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greece: no further austerity as part of bailout deal

athens, greece — the greek government says the country's economy has met its budget targets and there is therefore no reason for any further austerity measures to be imposed as part of a deal with international bailout creditors.greece has been struggling for months to conclude negotiations with its creditors on spending cuts and reforms demanded as part of its third bailout program. it hopes to reach an agreement in time for a monday meeting of eurozone finance ministers.government spokesman dimitris tzanakopoulos said thursday no further austerity should be imposed on the greek people, and said the key to reaching an agreement was for the international monetary fund and germany's finance ministry to "return to reality."without a deal, greece will be unable to receive the next installment

greece sees progress in ongoing bailout talks with creditors

athens, greece — greece's left-led government says it has made considerable progress in complex bailout talks with its creditors, and hopes to have ironed out remaining differences over the next ten days.government spokesman dimitris tzanakopoulos said thursday that the main point of friction is greece's bid to restore collective wage bargaining. the debt-heavy country has already agreed to extend austerity measures beyond the end of its current bailout program in mid-2018.over the past ten days, greek officials have been negotiating in athens with the country's european creditors and the international monetary fund on both currently-required reforms and post-bailout cutbacks.the government hopes to establish the framework of a deal by a march 20 meeting of european finance ministers. tzan

the latest: greek government praises deal with creditors

luxembourg — the latest on the deal to get greece more financial aid (all times local):11:25 a.m.greece's government is praising a deal it has reached with the country's european creditors regarding its bailout, saying the final decision had met nearly all of greece's demands.government spokesman dimitris tzanakopoulos said friday the previous day's agreement with finance ministers from the eurozone countries, known as the eurogroup, made clear commitments regarding greece's debt load and supporting growth.the eurogroup agreed to disburse 8.5 billion euros ($9.5 billion) from greece's third international bailout — an installment delayed for months — after the country delivered on a series of reforms that included further pension cuts and tax hikes. it also reiterated previous commitments o

greece calls on germany to ease budget surplus demands

athens, greece (ap) — greece’s government is calling on germany to drop what it described as “irrational” budget demands in greece’s bailout program.speaking a day after greece and its european creditors agreed to resume talks on further reforms, government spokesman dimitris tzanakopoulos called tuesday on germany to ease demands for the country to post a 3.5 percent primary surplus — the budget balance minus debt interest costs —for a decade.he also called on germany to “adopt a constructive stance” to reach a deal on some form of debt relief.greece agreed monday to impose further reforms taking effect from 2019, after its current third bailout ends. the government says the measures will be fiscally neutral, with every increase in financial burden being offset by another counter-measure.

new deadline for greece set after another stalemate

brussels — hopes for a breakthrough in negotiations for cash-strapped greece were dashed again and another deadline was set.greece once again failed to get approval from its european creditors to receive the next batch of bailout loans that it needs to meet a debt repayment hump this summer. it also failed to secure an agreement on the sort of debt relief measures it can expect to get when its current bailout program ends next year.without the loans, greece faces another brush with bankruptcy. the greek government had hoped that monday night's meeting of the eurozone's 19 finance ministers would at least have seen it cleared to get the money. after all, it legislated for further cuts and reforms last week to meet creditor demands.still officials tried to put a brave face on the stalemate."

turkey's erdogan arrives in athens for official greece visit

athens, greece — recep tayyip erdogan arrived in athens thursday for the first official visit to greece by a turkish president in decades, with greece hoping the trip will help improve often frosty ties with its neighbor and nato ally.erdogan was greeted by an honor guard at the airport and headed to central athens, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier before talks with greek prime minister alexis tsipras and other officials. on friday, he travels to northeastern greece to meet with members of the country's muslim was tight in the greek capital, with roads shut down and demonstrations banned in the center of athens.on the eve of his arrival, erdogan alarmed greek officials by saying in an interview with greece's skai television that the 1923 treaty of lausan

erdogan to visit greece at a time of frosty ties with eu, us

athens, greece — greece is rolling out the red carpet for a visit this week by turkish president recep tayyip erdogan, hoping to improve often-frosty ties between the two neighbors and nato allies at a time when turkey's relations are being tested with both the european union and the united in athens will be tight for erdogan's arrival on thursday, when he will meet with greek prime minister alexis tsipras and the country's largely ceremonial president, prokopis pavlopoulos, before heading to northeastern greece the next day to speak with members of the country's muslim minority. greek authorities on wednesday announced a ban on demonstrations in central athens during erdogan's stay."it's a visit of exceptionally great significance and importance," greek government spokesma

greece sees progress in ongoing bailout talks with creditors

athens, greece (ap) — greece’s government wound up yet another round of talks with its creditors thursday without a breakthrough that would unfreeze bailout payments, although a greek official said progress has been made and differences can be ironed out in the next week and a half.government spokesman dimitris tzanakopoulos said the main point of friction is greece’s bid to restore collective wage bargaining.“in any case, we will try to bridge these differences in coming days,” he said.the current talks were initially scheduled for completion last year, and the delay has increased jitters over the country’s prospects amid a sharp drop in october-december output.most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.a deal would allow the release of loans from the country’s 86-billion e