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weekly poll: are the new iphones hot or not?

the two iphone 8 models are now available for pre-order and the x will go on pre-order late next month. but they cost a lot of money, do you think they are as hot as apple says they are?the iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus haven’t changed that much. sure, they have wide color gamut displays and the cameras have been upgraded with 2160p @ 60fps video capture. there’s also wireless charging and a new chipset too, but did the iphone 7 ever feel slow?however, if you’re coming from the 6s generation or earlier, the new models are a sizeable upgrade. but think about it – once apple gets the production line in order, will all 2018 iphones look like the x? if yes, the iphone 8 would look very old very fast.speaking of the iphone x, it’s clearly the star attraction. the first new iphone frontal redesign

weekly poll results: lg g6 gets fan adoration

lg put the blame on the g5 for the poor results of its mobile division. it may be making a turnaround as fans love what they’ve heard about the lg g6 so far.more than half the voters in our poll say they love the bezels and the waterproofing, two features that have been officially confirmed by lg. people weren’t that worried about the price, but about a quarter of voters will take the “wait and see” approach.the “removable battery or no deal” contingent was surprisingly quiet, it barely cracked 10%. apple fans were even quieter. it seems that the g6 will launch to great interest, so this is lg’s game to lose.

weekly poll results: lg g6 shines bright in fans' eyes

voters in our weekly poll showed strong interest in the lg g6, now it’s up to lg to turn the hype and early launch into sales. t-mobile already started shipping pre-ordered units and an unlocked us version is on the way. it’s already on sale in malaysia and coming soon to canada. europe will have to wait until late april.many commenters were quite happy with the performance of the g6 and so were we. some brought up the fact that the 2017 flagship uses some 2016 components, but lg will not be alone in this while certain components are in short supply (notably the snapdragon 835).some voiced the opposite opinion, though. price seems to be an issue, especially in europe (it’s not cheap in australia either, but that free tv probably makes it easier to take).

weekly poll results: nougat turns out more popular than expected

you are the 1%. seriously, 70% of voters in our recent poll either already have android 7.0 nougat or are within weeks of getting it. that’s way above average.only 10% have installed a custom rom to get it too. that’s fewer people than those who have accepted their fate and use a pre-7.0 version of android,’s interesting to note that some people complained about the new software. google and phone makers did move things around, which can be annoying if you were used to how things were on marshmallow.then there were a few smug ios users, secure in their update future, and even the occasional windows phone user too. despite microsoft’s apple-like control of both hardware and software of the lumia line, they haven’t been as fast or as consistent as their cupertino rivals when it comes t

votsapp - polling simplified download

download download votsapp is an app that allows you to create polls. in a poll you can have multiple choice questions. you can share the polls with other users and ask for their opinions on your questions. you can also take a poll anonymously without logging into the app. the results are shown to poll creator in real time. you can add as many as 10 multiple choice questions for each poll. you can then share these polls using facebook, whatsapp or using the unique poll code. users can take a poll just by entering the unique poll code and submit their poll. the creator of the poll is informed about the submissions in real time. the poll statistics are shown in a clean and good looking ui with the help of graphs and charts. daily activity of a poll along with an aggregate of what people think

weekly poll results: huawei p10 widely loved

huawei knocked it out of the park with the p10 flagship. over 70% of voters in last week’s poll saw the potential of its high-scoring leica dual camera and powerful kirin chipset.there were some worries about the price, but that’s the flagship way. and as mixkhata007 points out, you can wait a couple of months for the price to come down a bit.if you want it now, pre-orders have already started. it is already available in germany and should be shipping in the netherlands. brits will have to wait until march 31. spain should get it a few days earlier.

police: woman posing as target worker stole $40k in iphones

alexandria, va. (ap) — police in virginia are looking to identify a woman who impersonated a target employee so that she could steal over $40,000 worth of iphones.investigators say on march 15 an unidentified woman walked into a target store in alexandria dressed as an employee. the woman gained access to the store’s stock room, where she placed over $40,000 worth of iphones in a box and then left.fairfax county police say in a statement the suspect is not affiliated with the store, but appears to have knowledge of store procedures, employee hours and the location of the iphones in the stockroom.

weekly poll results: oneplus should have done more with the 5

most people are unimpressed with the oneplus 5. in our poll, the most popular option was the one that clearly voiced disappointment, 35%. an additional 18% say that the oneplus 3/3t is still good the comments, there’s a general sense that oneplus did not provide enough upgrades and what upgrades it made perhaps aren’t the right ones. 8gb of ram is cool and all, but a waterproof body would have been cooler, you say (and it could have been). keeping the old screen and not adding a microsd slot also drew some ire.still, 33% of voters think that the oneplus 5 is good enough. not perfect – that option was the least popular with only 14% of the vote. “good enough” is faint praise indeed. as one of you pointed out, a similar poll in the oneplus forums was hardly any kinder to the new fl

medical procedures priced in iphones, for the benefit of noted dumbass jason cha

yesterday, rep jason chaffetz [r-ut; dc office: (202) 225-7751; utah office: (801) 851-2500; email; twitter] defended his plan to take away the health insurance of 22,000,000 americans by saying "rather than getting that new iphone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care." it's a great talking point for reaching a base that already views poverty as a moral failing, but it fails to pass even the most glancing contact with reality. on lifehacker, beth skwarecki prices out a variety of basic healthcare services in iphone increments: having a baby in san francisco will cost you 34 iphones, and twisting your knee in new york will cost you 24 iphones. if you twist your knee in new york city and need an acl repair sur

weekly poll results: half the people have at least one usb type-c device

the future is now, sort of. usb type-c has reached mainstream adoption and is steadily pushing away the trusty old microusb 2.0. that said, microusb is far from dead - it is actually the only port 43% of our readers have on their phones.a third of those who responded to our poll (okay, marginally less - 32%) have usb-c as the only port on their phones. so it's either a recent and only phone, or multiple phones, all of them using the reversible connector.there are those that are in an in-between situation of migrating to type-c, but still holding on to older microusb devices - 17% of the votes fall in that category. but when we say 'older' that doesn't have to mean old - the galaxy s7, for example, which is yet to be replaced, is still using microusb (retroactive 'boo!', samsung). adding th

here’s how many iphones you’ll need to not buy to afford health care

photo by thorn yang.yesterday, house republicans released their replacement for the affordable care act. and today, representative jason chaffetz said that people could afford the bill’s more expensive premiums by choosing to “invest in their own health care” rather than buying the latest iphone.advertisementif the bill becomes law, a lot of people would get less generous subsidies to help them afford insurance. on the other hand, we would all be allowed to save more of our own money in a health savings account. that’s nice, but it’s no substitute for insurance. here’s how chaffetz sees us coming up with the money to invest: americans have choices, and they’ve got to make a choice. so rather than getting that new iphone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that,

here’s how many iphones you’ll need to not buy in order to afford health care

photo by thorn yang.yesterday, house republicans released their replacement for the affordable care act. and today, representative jason chaffetz said that people could afford the bill’s more expensive premiums by choosing to “invest in their own health care” rather than buying the latest iphone.advertisementif the bill becomes law, a lot of people would get less generous subsidies to help them afford insurance. on the other hand, we would all be allowed to save more of our own money in a health savings account. that’s nice, but it’s no substitute for insurance. here’s how chaffetz sees us coming up with the money to invest: americans have choices, and they’ve got to make a choice. so rather than getting that new iphone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that,

weekly poll results: samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ loved equally

last week we asked you if you prefer the samsung galaxy s8 or the bigger galaxy s8+ and the opinions seem very evenly split - the s8 won with 52% to 48%, a very narrow margin indeed.the primary difference between these two is the size (and, well, price). sure, the plus model has a bigger battery, but that brings only a minor bump in endurance (our testing showed 84h for the s8 and 88h for the s8+).normally, the smaller phone outsells the bigger one and we wondered if this will be even more true this year seeing how the galaxy s8 already has a bigger screen than its predecessor (vertically). had the note7 survived, we suspect the smaller phone would have had a bigger edge.of course, we have the note8 to look forward to, dual cameras and all). but that’s a poll for about 6 months from now.

what will augmented reality do on the new iphones?

augmented reality is expected to play a big part on apple's latest iphones when they are unveiled later today.developers have already been preparing apps using the technology, which mixes virtual objects with real-world views from a phone's more

weekly poll results: the galaxy s8 is poised to outsell the galaxy s8 plus

the galaxy s7 edge outsold its smaller sibling, the s7. now leaked schematics show us that the next gen phones will have even bigger screen, will we see the galaxy s8 plus outsell the smaller galaxy s8?our preliminary polling says no - if our math is right, the smaller s8 will put an s7 edge-size screen into an s7-size body. and it won 35% of votes, leading the s8 plus (6.3” screen in an s7 edge body).of course, there are other considerations that might swing the results. the current consensus is that the galaxy s8 plus will have a dual era, while the s8 will not. however, the galaxy s8 will have stereo speakers while case designs for the plus model show only one speaker’s important to note that the s8 plus wasn’t second in the polls, it was the hypothetical 5.1” galaxy s8. samsun

weekly poll results: welcome back, nokia!

it seems that hmd successfully rekindled the passion that nokia fans had for the brand – our poll showed a 2 to 1 positive response to the nokia 8. so, it’s not unanimous, but not bad for a company that has been on the market for less than a year (the nokia backing sure helped catapult them).the bezels of the 8 were a point of contention and the xperia xz premium and htc u11 got caught in the crossfire. the nokia 6 chipset was brought up also, fans really wanted to see a snapdragon 600 series chip rather than 400.while the response to the new flagship is mostly positive, nokia aficionados would still like to see an even more premium model – perhaps one with a bezel-less design and an oled screen. a bonkers high-resolution camera sensor like those from the golden age would also help push pu

weekly poll results: htc u11 sizzles with fan love

htc has rediscovered itself multiple times now, though never quite returning to its peak days. the htc u11 could be the phone that turns it around – we liked it and you liked it fact, the vote in last week’s poll went 70/30 in favor of the new flagship – a merger of htc 10’s perfectionism and u ultra’s user focused expected, the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack proved to be a point of contention, but htc does provide an adapter in the box. the xiaomi mi 6 got away with it and this adapter seems to have pleased most htc u11’s unique features – the liquid glass back and edge sense – didn’t come up often, instead the phone’s excellence in the camera department and audio performance were mentioned. no surprise, those are easily the best qualities of the u11.there

how the poll was conducted

how the poll was conductedtoday's star tribune minnesota poll findings are based on interviews conducted april 24-26 with 800 minnesota registered voters via landline (69 percent) and cellphone (31 percent). the poll was conducted by mason-dixon polling and research inc.results of a poll based on 800 interviews will vary by no more than 3.5 percentage points, plus or minus, from the overall population 95 times out of 100. margins are larger for groups within the sample, such as democrats and republicans, and income groups.the self-identified party affiliation of the random sample is: 35 percent democrat, 33 percent republican and 32 percent independent or other party.sampling error does not take into account other sources of variation inherent in public opinion surveys, such as nonresponse

weekly poll results: blackberry keyone garners strong interest

blackberry took a while to find its footing after touchscreen competition displaced its keyboard-based phones, but if our poll is any indication, the keyone is a return to form - both hardware keyboard and to a desirable status. just over half of voters (53%) expressed interest in buying one!meanwhile, very few (9%) claim that the priv is better. sure, it’s a higher-end device, but something about it didn’t click with consumers. not so with the keyone, most commenters had a positive attitude towards blackberry’s new phone (even despite its relatively high price).just over a third of voters are fine with an on-screen keyboard (though bb fans urge them to at least try a hardware one with a promise of higher speed and accuracy). basically no-one uses a bluetooth keyboard, so that’s not an opt

apple reportedly requesting to sell refurbished iphones in india -- again

why it matters to you apple selling refurbished iphones in india could pave the way for other manufacturers to sell used devices in the country -- which could have positive or detrimental that apple has secured a deal to manufacture iphones in india for the local market only, the cupertino company is reportedly revisiting its goal of selling refurbished iphones in the country.last year, the indian government rejected apple’s request to sell refurbished iphones — the commerce and industry minister nirmala sitharaman said apple doesn’t get any special treatment and the government is “not in favor of any company selling used phones … however certified they may be.”more: apple will start manufacturing iphones in india at the end of aprilbut with the success of negotiating a deal t

acc rules the associated press all-time poll

the atlantic coast conference is the king of the associated press all-time top 100.led by blue bloods at the top and backed by years of dominance in college basketball, the acc had more teams ranked and more no. 1s than any other conference through 68 years of the ap top 25 poll.“it was just an incredible conference,” former maryland coach gary williams said. “between dean smith and north carolina and mike krzyzewski at duke, there was no easy way to go if you wanted to be successful. in the meantime, teams like wake forest add a tim duncan, north carolina had good teams, clemson had success and you just had to deal with it.”for the first time, the associated press is using data from more than 1,100 weekly top 25 polls to rank the best programs and conferences.most read stories3-course din

election 2017: the moment exit poll is announced

the conservatives are the largest party but with no overall majority at this stage, according to the general election exit poll.the bbc's david dimbleby announced the results of the exit poll at 22:00 bst, once the voting had closed.

fake target employee steals $40k worth of iphones

the fairfax county, va. police department reports that an unidentified woman posed as a target employee, and was able to flee the superstore with several dozens of stolen nicki minaj’s new mobile game to be released next weekthe incident happened on apr. 15 in alexandria, va. the woman walked into target wearing a black shirt and khakis, which is the attire typical of workers employed at this location. she was able to gain access to the stock room, where she filled a shopping cart with what cops believe to be $40,000 worth of iphones.the fairfax police released a statement on the incident, in which they noted “the suspect is not affiliated with the store, but appeared to have knowledge of the store’s procedures, employee hours and the location of the iphones in the stockroom.

weekly poll results: camera phones get a pass on humps, everything else better b

most people don’t care for humpback phones... unless they are camera phones. last week’s poll on the matter revealed a 2:1 preference for flat phones, but the simple yes or no vote doesn’t tell the whole story.looking through the comments reveals a fairly common sentiment - “i don’t mind a hump, if it’s for a great camera”. unfortunately, extra-large camera sensors are not the reason behind modern humps, instead they are caused by extra-thin phones.even those that are okay with the camera want it to flow into the design. everyone has their favorites, but plenty of examples were given for both ugly and well-executed humps.there’s no bullet-proof recipe for success, but a central hump with sapphire glass is a good start – it keeps the phone balanced and is more resistant to scratches (an iss

apple to introduce 10th anniversary iphone at sept. 12 event: reports

apple will launch its upcoming iphones— including a rumored 10th anniversary model—and new apple watch models at a industry briefing on sept. 12, according to news reports based on information from people with knowledge of the company's plans.the upcoming iphones have been the focus of rumors for months as analysts and apple watchers have speculated the features that apple has built into the handsets, how much the new phones will cost and whether they will have what it takes to trigger a new round of upgrades.the sept. 12 launch date was reported in an august 28 wall street journal article. however, apple hasn't publicly confirmed the date. apple did not immediately respond on aug. 28 to an email inquiry from eweek about its upcoming launch is expected to introduce three new iph

new polls have mixed news for trump

president donald trump appears to becoming more popular, although one new poll still has his deep under water. a usa today/suffolk university poll released tuesday has 47 percent of americans saying they approve of mr. trump’s performance, versus 44 percent who do not. the survey, which was conducted last week in the days around his well-received address to congress, gives mr. trump particularly good reviews when it comes to his leadership abilities. however, a whopping 60 percent of americans say they disapprove of the president’s temperament, according to the poll, versus 30 percent who approve of it. and they don’t particularly like his use of twitter, either, with only 28 percent saying that the medium is a good way for him to communicate. playvideocbs this morningwhite house insists t

weekly poll results: 1080p screens are good enough, there's not much need for 4k

it seems that we’ve hit a wall when it comes to mobile screen resolutions - not that the technology isn’t there, it’s the purpose that is missing. sure, vr enthusiasts (15% of voters) are excited for 4k 2160p screens since virtual reality headsets need all the pixels they can get.however, as some of you rightfully pointed out, sony has no interest in mobile vr since it will compete with the playstation vr. samsung has no such qualms and works with oculus (both on the rift and gear vr) and seems to be working on a standalone headset. asus and others are allegedly working on standalone solutions too, so there won’t be much point to taxing the chipset and battery with a 4k screen, just for some vr play.the sweet spot is definitely 1080p - about half of voters chose that option. that is relate

election 2017 poll tracker: how the parties compare

who will win the general election and by how much? check what the latest opinion polls say and follow updates from the bbc's senior elections and political analyst peter barnes. the poll tracker will be updated as the campaign unfolds.please enable javascript to view our poll tracker.see individual pollsnote on margin of error: polling companies generally claim that 95% of the time, a poll of 1,000 people will be accurate within a margin of error of +/-3 percentage points. this means that a figure in the poll could be up to three percentage points higher or lower than that shown. latest updates from senior elections and political analyst peter barnes7 june: final polls - what to expectthree polls have been published since the weekend - by opinium, survation and icm. none of them showed dra

weekly poll results: give us stock android or we're gonna install nova launcher!

we hear it time and time again and last week’s poll confirms it – people prefer stock android. overwhelmingly so, this option got a cool 42% of the vote while the second place – samsung – was way behind with gained extensive customization features a while ago – it started with custom launchers, lockscreens and keyboards and ended with native theme support. these days you can tweak stock, non-rooted android quite a bit... unless a manufacturer’s skin gets in the way.we have a tie for 3rd place – motorola and xiaomi at 10% (we’re even willing to include sony at 9%, it’s close enough).by the way, in the comments you heaped the praise on nova launcher – indeed, it’s a highly capable, very customizable launcher. unfortunately, there are limits to what even nova can do (e.g. xiaomi/m

poll: how are we feeling about washington? try 'alarmed' and 'uneasy'

americans increasingly view the russia investigations as a serious issue, usa today poll shows.        

weekly poll results: samsung galaxy note8 feels the love

nearly half the people that answered our poll are happy with the samsung galaxy note8. the note line is one of samsung’s big money makers but has struggled in the last two generations. now it seems to be back on track.the galaxy note fe – formerly the note7 – received weak support, about half of the votes that the galaxy s8+ scored. and from past polls we know that the s pen is a huge differentiator, but apparently the older hardware didn’t excite the crowd.not that there were no complaints about the galaxy note8 either. most of those that complained grumbled about the price (a hefty $930/€999). then there are those who are not too happy about the new design – sealed battery, curvy screen (which hinders screen protectors), the new extra wide screen too.even so, the new stylus-packing flags

apple gets cranking on iphones in india

top of the order:  an apple (or two) a day: one of the last major business markets that apple’s iphone hasn’t conquered is india. apple has, at most, 3 percent of the indian smartphone market, partly because its iphones are priced too high for many of india’s more than 1 billion people. while the average smartphone in india is estimated to cost around $150, some resellers in india charge $320 for the iphone se, apple’s least-expensive iphone.another reason the iphone only has a toehold in india is because the company hasn’t been able to build iphones in the country, thus hampering its ability to get its products in front of customers. but that issue may be about to be resolved.according to the wall street journal, apple and its taiwanese contract manufacturer winstron assembled their first

poll restaurants to open first suffolk eatery in huntington station

advertisement | advertise on newsdaybryant, the new huntington station restaurant from poll restaurants, will be modeled on the group's bar frites in greenvale. (credit: jason andrew) one of nassau’s most successful restaurant groups is crossing the border into suffolk. poll restaurants, run by brothers george and gillis poll, has taken over the tgi fridays near walt whitman shops in huntington station, which closed in january. the new restaurant, which the polls hope to open in the fall, will be called bryant and will seat more than 300 people. it will be the polls’ seventh...

the week in apple news and rumors: apple q2 2017 earnings, iphone 8 rumors, appl

from macworld:apple sold fewer iphones in q2 than q1, as always, but also sold fewer phones than in q2 of 2016. however, the company made more money off the iphones it did sell this quarter over last—$33.25 billion vs. $32.86 billion, to be precise.

huskies move up one spot to no. 7 in ap top 25

following their season-opening victory at rutgers, the huskies moved up one spot to no. 7 in the associated press top 25 released tuesday morning.washington held steady at no. 7 in the coaches’ poll this week.alabama remained no. 1 in the ap poll, followed by ohio state, clemson, penn state and oklahoma in the top five.usc dropped two spots in the ap poll, to no. 6.stanford is ranked 14th and washington state is 20th.

gallup poll finds trump approval rating at 37 percent

president trump’s poll numbers have reached a low point in gallup’s daily tracking poll -- 37 percent. other polls do not show mr. trump’s approvals to be quite this low. economist/yougov’s poll, which was taken last week, shows his approvals at 44 percent, and fox news’ and reuters/ipsos polls, also taken in approximately the same time frame, show him at 43 percent. but compared to other presidents in gallup’s tracking poll at this same point in their presidency -- 60 days into their administration -- mr. trump’s approval ratings are much lower. here’s how he stacks up against recent presidents:presidential approval ratings3/18/17donald trump37%3/21/09barack obama63%3/27/01george w. bush53%3/13/93bill clinton53%3/12/89george h.w. bush56%3/15/81ronald reagan60%3/20/77jimmy carter75%

weekly poll results: xz premium's long shadow keeps the xperia xzs from the spot

let’s just say that the sony xperia xzs did not ignite people’s imaginations. in last week’s poll, twice as many voters are waiting for the xperia xz premium than those planning to get the xzs. worse still, the most popular option proved to be “i’m looking at other brands.”did sony do enough? the upgrades over the xz are small and 12% of voters are “fine with the old one” (compare that with 15% voting for “upgrade”). to be fair, sony is targeting holdouts with z5 or older flagships, to them the upgrades will be more substantial.but even they will be tempted to wait a few months and just get the xperia xz premium. sure, it will probably be a bit pricier, but it’s clearly the best phone in sony’s early 2017 lineup. and if you’re not getting the best, get the xz when the price falls.we wonder

between the streams: the last jedi, apocalypse now rpg, and more

dt’s weekly entertainment show, between the streams, is your guide to all of the test, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment, providing a handy recap of the week that was, and a preview for what’s ahead. follow us here every friday, or add us via rss, itunes, or stitcher at the links below to take bts on the road!      deep in the heart of winter, the biggest news this week is (as you may have guessed) the star wars episode viii title reveal, the last jedi. are they talking about luke? are they talking about rey? could this mean luke dies and rey takes over his mantle, or, as many internet supernerds have pointed out, could they be using the plural of the word — it’s jedi either way you slice it. on today’s show, we’ll be taking on the myst