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galaxy s8: what the leaks tell us samsung could announce

a leak from weibo suggested the galaxy s8 will offer dual rear cameras (12mp and 13mp). but et news said the front camera will be 8mp, while a leak from tech update claimed the galaxy s8 will have a 9mp front camera with a 30mp rear camera. meanwhile, there has been a claim from the guardian suggesting the galaxy s8 will have the duo pixel camera from the galaxy s7.venturebeat said the phones' rear camera will feature a 12mp rear camera with an f/1.7 aperture and a new visual search tool, and their front camera will have an 8mp sensor with an f/1.7 aperture. this report has also been verified by bgr.

sigma can install a rear-mounted filter holder on your canon 14mm f1.8 art lens:

lens manufacturer sigma has announced an interesting new service: users of the company's canon mount 14mm f1.8 dg hsm art lens can now pay the company to fit a rear mount filter holder onto their lens. the fhr-11 filter holder is designed to allow gel filters to be held over the rear element of the lens so photographers can enjoy "more freedom of expression."those who want to fit the holder themselves can buy it without the installation service, but keep in mind that damage caused by erroneous fitting will not be covered by the lens' warranty. sigma says the time the fitting will take depends on local services, but in japan users are being told to expect the lens to be away for a the uk, the fhr-11 on its own costs £35 (~$45 usd), while the filter+install service costs £60 (~$80 us

xiaomi mi 6 plus rear panel leaks showing a familiar design

what ever happened to the xiaomi mi 6 plus? before the mi 6 got official in april, many rumors claimed the duo would be launching together. however, even as the mi 6 has now been on the market for many weeks, the mi 6 plus still hasn't been announced.that could change soon, and a new leak out of china is showing us what its back is going to look like. what you see below is the purported rear panel of the mi 6 plus smiling for the camera next to the mi 6' let's file this one in the not at all unexpected category: the mi 6 and mi 6 plus share their design language. in fact, the mi 6 plus is basically identical to its smaller sibling in this regard - it's just bigger. how much so remains to be seen, but one leak from march talked about it sporting a 5.7-inch 1080p touchscreen.the mi 6 plu

motormouth: it's best to have snow tires on all wheels

motormouth bob weberq: i have a 2013 hyundai genesis coupe with rear-wheel drive. i would like to install two snow tires at the rear to help with fishtailing. the tire dealer said i would need four snow tires. can i get by with only two rear snow tires?a.v., chicagoa: today's winter tires are better at providing ice and snow traction than ever before, states tire rack, which tests and sells many brands of tires. the company reports that "7 out of 10 vehicle manufacturers recommend four winter tires be used on rear-wheel, front-wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicles. this is because if you use two dissimilar types of tires on your vehicle, you'll have a vehicle that has a 'split personality.' one end of the vehicle won't react and perform the same as the other. especially in emergency situation

president george h.w. bush apologizes for sometimes patting women on the rear

woman accuses former president of improper touching; bush apologizes for off-color joke and for sometimes patting women on the rear.        

dual rear-camera sporting motorola moto g5s plus leaks in images

afterthe motorola moto g5s, now the device's plus variant has also leaked. the leaked images reveal the phone features a design quite similar to the g5s, with dual rear-camera setup being one of the main exceptions.this is not the first time we're hearing about the moto g5s plus - a recently-leaked presentation slide revealed details like dual rear cameras and 5.5-inch full hd display for the phone. however, this is the first time we're seeing the handset.the new leak also reveals some other details like octa-core cpu, android nougat, and full metal body. there's also a front mounted fingerprint sensor and 3.5mm headphone jack. color options include gold, grey, and silver.via

oppo r11 with dual rear cameras gets pictured for the first time

since last month, oppo has been rumored to have a phone with dual rear cameras in development. this will allegedly end up being called r11 when it finally launches. most of its specs have likely been outed by a benchmark run a few days ago, and now we can show you what is rumored to be the first hands-on image of the handset. get ready for some major blurriness, however.we can't vouch for the authenticity of this shot, so whether or not it actually depicts the oppo r11 is anything but clear. if this is in fact that phone, then we can say that it's pretty obvious where in california (read: cupertino) the chinese company found the inspiration for its design.the dual rear camera housing, the antenna lines, they all look more than a bit similar to those of the iphone 7 plus as you were undoubt

toyota recalls 250k tacoma pickups; rear wheels can lock up

detroit — toyota is recalling about 250,000 small pickup trucks mainly in north america because the rear wheels have the potential to lock up, causing drivers to lose control.the recall covers certain tacoma trucks from the 2016 and 2017 model says oil can leak from the rear differential. that could damage components and cause the differential to lock up and stop the wheels from moving. a differential allows the wheels to travel at different speeds while a vehicle is turning a corner.dealers will inspect the trucks. if no leaks are found, fasteners will be tightened. if there's a leak, a gasket will be replaced and new fasteners installed. toyota also will replace any damaged differential parts.owners will be notified of the recall by mail starting in mid-june.

samsung galaxy s8+ prototype with dual rear cameras surfaces in hands-on photos

one of the features that was rumored for the galaxy s8, or at least the bigger s8+, was a dual rear camera setup. since these have become incredibly popular among android phone makers in the past year, it would've made sense for samsung to jump on that bandwagon. but in the end, as you probably know, it hasn't. that, however, doesn't mean that it didn't test prototypes with that arrangement. case in point: the two leaked images you can see below are of a galaxy s8+ variant with dual rear cameras and no fingerprint sensor to be seen anywhere.unreleased samsung galaxy s8+ prototypeso it was probably a prototype employing an under-screen fingerprint scanner too - which means it actually has two things that didn't make it to the final s8+ model.the design of this unreleased s8+ prototype which

driver cited for rear-ending nd highway patrol squad car

west fargo, n.d. — a minnesota woman has been cited after rear-ending a north dakota highway patrol squad car.the patrol says the squad was parked with its emergency lights flashing on the median shoulder of westbound interstate 94 in west fargo at the scene of another incident wednesday night. it says a westbound car in the left lane came upon the scene. the driver braked, lost control, and rear-ended the squad car.kfgo reports the patrol says the trooper saw the car approaching and put his vehicle in drive to try to avoid the collision, but couldn't.the car's driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. the trooper was unhurt.twenty-year-old tabetha fenner, of barnesville, minnesota, was cited for careless driving.

man killed when car is rear-ended by tractor-trailer

ephrata, pa. (ap) — a 64-year-old pennsylvania man has died after his car was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.police say the man was driving a toyota prius on pennsylvania route 272 in ephrata on wednesday when he was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer. the man’s name was not released.the driver of the truck was not injured.police continue to investigate the crash. no charges have been announced.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.

snapchat adds world lenses, bringing ar objects to your phone's rear camera

when you think of snapchat's lenses, you're surely picturing some of those incredibly goofy selfies - people becoming puppies, face-swapping with others, puking rainbows, the likes. that's because up until now lenses were made specifically for the front-facing camera in your smartphone.not anymore, though. today snapchat is introducing world lenses. like the original lenses, these are digital objects (or text) that you can add to your shots. except now they can be placed anywhere in the world that your main, rear-facing camera sees. hence the use the new feature, while snapping with the rear camera you tap the camera screen to find the lens you want to use in order to best "paint the world around you" with a 3d experience. the mention of "3d" there isn't accidental, for the digital

huawei p10 lite: news, features, release, price

why it matters to you the slightly stripped back huawei p10 lite still provides camera fun for selfie fans, at a lower price than the full p10.we’re really taken by the new huawei p10, but if it’s slightly more than you want to pay for a new smartphone, huawei wants to tempt you with its p10 lite. rumored ahead of the p10’s launch, the lite version has now been made official, and while it does include several of the great features that make the p10 so tempting, it’s far from the full package. here’s what you need to know.the p10 is defined by the dual rear cameras co-developed by leica, which is missing from the p10 lite. instead the rear camera has a single lens with 12-megapixels and a large 1.25 micron pixel size for better low-light performance. there will be no monochrome or blurred b

front and rear panels for the iphone 8 leak, glass backs for iphone 7s and 7s pl

mere hours ago a leak claimed to show us the metal frame of the upcoming iphone 8, and now we can basically complete the picture. that's because of the two images you see below, which show the device's front and back panels.these are said to come from "a friend in the industry" and they certainly look more believable than other such revelations from the past. the first picture shows just the front and rear panels for the iphone 8, as you can see. this is going to be the most expensive iphone yet, and it will feature a near-bezelless amoled panel provided by samsung.the screen won't have a standard shape, as it turns out. so if you've been hating the camera cutout in the essential phone's display, you're probably not going to love the fact that the iphone 8 features an even bigger cutout up

huawei p10 lite: news, features, release, price

why it matters to you slightly stripped back huawei p10 lite still provides camera fun for selfie fans, at a lower price than the full p10we’re really taken by the new huawei p10, but if it’s slightly more than you want to pay for a new smartphone, huawei wants to tempt you with its p10 lite. rumored ahead of the p10’s launch, the lite version has now been made official, and while it does include several of the great features that make the p10 so tempting, it’s far from the full package. here’s what you need to know.the p10 is defined by the dual rear camera co-developed by leica, which is missing from the p10 lite. instead the rear camera has a single lens with 12-megapixels and a large 1.25 micron pixel size for better low-light performance. there will be no monochrome or blurred backgro

best android smartphones (february 2017)

the moto z is different from the rest of the pack in that it boasts a modular design. it's also water resistant, features a responsive fingerprint scanner, and a high quality 13-megapixel rear-facing era. and, just like apple's iphone 7, there no headphone jack, which may or may not be a deal-breaker.5.5-inch amoled 1440p quad hd (2560 x 1440) displayqualcomm snapdragon 820 quad-core cpu4gb ram13 mp, f/1.8 rear-facing era with dual-led (dual tone) flash32/64 gb storagesd card slot2600 mah battery

lenovo teases k8 plus ahead of launch tomorrow

lenovo has confirmed the k8 plus smartphone will be launched tomorrow (september 6). the confirmation came in the form of a tweet from the chinese company's india subsidiary. we got a teaser image for the phone along with information that it will be a flipkart exclusive in india.the image confirms dual rear-camera setup as well as a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. the device was spotted in a benchmark listing early last month, revealing some key specs, including mediatek's mt6757cd soc (helio p25), 3gb ram, and android 7.1.1 os.source

toyota corolla im drift car | photos, details, specs

why it matters to you it's a toyota corolla im with 1,000 horsepower and the ability to smoke its rear tires. you don't see that every day.a standard toyota corolla doesn’t exactly get the pulse racing. but this isn’t a standard toyota corolla.for the 2017 formula drift season, papadakis racing decided to think outside the box. so it took a humble toyota corolla im hatchback, converted it from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, and installed a 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and nitrous-oxide system capable of producing 1,000 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque. yup, this is definitely not your grandmother’s corolla.papadakis racing has plenty of experience converting unassuming street cars into drift monsters. it previously campaigned a series of scion tc coupes in for

iphones in 2019 to come with a 3d sensor on the back too

apple’s truedepth selfie camera features a 3d sensor and starting from 2019 the rear camera might have a 3d sensor of its own. the company is allegedly talking to several component suppliers and evaluating its options.the rear 3d sensor will help enhance apple’s arkit as it will give true measurements of distance rather than the estimates provided by the camera setup. presumably it will also be used to enhance portrait mode, similar to the selfie camera.unlike the front sensor – which users the structured light approach of the original kinect – the rear sensor will use a time-of-flight camera. this is the tech used by the second-gen kinect (the one that shipped with the xbox one). time-of-flight sensors are already used in project tango phones like the lenovo phab2 pro and asus zenfone ar.

lamborghini huracan spyder, a rear-wheel-drive rocket

the italians have a way with sports cars. not to take anything away from our friends in germany, england and japan, but italian automakers have a special knack for combining great looks and great performance to make great, building out its stable of lower-priced supercars, has added a convertible to the huracan family. the huracan spyder is a rear-wheel-drive street racer, powered by a 5.2-liter, naturally aspirated v-10 engine that makes 580 horsepower and will rocket the car from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.6 seconds.built on a hybrid chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber, with a body composed of aluminum and composite materials, at 2,300 pounds unfueled the huracan is light, lithe and very sits low, with its wheels planted wide and square, on

2018 kia stinger performance, specs, news, photos

over the past decade, kia has elevated itself from being little more than a punch line to being a legitimate competitor to the likes of honda, toyota, and the american big three. but kia hasn’t built as solid a reputation when it comes to performance, something it hopes to change with the 2018 stinger.unveiled at the 2017 detroit auto show, the stinger is kia’s first real attempt at a performance car, and a novel proposition in general. it combines rear-wheel drive with a practical four-door sedan body, something not currently available from any other non-luxury brand. here’s everything we know about the stinger so far.designthe stinger is a compact four-door sedan similar in size to luxury standards like the bmw 3 series. however, the kia emphasizes design to a greater degree than the bim

fatal crash on hwy. 169 in new hope involves six vehicles

six vehicles were involved in a fatal accident that closed a portion of hwy. 169 in new hope for several hours wednesday evening.the minnesota state patrol said traffic was flowing northbound on hwy. 169 near rockford road when a semitrailer truck traveling in the left lane struck a sedan from behind just before 5:30 p.m.that collision caused a ripple effect that left at least one person dead.the sedan was pushed into a second sedan, which rear-ended a minivan. the first sedan came to a rest in a ditch on the right side of the highway. meanwhile, the second sedan and minivan came to a rest in the right lane.the semi continued northbound in the left lane and rear-ended a third sedan, which in turn rear-ended a second minivan.those two vehicles came to a rest in the left lane, while the semi

xiaomi mi mix 3 rear panel leaks

xiaomi's mi mix lineup, the one that started the bezelless craze, is about to get a new member - mi mix 3. a photo of the rear panel appeared, suggesting the new phablet might have a dual vertical camera setup on the back.the panel looks a lot like the back of the iphone x but with a fingerprint scanner and a “mi mix designed by xiaomi” slogan on it.this is quite an early leak and this might be just one of series of prototypes xiaomi is working on for the next mi mix flagship. the manufacturer has introduced two completely different designs of vertical camera setup: two lenses under the same piece of glass (mi 5s plus) and two lenses in separate holes (mi 6).via

zte tl99 with qhd display and 20mp camera gets tenaa certified

a new zte smartphone has been certified by china's tenaa. listed as tl99, the device is powered by an soc with quad-core, 2ghz processor, and sports a 5.5-inch display with 1440x2560 pixel resolution.ram is 4gb, while internal memory is 64gb. the handset features a 20mp rear camera and an 8mp front shooter. measuring 154.1×77.6×9.3mm and weighing in at around 200g, the phone runs android 7.1.1 nougat, and packs in a 3,140mah battery. there's also a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.pricing and availability information for the zte tl99 isn't currently known.source | via

canon patents a huge, hinged and reversible dslr lcd: digital photography review

a newly published canon japan patent might reveal the future of canon dslr lcd screens... and that future is massive and flippable. originally spotted by canon rumors, the patent details a hinged rear lcd that is so big it hides all of the controls on the back of the camera underneath you can see from the diagrams (or read in the patent itself) the lcd is capable of lifting upward, then reversing, and is specifically designed to avoid obstructing the camera's viewfinder. this makes it possible to view an image from the uplifted lcd and use the viewfinder during the same session.while a hinged dslr rear display is nothing new, canon's patent shows a design that would allow for a large and reversible display unlike anything we've seen before. in fact, the lcd shown in the patent's illu

leeco le x850 with snapdragon 821 and dual rear cameras launches on april 11, ru

usually when china's tenaa certifies a phone for sale, you can expect that device's official announcement to come within days or, at most, a few weeks. that, however, isn't what happened to the leeco le x850. this handset went through the tenaa procedures at the beginning of november last year, but it still isn't official.that may change soon, because a new rumor from china has now given us a release date for the x850 to look forward to: april 11. this is allegedly when, if you're in china, you'll be able to pick one up in black, white, gold, or gray.the le x850 could act as a successor of sorts for the le pro 3, which was released last october. the two models are pretty similar, but the new x850 one-ups the older le pro 3 in a few areas: it has a slightly bigger and higher-res screen, a d

the new porsche 911 gt2 rs just dropped at e3 and it's the most powerful 911 eve

not at an auto show, not a special event, not at a concours: e3 is where porsche dropped the 2018 911 gt2 rs, an absurdly ferocious-looking machine touted as the most powerful 911 ever. why e3? because it’s the cover car for the new forza motorsport 7.the first game designed with microsoft’s new xbox one x in mind was shown off at the company’s e3…read more details remain scarce besides what was announced during microsoft’s press conference at the show, but according to the verge, the new 911 gt2 rs has 640 horsepower, is rear-wheel drive and has a 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat-six at the rear. expect a pdk gearbox and one of the more outlandish aero kits i’ve seen on a production car in a good while.advertisementadvertisementmore details and pics as we get them.

zte blade max 3 launched with snapdragon 625 soc and 4,000mah battery

zte has launched a new smartphone in the us. dubbed blade max 3, the device is powered by snapdragon 625 soc and sports a 6-inch full hd display. ram is 2gb, while storage is 16gb.the phone features a dual rear camera setup of 13mp and a 5mp front shooter. it runs android 6.0.1 (marshmallow) and packs in a large 4,000mah battery. connectivity options include usb type c, wifi 2.4ghz/5ghz 802.11 b/g/n/ac, and bluetooth 4.2. there's a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as well.the handset is available for purchase through us cellular, which is currently offering it for $199.99 after a discount of around $100. for more information, head to the source link below.source | via

best android phones (march 2017)

the moto z play is different from the rest of the pack in that it boasts a modular design. moto mods mean you can turn your phone into a movie projector, boombox, battery powerhouse, and more, in a's also water repellant, features a responsive fingerprint scanner, and a high quality 13-megapixel rear-facing camera.on top of that it boasts a whopping 50-hours of battery life!5.5-inch amoled 1080p hd (1920 x 1080) displayqualcomm snapdragon 625 octa-core cpu3gb ram16 mp, f/2.0 rear-facing camera with laser autofocus32 gb storagesd card slot3510 mah battery

lg q6 leaked image shows a familiar design with a single rear camera

the phone that we thought would be launching as the lg g6 mini will instead be branded lg q6. otherwise the 'mini' formula remains pretty much unchanged from many years ago when samsung and lg started going this route.thus, the q6 looks like a smaller version of the flagship g6, as you can see from the leaked image below, which shows it inside a thin transparent case. however, looks can be deceiving - the handset is lower-end than the model it's trying to pass for.the q6 has a single 13 mp rear camera, for example, and it's powered by the decidedly mid-range qualcomm snapdragon 430 chipset. it's got a 5.4-inch 18:9 touchscreen, 3gb of ram, and it runs android 7.1.1 nougat.the q6 will become official at an event tomorrow in poland.thanks for the tip, anvinraj!source (in chinese) | via

suffolk police: 2 officers hurt when police car rear-ended

advertisement | advertise on newsdaytwo suffolk county police officers were treated for injuries after their police car was rear-ended monday night, feb. 6, 2017, in north amityville, police said.  (credit: paul mazza) two suffolk county police officers were treated for injuries after their police car was rear-ended monday night in north amityville, police said.the police car was stopped in a northbound lane of great neck road near avon drive when it was struck by a honda at 7:50 p.m., a police spokeswoman said.the officers were treated at a hospital for unspecified injuries and released, the spokeswoman...

xiaomi mi 7 to feature 16mp dual camera, new report suggests

a new report out of china is suggesting that xiaomi's mi 7 flagship will feature a samsung-manufactured 6.01-inch screen with 18:9 aspect ratio, and will be powered by snapdragon 845 soc.the report also says xiaomi will eventually adopt the 3d face recognition technology, but the mi 7 won't have it on board. the chinese company reportedly feels the technology needs to be improved further before it's ready for use in its smartphones.other specs revealed by the report include 16mp dual-rear camera setup, 6gb ram, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and fast charging. it also mentions a cny 2,699 price tag, which currently translates to around $405.source | via

leeco unveils the le pro 3 ai edition with dual rear cameras

that leeco smartphone with a dual rear camera setup that looks like a robot face finally has a name. the chinese company took the wraps off it today, and it's called le pro 3 ai edition. it's not the le max 3 as we will become available in china on april 14 in gold, rose gold, and black. it will be offered in two versions, "standard" and "eco". the latter is the higher-end.the standard le pro 3 ai edition has a 5.5-inch 1080p touchscreen as well as 13 mp + 13 mp dual rear cameras (one monochrome, one color) with f/2.0 aperture, phase detection autofocus, and a dual-led flash. video recording in 4k is possible at 30fps. if you want to go slo-mo, there's ... 120 for you.leeco le pro 3 ai editionthe selfie snapper is an 8 mp unit with f/2.2 aperture and 1.4um pixel size, with a 76.

65-year-old man shot in face in possible road rage incident in elmhurst

elmhurst police were asking for a driver who is believed to have shot a 65-year-old man in a road rage incident saturday afternoon to contact them or turn himself in to authorities.the man suffered a serious injury when he was shot in the face just after 2:10 p.m. near york road and diversey avenue in what may have been a road rage incident, police said. the man was taken to elmhurst hospital by elmhurst paramedics and was being transferred to loyola university medical center in maywood for treatment.police were reviewing video from businesses in the area, according to a news from the scene showed a silver hyundai suv with its driver’s-side window shattered, surrounded by yellow police tape and stopped near a mcdonald’s restaurant and a gas station. several yellow evidence ma

galaxy note8 teardown reveals modular but tough to get to components

the latest handset to go through the teardown procedures performed by the folks at ifixit is samsung's new flagship, the galaxy note8. it's managed to fare much better in the repairability department than the recently torn downessential phone, but that doesn't mean the note8 is easy to get into - at all, unfortunately.any repair you may want to make requires you to remove the glass rear panel, which is a challenging task to accomplish because of how much adhesive is holding it in place. if you want to replace the screen, you'll need to remove both the display assembly and the rear panel - both fragile, both secured with very strong adhesive.on the other hand, the note8 has many modular components inside, including everything that normally experiences wear. this means you can replace bits a

emergency crews rescue gary woman after hit-and-run causes rollover

emergency crews rescued a gary woman early sunday whose car rolled over in water after being rear-ended on interstate 80-94, according to state about 3:50 a.m., the 42-year-old woman was driving east in the right lane on the borman expressway in a red 2000 chevrolet cavalier by the 8.6 mile marker near the grant street exit when she "was rear-ended by another vehicle that fled the scene," said master trooper glen fifield."the impact caused the red cavalier to spin out and run off the roadway into the ditch area," fifield said.the car rolled several times "before coming to a rest upside down in waist-deep water," state police said in a release.indiana state trooper william carlson and lake county sheriff's department deputy ray borchert responded to the scene and went in the water

monoprice home theater system with subwoofer deal: 25% off amazon regular price

there are standard tv setups, and then there are real entertainment centers — rooms that make you feel as immersed in what you’re watching as you do when you’re in a theater. if you’ve already spent a pretty penny on a killer tv, or even if you’re just looking to upgrade your existing entertainment room layout, the next logical step is to invest in a home theater system such as the monoprice 10565 premium 5.1 channel home theater system with subwoofer, currently discounted by 25 percent, to only $171, on amazon.more: best tv and home theater products of 2016this entertainment system consists of four ellite speakers, a single center speaker, and 8-inch down-firing subwoofer. the single center speaker features a 3-inch polypropylene midrange driver and a 3/4-inch aluminum dome tweeter, while