinct.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.the mu

the last white wolf living in yellowstone park was shot illegally, officials det

a rare white female wolf that hikers found as she lay dying last month on the north side of yellowstone national park in wyoming was shot illegally, officials have determined.the wolf had to be euthanized by park officials because of the severity of her wound.she was the only white wolf living in the park, though there had been two others before her. she was 12-years-old when she was killed, twice the average age of wolves in yellowstone.she was the alpha female of the canyon pack, one of 10 packs in the park, and she had paired with the alpha male for nine years. over that period, biologists say, she whelped 20 pups, 14 of which lived to be adults.after she was euthanized, the white wolf’s carcass was sent to the u.s. fish and wildlife service forensics lab, and the preliminary results of

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6 of the best places to see the total solar eclipse of 2017

some people may think it absurd to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see an event that will last less than 3 minutes, but millions of people are expected to do just that to witness the total solar eclipse on aug. 21. in addition to watching this breathtaking celestial show, there are many other things to see and do in and around the eclipse path.  the eclipse will cross the u.s. from oregon to south carolina. skywatchers inside the "path of totality" will see the moon completely cover the disk of the sun. the path is about 70 miles wide and more than 2,000 miles long. it crosses through deserts, forests, national parks and cities. here are six suggestions of great places to see the eclipse, ranging from contemporary to eclectic venues. [what you’ll see during the 2017 total solar ec

women are the fastest-growing segment in hunting, fishing and shooting sports –

a lot of the talk on saturday’s radio show was about women in the outdoors.  in fact, it was the main topic of almost two full segments.  i hear over and over again that women are the fastest-growing segment in hunting, fishing and the shooting sports.  i’m probably not as amazed by this as others since it has been such a integral part of my life.when i was twelve years old, my mother was on a deer stand with me.  i live with a lady (my wife and producer, karen) who is an accomplished outdoor person.  she spent 22 seasons trekking camera gear to some of the most remote places in the wilderness filming our television shows, has received numerous master angler awards and consistently out-shoots me. karen and the other ladies who joined us on the radio have taken the outdoors to high levels. 

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new illinois law lifts restrictions on crossbow hunting

a new state law means that hunters in illinois can use crossbows during archery hunting seasons.the illinois department of natural resources says that new law applies to the state's archery deer season and fall turkey archery season starting oct. 1 and ending jan. 14. illinois gov. bruce rauner signed the bill changing state wildlife code to repeal restrictions on using crossbows during archery hunting season.crossbows previously were allowed under illinois law during archery seasons under certain rules, including those age 62 and older and disabled people who qualified for a crossbow permit.archery seasons will be closed nov. 17-19 and nov. 30 to dec. 3 during in counties where firearm deer hunting is open.

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court: baiting deer legal if not for hunting

madison, wis. — a state appellate judge has ruled baiting deer is permissible as long as the bait isn't intended for hunting.the case involves john walker, who was cited in 2015 for placing corn and pumpkins near his deer stands on his washburn county property. department of natural resources rules prohibit placing, using or hunting over bait or feed material for the purpose of hunting or training dogs and baiting and feeding deer in cwd-affected areas like washburn county.a circuit judge tossed the citation, finding there wasn't any evidence walker intended to hunt over the food. prosecutors said walker was prohibited from even placing the bait on the ground.3rd district appeals court judge thomas hruz ruled tuesday that people can place bait as long as it's not used for hunting.

wyoming study focuses on major interstate’s future needs

cheyenne, wyo. (ap) — wyoming officials say traffic on a major interstate will continue to grow, requiring careful long-term planning for work that could come at a high cost.consultants on thursday laid out the start of a master plan for the interstate-80 corridor that crosses southern wyoming. the casper star tribune reports that state officials estimate any redevelopment could cost millions or billions of dollars; no specifics were discussed by the wyoming transportation commission.but the state anticipates that traffic, particularly commercial trucks, will continue to increase and require more upkeep or changes. wyoming officials hope the ongoing study will help them be prepared to apply for any financial help the federal government can offer.possible changes to the interstate included

minnesota police dept. wins twitter again with hilarious 4/20 tweet

the wyoming, minn., police department is at it again with its comical tweets. in just a few hours, the quick-witted officers received thousands of retweets and “likes” on their twitter message on marijuana’s high holiday, 4/20. “undercover #420 operations are in place,” the department tweeted around 4 a.m. thursday. “discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today. #happy420.”the "traps" are doritos, cheetos, mountain dew, white castle and video games such as "grand theft auto." also pictured is a squad car and police officer standing by with a net. and here's their tweet from last year. the night before 4/20, the department had a message to drug dealers on its twitter account: “we heard complaints about someone not having enough drugs for #420 so if you’re a drug dealer hit us u

talk amongst yourselves

a-hunting we will go, a-hunting we will go, heigh-ho, the derry-o, a-hunting we will graaarrghh!!! you son of a... i…read on talk amongst yourselves

midwest wolves may find themselves in the crosshairs again

minneapolis — gray wolves in minnesota, wisconsin and michigan could again find themselves in hunters' crosshairs — possibly as soon as this fall if federal protections are removed for the predators.a ruling is expected soon from an appeals court that recently lifted protections for wolves in wyoming. in congress, wolf-hunting supporters aren't giving up even though a minnesota representative was instrumental in killing an effort that would have allowed the three western great lakes states to resume wolf hunting.gray wolves were once hunted to the brink of extinction in most of the country, but they recovered under endangered species act protections and reintroduction programs. they now number over 5,500 in the lower 48 states, including nearly 3,800 in minnesota, wisconsin and