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biden: democrats need better outreach to frightened voters

hollywood, fla. — former vice president joe biden told florida democrats the party needs to a better job reaching out to disenfranchised voters.speaking at the florida democratic party's annual fundraising dinner saturday, biden attacked president donald trump without saying his name. he said last year's campaign unleashed a "coarseness" among voters that hadn't been seen in decades. he said democratic candidates need to do a better job of showing fearful voters that the future is bright and that their party is the one offering solutions in education, health care and jobs.biden says he is not planning to challenge trump in 2020, but he acted like a potential candidate saturday. he got laughs when he pointed out that saturday was his 40th wedding anniversary, but he was spending it giving a

plurality of voters say trump obstructed justice

in the ongoing war of words over james comey’s testimony, american voters are not buying the white house’s version of events. a plurality of voters, 49 percent versus 41 percent, say president donald trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, as indicated by a public policy polling survey released monday. more voters than not also support…

democratic and republican voters support legal weed

support for legalizing marijuana is at it’s highest with u.s. voters across the political spectrum—whether democrats, republicans or independents, according to a new poll by the general social survey. although a higher percentage of democratic voters agreed marijuana should be legal in the u.s. compared to republican voters, overall, nearly 60 percent of americans thought “the…

colorado gop votes down move to cancel 2018 primary

denver (ap) — colorado’s republican party has voted down an attempt by some of its members to close the 2018 primary to unaffiliated voters.saturday’s vote comes after colorado voters last year approved changes that allowed the state’s 1.4 million unaffiliated voters to cast ballots in either the democratic or republican spokesman daniel cole said 67 percent of the party’s central committee voted to stick with the primary system.some republicans activists wanted only party members to be able to participate in candidate selections.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.but most party leaders said barring unaffiliated voters would hurt their chances in the general election because those voters would gravitate toward democrats.unaffiliated voters make up

county election officials say hundreds of voters in l.a.'s congressional race ha

with less than three days until the special congressional election in los angeles, hundreds of newly registered voters have not received the mail ballots they requested, county election officials say.more than 400 voters who registered as permanent mail voters between may 1 and may 31 have not gotten their ballots to vote, said aaron nevarez, a manager for governmental and legislative affairs at the l.a. county registrar's office.he said although these voters showed up in the secretary of state's database as permanent mail voters, they did not appear in the county's records as mail voters. the campaigns of attorney robert lee ahn and assemblyman jimmy gomez, both democrats, received an email about the issue saturday. the two are running to replace xavier becerra, who left congress to becom

what early voters said about their pick in l.a.'s congressional race: 'i think t

three early-voting sites were open this weekend so voters could cast ballots in person for the race to replace xavier becerra in's a sampling of what voters at pio pico library in koreatown and arroyo seco library in highland park had to say:

voters in switzerland reject plan to tweak national pension system

zurich—swiss voters rejected a government-backed proposal sunday to shore up the national pension system in part by raising the retirement age for women and increasing was the second time this year that swiss voters have given the thumbs down to a government initiative. in february, voters in a referendum rejected a plan to change the country’s corporate tax system to put it more in line with european union rules ...

voters’ support is slipping for congressional gop — even among republicans

washington — republicans have had a tough month on capitol hill, and their poll numbers show it. sixty-two percent of voters disapprove of gop lawmakers in congress, according to a new mcclatchy-marist poll, more than double the 27 percent who said they approve. that’s a 10-point swing from february, when 57 percent of voters disapproved and…

voters’ support is slipping for congressional gop even among republicans

washington — republicans have had a tough month on capitol hill, and their poll numbers show it. sixty-two percent of voters disapprove of gop lawmakers in congress, according to a new mcclatchy-marist poll, more than double the 27 percent who said they approve. that’s a 10-point swing from february, when 57 percent of voters disapproved and…

jeremy corbyn: the draw for young voters

young voters have been key to labour's successes in the general election in wales and beyond, according to politicians and academics. we spoke to some younger labour voters to find out their reasons for backing jeremy corbyn. figures showing the turnout broken down by age group will not be published until next week.

trump’s election commission leads to confusion — and voters unregistering at ele

earlier this week, in the office of boulder’s election division, workers were keeping a tally on sticky notes when voters started calling to cancel their registration or to become so-called confidential voters.since monday, according to official counts, the office has seen 270 of its voters cancel their registration. about 70 have asked for confidential status, in which they sign an affidavit saying they feel their safety is at risk.that is a seismic boom for an office that typically sees just a handful of such asks each week— if that, says mircalla wozniak, an elections division spokeswoman.the sticky notes in boulder, since taken away by recycling, are the fluttering physical sign of a stark reality following a week that swept this state’s election officials into a swirl of controversy.c

half of california's likely voters think sen. dianne feinstein should retire, po

as democratic sen. dianne feinstein contemplates a 2018 bid for reelection, a new poll has found that 50% of california’s likely voters think she shouldn’t run again.just 43% of likely voters support feinstein running for a sixth term, according to a public policy institute of california poll released wednesday. the results are similar among all california adults, not just likely voters, with 46% saying she should not run for another term and 41% saying she should run.feinstein, 84, has come under increased pressure from members of california’s left, many of whom were infuriated when earlier this month she called for “patience” with president trump and refused to back demands for his impeachment.still, the poll found that feinstein remains popular. more than half of likely voters — 54% — a

most ny voters rate trump poorly, even upstate, poll shows

albany — six in 10 new york voters, including those upstate where republican president donald trump was once popular, now have an unfavorable view of him and 71 percent rate his job performance as poor or fair, according to a poll released thursday.the siena college research institute poll found 65 percent of voters in the state dominated by democrats had an unfavorable view of trump, making that the worst rating for the manhattan developer since he was elected in november. thirty percent of voters statewide had a favorable view of trump.most popularin upstate counties where trump ran strongest in november, 63 percent of voters have an unfavorable view of trump, while 33 percent view him favorably. in december, more upstate voters — 48 percent — had a favorable view of trump, compared to 4

scream the election! voters vent their frustration with politicians

videowe asked voters to tell us what makes them angry about politics in this country.share this withcopy this link more about sharingclose share panel

california's 'independent' voters will get help in picking a 2020 presidential b

following reports of unaffiliated "independent" california voters who didn't realize they needed a different ballot to participate in last year's democratic presidential primary, a new state law will mandate more outreach to make sure those voters know the rules.assembly bill 837, signed by gov. jerry brown on sunday, requires state and local elections officials to provide voters registered as having "no party preference" with detailed information on which political parties will allow them to cast ballots in presidential primaries. only three recognized parties opened their primary to unaffiliated voters in 2016.some of those voters wanted to cast ballots in the june primary between democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders but failed to realize they had to request a democratic ballot.

california voters do not like the new gas tax and vehicle fee increases, poll fi

a majority of california voters oppose the state's recently passed gas tax and vehicle fee increases that will pay for state roads and expand mass transit, according to a poll released friday.about 58% of registered voters oppose the increases that were recently approved by the legislature and gov. jerry brown. about 35% support the new taxes and fees. the increases approved in april will generate $5.2 billion during the first 10 years to pay for a $130 billion backlog of road and highway repairs.the poll found that nearly three times as many voters — 39% — strongly oppose the higher taxes and fees as strongly support it.a large majority of voters who identified themselves as strongly liberal said they support the change.but overall, the new law is opposed by big majorities of republicans

greenwood village's orchard station subarea plan ballots go out this month.

councilman dave bullock called greenwood village voters’ impending decision on the orchard station subarea plan the biggest the city has faced in 30 years. he was among the no votes when the council approved the plan 5-3 in march before referring the ultimate decision to the city’s voters. ballots for the all-mail election on the issue will be shipped to voters between may 15-22, and are due by june 6. if approved, the orchard station plan would amend the city’s comprehensive plan to make it clear that denser, mix-used development should be sought for a 44-acre special planning district centered on the orchard station light rail stop west of interstate 25. yourhub is reaching out to area agencies, officials, residents and stakeholders for input on some of the key issues in the debate over

can the muslim vote sway the french elections? | france

islam in france has been persistently in the spotlight of public attention during the past few years.  yet, during the 2017 electoral season, little attention has been paid to what muslim voters are thinking in the run-up to the presidential elections.with only a few days left before the first round of voting, questions about a potential "muslim vote" that could be a decisive factor in the elections are worth exploring.the muslim electorateislam is the second biggest religion in france and muslims make up about 5 percent of the french electorate,  and approximately 8t percent of the overall population.surveys or studies based on citizens' religion, race, or skin colour are prohibited by french law. pollsters therefore often have to look at the patronymic surnames and geo-ethnic origins to

as polls opened, thousands of 34th congressional district voters had already cas

before polls opened this morning, thousands of voters had already cast ballots in the primary election for the 34th congressional district of monday evening, 17,458 voters, or about 5.7% of registered voters in the district, had submitted mail-in ballots. that's slightly higher than the 16,178 voters in the district who had submitted ballots the day before the march 7 city election.predictions for turnout in the race range from as low as 9% to as high as 21%, closer to the los angeles city races last month.of those who had already voted in the race to replace xavier becerra in congress, 12% were republicans, 60% were democrats and about 27% had no party preference, according to political data. people 55 years or older made up 60% of early voters. latinos, who make up about half of

turnover on li school boards signals potential for change

advertisement | advertise on newsdayalfred g. berner middle school in the massapequa school district, located at 50 carmen mill rd. in massapequa, on sunday, aug. 31, 2014. (credit: tara conry) school board challengers rode to victory in the massapequa, shoreham-wading river and hempstead districts last week, winning seats in apparent backlashes against key local decisions and signaling the potential for change after most trustees take office in july.massapequa voters elected a candidate who opposes the district’s long-planned move of sixth-graders now in elementary schools to berner...

voters nervous about trump controversies: poll

the investigation into president donald trump’s ties to russia—and the recent bombshell news reports on the subject—have left most american voters feeling nervous, according to a new poll released thursday. a majority of registered voters, 55 percent, said that controversies surrounding trump “were making them nervous about the future of the country,” the morning consult/politico survey…

new hampshire law toughens voting registration requirements

concord, n.h. — republican gov. chris sununu has signed a bill requiring voters who move to new hampshire within 30 days of an election to provide proof that they intend to stay.earlier this year, president donald trump alleged widespread voter fraud in new hampshire, although there's been no evidence to support this.under the bill sununu signed monday, those who can't provide proof such as a driver's license or lease would still be allowed to vote, but if they don't follow up with elections officials within 10 to 30 days, authorities could go to their homes to investigate.during debate on the measure, democrats argued the bill would disenfranchise and intimidate voters but republicans, who control the legislature, contended existing state laws create the potential for fraud.

deadline to request absentee ballot in virginia

richmond, va. (ap) — tuesday is the last day virginia voters can ask for an absentee ballot to be mailed to them.voters have until 5 p.m. tuesday to request a ballot for the nov. 7 election.virginia is one of only two states electing a new governor this year. republican ed gillespie, democrat ralph northam and libertarian cliff hyra are vying to replace outgoing gov. terry mcauliffe, who cannot seek a second term.voters have until nov. 4 to request an absentee ballot in person. to vote absentee, voters must have a valid reason and in some cases provide supporting information.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.absentee ballots can be requested online at

upguard: rnc firm exposed data of 198 million american voters

a misconfigured database made the personal information of 198 million u.s. voters publicly available to anyone who went looking for it.

no regrets: 100% approval at 100 days from these trump voters

usa today's panel of trump voters applauds the syria strikes, laments health care setbacks.        

germany’s turks face quandary in this month’s election

berlin—germany’s rapidly worsening relations with turkey could scramble long-established voting patterns among the roughly one million german voters of turkish origin, throwing a wild card in an election polls suggest is nearly certain to deliver a fourth term to chancellor angela a country of 81 million with some 61.5 million registered voters, even a sharp shift among these voters in the sept. 24 vote is unlikely to...

what's more toxic for democrats: their tax hikes or berrios?

cook county democrats hope the repeal of their sweetened beverage gouge will soften the party’s taxoholic image among chicago, suburban and statewide voters. all of which overlooks another potential vulnerability for the ruling democrats. his name is joe late february, cook taxpayers — many of them infuriated by fast-rising taxes — will be making the first of their two annual property tax payments. on march 5, those taxpayers can express what they think of the democratic regime at the county building: early voting begins for the march 20 illinois primary.if we were running for any county office, we’d focus voters on the grossly unfair property valuation system that berrios oversees as county assessor. we’d focus voters on the tribune series that, four months ago, detailed how th

new hampshire law toughens voting registration requirements

concord, n.h. (ap) — republican gov. chris sununu has signed a bill requiring voters who move to new hampshire within 30 days of an election to provide proof that they intend to stay.earlier this year, president donald trump alleged widespread voter fraud in new hampshire, although there’s been no evidence to support this.under the bill sununu signed monday, those who can’t provide proof such as a driver’s license or lease would still be allowed to vote, but if they don’t follow up with elections officials within 10 to 30 days, authorities could go to their homes to investigate.during debate on the measure, democrats argued the bill would disenfranchise and intimidate voters but republicans, who control the legislature, contended existing state laws create the potential for fraud.most read

why donald trump won and what democrats must do differently next time

as the democratic party rebuilds itself for the 2018 and 2020 elections, democratic strategists have been preoccupied with a pressing question: why did so many voters who backed barack obama in 2012 switch to donald trump four years later, and what can be done to win them back?top democratic pollsters have conducted private focus groups and polling in an effort to answer that question, and they shared the results with finding from the polling stands out: a shockingly large percentage of these obama-trump voters said democrats' economic policies will favor the wealthy — twice the percentage that said the same about trump. i was also permitted to view video of some focus group activity, which showed obama-trump voters offering sharp criticism of democrats on the economy.priorities usa

trump’s base voters grow weary

it has been a rough friday morning for president donald trump. he fired off a pair of tweetstorms aiming his anger at investigators looking into his potential ties to russia, the “fake news media” and, in general, the “phony witch hunt going on in america.” he has reason to be angry. trump’s support among democrats and…

it's not just berniecrats: korean voters could also swing l.a.'s congressional r

the crowded race to replace xavier becerra in the 34th congressional district, which includes most of los angeles' koreatown, appears to be bringing korean american voters out in large numbers.that's in part because in a field dominated by latinos, robert lee ahn has a shot at becoming the only korean american in congress and the first korean american democrat to be elected to the body.ahn, a businessman and former l.a. city planning commissioner, has raised a formidable amount of money in a short period of time, much of it from donors in the korean american community. his campaign spent weeks helping register voters at koreatown malls and restaurants, and says they registered more than 600 new voters so far."part of our campaign is to build awareness and get the community more civically e

michael moore says many blue-collar trump voters can be flipped

filmmaker michael moore told npr this week that he talks with lots of trump voters — and he believes that many of them can be flipped to vote for a progressive candidate who has the right an interview on npr’s “indivisible” podcast, moore said that there’s no way to reach the trump voters who are hardcore racists — but he also said those voters weren’t even close to a majority of people who voted for trump.rather, he says, many people voted for trump because of the economic and social breakdown that’s occurred throughout many rural parts of the country, particularly in the midwest where moore grew up.moore then knocked trump for issuing a bunch of executive orders on buying american products that are only “for show” to make it “look like he’s going to do what he said he was goin

nyc board of elections, us in settlement on voters removed

new york (ap) — federal authorities say they’ve reached a settlement with new york city’s board of elections over the agency’s improper removal of about 117,000 voters from registration rolls.the department of justice and the brooklyn-based u.s. attorney’s office for the eastern district of new york announced tuesday that under terms of the agreement, the board will ensure that the names of affected voters will be restored to the city voter registration list.justice department officials say an investigation found that the board of elections removed the voters from the rolls because they had failed to vote, a move that’s prohibited by federal law.the national voter registration act of 1993 requires states to make an effort to remove voters from registration rolls after they’ve died or moved

trump's pardon of arizona sheriff arpaio fits a pattern: a divider not a uniter

ever since his election, trump has had the opportunity to try to expand his coalition, to reach beyond his base and to increase the size of his governing constituency. his electoral margin was comfortable enough, but three of the states that tipped the balance - pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin - were decided by less than a percentage point and he lost the national popular vote to hillary clinton. that's a fragile basis from which to govern.given those realities, a prudent politician presumably would seek ways to draw more voters into his or her orbit. trump consistently has done the opposite, with actions designed to bind himself ever more tightly to the constituency that elected him at the potential cost of permanently losing potential supporters. the arpaio pardon fits that pattern

kenyan president looks set for victory in election rerun

kisumu, kenya—uhuru kenyatta looked set to secure a second term as kenya’s president, following an election rerun in which only one-third of the voters showed up and at least six people were killed in clashes with security forces.thursday’s vote was called to end kenya’s democratic crisis but instead has polarized it further, as the abstention of pro-opposition voters, heavy rains and voter apathy in swaths of the country led only 6.5 million of the country’s 19.5 million registered voters, or 33%, to the polls, the electoral...

new poll shows majority of voters approve of trump's job performance

most americans approve of the job donald trump is doing as president, according to a new morning consult/politico poll. of the americans surveyed, 52 percent approved of trump’s job performance, a 3 percent boost since inauguration day, while 43 percent do not approve of the president’s performance.more registered voters trust congressional republicans over democrats to handle the economy, jobs, healthcare, immigration, and energy. an equal number of respondents trusted democrats and republicans to handle education.the only issue on which voters trusted democrats over republicans was the environment. forty-six percent of registered voters said they trusted democrats, while only 30 percent said they trusted republicans.a majority of voters (55 percent) said they wanted obamacare to be repea

top russian official says putin-trump call will be positive

moscow (ap) — influential russian security chief nikolai patrushev says moscow has high hopes for a scheduled telephone call between russian president vladimir putin and his u.s. counterpart donald trump.“everything will be positive,” patrushev said urday, according to russia’s interfax news agency. he is the secretary of russia’s security council.the telephone call between putin and trump expected to take place later urday will be the first official contact between the two leaders since trump was sworn in as president. the kremlin has welcomed trump’s promises to mend ties with moscow, which have been badly strained by the ukrainian crisis, the war in syria and allegations of russian meddling in the u.s. elections.putin held a meeting of the security council on friday to discuss u.s.-russ