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lg sim unlock code download

download download this app can help you to unlock your lg phone. lg unlock code or device unlock app. important. we can unlock any metropcs or t-mobile model with the device unlock app pre-installed. typical models that we support: (metropcs) lg leon 4g lte (ms345) lg g stylo (ms631) lg g5lg k7 (ms330) k10 (k428 & ms428) (t-mobile) lg g stylo (h631) lg g4 (h811) lg g5 (h830) lg k7 (k330) lg leon lte (h345) lg v10 (h901) -all lg gsm can be unlocked (at&t, t-mobile, metro pcs, movistar, claro, digicel, tigo, vodafone, orange, etc. ) -verizon sprint virgin can not be unlocked because they are cdma phoneyou can text me, whatsapp +50765312343orhttp://safeunlock. net/contact. html.

vegas casino dozer download

download download casino dozer - #1 coin pusher game. lots of fun. a whole new world of excitement and fantasy with new powers like hammer, giant coins drop, coin walls and big dozer awaits you in the heart of casino dozer. push shiny gold coins and exciting prizes into your hands by dropping some from your pocket onto the dozer to push piles of coins and prizes your way. though be careful not to push the coins and prizes off the side. they won't count. unlock amazing power-ups by collecting prizes like beach ball, bull's eye, teddy, sparkling gems, special silver coins & more for a special bonus effect or even more coins. it's ok if your coins run out, more will be filling up in your pockets very soon. amazing features->vibrant and colorful 3d graphics for a live dozer experience

my chu 2 - virtual pet

say hello to your little virtual pet chu. back with lots of fun and games in a new chapter of my chu 2. do all the fun - play, feed, dress, collect and do even more. experiance your own journey with chu and let the adventure begins. halloween theme included. features: chu reacts to your actions. chu's personality is always growing. chu voice. chu loves to talk and sing, now even more. new places. sunny beach, lush meadows, flying lanterns night, snowy alps and more. mini games. play lots of mini games, earn coins and level-up faster. garden. grow your own little cactus and receive extra level-up booster. pet farm play cute pet evolution game to unlock new items. stickers. collect stickers to unlock lots of goodies. room. play piano with various fun sounds. outside. go outside and have a

craft kart go download

download download kart racing has never been so much fun. no in app purchases. all heroes are back and for a crazy kart experience. choose your favorite hero and use your best driving skills. beat opponents by using new wacky items and try to finish first on every track. search for collectables and hidden objects to unlock new tracks and characters. features. easy to pick up. everybody can play this. lots of awesome items to try out. steer, drift and race through sharp corners. 120 skins to unlock. 3 brand new tracks and 6 classics. 10 challenging achievements to unlock. clean racing fun for the whole family. no in app purchases. you get the full game for one amazing price: free. thank you for playing and for your ongoing support.

white water 3d

fun, fast paced down river white water kayaking game. race solo and unlock new kayaks and discover new unique items for your character. fun trick / stunt mechanics and real water physics simulation make this river runner a frantic fantastic game to play. gather gold coins after completing a stunt to unlock new river packs, up to 10 rivers in total. gather blue moon coins after completing a stunt to unlock night mode. night mode will be playable for all rivers once unlocked. whitewater 3d is now moga enhanced. available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at

brazil’s bndes working to unlock close to $5 billion in loan disbursements

rio de janeiro—brazilian state lender bndes, one of the world’s biggest development banks, is working to unlock close to $5 billion in loans that were suspended last year because they were linked to companies involved in the sweeping operation car wash corruption probe, chief executive officer maria silvia bastos marques said in an interview.the executive, who was also previously a director at the bank, said she has been reviewing...

alexa can now unlock august smart locks

over the summer, smart lock maker august announced its first integration with amazon’s smart home assistant alexa. it was pretty basic – letting users check whether unit was locked or not. naturally, people wanted to know, for better or worse, when they’d actually be able to unlock their front door with the sound of their voice, for when you’re chopping onions like the lady in the above press photo.that follow up functionality arrives today – though it brings a key caveat for safety’s sake. in order to actually utilize the feature, users will have to enter a four to 12 digit pin code each time, in addition to telling the ai, “alexa, ask august to unlock my door.”here’s ceo jason johnson on why the feature was added,before adding the unlock feature, we needed to be sure we could maintain ou

federal magistrate judge in illinois rules that being forced to unlock your phon

m. david weisman, a magistrate judge in illinois's eastern division, denied a federal warrant application that would have allowed law enforcement officers to force suspects to unlock their mobile devices with a fingerprint, ruling that the suspects' fourth amendment (undue search and seizure) and fifth amendment (self-incrimination) rights protected them from being forced to unlock their devices. report this ad this is significant in part because of an emerging legal consensus that the fifth amendment -- which protects us persons from being forced to testify against themselves -- didn't extend to using a fingerprint to unlock their devices. the thumbnail sketch of this argument is "the fifth protects you from being forced to disclose something you know, but not from being forced to surrend

super fighter vegeta saiyan

this is fighting game new style. you will have to take on the role as the prince of z planet. you must do battle with the enemies training strength & experience for transform to unlock super powerfeatures- realistic effects, and sensual. 50+ popular characters from dragon world- collect z ball for buy equipment. 12 stage with challenges boss. enjoy a variety of gameplay modes. you can transform to super fighter mode 3 level. unlock achievements for get special reward.

judges block north carolina law limiting governor's powers

raleigh, n.c. — a north carolina court has temporarily blocked a state law p ed by the gop-controlled legislature that strips the democratic governor of his some of his powers.the law required senate confirmation for the governor's cabinet members, which previous governors have not needed. the law was approved in december, just two weeks before roy cooper took over as governor.a three-judge panel released the order wednesday, just before state senators scheduled a hearing with the secretary of cooper's veterans' affairs department to come before a committee to answer lawmakers say the state constitution gives the senators "advice and consent" powers over gubernatorial appointments. cooper says the law is unconstitutional. underwater fish wars download

download download download eatme. io for free now. the fishiest but tastiest free live multiplayer game on the market. download the fishtastic game for free and enjoy the epic underwater adventure of feeding on other fishes. the rules are simple - eat or be eaten. attack and eat other fishes to grow bigger - munch or become someone else's lunch. start your piscine odyssey in this fun-filled online multiplayer game as a small fish and eat squishy seaweed to gain mass. but look out. there are bigger fishes out there. escape their attack by splitting or hiding behind stun bombs. in this multiplayer fish game, the fun begins once you become a bigger fish. eatme. io is a new innovative fish game where your large appetite gets relieved only by feasting on other fish. unlike agar, mitos, nebulo

can authorities compel folks in a building to fingerprint-unlock phones?

why it matters to you being compelled to unlock your phone with your fingerprint implicates constitutional protections.touch id might have paved the way for iphone features like apple pay, but the fingerprint sensor is also at the center of a recent opinion by a federal judge that denied a search warrant request, reports motherboard.the opinion, handed down by u.s. magistrate judge m. david weisman, has some of its roots in a search warrant uncovered by forbes back in may 2016. the warrant, executed by federal officials, compelled folks in a lancaster, california building to apply their fingerprints in order to unlock phones the police believed contained evidence of a crime. the news outlet has since uncovered similar warrants, all of which allowed similar access to forward to

super bryn jungle world

super bryn jungle world is a cl ical retro platformer game with bryn as super star. it combines the cl ical gameplay of retro games and some new skills of the mobile gameplay. jump and run with hero in this platformer through 80 exciting levels. collect more coins to buy exclusive additional items in store. try to find all hidden bonus blocks and items to score good and unlock achievementcompete with your friends and other people to get high score- great g hics and . 4 super worlds unlock free when play to end of that super world. beautiful high-resolution g hics- amazing gaming- 80 well designed levels to play- over 20 enemies and obstacles- 8 boss fight- store with exclusive items to purchase- 26 acchievement: level unlock, make coins, killed. and enjoy super bryn jungle world.

fingerprint pattern app lock download

download download secure your apps with fingerprint, pattern and passcode (pin code). with the most advanced technology integrated into, your priceless applications will be completely safe. this app offers you with many useful features, decorated by splendid user interface that uses dominant color extracted from application icons. this will surely satisfy your privacy demand on daily use. app lock supports three types of locks. fingerprint: use your fingerprint unlock apps (available in devices that support fingerprint scanner like samsung smartphone, marshmallow devices, nougat devices. ). pattern: unlock your app with your pattern. pin code: use pin code to unlock appsuseful functionalitysound and vibration effectsbeautiful user interface (using your application dominant colors, extrac

road race: smashy highway

the player's task is to drive a car, safely overtake other vehicles and avoid road traffic obstacles. collect money and thunder bonus in exchange, you will be able to drive faster and bigger vehicles. have you ever dreamt of driving a bulldozer or operating a racer? everything is possible in our game. your task is to drive a vehicle, steer clear of various obstacles on the road and reach safely the end of the game. you can collect points to unlock other cars or motorbikes. become a formula one driver, race on the track and smash other vehicles. the artwork was inspired by lego blocks and is designed to play on tablets and smartphones. you will become a champion when you unlock all 20 cars - a secret will be waiting for you then. are you persistent enough to unlock all vehicles? if yes,

laser pointer simulator download

download download this free game is perfect for those who want a laser pointer simulator in their mobiles. the app allows you using 3 different laser pointers, each pointer fires 3 different halo colors: green, red and blue. if you are afraid of your children using a laser pointer then don't worry anymore, this laser pointer simulator is completely harmless to their eyes. this is just a game, which is composed by a laser pointer simulator and a minigame. the player needs collecting gems playing the minigame to unlock laser pointers. this laser pointer simulator is similar to any laser pointer in real life. just press the button and the halo flows, release the finger and the halo stops. easy, no doubt. as said before, there are three laser pointers. one of them is ready to be used as you st

platform breaker

features: play online with up to 4 players- fun and easy to play- lots of characters to unlock- unlock and upgrade your characters to beat your opponents- every character is different, select and upgrade your favorite character that matches your style- beat your opponents with cool power ups- free to playknown bugs: after completing a game, the statistics window might not show accurate informationdeveloped by zolstar gameswebsite: us on twitter: us on facebook:

lock the lock screen out of revealing secrets and listening to siri

a twitter user recounted a familiar story of a lost iphone that resonated with a lot of people just a few days ago. the person behind @afronomics_ said she found another woman’s phone in the bathroom. she noted, i asked siri what’s my name. it pulled up her info. cool. i asked siri who do i call most. pulled up her recent calls. cool. the whole thread is good reading. (the account owner uses colorful language and may be inappropriate to peruse at a workplace.) i tested the list of things she noted, and i had slightly different results, but no less concerning. siri required that i unlock my phone when i asked, “where do i live?” but when i said, “directions to my home,” ios provided those without a beat. when i asked my wife’s and kids’ names, i was told to unlock, but my most recent call c

player minion for 4th edition

i also love the damage and healing system that the app provides."but beyond mere information from the character sheet, the app also allows the player to tap certain features, like ability scores, skills, and powers, and roll a d20 for a check or an attack, and even the damage dice on powers." -www.enworld. orgd&d players stop fumbling around with all the paper and pencils, import your character builder files into player minion and keep track of all your data in one simple application. track and roll dice for your abilities, skills, combat stats, and powers. now to enhance your d&d 4e experience. features: import. dnd4e files (requires ddi subscription) or manually enter player information fully editable dropbox integration save character on device after c

tricky trip download

download download tricky trip is free to play. how far can you travel? navigate the ball carefully through the tube without falling into the black space. collect coins to enhance your run with power ups and upgrades like warp drive speed, special ball types, and more. rotate the color tunnel with your thumb to move the ball forward. features- warp drive can be used after it has charged. you can enable warp speed for 100 coins. enabling warp will speed up the game, and increase your high score. use gravity to your advantage with tricky moves, and escape skills to dash and run along the road. collect coins along the path to unlock upgrades that will help you along your journey. use these upgrades to unlock new warp drive phase levels, that will increase your high score and total trip score.

turkish pm launches 'yes' campaign over erdogan powers

ankara, turkey — turkey's prime minister has officially launched his ruling party's campaign for a "yes" vote in a referendum on ushering a presidential system, which critics fear will concentrate too many powers in the hands of president recep tayyip erdogan.binali yildirim formally got campaigning going on saturday telling supporters in a sports arena that the proposed new system would build a strong turkey capable of surmounting terror threats and make its economy more robust.yildirim said: "we are taking the first steps on the path of a future strong turkey."the proposed reforms — to be voted on april 16 — will give the largely ceremonial presidency executive powers and abolish the office of the prime minister.opponents say the proposed system foresees too few checks and balances on er

you will get to unlock your windows 10 pc with a galaxy fingerprint

samsung introduced the ability to unlock its windows 10-powered tablet galaxy tabpro s with the flow app for android last year. you just use your fingerprint on your galaxy smartphone and the tablet unlocks.according to sources samsung will launch this feature available across all windows 10 pcs with the windows 10 creators update. there hasn’t been an official date, but it should come sometime in april. samsung are already using the windows hello framework so an expansion across devices is widely expected and logical to come next.via

ilockscreen os10 download

download download ilockscreen os10awesome apple screen lock application for free. one of the best keypad screen lock os 10 app for android nougat. many custom wallpapers to choose. prank your friend with your own phone 7. some lockscreen app do not perform the origin of the home button, back, recent while this locker can do that. apple lock pro is an extremely secure screen locker via password to enhance the security of your phone. screen lock is beautiful, secure and customizable. ilock screen helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you are instantly more productive. it is an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life. lock screen apps feature: # custom unlock: protect your phone with a password. smart lock based on location (home and/or

player minion hd for 4th ed.

i also love the damage and healing system that the app provides."but beyond mere information from the character sheet, the app also allows the player to tap certain features, like ability scores, skills, and powers, and roll a d20 for a check or an attack, and even the damage dice on powers." -www.enworld. orgd&d players stop fumbling around with all the paper and pencils, import your character builder files into player minion and keep track of all your data in one simple application. track and roll dice for your abilities, skills, combat stats, and powers. now to enhance your d&d 4e experience. features: import. dnd4e files (requires ddi subscription) or manually enter player information fully editable dropbox integration save character on device after c

emergency toilet simulator pro download

download download emergency toilet simulator pro is a new version of toilet simulator games; get ready for the another best emergency toilet game and prepare yourself for unlimited entertainment. everyone's had a traumatic not-at-home toilet situation. sit behind steering wheel of a car and drive to the near by toilet in rush. rush through the streets and highways in this panic situation to find relief. let's see how you perform when you can't hold it any longer a second. download emergency toilet simulator pro a 3d real toilet rush game for everyone who love to play toilet games. face multiple levels full of challenges and career-threatening situations, all that in amazing graphics. unlock and play with several characters: the usual security officer, swat police man model girl, designer b

racing in limousine 3d

3. 2. 1. go. start your limousine race games career right now and become the best. this limousine race games simulator is a new kind of race where you race in a. well you can guess it. a freaking limo, how cool is that. so buckle up and start your engine of your limousine race games vehicle and start racing. will you become the limo games world champion? with the challenging race games tracks you can play for hours. each race will get harder and harder to finish. and we have put a big amount of different race tracks in there, so we guarantee you a lot of racing fun. so if you're bored of parking limousine simulator games then sure try this racing game. lot's of limousine simulator vehicles to unlock with each track you finish you will gain money, and how much depends on with place you f

guess the word: 4 pics 1 word

guess the word in the four pictures? whats the word in this 4 pics? --in every puzzle, there are 4 pictures with something in common - what is it? it's a wonderful 4 pics 1 word game. can you unlock them all? --can you guess all words and unlock all levels? countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you. pure, instant fun --what is the word? look at the four pictures, find out what they have in common. so that's it - 4 pics 1 word. the top trending game on the market for free and begin the word quiz game right now. this 4 pics 1 word game is made by the creator of logo quiz ( and icomania, you will also love this fantastic brain teaser. note: please do not use any 4 pics 1 word cheats & answers to play the game, no fun.

fingerprint lock screen prank

fingerprint lock screen prankget the best customizable fingerprint lock for your fingerprint screen locker. you can also customize this lock scanner with your own wallpaper. your friends will never get to know the trick and will leave them wondering. you can change the number of beeps for unlock from the settings screen. how to use: 1. install this fingerprint lock screen and open it to set up the scanning count. 2. in the lock screen, the fingerprint lock scanner will imitate the animation as soon as the fingerprint and your phone will unlock quickly. if you press more or less then 3 seconds, your phone will still be locked. features: 1 professional looking and works with all hd the devices. 2 support customized theme by changing the lock screen's wallpaper. 3 realistic fingerprint sca

tactical bomber army sim 3d

take flight in a tactical bomber. in tactical bomber: army simulation you will be playing as a precision bomber, it's your job to destroy the enemy objects. fly over the enemy and drop your big bombs onto the enemy and watch it explode to pieces and put them in an inferno. challenging flight simulator missions take off with your tactical bomber high into the air, and find your enemies. fly over them and release the bombs and disable them with an inferno in this army simulation game. don't miss or you have to do a new fly over. so tactical bomber pilot are you ready for these challenging army simulation flight simulator missions? unlock lot's of bomber airplanes. with each mission you finish in this army simulator you will earn some money, and with your money you can unlock amazing big b

lock screen ios10 style download

download download are you bored with your current screen locker? do you want to have iphone lock screen for your android device? now you can. introducing lockscreen - iphone ios 10, a new and beautiful iphone lockscreen app that works on all android phone or tablet. aside from looking cool as you unlock phone, you can will also enjoy the #ios style notifications and ilauncher. you can even personalize it by choosing from 150+ cool backgrounds & wallpapers we provide for you. locking and unlocking your android phone has never been so exciting. there are many reasons why you want to change the look of your android phone. maybe you're bored and in need of a change. maybe you just want to try how it feels to own an i phone. this is why we create an awesome ios lock screen for you. you wi

unicef kid power

unicef kid power gives you the power to save lives. by getting active with the unicef kid power band, you can go on missions, earn points and unlock the utic food packets for severely malnourished children around the world. points unlock funding from partners, parents and fans, and funds are used by unicef to deliver lifesaving packets of the utic food to severely malnourished children around the world. the more kids move while wearing their kid power band, the more points they earn, the more lives they save.

city builder 16 bridge builder

are you the construction worker we are looking for? in city builder 2016: bridge builder you will be driving all kind of heavy machinery. can you master them all and complete all the challenging tasks of building a bridge in this bridge builder game? so us what you got construction worker, don't let us down. challenging bridge construction tasks. put your engineering skills to the test in this bridge construction simulator. drive the dump truck to the location and start your journey. in city builder 2016: bridge builder we have put 20 challenging bridge construction simulator missions, and 5 amazing bonus missions for you to unlock. pimp your city builder ride. unlock all the amazing skins for your bridge construction simulator vehicles. unlock skins for your forklift, dump truck, crane

burn it all

burn it all gives you control at the tip of your finger of three different little flames as they venture through stages of brain-rattling puzzles, from the molten depths beneath the earth's crust to the top of the world. they'll use their unique fiery abilities to burn through all sorts of objects, avoiding water and gas, dealing with underground monsters, blowing things up, and even putting time in a loop to make their way back home, where their father, the sun, awaits. created by the developer of pix'n love rush. 3 little flames, each one with its own set of skills. intuitive gameplay and completely addictive. progressive and challenging difficulty. 5 worlds to unlock with 25 levels each. statistics and different achievements to unlock. uniques g hics. official site: http://www.amamob

donut dazzle

donut dazzle is a fun, fast-paced match-4 puzzle game with a unique gameplay. tap to rotate donuts and match at least 4 of a kind to clear them. you can make combos to climb levels faster. every 10 levels we throw in a speed bump. so as you play your way through this delicious game, make sure the board doesn't fill up or risk your imminent death. remember, strategy is key. keep your board clean and use power-ups to your a ntage. features: free to play, with optional in-app purchases. play through hundreds of fun stage goals and earn coffee points that unlock items. 3 unique power-ups that help if you find yourself in a jam. unlock themes and other special items. leaderboard to see how you stack up against your friends and competitors.

hidden memory christmas spirit download

download download exercise your brain cells while playing our take on the classic card game known by many names, such as memory, concentration, match match, pelmanism, shinkei-suijaku, pexeso or simply pairs. the object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. you can choose to play relaxed mode with no timer, or challenge mode to see how far you can get. features: fun memory matching gameplay- levels gradually increase in difficulty- choose relaxed or challenge modes- unlock the stunning background images to use as a wallpaper on your device- earn coins to unlock more content.

pick n pay stikeez 2

stikeez are back, brought to you by pick n pay. 24 brand new stikeez are waiting to be found in stores around south africa. use this app to find them, play a game to catch them and add them to your collection. unlock rewards and show them off in special stikeez selfies as your collection grows. gps guided submarine allows you to find stikeez in pick n pay stores - collect all the stikeez, including 3 special types - glow in the dark, glitter and pearl. play a game to catch stikeez safely in a bubble - don't let it pop. earn special under-the-sea treasures as you collect and unlock surprise rewards on your way to collecting all the stikeez. take selfies with your favourite stikeez and share them on social media- practise your stikeez catching skills in our play-anywhere mini game. the ap

signature lock screen download

download download you search for an application to unlock your phone with a password or a finger gesture so use signature lock screen locker app. signature lock screen is an amazing application and it's totally free. draw shapes, numbers, letters, signatures and contextual gestures to unlock your phone. presentation signature app lock for those who silence open their favorite applications by locking the boring password or any pattern and for all those who want some creative app lock the app to start. you can pull and register (record) every gesture as the symbol of the star, heart, triangle, square, arched, etc. , or you can use a number this one any digital technology or a subscription as a counter- password. with the gesture (movement) (her, its) finger in a reduction, navigation (leafin

climber square download

download download dodge the spikes by touching your screen left or right. how high can you climb with your square? in this new game, your goal will be to make a square climb as high as you can dodging the traps. in order to do that, simply click on the right or on the left of your screen to make the square moves in the desired direction. the path seems impossible? quick, go on the platform that appear on the right or on the left to be safe, but only for a brief instant. and be careful, some of those platforms could be traps. of course, don't forget to collect diamonds during your ascent to unlock more than 20 different squares with 11 country squares. difficulty to earn diamonds to unlock a new square? come back often on climber square to claim your free diamonds. challenge your friends.

wild horse maze runner 2017 download

download download unlock the mystery of the maze and race to adventure in the official wild pony horse maze simulator game. amazing 3d horse maze simulator game is now a available for free for android devices and is suitable for everyone. live the life of a beautiful pony and move into fantasy and joy tracks. you could use navigation map of the mazes and try to solve the lost world. so, do you think you are smart enough? wild horse maze runner 2017 features: * play as a beautifully designed pony horses. * explore the maze, and unlock new levels. * 10 interesting and challenging mazes to play. * good quality sound effects. * huge and stunning environment. * good quality sound effects. * user friendly controls. * free game just install and enjoy. we welcome your comments, rating and feedback

clipit unlock key download

download download clipit is the first clipboard manager for android phones and tablets, taking multi-tasking on your android device to a whole different level. also available for google tv. this will unlock clipit with its full functionality. added functionality that is not part of the free version: stacked widget for quick copying of your saved text clips. widget and clip color configuration (yellow, blue, red, green and purple). restore clipboard on boot. automatic data back up and restore for devices with a backup service setup on their device (e. g. android backup service) we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to help us improve our products. visit our website and don't forget to check out our other apps in the market. smart android apps, llc.

fingerprint lock screen -jokes download

download download fingerprint app-lock that unleash your apps the fingerprint lock screen usage of your fingerprints based mostly completely on the once more camera of device fingerprint lock screen. this code will no longer needs a element for your tool. it users standard lock screen wallpaper came digicam with flash & machine recognition feature to capture photograph and will image process technique to assess your verification with enrolled/registered image to hold app-lock. surprise everyone. fingerprint lock is that the good prank to play on friends and family fingerprint lock screen. real utterly simulates the important. it's a fun security tool for those that love sensible jokes. fingerprint lock screen could be a app for fun, does one need a lot of fun? do this fingerprint sca


applock is a light app protector tool to protect your privacy in mobile apps. applock can lock facebook, whatsapp, gallery, messenger, sms, contacts, gmail, settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. ensure security. applock has pin and pattern lock, choose your favorite style to lock apps. pattern lock is more easier and faster to unlock. pin lock has random keyboard. much safer for you to lock apps. no more worry people may peep the p word or pattern. more safe. with applock, you will: never worry about a friend borrows your phone to play games with mobile data again. never worry about a workmate gets your phone to look the gallery again. never worry about someone reads private data in your apps again. never worry about kids mess up

facebook atwitter over friendly fox sightings in southern minnesota

a friendly pet fox named notchi has gone missing from his lakeville home and is gallivanting across southern minnesota, despite multiple run-ins with humans, a social media paign and a $1,000 reward for his return.notchi, a tame, 8-month-old red fox, was rescued from a fur farm as a kit by mikayla raines, 21, who has a usda license to keep foxes. notchi has distinctive silver and white markings because foxes used for fur often are bred over generations for unique colors.foxes generally make poor pets, raines said, because they mark their territory and chew things up.“there’s just a special bond that i have with foxes that i can’t explain,” raines said. “you have to work hard to bond with a fox, but i like the challenge.”more than 50 people have spotted notchi traipsing from lonsdale to was