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your time tracker free

your time tracker makes it easy to track the time that you spend on all the activities that are important to you. set up an unlimited number of categories and sub categories. need to invoice your clients accurately? use your time tracker to keep track of how much time you spend on each client, and what you were doing. does the boss wonder where all your time goes? use your time tracker to keep a track of what you're doing and when. need to keep records of your time for when you complete your time sheets? your time tracker can help. wondering if you really have a work life balance? track your personal endeavours and see find out. features. = - set up your own categories and subcategories to track your time against - track time entries with a simple on click - ign a category and subcatego

an nhl dream comes true - videos

january 29, 2017, 10:05 am|it is one of the least glamorous jobs in the national hockey league, and yet carolina hurricanes equipment manager jorge alves says there is nowhere else he'd rather be. steve hartman reports on a man whose childhood dreams of being a pro athlete took a remarkable turn.

atto - employee time tracking

atto is your digital time clock solution for employees. with a user-friendly interface, employees simply clock in & out with a tap of a on. atto tracks their time and location and generates timesheets instantly - so everyone can spend more time doing work they like. our battery efficient location tracking technology eliminates the redundant "where are you? " calls and ures everyone is safe, focused on their work, and in the right place at the right time. as soon as you clock out, your timesheets are automatically generated and location tracking is turned off. your data is securely stored in the cloud and made available on our web app in real time. key features. effortless time tracking simply tap to clock in/out and keep track of your working hours. accurate location tracking ensure


focusedusing our patent pending technology zonetap is focused on enabling location-based, time-sensitive coupons to your existing customers. offersthese special offers are served within time-frames that you specifically select. they can be one time offers or be served on a recurring basis. utilizing the gpssmartphone gps and our api plug-in running on your app will deliver coupons to your customer when they enter an area that has an active coupon at that time. self-service portalwith zonetap's self-service portal you create coupons that are ociated with geog hic zones in and around your store that you define.

mysmartroute route planner

plan your daily routesmap multiple locations and get there on time. optimize routes and save timeless time on the road means more time with your customers. save money with our routes planneryour business is going places, mysmartroute will get you there faster. go green by using our route plannerminimize time on the road and reduce your carbon footprintroute planning multiple locations in just 3 easy steps with our smart route planner 1. the application from google play and make a free account. 2. upload your address list from an excel spreadsheet or type them in. 3. export your address to mysmartroute mobile route planner, find the best route and get driving directions. try it now for free. features: store and map unlimited locations. save unlimited routes. plan as many as 150 addresses

eye opener: trump delivers on controversial paign promise - videos

january 28, 2017, 7:00 am|president trump signs an executive order suspending immigrants from some muslim countries, which has led to fallout from critics. also, british actor john hurt, whose career spanned more than half a century, has died. all that and all that matters in today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. get the eye opener delivered straight to your inbox.

what could a voter fraud investigation uncover? - videos

january 28, 2017, 7:55 am|president trump said he will launch an investigation into what he calls widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election. he maintains votes were cast illegally, despite having no evidence or reports of voter fraud from election officials in any of the 50 states. richard briffault, professor of election law at columbia university, joins "cbs this morning: urday" to discuss where an investigation may lead.

nyc subway time

provides real time and schedule time for all subway in nyc. fast and simple. free live subway time & status widgets. the widgets makes you feel more in control of your journey as just a glance on your phone's home screen tells you all you need to know. on android now. the fastest and simplest to use. high design for speed, simplicity and elegant. the subway tracker application shows when your train will arrive and you can avoid the waiting time. more real time routes will be added automatically later when mta releases them. benefits: simple nearby station search with map option- live train time widgets. (route, stop, favorite and status) - new easy to read nearby pagenever run for the train again. please leave a review or email saitiam7 (at) gmail (dot) com for support. thank you ve

serena williams scores historic win at australian open

serena williams can’t help but make history. the 35-year-old tennis player bested sister venus williams at the australian open final urday (jan. 28), landing a historic 23rd grand slam title.serena is now the only tennis player — male or female — to win 23 grand slam singles titles in the open era of tennis, which began in serena williams bursts out her shell and dances for herself in new ad paign“it’s such a great feeling to have 23,” serena said after beating venus 6-4, 6-4 in straight sets. “it really feels great. i’ve been chasing it for a really long time. it feels like, really long time. when it got on my radar, i knew i had an opportunity to get there, and i’m here.”the latest victory places serena above steffi graf’s 22 grand slam wins in the open era, and one step close

10 crucial mistakes people make when they try to get healthy

you know how bad smoking is for you. but, ask yourself this question: can you guarantee that you’re ready to quit once and for all? can you do that in this very instant? are you ready to never smoke another cigarette ever again?if you argue with yourself or you’re making a compromise on that question, you’re not ready. when people are not ready to quit smoking, they can be successful at quitting only for a certain period of time. then, they go back to the old habit. if you’re mentally prepared to quit, you’ll do it without failure.take some time to prepare. the first step to success is admitting you’re an addict. make a commitment to quit. analyze your habits and start changing them, step by step. if you’re smoking a pack a day, stretch it out to two days. after some time, try stretching i

for apple’s iphone sales, size matters

at a generally gloomy time for sales of its flagship iphone, apple inc. is finding a silver lining: customers are willing to pay more for better features.when it launched its iphone 7 in september, apple for the first time packed the more expensive “plus” model with extra hardware not available in the standard model, in addition to a larger screen.the iphone 7 plus, which starts at $769, comes with a dual- era system that...

person s , seriously wounded in aurora – the denver post

january 27, 2017, 7:55 pm colorado’s largest foreclosure law firm, run by larry castle and his wife, caren, was so good at its job that it had little trouble ginning up creative ways to pad its billings and reap millions in illegitimate profits on the backs of the banks it represented, the affected homeowners, and real estate investors who later bought the houses, the attorney...

person s , seriously wounded in aurora – the denver post

january 27, 2017, 7:55 pm colorado’s largest foreclosure law firm, run by larry castle and his wife, caren, was so good at its job that it had little trouble ginning up creative ways to pad its billings and reap millions in illegitimate profits on the backs of the banks it represented, the affected homeowners, and real estate investors who later bought the houses, the attorney...

two boys, 2 and 6, found in vehicle outside colorado springs bar, parents cited

january 27, 2017, 7:55 pm colorado’s largest foreclosure law firm, run by larry castle and his wife, caren, was so good at its job that it had little trouble ginning up creative ways to pad its billings and reap millions in illegitimate profits on the backs of the banks it represented, the affected homeowners, and real estate investors who later bought the houses, the attorney...

eri weblinks

this app designed to provide you all the necessary mobile apps web browsing tools to surf on different eritrean websites at one place with easy surfing methods. in addition, this app provide you weather report from reliable source. if you also want to know the exact time in eritrea-asmara, it displays digital clock showing exact time and date in eritrea. beside these, it shows eritrean nakfa currency official exchange rates as well, and many more. enjoy the app and have fun.

2017 winter x games fans in aspen – the denver post

january 27, 2017, 6:38 pm it’s the year of the rooster, so of course asian avenue magazine’s lunar year party was something to crow about. in addition to the traditional lion dance and 10-course dinner that included treats like lobster and abalone, the event at empress seafood restaurant had and a dance demonstration by ben nguyen, a silent auction and holiday couplets written by chinese...

clearfocus: productivity timer

clearfocus is a time-mana ent app which makes you more productive. are you tired of wasting your time on distractions instead of focusing on what really matters? clearfocus is for you. theisapp alternates working sessions with small breaks. this will let you concentrate more easily and boost your productivity. no more distractions, focus on what's important. clearfocus sports an elegant interface designed not to get in your way. it's as easy to use as possible: tap once and start working. to keep you focused and let you get the best out of yourself, clearfocus comes with customizable settings that you can set to fit your style.

from spitting whales in japan to car-racing crashes in hungary, the week in p os

jul 24, 2015 4:54 pm et in this week’s p os, a spitting whale in japan, a car-racing crash in hungary, wildfires in british columbia and more. to read the full story, subscribe or sign in

#tbt: making waves with an all female school ship (1929) - p o journal

by jul 30, 2015 4:12 pm et in a weekly series, wall street journal p o editors share with readers a p og h from this week in history. check here each thursday to see the latest selection from archived images featuring news to nostalgia, sport to science.#tbt: to read the full story, subscribe or sign in

p os: the fate of electronic waste - p o journal

by jul 7, 2015 8:47 am et as electronics further permeate every aspect of human living, their own life spans shorten, leaving the question: where do electronics go when they die? for tons of e-waste annually, the last stop is one of the most polluted places on earth: agbogbloshie, a digital dumping ground in ghana. to read the full story, subscribe or sign in

watch mia love bring people to tears at the march for life

'every time we kill a child through abortion, we kill our potential. . . every time we kill a child, we, all of us suffer. we lose a little of ourselves and a whole lot of our future.'at the 44th annual march for life in washington dc, rep. mia love (r-utah) brought many to tears with an emotional opened by speaking about a couple who immigrated to the united states from haiti and were forced to leave two of their children behind. while they were making their way to the united states, the couple found out they were pregnant and considered abortion.“forty-one years ago, that couple could have made the choice to abort, but they didn’t. they chose life,” she said, referring to herself. “i’m certain that this couple would never have thought that that child would become the first fe

ethio weblinks

this app is designed to provide you all the necessary mobile app web browsing tools to surf on popular ethiopian websites at one place with easy surfing methods in addition this app provide you weather report from reliable source if you also want to know the exact time in ethiopia addis ababa it displays digital clock showing exact time and date in ethiopia in addition it shows ethiopian birr currency official exchange rates as well, and many more. enjoy the app and have fun.

hidden objects - messy rooms

find all of the hidden objects in the messy room. first you will be given a list of objects to find, which you must locate in the room before time runs out. a fun and exciting twist to traditional hidden object games. if you click wrong on objects, time and points will be taken from you, so you must be very quick and attentive finding the hidden objects. the faster you complete the level, the more stars you earn. some levels have no light so you need to add lights to look around which makes it more challenging. have fun playing.

write sms by voice :voice text

now sending messages to anyone be e more easy, many ago time you can send written messages and written messages take more time. you get free application here you can send messages to written by voice. you do not need to type a text to send an sms. for use this application you must have installed the ''google voice search'' to write voice sms, otherwise you can write messages using key board withing application functionality. both option available for you. features: very easy user interface and simple to use it. write message with voice functionality. you can use keyboard also which is beat for you. some of default messages you can get here, like good morning messages, wishes messages and many more. just pressing record icon available middle bottom of screen to record it. one click to se

japanese cargo spacecraft will 'fly' a kite

by steve spaleta | january 27, 2017 07:51pm et h-ii transfer vehicle 6 (htv-6)  is carrying the the kounotori integrated tether experiment (kite), which will be demonstrated in the days before the cargo spacecraft is deorbited.  the technology being tested could one day be used for the removal of space debris and more. dan huot from nasa's "space to ground" series explains. credit : nasa

messenger basketball challenge

welcome to messenger basketball challenge. the game is simple, but difficult to master. can you score 10 baskets in a row? can you score 100? how about scoring 40 baskets in 60 seconds? choose from 4 game modes: normal mode (difficult) - score as many consecutive points as you can without missing a s . challenge mode (easy -> difficult) - go head to head versus a real player and try to beat their daily high score. arcade mode (easy) - score as many points as you can in 60 seconds. each score adds 2 points to the timer; each swish adds 3 points. time attack mode (moderate) - score as many points as you can in a total of 60 seconds. if you are a fan of swipe-to-shoot basketball games, you'll love this version, which includes 4 game modes, clean hd g hics, a visually appealing 2d theme

hail to the nasa chief - charles f. bolden retrospective

by steve spaleta | january 27, 2017 07:02pm et the fmr. nasa administrator strung together a long set of achievements in his 7 years of leading the space agency. levar burton narrates this look at his leading the path to mars: nasa chief charles bolden (op-ed ) credit : nasa

japanese htv-6 cargo ship released from space station

by steve spaleta | january 27, 2017 12:38pm et the "kounotori" h-ii transfer vehicle was released from the interational space stations robotic arm on jan. 27th, 2017. it will deorbit in early february and burn up over the pacific ocean. [full story]flashback: japan's htv-6 cargo mission launches to space station - video credit : nasa


get the all-new, fully redesigned cnbc app for android phones and tablets. access fast, accurate and actionable business news, financial information and market data. plus stay on top of the market no matter where you are with breaking news alerts. cnbc to: track your stocks in customizable watchlists. watch your favorite cnbc shows including "squawk box", "mad money", "the profit" and "american greed." - stream live cnbc tv. get real-time stock market quotes and global market data throughout the day. view pre-market and after-hours trading data, plus charts with customizable time frames. cnbc features include: real-time streaming stock quotes and interactive charts- interactive charts with customizable time frames. global business news coverage, exclusive video, company and executive pr

this time-lapse captures the awe-inspiring power of lava flowing into the ocean:

any seasoned landscape p og her can tell you that the moment spent actually pressing the shutter is just the tip of the iceberg – hours and even days are spent planning, getting into position and waiting for the right conditions. so the story behind jack fusco's impressive new time-lapse, 61g ocean entry, might be familiar to landscape p o veterans.fusco and team traveled to hawaii's big island hoping to capture a somewhat rare occurrence: lava flowing into the pacific ocean from kilauea volcano. the goal was to capture a time-lapse of the stars along with the spectacular light show created by the flowing lava meeting ocean water.if you watch the video above and you'll see that fusco's mission was a success, but the behind-the-scenes story is equally fascinating. a rainy forecast and logis

watch: lionel messi tricks goalie on free-kick goal vs athletico bilbao

lionel messi dazzles every time he takes the pitch, and tuesday’s copa del rey match against atletico bilbao was no different.he had scored two goals on free kicks in his last two matches, and he added to that total on tuesday. barcelona had a set piece opportunity from just outside the box, and yeah, you already know who was going to take it.messi stepped up and sold that he was aiming for the left corner, and the goalie bit on his fake big-time. instead, messi blasted the ball into the right corner with precision, and the goalie was tricked so bad he could only stand frozen as the ball went into the net.that little guy excels in trickery. and damn, he is good.

see what a spacewalker sees in new hd video

by steve spaleta | january 27, 2017 09:33am etusing a “space-proof” era mounted on the chest of his spacesuit, esa astronaut thomas pesquet captured video of a january 13, 2017 spacewalk. pesquet and nasa astronaut shane kimbrough completed a power upgrade for the international space station .  credit : esa

man u to bring on full-time counter-terrorism officer

as the world remains ever vigilant trying to protect itself from terrorism, one team is taking it a step further to protect the club and its fans.manchester united is believed to be the first team in the united kingdom to hire a full-time counter-terrorism officer. the hiring was announced at a recent fan forum, and the pa sport is reporting that the person filling the position is a former inspector from the specialist search unit at greater manchester police.this move comes in response to incidents within the past year that have had people around old trafford on high alert. they saw their last match of the 2015-16 season postponed due to a fake bomb, and as recently as november, a couple of people from a tour group tried to ditch the group and stay overnight to go to the arsenal match the

local weather forecast widget

climate temperature weather forecasts clock widget, a sense style weather widget for you. with it, you can get weather & clock information conveniently. it provides accurate local weather information like highest/lowest temperature and current weather conditions, must be your best choice in daily life. real-time temperature, feels like temperature, 7 days forecasts are all in this weather clock widget based on weather server. it's a handy weather channel for you. not only a weather report for weather today, but also a weather report for current location and other cities you've searched. you don't need to search 'weather temperature today' 'local weather' anymore when you with this clock widget. sense style design of climate temperature weather forecast widget, easier for you to know

off-road chingchi rickshaw sim

enjoyed our chingchi rickshaw tuk tuk sim? we are coming back with a bang and bringing a new sen ion in chingchi rickshaw games. off-road chingchi rickshaw sim will take you to the pakistani and indian culture where you can enjoy real time local transportation system of these areas. in this game you will drive a locally made chingchi rikshaw in off road environment. it would be a great experience for you and background folk will take your love for tuk tuk games to the next level. as a driver, you will feel yourself in a typical pakistani environment. in this simulation you have to climb hills and give pick and drop services to the p engers. you will be working as a full time transporter with your chingchi. many tourists will be waiting for you in this mountainous environment. you have t

digital clock & world weather

digital clock & world weather is a full featured, weather application and widget. the application and widget feature the following: different widget skins to choose from (more skins coming in the future) - different weather icon skins- different fonts for the time- display the next alarm, next calendar event and week number on the widget (optional) - several widget spots (most of them can be user defined to launch specific applications) - automatic location (from cell/wifi or gps) or manual- automatic weather update interval (15 min, 30 min, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 hours) or manual- hour change notification- detailed current weather forecast display that includes the following: local time (for current location) - sunrise and sunset time for current location- humidity, pressure, chance of rain

hang gliding

fly your virtual hang-glider and explore the fascinating alpine landscape. enjoy this amazing real-time 3d vr simulation on you smart phone. it. s not a movie. it. s a real-time 3d environment. you can look around 360. , explore the surroundings and steer your hang-glider by tilting the smartphone to the left, right forth and back. this app is a 3d stereoscopic simulation that requires the i-mmersive gl es. it has been developed to best be consumed with the i-mmersive gl es. you can order the gl es here: www.i-mmersive. nethave fun. attention. you will need the i-mmersive gl es to enjoy this simulation. you can order the gl es here: www.i-mmersive. net. if you want to know more about i-mmersive stereoscopic products visit our web site: www.i-mmersive. net i-mmersive gl es available here

call time tracker+call blocker

call time tracker+call blocker is a perfect solution to track call time for personal expense saving, business bookkeeping or tax purposes. it also has feature to block unwanted calls. the app provides detailed call time statistics data based on the call log on your phone. with the information provided by this app, you can easily learn how you spend your call time for personal or working purpose. feature list: track calling information based on the call log on the phone. track number of incoming, outgoing and total calls for each contact. track duration of incoming, outgoing and total calls for each contact. call blocker. block call/text from black list. block call/text with private id. block call/text from strangers. block call/text from phone number start with a certain number (e. g. 5

a new computer as beautiful as a vintage apple i

by updated jan. 27, 2017 4:39 p.m. et back in the day… way back in the day, computers were diy kits, essentially just a motherboard and some instructions. in many cases, you had to build the exterior housing for the components yourself. this is how it was with the apple i, the then-fledgling company’s very first computer. the $666.66 kit included only a circuit board; it was up to you to supply the keyboard, monitor, processor, memory and nerdy aspirations. customers built cases out of whatever they had sitting around (or could cobble together using their limited carpentry skills). some used briefcases; others crafted wood boxes, like the one shown at... to read the full story, subscribe or sign in

what time is the sag awards show?

looking for an early oscars fix? the 23rd annual screen actors guild awards promises to deliver glam and glitz and a parade of tv and movie stars.the sag awards honors the best in film and television in 13 categories. heavy film favorites are manchester by the sea, fences and moonlight. tv favorites are game of thrones, westworld and the people v. o.j. simpson: american crime story among others.lily tomlin will also accept the sag life achievement award from jane fonda and dolly parton. planning to tune in? here are the details.when: sunday, jan. 29where: shrine auditorium in los angeleswhat time: red carpet coverage begins at 3 p.m. pt. show starts at 5 p.m. pton tv: red carpet on e!. awards show on tbs and tnt.

itimepunch - work time clock

itimepunch is a virtual time card and paycheck tracker that helps you track work hours of your employees, and aids in employee scheduling and timesheet tracking. hourly employees are easy to manage thanks to our comprehensive paycheck calculator, hourly work cards, and work schedule calendar. employees clock in and out of work using the simple interface, and itimepunch takes care of the rest. employees can clock in/out themselves from their mobile devices. gps location tracking shows you the exact location of each employee clock in and out event, so youill always have peace of mind. back up your punch clock data with new cloud backup storage. track and calculate hours, mileage travelled for work, expenses, vacation hours and sick hours, comp time, cash a nces and lunch breaks, and rest

fa cup to have 2 non-league teams in last 16 for 1st time

manchester, england — there will be two non-league teams in the last 16 of the fa cup for the first time in the competition's 146-year history after sutton united's stunning 1-0 win over second-tier leeds on sunday.the latest upset e a day after lincoln, another team from outside english soccer's four professional leagues, beat second-tier brighton 3-1 to reach the fifth round for the first time since 1887.jamie collins, who works as a builder in his full-time job, converted a penalty in the 53rd minute to send sutton through — 28 years after the team from southwest london eliminated top-tier coventry in what is regarded as one of competition's greatest upsets.eighty-three places separated sutton and leeds in england's league pyramid. sutton is 16th in the fifth-tier national league."hopef

alexa scores some super bowl skills for next week’s big game

this time last year, amazon made it clear just how big it expected alexa to be with its first ever super bowl commercial, starring alec baldwin and jason schwartzman, along with a motley crew of celebrity eos ranging from dan marino to missy elliot and, of course, its voice controlled’s been a heck of a year for the line. amazon muscled its way connected homes everywhere with the device and has since celebrated virtually ever big event with new skills (including a christmas time eo from tim curry). alexa’s got a bunch more lined up for next weekend’s big game of american football that many people will be lists some regular old alexa skills like restaurant delivery and jokes (that old cl ic comedy standby, the football joke), but there are also a handful of featur

cal spoils haase's haas pavilion homecoming

berkeley — the last time jerod haase was involved in a cal-stanford basketball game in berkeley, jason kidd was making magic and the golden bears scored 83 points.this was not that, although cal did prevail again, 66-55, in front of a capacity crowd of 11,877 at haas pavilion to move into a three-way tie for third place in the pac-12.the homecoming 24 years later for haase, the one-time cal guard who now is a first-year coach at stanford, was an exercise in combined offensive futility for 20 minutes on sunday.the bears (15-6, 6-3) figured things out in the second half. stanford (11-10, 3-6) did not.haase, who played his freshman season alongside kidd, says he has “many fond memories” of his time at cal. but his attention was on the present, and he said the bears responded better after the

jets hire kevin greene as outside linebackers coach

florham park, n.j. — the new york jets have hired hall of famer kevin greene as their outside linebackers coach.greene, who played linebacker for 15 nfl seasons and twice led the league in sacks, stepped away from coaching in 2014 to spend more time with his family. he previously spent five seasons as green bay's outside linebackers coach from 2009-13 after beginning his coaching career as an intern with pittsburgh in 2008.the jets announced the move urday. greene replaces mark collins, who was one of five istants not brought back by coach todd bowles.greene was a five-time pro bowl selection and the 1996 nfl defensive player of the year. he had 160 sacks, ranking him third on the career list, while playing for the rams, steelers, panthers and the 49ers. greene was inducted into the pro fo

5 tips to learn languages by reading foreign books

if you are going to read a foreign language book, get a dictionary. it won’t be much good if you skip all the words you don’t understand. underline them, find their meanings in a dictionary, write them down and learn. it is the only way foreign literature helps you improve your target language case you like to read on your way to work, you need a pocket dictionary which won’t take up much space in your bag. it is practical so you can use it wherever you are.furthermore, get a notebook where you can write down all unfamiliar words. it will be easier to learn when they can all be found in one place. writing them down on different pieces of paper will only result in a mess.besides, repetition is important in the learning process. that is why a small notebook is a helpful means to rem

pulitzer-prize winning p og her jack dykinga reflects on his career: digital p o

jack dykinga's career started in p ojournalism during the civil rights movement in the us during the 1960's and 70's. despite winning a pulitzer prize during his tenure at the chicago sun-times, he's never allowed himself to get too comfortable with one style. he later shifted his focus to fine art and landscape p og hy, a career move that's not too common among p ojournalists.he's now offering a retrospective on his unique career in his book 'a p og her's life'. his recent interview with resource travel also reveals some interesting insights. he has this to say about finding success in any field of p og hy:'i’m a tried and true pro and i know exactly what ons to push and what i need to do to capture the story, but it still boils down to your impression, your curiosity, what it is that piq

my friend is disgusted by my 'guy's guy' roommate

carolyn hax is away. the following originally appeared on sept. 21, 2005.dear carolyn: my friend of two years and my roommate, an old buddy from high school, don’t get along. he probably falls within the fat part of the bell curve for single-guy behavior — which means he cusses, gambles and, occasionally, brings s back to the house. she is a sweet small-town , and doesn’t make an effort to disguise her disgust for his lifestyle; he doesn’t really tone down his “guy’s guy” persona when she’s around.carolyn hax i keep them separated, but she isn’t isfied, having repeatedly told me he is a bad person and she doesn’t want me to be friends with him at all. but he’s an old friend and a decent guy.she and i are dating seriously, so my relationship with him is pretty limited already. but now, sinc

oops i-kooo1:safety education

oops i-kooo1 is a safety education animated series for your little ones. vod just 1 time, enjoy it anywhere, anytime. even you are on the plane. enjoy the animation on-the-go. have p o time with i-kooo, remi, bibi the robot bear. i-kooo era included. story linelearn basic skills for staying safe in the fun way. ikooo, the silly prince from a distance star, arrives to earth to experience a whole new world. through various episodes, ikooo helps the little ones understand how to avoid dangerous situations, follow directions, use things carefully in everyday life in a nonthreatening way. learn with i-kooo about 1. road safety tips 2. stranger safety for kids 3. what to do in an emergency 4. safety tips at home. episode 1, 2 for free. additional episodes available through in-app purchase. sm

the immense impact of mindfulness & how to achieve it

how often have you made a bad decision in the heat of a moment?whether in the boardroom, the cl room, or at home, the practice of mindfulness trains the brain to stop making decisions out of fear and anger and rechannels our energies into areas responsible for rational thinking.rasmus hougaard, jacqueline carter, and gitte dybkjaer at harvard business review explain how to carve out ten minutes a day to practice mindfulness yields enormous benefits.practice 10 minutes of mindfulness training each day. most people find mornings the best time to practice mindfulness, but you can do it any time of day. you can find a 10-minute guided mindfulness training program, a short mindfulness training manual, and a link to a free able mindfulness app here. try it for four weeks.avoid reading email firs