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weekly poll results: fingerprint readers below the screen is what you want in 20

sometimes it’s the simple things in life – why complicate things with 3d facial scanning when the fingerprint reader does an excellent job already. especially if that reader is in a convenient place, say under the screen.that’s the feature that excites most of our readers, it got 38% of the vote in last week’s poll. that will soon be a reality, vivo promises to put out a phone in early 2018. we put our finger on it and found that while it’s not the fastest reader around it was average – impressive enough for first-generation tech.surprisingly, not many people are looking forward to triple cameras in 2018. or perhaps it’s not that surprising, considering that the pixel 2 phones take amazing photos with just one camera. same for the proliferation of oled screens – most people find it hard to

weekly poll results: advanced on-screen buttons on bezel-less phones are the fut

our readers want to live cutting edge in tech - one in three voted in favor of advanced touchscreens that are pressure sensitive and hide fingerprint readers beneath them. basically, the final evolution of the capacitive key.hardware keys still have their fans, one in four voters. looking through the comments, we find that many of you love sony’s solution of combining the fingerprint reader with the power key and mounting the combo on the side.however, a slightly more popular option proved to be wider than 16:9 screens, which leave room for on-screen keys while still leaving plenty of room for apps and multimedia. this is the way the wind is blowing, at least for flagship devices - come next year, we think most manufacturers will have jumped on the “extra wide” screen train.surprisingly, t

weekly poll results: sunlight legibility and pixel density key to great display

when it comes to screens, sunlight legibility is vital, according to our poll. but requirements go beyond utility, a great display needs high pixel density and accurate colors with contrast not far back.the poll also settles the color debate – accurate colors trump punchy colors. we were pleased to see our readers are knowledgeable about things like srgb and dci-p3 – they are increasingly gaining support on mobile (and desktop) so app and web developers should start paying more attention to them.the debate in the comments mentioned lcd vs. oled, but also talked at length about (hdr (including true 10-bit displays vs. 8-bit + frc). 120hz came up often, but the poll results show it’s a luxury rather than a must-have.and instead of things like always on display (a battery drain), power effici

weekly poll: on-screen buttons on wider screens vs. hardware buttons

have you ever wondered why tvs have a 16:9 aspect ratio? if you want to know the full story, this video does an excellent job of covering it. but that’s trivia now, like it or not, 16:9 screens are the most popular option. though that ratio gets skewed when phones have on-screen buttons.true, they do duck out of the way when you’re watching a video (or even just viewing a photo), but physical buttons never get in the way of on-screen content. and they allowed makers to keep the fingerprint reader on the front (which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask).there’s another option - when xiaomi unveiled the mi mix, it said that the screen aspect ratio is 17:9 to leave room for the on-screen buttons. later, lg g6 (18:9) and galaxy s8 (18.5:9) did something similar.with th

oneplus 6 to come with under-screen fingerprint sensor in early 2018

according to a new rumor, the next oneplus smartphone - likely to be called oneplus 6 - will feature an underscreen fingerprint sensor. the report cites a source which has been correct about oneplus devices in the past.another important information the report reveals is the device will arrive in march 2018. it will debut in mid-march, and will go on sale later that, given that a phone with under-screen fingerprint scanner is already highly-likely to be showcased during ces 2018, the oneplus phone won't be the first to feature the technology, but we are yet to see which one will hit the stores first.via

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weekly poll results: the galaxy s8 is poised to outsell the galaxy s8 plus

the galaxy s7 edge outsold its smaller sibling, the s7. now leaked schematics show us that the next gen phones will have even bigger screen, will we see the galaxy s8 plus outsell the smaller galaxy s8?our preliminary polling says no - if our math is right, the smaller s8 will put an s7 edge-size screen into an s7-size body. and it won 35% of votes, leading the s8 plus (6.3” screen in an s7 edge body).of course, there are other considerations that might swing the results. the current consensus is that the galaxy s8 plus will have a dual era, while the s8 will not. however, the galaxy s8 will have stereo speakers while case designs for the plus model show only one speaker’s important to note that the s8 plus wasn’t second in the polls, it was the hypothetical 5.1” galaxy s8. samsun

weekly poll results: rounded corners are a hot new trend

there’s a growing trend in smartphone design that slices and dices the screen in shapes that stray further and further from the traditional rectangle. rounded corners are a relatively tiny change and an old one at that (the palm pre had rounded corners).but then companies like lg, essential and then apple started cutting off larger portions. lg did it to fit a “secondary screen” on the same line as the selfie camera, essential just jammed the selfie camera in the top row of the screen and apple was even more aggressive.and our readers want none of that – only a quarter of voters are okay with any sort of screen cutout. it’s a roughly even split between those who only accept small cutouts and those that will agree to a big chunk of their screen being taken away in the name of a great featur

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weekly poll results: lg g6 gets fan adoration

lg put the blame on the g5 for the poor results of its mobile division. it may be making a turnaround as fans love what they’ve heard about the lg g6 so far.more than half the voters in our poll say they love the bezels and the waterproofing, two features that have been officially confirmed by lg. people weren’t that worried about the price, but about a quarter of voters will take the “wait and see” approach.the “removable battery or no deal” contingent was surprisingly quiet, it barely cracked 10%. apple fans were even quieter. it seems that the g6 will launch to great interest, so this is lg’s game to lose.

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vivo is first in line for qualcomm's in-screen fingerprint readers

qualcomm unveiled its in-screen fingerprint tech and it already has its first customer – vivo. the company brought a working prototype to mwc shanghai with two sensors, one below the amoled screen and one on the back (below the metal surface).in theory, the whole display can be turned into a giant fingerprint reader, though there’s probably no need for that. still, the bottom of the display will be able to read fingerprints, which would allow the company to shrink the bottom bezel to nearly nothing.check out this concept video below (and note that the prototype shown off today isn’t nearly as sleek). of course, the company didn't say when to expect the first production phone with this tech, but the snapdragon 660 and 630 chipset already support it (it seems that 835 does not, but 836 surel

weekly poll: what is the ideal screen size?

about a year ago we asked you what was the ideal screen screen size and the answer was “between 5-inch and 5.3-inch”. will the answer be the same this year?last year we pointed out the growth trend in most product lines. for example, the original iphone had a 3.5” screen, the iphone 6 plus went up to 5.5”. that trend is still going, though most recently we’re noticing a shift in it - screens are growing taller, but not wider.the lg g6 and samsung galaxy s8 have bigger screens than their predecessors with an aspect ratio wider than 16:9. we’ve always said that width is the limiting factor, especially since manufacturers come up with various ways to save you from having to reach the top of the screen (e.g. swiping the fingerprint reader to bring down the notification area).last april, about

first phone with under-screen fingerprint scanner to arrive at ces 2018

synaptics announced optical fingerprint sensor back at the end of 2016. an updated version was unveiled today that in theory reads the fingerprint when placed under the oled. the company also shared that a “tier 1” manufacturer will introduce the first phone with the tech at ces 2018.clear id fs9500 fingerprint scannerthe clear id fs9500 sensor works only with oled displays. when activated, it uses the panel to illuminate the fingerprint and then processes the beams of light. synaptics claims the sensor can work under a sandwich of components up to 1.5 mm thick, including a screen protector, the cover glass and the actual oled screen.the company promises the same security protection as its current fs9100 fingerprint scanner, seen in numerous flagships, including the galaxy s8 duo. it will

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weekly poll results: 1080p screens are good enough, there's not much need for 4k

it seems that we’ve hit a wall when it comes to mobile screen resolutions - not that the technology isn’t there, it’s the purpose that is missing. sure, vr enthusiasts (15% of voters) are excited for 4k 2160p screens since virtual reality headsets need all the pixels they can get.however, as some of you rightfully pointed out, sony has no interest in mobile vr since it will compete with the playstation vr. samsung has no such qualms and works with oculus (both on the rift and gear vr) and seems to be working on a standalone headset. asus and others are allegedly working on standalone solutions too, so there won’t be much point to taxing the chipset and battery with a 4k screen, just for some vr play.the sweet spot is definitely 1080p - about half of voters chose that option. that is relate

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nokia 6 (2018) impromptu photo shoot surfaces

it’s happeningtomorrow – hmd will unveil the new nokia 6 (2018). tenaa posted photos of the phone in a controlled environment, now we catch a glimpse of the handset in the 6 (2018) in the wildwith the screen on, you can see the new, thinner bezels more clearly. the new nokia 6 is shorter than the old one while having the same screen (in terms of size and aspect ratio). of course, this means that the fingerprint reader moved to the back. there’s a good distance between it and the camera, which is what we like to see.if you check the date on the screen, you’ll see these shots were taken yesterday (it’s probably a review unit).source (in chinese)

weekly poll results: samsung galaxy note8 feels the love

nearly half the people that answered our poll are happy with the samsung galaxy note8. the note line is one of samsung’s big money makers but has struggled in the last two generations. now it seems to be back on track.the galaxy note fe – formerly the note7 – received weak support, about half of the votes that the galaxy s8+ scored. and from past polls we know that the s pen is a huge differentiator, but apparently the older hardware didn’t excite the crowd.not that there were no complaints about the galaxy note8 either. most of those that complained grumbled about the price (a hefty $930/€999). then there are those who are not too happy about the new design – sealed battery, curvy screen (which hinders screen protectors), the new extra wide screen too.even so, the new stylus-packing flags

qualcomm brings in-screen fingerprint technology in q1 2018

we’ve heard many rumors about in-screen fingerprint technology, but now qualcomm officially announced it has started producing the first samples. the ultrasonic scanner can be implemented under any smartphone surface - oled display, metal or glass panel. devices with such sensor will arrive in early 2018 and will be compatible with all snapdragon chips, as well as some other platforms.the next-generation fingerprint solutions are based around an integrated ultrasonic sensor. they will also detect your heart rate and blood flow and will provide “improved mobile authentication experiences”.in current smartphones and tablets, fingerprint scanners can scan through a layer 400 µm thick. qualcomm’s technology will be able to scan through an oled panel that stacks up to 1200 µm, a glass and metal

counterclockwise: the fingerprint reader goes back, front, back and side to side

the first phone with a fingerprint reader was the pantech gi100 from 2004. it had a reader at the center of its d-pad, one of those early implementations that required you to swipe your finger across them. this was a flip phone so the distinction between front and back is a bit iffy, but we’re calling this one front-mounted (based on when the phone is flipped open).a few fingerprint readers appeared here and there over the years, but they were extremely rare – never exceeding 4 phones per year. it wasn’t until 2013 that biometric security became important in the public’s was apple’s doing, of course, the company is rarely the first but is always great at pushing new usage patterns. the iphone 5s was one of two phones to have a fingerprint reader that year (front-mounted),

weekly poll results: love of 16:9 screens and hatred of bezels evenly matched

manufacturers have been eager to push 18:9 screens – they are different from what came before and are usually coupled with thinner bezels, making the job of the marketing departments easier.but most people seem fine with traditional 16:9 screen, 37% of voters in our poll picked that option. that said, nearly as many people, 34%, just want to have slender bezels. as we said before, an 18:9 screen is not a requirement for thin bezels, but these days the two go hand in hand.still, 1 in 4 people consider 18:9 screens – or even wider – to be the future of smartphones. apps are quickly gaining support for the new aspect ratio and even the problem with multimedia content is solved by cropping the video a the previous poll showed, manufacturers should mostly avoid resorting to cutouts when

qualcomm brings in-screen fingerprint technology in q1 2018

we’ve heard many rumors about in-screen fingerprint technology, but now qualcomm officially announced it has started producing the first samples. the ultrasonic scanner can be implemented under any smartphone surface - oled display, metal or glass panel. devices with such sensor will arrive in early 2018 and will be compatible with all snapdragon chips, as well as some other platforms.according to the san diego company, the next-generation fingerprint solutions are based around integrated ultrasonic sensor. it will also detect a heart beat and blood flow and will provide “improved mobile authentication experiences”.in current smartphones and tablets, fingerprint scanner can scan through a 400 µm layer on top, while qualcomm’s technology will be able to scan through an oled panel that stack

weekly poll: which 2018 features are you most excited about?

as we say goodbye to 2017, we’re already curious to see what 2018 will bring. it’s too early to tell what the big trends in smartphones will be this year but we might have an inkling.for example, most flagships – and even many mid-rangers – have dual cameras now. to stand out, new phones will need more – rumors suggest the huawei p20 will have a triple camera.or perhaps instead of basic cameras, makers will focus more on 3d scanners like apple’s truedepth camera. huawei announced competing tech, the new exynos 9810 has built-in support for 3d face’s been a few months and it’s still not 100% clear if faceid is a great replacement for fingerprint scanners. maybe it would be better if the scanner remains on board, perhaps hidden out of sight – say, below the screen. manufacturers

vivo will reveal first phone with in-screen fingerprint reader on january 10

when qualcomm unveiled tech that supports fingerprints under the display, vivo called dibs. it even showed off a working prototype a few days later. now the company is ready to take the next posted a teaser image with the tagline “unlock the future” and promised to unveil the first smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint reader on january 10. this suggests that we’ll be seeing the finished article rather than another's teaser for the first phone with an in-screen fingerprint readerthe vivo phone may not be alone, however. synaptics also promised a phone with an in-screen fingerprint reader at ces.source (in chinese)

weekly poll results: nougat turns out more popular than expected

you are the 1%. seriously, 70% of voters in our recent poll either already have android 7.0 nougat or are within weeks of getting it. that’s way above average.only 10% have installed a custom rom to get it too. that’s fewer people than those who have accepted their fate and use a pre-7.0 version of android,’s interesting to note that some people complained about the new software. google and phone makers did move things around, which can be annoying if you were used to how things were on marshmallow.then there were a few smug ios users, secure in their update future, and even the occasional windows phone user too. despite microsoft’s apple-like control of both hardware and software of the lumia line, they haven’t been as fast or as consistent as their cupertino rivals when it comes t

weekly poll results: oneplus should have done more with the 5

most people are unimpressed with the oneplus 5. in our poll, the most popular option was the one that clearly voiced disappointment, 35%. an additional 18% say that the oneplus 3/3t is still good the comments, there’s a general sense that oneplus did not provide enough upgrades and what upgrades it made perhaps aren’t the right ones. 8gb of ram is cool and all, but a waterproof body would have been cooler, you say (and it could have been). keeping the old screen and not adding a microsd slot also drew some ire.still, 33% of voters think that the oneplus 5 is good enough. not perfect – that option was the least popular with only 14% of the vote. “good enough” is faint praise indeed. as one of you pointed out, a similar poll in the oneplus forums was hardly any kinder to the new fl

weekly poll results: huawei mate 10 pro gets more love

we asked you which mate 10 is the right one for you and the result shows a preference but not quite certainty. the huawei mate 10 pro edged out its sibling 36% vs. €800 it is one of the more affordable flagships and it offers a good spec sheet even if it's marred by some questionable omissions. still, an 18:9 amoled screen with hdr10 support, a powerful leica dual camera and a beefy 4,000mah battery elevate the mate 10 pro. the durability of a metal body with waterproofing helps too.still, the vanilla huawei mate 10 drops €100 off the price and goes up to a qhd screen (hdr10-enabled lcd) and adds goodies like a microsd slot and 3.5mm headphone jack. you do lose the waterproofing and drop down to 4gb/64gb of memory.only just over 10% of people were still scratching their heads, wonde

weekly poll results: half the people have at least one usb type-c device

the future is now, sort of. usb type-c has reached mainstream adoption and is steadily pushing away the trusty old microusb 2.0. that said, microusb is far from dead - it is actually the only port 43% of our readers have on their phones.a third of those who responded to our poll (okay, marginally less - 32%) have usb-c as the only port on their phones. so it's either a recent and only phone, or multiple phones, all of them using the reversible connector.there are those that are in an in-between situation of migrating to type-c, but still holding on to older microusb devices - 17% of the votes fall in that category. but when we say 'older' that doesn't have to mean old - the galaxy s7, for example, which is yet to be replaced, is still using microusb (retroactive 'boo!', samsung). adding th

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weekly poll results: lg g6 shines bright in fans' eyes

voters in our weekly poll showed strong interest in the lg g6, now it’s up to lg to turn the hype and early launch into sales. t-mobile already started shipping pre-ordered units and an unlocked us version is on the way. it’s already on sale in malaysia and coming soon to canada. europe will have to wait until late april.many commenters were quite happy with the performance of the g6 and so were we. some brought up the fact that the 2017 flagship uses some 2016 components, but lg will not be alone in this while certain components are in short supply (notably the snapdragon 835).some voiced the opposite opinion, though. price seems to be an issue, especially in europe (it’s not cheap in australia either, but that free tv probably makes it easier to take).

weekly poll results: samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ loved equally

last week we asked you if you prefer the samsung galaxy s8 or the bigger galaxy s8+ and the opinions seem very evenly split - the s8 won with 52% to 48%, a very narrow margin indeed.the primary difference between these two is the size (and, well, price). sure, the plus model has a bigger battery, but that brings only a minor bump in endurance (our testing showed 84h for the s8 and 88h for the s8+).normally, the smaller phone outsells the bigger one and we wondered if this will be even more true this year seeing how the galaxy s8 already has a bigger screen than its predecessor (vertically). had the note7 survived, we suspect the smaller phone would have had a bigger edge.of course, we have the note8 to look forward to, dual cameras and all). but that’s a poll for about 6 months from now.

weekly poll results: 5.2" screens still most popular, interest in widescreens ra

the more things change, the more they stay the same. in 2016 you voted that the best screen size is between 5” and 5.3”, in 2017 the most preferred screen diagonal is still centered on 5.2”.41% of the vote settled on that option, though this year the larger option - 5.5” - came close with 28%. things are starting to sway towards bigger screen, though this poll gives us a feeling that it will be a while before the 5-and-a-bit inch phones lose the top thing that may accelerate the shift is wide-angle screens. the ‘5.7” (wide aspect ratio)’ option scored a respectable 16% of the vote - way above both regular 5.7” and 6” phones (both of which stand at 5%).the thing about phones like the galaxy s8 and lg g6 is that they do offer more room for web pages, but they are only as wide as 5.2

fingerprint lock screen -jokes download

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how the poll was conducted

how the poll was conductedtoday's star tribune minnesota poll findings are based on interviews conducted april 24-26 with 800 minnesota registered voters via landline (69 percent) and cellphone (31 percent). the poll was conducted by mason-dixon polling and research inc.results of a poll based on 800 interviews will vary by no more than 3.5 percentage points, plus or minus, from the overall population 95 times out of 100. margins are larger for groups within the sample, such as democrats and republicans, and income groups.the self-identified party affiliation of the random sample is: 35 percent democrat, 33 percent republican and 32 percent independent or other party.sampling error does not take into account other sources of variation inherent in public opinion surveys, such as nonresponse

chaos reigns amid legal battle over trump's immigration ban

closeskip in skipxembedxshare hear the chants protesters belted out at san francisco international airport on behalf of refugees banned under president trump's executive order on immigration. usa today networkthousands of people protest president trump's immigration ban on citizens from seven majority-muslim countries outside the white house in washington, d.c., on jan. 29, 2017.(p o: jim lo scalzo, epa)forty-eight hours after president trump signed an executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven predominantly muslim countries, chaos reigned at u.s. airports, as authorities, travelers and lawyers struggled sunday to understand how the ban is being implemented.attorneys for civil rights and immigration advocacy groups said customs and border protection agents are interpreting