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why investors should cheer — not fear — halloween

investors, circle oct. 31 on your calendars. halloween marks the end of the dogs days of summer — at least for the stock market, which tends to return most of its gains during the six months between may 1 and oct. 31.called the halloween indicator, it might be all the more reason to continue to hold stocks if you already own them or to start investing if you don' the 50 years before 2013, the standard & poor's 500 index of the market's largest companies returned an average of 6.6 percent in the six months after halloween. compare that with the mere 0.8 percent gained between may and october.there's no clear cause and effect behind the disparity. and while a single reason is elusive, research has found the six-months-on, six-months-off effect to be true not just in the u.s. but around t

halloween hidden object 2 download

download download get ready to quickly look for the items in "halloween night hidden object 2". get ready for halloween 2017 with the best new scary game. if you like halloween games, then "halloween night hidden object 2" are an excellent choice for you. happy halloween to all of you, enjoy the best halloween scenes. call for the good halloween ghosts and enjoy this halloween special "halloween night hidden object 2". enter the level and look for the halloween objects and get your time liquid and start looking for finding objects. features: more than 150 hidden objects to find. amazing graphics. collect at least three stars to move on to the next level. beat the clock before its over. use time liquid hint system to find an item or object. halloween night hidden objects is right here for h

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download download dreamed of turning into an attractive witch or an evil ghost? using scary masks makeup camera you do it in a matter of seconds. halloween makeup camera can help you to have a virtual makeup and avoid real bloody troubles. scary masks makeup cameracan be made easy and free. just upload your photo, and this photo template will turn you into a terrible dracula with fake vampire fangs using halloween makeup. create realistic monsters thanks to halloween makeup. halloween my face photo editor features: +halloween fun apps+offline halloween makeup and halloween costume app+easy user interface to use the halloween masks and halloween makeup+crazy kits of halloween makeup and halloween mask+cool halloween eye lenses photo booth+scary halloween stickers +free halloween costume pho

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download download ''holiday mahjong deluxe free" will bring tile matching holiday cheer all year around. we went all out on this game with special music, graphics, tiles and sounds for christmas, valentine's day and halloween. the tiles are placed on 3d planes and you rotate around the structures to find the matching tiles. it comes with 28 puzzle layouts per holiday and all puzzles are laid out with random tile orders so you can play them many times. whether you want to experience christmas cheer, the romance of valentine's day or the spookiness of halloween, "holiday mahjong deluxe free" will keep you enthralled for hours of fun.

halloween costumes ideas download

download download halloween costumes ideasit's well known that every year we celibrate the halloween, and of cours each person want to appear in a ncie or scary costume, to surprise his friends and appear as the most unique person wearing halloween costume during the party. and of cours halloween make up. there are costumes which are designed only for kids and others for adults and of cours costumes for couples as well, luckily this app will provide you with the most trending halloween costumes this year, so you can get the most out of the halloween and add some uniqueness to your old fashion styles, which are not eye-catching any more. this app will provide you with the following stuff: 1. mixture of ideas 2. halloween costumes ideas for kids 3. halloween costumes ideas for adults 4. hall

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the creators of bingo world bring you halloween bingo, a special version of the #1 social bingo game on mobile devices. in halloween bingo, every day is halloween & much more. use special power-ups that win you bonuses, treasures, collectibles, and rewards in our fast-paced and thrilling update to cl ic bingo. fly around the world to exotic cities with your friends and call a bingo in halloween bingo today. we would really appreciate it if you would give us a star rating or review for our game. thank you for playing halloween bingo.

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download download best scray halloween stories, horror, ghosts and paranaormal as well. it's nearly halloween and people nowadays are busy choosing the best costume for halloween, costumes to get the most out of halloween which is why i created scary halloween stories. besides halloween games and halloween ringtones which i will be making in the next few days. halloween games for kids tend to be very effective and any kid will fall for them lol. including scary sounds and scary pranks. scary stories are a huge part of halloween, it's as important as the costumes we buy the same period. however these stories are full of action and full of ghosts, paranormal stories. so get ready to scare your friends. althouth scaring your friends may not be easy, especially if they are used to such things

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play fun halloween games with your friends & family. join the fun new matching game all your friends are playing. beautiful animation & cute g hic, travel through the colorful lands of halloween mania to relax with exciting game-play. help the people you meet have a halloween party. play the best halloween 2016 game free and watch the hours fly by. leaderboard is available. so you can compete with players all over the world.

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halloween school lunch maker free is a fun lunch maker halloween themed game. make your best halloween lunch yet with a variety of options to choose from. start out with spooky sandwiches, burgers, and chicken, then add some fries and ketchup to go with it. add a variety of toppings, and various snack items, and get to the fun and delicious halloween candy, cupcakes & cookies. load your tray with the most delectable halloween treats around town. put halloween cupcakes on the tray, ghost and pumpkin cookies, candy, and more delectable, and chocolate candy treats. halloween school lunch maker is all the rage, kids will love playing this game, with endless possibilities in food creation.

halloween comes to your favorite apps

does the internet seem a little spookier today? (and no, i don’t mean because you read through of the latest news in your twitter feed.)as it turns out, a lot of the big tech companies have gotten into the halloween spirit this year, with fun little easter eggs and halloween-themed additions to their apps and services.have you spotted them all?

on halloween, parents have no choice but to wade into fraught cultural politics

the street where i grew up, although peaceful, was no good for halloween: few children, lots of ornery old people, a couple of real child-hating sociopaths. even in those days before inflatable yard castles, the houses were notably absent of halloween cheer — maybe a toothless jack-o’-lantern or two, nothing more. and as a child with no interest in dressing up, i had no particular use for a father, however, i love halloween. i love that my street, already well-stocked with children of all ages, benefits from a mad, pamplona-like infusion of new faces. they come to us from the more urban neighborhoods to the east and from the suburbs to the west, from apartment buildings and from mcmansion-y precincts lacking sidewalks, drawn by our locally famous deep bags of candy.most of all,

how halloween became commercial - holy kaw!

halloween is a holiday about selling buying candy and costumes, end of story. but it didn’t use to be that way; this video explains how halloween became so commercial.full story at youtube.more great holidays. posted by josh urich

investors cheer french election results as u.s. and global stocks rally

vive le rally.u.s. stocks joined a worldwide surge higher monday after the first round of france's presidential election raised expectations that the european union will hold together. a candidate seen as pro-business won the most votes sunday, and many investors expect him to win a runoff against the remaining anti-eu candidate, which is set for may 7.prices for gold, treasurys and other investments that signal fear in the market all sank, while a popular gauge for measuring investor fear eased by the biggest margin since the summer of 2011.“it's good news, and now investors have a reason to focus on the fundamentals in europe, which are strong,” said luca paolini, chief strategist at pictet asset management, a british-based firm that manages $165 billion in client assets.the standard & p

hidden object halloween nights

halloween hidden differences & hidden objects is spooky hidden object fun. halloween puzzles and hidden object games are so much fun. explore many different halloween levels including haunted houses, halloween horror castles and haunted manors, spooky neighborhoods, and pumpkins scattered throughout. hidden object seek and p o hunting games are all the rage, and this haunted, and spooky holiday makes it even more fun. enjoy hidden objects, and differences, halloween games, fun for all.

el dorado setting standard a year away from start of cif competitive cheer

competitive cheer becomes a cif sports during the 2017-18 school year, and el dorado high in placentia can't wait.the varsity cheer squad went to orlando, fla., for the ucs national cheerleading championship and won for the fourth year in a row.el dorado won its division made up of 62 teams.the cheer at el dorado: "bring on competitive cheer."for the latest on high school sports, follow @latsondheimer on twitter

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halloween spooky sounds the most professional halloween spooky sounds application, having a diverse list of features, it is great for entertainment, pranks, fun with friends. about halloween spooky sounds halloween spooky sounds is a application developed by snowpackstudios, offers features such as: high quality halloween sounds- high quality halloween ambience - high quality visuals- totally free - easy to use- random sounds- many sounds & eerie ambience - great halloween visuals- easy & nice looking interface- enable / disable randomization- you can swipe through sounds tabs left or right or click on the tab name- stop the playing sounds by pressing the circle on- updated regularly- possibility to set sounds as ringtones in upcoming update. a few sounds examples: witch, ghosts

halloween cat: ghost & pumpkin download

download download halloween cat: ghost & pumpkinin a halloween night full of mystery, there is an ancient story of a cursed cat, which attracts ghosts and only can eat pumpkins for dinner. how to play to halloween cat: ghost & pumpkin? use swipes to move the cursed cat in halloween and try to save it from the ghosts which are flying in every direction, and get the pumpkins that appear magically all along the way. in halloween you should move carefully and use your strategy to make a plan, because sometimes zombies get angry if you eat a pumpkin. you know, the ''trick or treat'' with monsters is a dangerous thing. your brain will be tested in this reflex survival game. you will have to be quick and careful. halloween cat: ghost & pumpkin works on many android devices. and it's free. hallowe

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download download slot machine - halloween casino is free, advanced and realistic multi line, halloween themed vegas style video slot machine for your windows device. halloween slots features a realistic virtual experience of las vegas style live casino play. halloween slots is a modern version of casino 5-reel up to 20 pay lines slot machine. features: 10, 000 coins start bonus - bet max, pay table - lines (include 20 lines as right slot machine) - bet per lines - auto spin - stunning graphics and effects slot machine - halloween casino is excitement of las vegas and halloween in your pocket, a real gambling experience. feeling lucky? hit the jackpot. choose how many credits and lines you want to bet and click spin.

investors wonder how far bull run will go

what you have is enough uncertainty so that investors have either sat out the latest run, or have ridden along without any strategy on how they might lock in gains and allay their fears.anyone who has ever been married knows you ignore anniversaries at your own peril.and yet when it comes to investments, most anniversaries are meaningless. the stock market doesn’t know that the eighth anniversary of the current bull market comes up on march 9. as much as some observers try to attach significance to the day, it will be business as usual for the market.unlike the market, however, you have emotions, and one of the strongest sentiments investors are expressing right now is fear of just how long the current bull can run.that fear is heightened by the huge boost stocks have gotten since the pres

the best celebrity halloween costumes this year

it's almost halloween, and stars are getting into the spooky spirit.        

30 adorable (and horrifying) celebrity halloween costumes of 2017

it's almost halloween, and stars are getting into the spooky spirit.        

badass feminist halloween costumes for 2017

extraordinary women — real and fictional— you can pay tribute to this halloween.        

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download download halloween stickers and makeup 2016 lets you create amazing selfies. halloween stickers & makeup is a collection of unique halloween style stickers that will make your photo better than ever. halloween photo filters & stickers is best free alternative to emoji your face application for free just for you. use the halloween photo filters, maker stickers to take amazing selfie photos every time. how to use halloween stickers & makeup 2016 app: take a new picture or choose a photo from your phone gallery. select haloween stickers/haloween filters/haloween salon/haloween emojis/haloween costumes/haloween spa and put them on images. rotate left/right, zoom in/zoom out with 2 fingers to adjust photo halloween and emojis. save images in your phone or sd-card. share these magnifice

halloween ’17: bye trump & clinton, hello pennywise

without an election around the corner, halloween watchers expect a different focus for costumes.        

halloween ghosts live popper

halloween live wallpaper full of ghosts and playful fright. for more halloween live wallpaper fun, also check out "halloween live wallpaper pop". touch the floating ghosts to "pop" them into playful items. turn floating ghost styles on/off individually. set a border (web, silhouette, orange, eyes). set your own text, size, color and font (six included. ). choose from 10 included backgrounds, or set your own. set direction and speed of floating ghosts. turn background sparkles glitter on/off. option to move to sd card to save phone space. halloween live wallpaperif you have any questions or requests, please e-mail me at [email protected] to rate it 5 stars if you like our halloween live wallpaper. to use: home->press menu->wallpapers->livewallpapers.

scary halloween wallpaper

the halloween festival is closing by and you can keep the best halloween images as the wallpaper for you mobile, contact p o or share to anyone. this app and get the latest halloween scary images. set the image as your wallpaper, contact image, profile picture or any other place to upload image. choose from dozens of different variety of scary image for your wallpaper.

pretty halloween s makeup

hey s. do you want to be the most attractive in the halloween party? if yes then don't miss our pretty halloween s makeup. in this halloween salon game, you can experience the whole process of a makeover by helping this adorable to make up for their party. first, use some mask, shower, towel, pimple remover, etc., and give her smooth skin at spa treatment. then go to the hair salon to prepare unique and stylish hairstyle for halloween . choose the best makeup like a beautiful skin tone, different lipsticks, eye colors, eye shadows, eyebrow, earrings and much more. and then select most horror dress up like a dress, hair style, bags, necklaces, stockings, shoes and much more. after completing your creative work, take p os and share your happiness of success with friends.

kim kardashian, eric andre ring in halloween with epic fits

halloween is coming. #kellyandryan #livehalloween #gota post shared by ryan seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on oct 19, 2017 at 1:44pm pdt

halloween nightmare download

download download it is a dark halloween night and it's time for bed. but something strange happens, our scary friend is lost in a weird land. fight and defeat monsters and help our little hero to go back home. halloween nightmare is a retro adventure gamecollect candywalk through the graveyard and the haunted tomb climb the icy peakexplore the dark forest and the ancient castlefight against zombies, ghosts, walking deads, skeletons, bats and other monsters. keywords: halloween, nightmare, incubus, game, retro, platform, pixel art, monster, skeleton, spider, mummy, zombie, walking dead, medusa, jellyfish, bat, ghost.

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download download halloween it's almost halloween and which racing vehicle suits halloween better than a monster truck. in monster truck halloween racing you will drive on a speedway where extreme big pumpkin heads standing on the track, can you dodge them and still win? not only the pumpkin heads are an obstacle, you will find also hills on the tracks so it will not easy for you. are you ready to drive your monster truck to victory in this amazing speedway with hills and pumpkin heads challenge? race like a pro on the speedways and show your opponent that they can't mess with you on the speedway. speedways enter the football stadium and become the halloween hero. enjoy racing in your monster truck and dodge the pumpkin heads. features of monster truck halloween racing drive big monster tr

5 reasons to let your daughter dress as a princess this halloween

when your daughter asks you to play fairy godmother this halloween, here's why you should make her wish come true.        

10 last-minute halloween costumes under $10

halloween costume prices got you spooked? here are some easy, diy costume ideas you can create at home.        

trump teases halloween trick-or-treaters - bbc news

video"you have no weight problems, that's the good news," us president donald trump tells journalists' children in halloween costume as he hands out chocolate in the oval office.share this withcopy this link more about sharingclose share panel

5 halloween myths and urban legends, debunked

be wary of these five commonly shared halloween myths.        

halloween night sky 2017: don't miss these celestial treats

for the most part, across approximately three-quarters of the united states, skies will be clear on tuesday evening as costumed kids arrive at the door looking for candy or some other halloween treat.

halloween: trick or treat 2 for windows 10 download

download download halloween: trick or treat 2 - hidden object adventure are you ready for a spooky halloween hidden object adventure? it's halloween and mike and emma are eagerly looking forward to a night of trick or treating. to get into the halloween spirit they need decorate their house with homemade jack o lanterns and spooky halloween decorations. then it's time to get into their outfits and then the fun can really begin as they head out on a hidden object adventure around their home town. a spooky seek and find adventure game around springfield awaits, visiting picturesque locations that are all set for a night of trick or treating. the haunted hotel and the abandoned museum should supply more than a fright or two and all their neighbors' porches are beautifully decorated in the hal

hidden object - halloween 2 download

download download warning: this is not for the fainthearted. halloween is a good time for scare. test your courage as you explore creepy yet challenging levels in this fun game. find hidden objects in 20 chilling halloween scenes. get a good scare while having fun in halloween special 2. game features: 20 hidden object levels. play relaxed or high scores mode. find objects 3 different ways: image, outline and text. hints available if you get stuck. zoom feature available for smaller items, only if you need it. bonus spot-the-difference minigames. unlock all the achievements. powered by dolby on supported devices.

cheerlife download

download download we are a lifestyle platform for cheerleaders, coaches, and gym owners on and off the mat. gyms can get their own custom app to let their athletes, staff, and fans to see the world of cheer through their brand. share pictures, track daily habits, chat with friends, book private lessons, and like others' actions. branded experience - a custom platform for your gym. group chat - automatic filters to specifically reach your athletes, staff, friends, and families. channels - post your gym content, newsletters, behind the scenes footage, and more. training - online training with top industry professionals including debbie love. action tracking - reward athletes that consistently work the hardest. keywords: cheer, cheer life, cheerlife, spirit app, cheer app, cheerleader, cheerl