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trying to take a photo of cats is like, well, herding cats

if you’ve heard the phrase “herding cats” but have never actually seen cats being herded, you might not know exactly what this phrase conveys. take a look.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

how breeders are mixing house cats with wild cats

breeders are going through great lengths to make house cats that look like wild cats. take a look at the process, and the results, below.full story at youtube.more about cats. posted by josh urich

cute cats go for a hike

cats aren’t usually seen on walks, let alone hikes. but these cats seem to love going out for hikes in the woods. take a look.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich


cattailslooks like stardew valley, except cats. you play as a feral cat exploring an open land, developing relationships, combating cats from rival colonies, and yes, romancing other cats to start a family. no farming, though. cats are hunters, not gatherers. the game is on kickstarter.

cats are pretty sure showering owner is drowning

lots of people say cats don’t care about their owners. but take a look at these siamese cats––they absolutely panic when they think their owner is drowning.full story at youtube.more cats. posted by josh urich

cat vs fidget spinner - holy kaw!

fidget spinners are sweeping the nation. kids seem to love them, adults are interested in what the kids are so obsessed with, and cats…well, cats are cats.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

guantanamo has feral cat problem – and a mission to fix it

guantanamo bay naval base, cuba – this base best known for its prison has cats. lots of cats. kitty cats. dumpster cats. house cats. abandoned cats. foster cats. stray cats. tabby cats. cuban cats.and, by the estimate of activists who want to do something about it, it has upward of 500 feral an unusual alliance, some troops, civilians and visitors have teamed with the global animal rescue group spca international and are asking the navy's permission to sterilize the cats. they're also setting up a nonprofit organization to help soldiers or sailors on temporary assignment here adopt them and take them home.the group's name? operation git-meow."i have taken care of over 40, actually 50, cats in about 3½ years," says git-meow founder and foster-cat mom tina marie parr, the wife of a b

cats flying download

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why cats are so weird

it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that cats are weird. it’s more complicated, however, determining why. take a look.full story at youtube.more about cats. posted by josh urich

cute street cats cuddle - holy kaw!

these cut cats are pretty much the definition of feline cuteness. take a look at them having a little cuddle session on the streets.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

compilation of parrots annoying cats

there’s nothing better than watching a cat get slightly annoyed, only because their reactions are so funny. this video of parrots bugging cats is therefore hilarious.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

cats keyboard theme download

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70 cats removed from ‘deplorable’ home in n.y.

animal welfare officers found 61 living cats and nine dead cats in a suburban new york home that was in "deplorable" condition.        

man afraid of cats tied up in a cat pen

it’s hard to imagine someone being afraid of cats, but here we are. this guy is terrified of them. take a look at what happens when he’s tied up and put in a cat pen.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

‘shaving cats!!??’ virginia police probe seven pet abductions

police and townsfolk in waynesboro, virginia, are trying to figure out why someone is abducting pet cats and returning them with hairless underbellies.since december, at least seven cats have suddenly shown up at their homes with shaved belly, groin and leg areas, waynesboro police captain kelly walker said on friday.“the shaving appears to be almost surgical,” walker harm was done to the animals, but they “seemed a little skittish” after the curious incidents, he said.the occurrences came to the attention of police when an owner asked about posting flyers to encourage the public to report suspicious activity to authorities.“shaving cats!!??” says the poster in waynesboro, a city of 21,000 about 140 miles (225 km) southwest of washington, d.c.“several neighborhood cats have been ab

stranger shaving random cats in virginia's shenandoah valley, police say

waynesboro, va. -- why would someone go around shaving other people's cats? the mystery has the attention of police in waynesboro, a small city in virginia's shenandoah valley where someone has been taking cats and precisely shaving their underbellies or legs. it's happened to seven cats since december. police capt. kelly walker said friday that all the cats have been returned otherwise unharmed, but some seem bothered. walker says all the cats clearly had owners - they were well-groomed and wearing collars. he says police aren't sure what crime has been committed, but the owners "would just like it to stop." walker says he learned of the feline barbering spree this week when a resident asked if he could post notices asking anyone with information to contact police.

voice scanner: what cat? download

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the cats paradise: collector

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nearly 70 cats removed from vacant home in craig – the denver post

craig, colo. — sixty-eight cats have been removed from a vacant house in the northwest colorado town of craig.the craig daily press reports ( ) that a majority of the cats had to be euthanized due to their large numbers and feral enforcement is not releasing the name of the home owner who allowed the cats in the house and no charges were pressed.the owner contacted the craig police department and craig animal shelter in december to ask for help removing the cats, which he thought numbered about 30 at the time.animal shelter owner kelly hepworth says the owner waited too long in having the cats removed.hepworth says all but about six of the cats have to be euthanized because they are beyond being adoptable.___information from: craig daily press,

cats learn how to ring bells for food

these cats are pretty darn bright. take a look––they’ve learned how to ring bells t get food. and they look adorable doing it.full story at youtube.more cute cats. posted by josh urich

cats actually like being with you: study

“cats have a scam going,” comedian eddie izzard once theorized. “you buy the food, they eat the food, they go away. that’s the deal.” but while cats may come across as surly, opportunistic and aloof, a study suggests they may be far more fond of humans than their reputation suggests. scientists from oregon state university set…

slow-mo video reveals how cats use their whiskers

whiskers are a crucial part of how we imagine cats. but how do cats actually use those cute whiskers? this slow motion footage reveals their secret.full story at youtube.more great cat stuff. posted by josh urich

z-cats go download

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some cats like people more than food or toys – the denver post

how cats became our pets is still a bit mysterious, but the general idea is that it was their decision. cats figured out that early farmers’ grain stores drew rodents and started hanging around for easy meals. people found these extermination services useful, and some found the furry little felines charming. cats, fans of warmth and soft bedding, found all this very convenient.the takeaway is that cats —  solitary, aloof, predatory  are in this whole relationship with us purely for themselves.kristyn vitale shreve doesn’t buy that. she teaches cats to play together in “socialization” classes. she teaches people to train their kittens to sit, stand and perform tricks. she thinks that what cats like and want is, well, vitale shreve, a ph.d. student at oregon state university,

excited kitten does an epic backflip on live tv

sometimes cats malfunction, they forget how to be cats. take a look at this cute kitten, which does an epic backflip right off the table on live tv.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

man charged with killing cats because of daughter's allergy

greene, maine — a maine man who killed two cats because his daughter is allergic to them is facing animal cruelty charges.wmtw-tv ( reports 47-year-old michael herrmann, of greene, killed the cats with his bare hands. the cats belonged to a family friend who was staying with herrmann.the station reports herrmann told greene's animal control officer that he killed the cats because he did not want them in the house due to his daughter's allergy.he turned himself in on monday at the androscoggin county jail and was later bailed out. it was unclear if he is represented by an attorney.herrmann faces a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

cat wants to go out and walk with dog

the phrase “gets along like cats and dogs” usually doesn’t mean anything good. but take a look at this cat and dog––they’re best buds!full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich

x-men nightcrawler cat is kind of a dick

gif what happens when a cat has the power to instantly teleport itself, and its owner, practically anywhere? well, there’s near-death, followed by more near-death and more near-death... then food.advertisementyoutuber kaipo jones (under the name kaipotainment) has released his latest x-men cats video with nightcrawler cat, all about a kitty with the power of teleportation. nightcrawler doesn’t exactly know how to use their superhuman abilities (unless their goal is to murder their owner), so they simply float around in the sky, getting their owner almost killed by an airplane. then, dinner can check out the latest installment below. several more x-men cat videos are on jones’ youtube channel, along with cat videos for a variety of other superheroes (deadpool cat, anyone?). just in

itchy cats and their owner want relief without vet bills

dear joan: i am a working senior citizen who has raised many cats through most of my adulthood. they were all healthy and happy.then i took four feral cats off the street when they were kittens. three are from the same litter, the other shares a mother. we had a serious flea problem a few years ago but it was taken care of.slowly over the past year, three of the four have chewed off most of their hair and are scratching themselves bloody. over the last few months, they are all licking the cinder block bricks that surround their sandbox.these cats were not handled as kittens because they were wild. when i try to bathe them or give medications, they are all jaws and claws.i took one to a vet last year and it cost $400 and i cannot afford another trip to the vet. i am on a budget that does no

new options for getting your cat high can only be a good thing

gif gif: youtubecatnip has long been the preferred fix for cats. given just a tiny whiff of the plant, most cats will temporarily turn into an approximation of a fully loaded, 1970s era dennis hopper. but for some cats, it’s as pointless as an o’douls. a new study has found three new options that could allow all cats to get totally twisted.advertisement nepeta cataria was first discovered to send cats into a frenzy back in the 1940s. since then, scientists have been unable to determine the genetic reason that some cats are overtaken by momentary delirium when exposed to it. researchers have determined that nepetalactone is the active isomer that gets stimulates the felines. with that in mind, sebastian bol, a molecular biologist, and owner of the cowboy cat ranch in texas, decided to test

cats and the city: 'kedi' investigates the feline lives of istanbul

“kedi” means cat in turkish. and while you don’t have to be crazy about cats to enjoy this documentary, it would certainly help. as that turkish title indicates, “kedi” is shot on the streets of modern istanbul, with director ceyda torun, who was born in the city, and her intrepid cameraman and co-producer, charlie wuppermann, investigating the antics of half a dozen or so frisky felines.street cats, unowned and on their own, have been a feature of istanbul life for uncounted centuries, and according to “kedi” their presence “embodies the indescribable chaos, the culture and the uniqueness that is the essence of istanbul. without them, the city would lose part of its soul.”torun intended the film as “a love letter to those cats and the city.” and one of “kedi’s” virtues is the picture it p

the westminster dog show is adding cats this year

the 2017 westminster kennel club dog show, which will run february 11 to 13 in madison square garden, is expected to feature nearly 3,000 dogs. for the first time in the event’s 140-year-history, it will also feature cats. related: cats are as clever as dogs—they just choose not to show it at a press conference on…

british veterinary association slams designer cat breeding

videoscottish fold cats have increased in popularity through social media.the british veterinary association says irresponsible breeding of scottish fold cats should be banned.share this withcopy this link more about sharingclose share panel

big cat squeezes under door

cats are impressive for all kinds of ways. take a look at this big cat squeeze out from under a door––note how tiny the gap is!full story at youtube.more funny cats. posted by josh urich

drilling down on all the threats to birds

much concern has been expressed about potential bird deaths from crashing into the glassy u.s. bank stadium, but it’s cats — yes, common felines — that pose a much bigger threat.while federal wildlife officials estimate that up to 1.6 million birds in the united states are killed yearly after striking high-rise buildings, by far, the no. 1 killer of wild birds is cats, both domestic pets and feral, free-ranging animals.a study published in 2015 said cats kill an estimated 1.3 billion to 4 billion birds annually in the united states.that’s billion, with a b.“i think people would be rightly shocked,” if they knew the extent that cats prey on birds, said tom will, u.s. fish and wildlife service regional migratory bird coordinator based in the twin cities. he is co-author of the study that exa

denver clinic plans to fix 10,000 more cats free, no strings attached / boing bo

abigail tucker, author of “the lion in the living room,” explains what’s going on when cats hop into boxes: imagination. “our houses are strange places for apex predators to live 24/7. a lot of cats are just hopelessly bored.” here’s more from cat health. boxes decrease stress a study was recently done on cats that […]this video of turkeys circling a dead cat went viral yesterday… these turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life— j… (@thereal_jdavis) march 2, 2017 … and here’s the explainer, from the verge’s alessandra potenza and rachel becker. they’re a) warily inspecting a potential predator they don’t realize is dead while b) getting […]from deep look: cats’ tongues are covered in little spines called “papillae” that look like tiny hooks. cats use their to

this cat has it all figured out

cats only really need humans for two things. first, to feed them (they can hunt, but they choose not to). second, to pick up their poo. fortunately, this cat has not yet figured out the latter, or his owners would be dead.full story at youtube.more great cats. posted by josh urich