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rand paul speech on government spending most important this year: must watch! th

share thistagsbudget capsdeficitsgovernment spendinggovernment wastenational debtrand paulwaron tuesday, kentucky republican senator rand paul took to the senate floor discussing government spending, wasteful spending and pointing at both parties as being guilty for the runaway deficits and $20 trillion debt in what may very well be the most important speech in the most deliberative body this year.paul on the campaign trail 2015 gage skidmore photodr. paul stood ready to offer an amendment, which the senate has blocked from consideration, that would have offset $36.5 billion in emergency relief by rescinding the same amount in funds government-wide that have not yet been spent, giving government the flexibility to pay for needed relief by cutting waste and properly prioritizing the america

military leaders say budget caps are crippling armed forces

washington — a panel of four-star u.s. military officers is delivering lawmakers a bleak picture about the state of the armed forces.during testimony tuesday before the house armed services committee, they say mandatory caps that strictly limit defense spending are crippling the military's ability to respond to threats around the world.adm. william moran, the vice chief of naval operations, says more than half of all navy aircraft can't fly because they're awaiting maintenance or lack needed spare parts.gen. daniel allyn, the army's vice chief of staff, says only three of the army's more than 50 brigade combat teams have all the troops, training and equipment needed to fight at a moment's notice.the officers are pleading with congress to repeal the 2011 budget law that imposed the spending

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defense bill calls climate change a national security threat

by richard lardner, the associated presswashington — the republican-led house decisively approved a defense policy bill on friday that declares climate change a national security threat, demands rigorous oversight of the pentagon’s cyber operations and rejects the trump administration’s bid to close military bases.lawmakers voted 344-81 on friday to pass the sweeping legislation. the bill authorizes $696 billion in defense spending for the 2018 fiscal year, including nearly $30 billion more for core pentagon operations than president donald trump requested.yet defense hawks pushing the hardest for the big boost in spending still face an uphill battle. for the spending increases to materialize, congress first will have to agree to roll back a 2011 law that set strict limits on military spen

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fitzgerald says lifting lids on vouchers not dead

madison, wis. — republican senate majority leader scott fitzgerald says lifting enrollment caps on private schools in the statewide voucher program is not dead even though gov. scott walker didn't propose it in his budget.fitzgerald said thursday at a luncheon sponsored by that lifting the caps will "absolutely" be a part of the discussion as the legislature works on rewriting the governor's budget.fitzgerald says he doesn't know what the governor didn't loosen or eliminate the caps. school choice advocates are pushing for the caps to go away so more students can enroll in the statewide voucher program more quickly.

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all li school districts expected to stay within tax caps

advertisement | advertise on newsdaymanhasset superintendent charles cardillo speaks with school board members during a meeting on march 9, 2017. (credit: danielle finkelstein) all of long island’s 124 public school districts intend to stay within their property-tax caps for the 2017-18 school year, the first time that would happen since cap limits took effect in 2012-13, according to preliminary figures released by the state comptroller’s office.although districts planned no attempts to override caps, they expect to boost tax levies by as much as $155 million across...

global economy week ahead: u.s. inflation and jobs, japan household spending

the week ahead will be a busy one for u.s. economic data, with readings on consumer confidence, gross domestic product and the federal reserve’s preferred inflation gauge due before the august employment report caps off the week. elsewhere, canada will release gdp data, while japan issues household spending information. tuesday: the conference board releases its index on consumer confidence for august. this measure rose sharply in...

how worried should we be about melting ice caps?

the un climate change conference in bonn, designed to activate the paris agreement about greenhouse gases in 2020 that president trump pulled out of earlier this year, has come to an end. bbc science editor david shukman has looked into how worried we actually should be about melting polar caps.

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congress shouldn’t repeal medicare spending caps without reform

the house of representatives will vote thursday on whether to eliminate obamacare’s independent payment advisory board (ipab). i come not to praise ipab, but not to bury it, either—at least, not yet.yes, obamacare empowers this federal board to make binding recommendations to congress about enforcing per capita spending caps within medicare. yes, that board undermines congressional sovereignty by empowering unelected bureaucrats, in what its own advocates transparently described as an attempt to minimize democracy. and yes, federal bureaucrats have no business interfering still further with physicians’ practice of medicine. but for multiple reasons, congress should not repeal ipab without first enacting a suitable replacement.we can’t afford medicare as it isfirst, conservatives should rec

house passes $700 billion annual defense bill

the u.s. house of representatives passed its version of a massive annual defense bill on friday, leaving out controversial amendments on transgender troops and climate policy but backing president donald trump’s desire for a bigger, stronger military.the vote was 344-81 to pass the national defense authorization act (ndaa), which sets military policy and authorizes up to $696 billion in spending for the department of defense.but the measure faces more hurdles before it can become law, notably because it would increase military spending beyond last year’s $619 billion bill, which is barred by the 2011 budget control act’s caps on government spending.trump wants to pay for a military spending increase by slashing nondefense spending. his fellow republicans control majorities in both the hous

donald trump is right to spend more on defense; here's how to do so wisely

mandel ngan, afp/getty imagespresident donald trump signs an executive order on jan. 27 at the pentagon. the white house said this week that trump wants to hike defense spending by $54 billion, with offsetting cuts in foreign assistance and other non-military his address tuesday to congress, president donald trump promised to make sure that the u.s. military gets what it needs to carry out its mission by securing “one of the largest increases in national defense spending in american history.” more funding would surely be a good thing, although the issues of how much and what for are complicated. no one should be under any illusions that a higher defense department top line guarantees a more capable armed forces.trump is reportedly seeking $54 billion over the sequester caps imp

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house to vote on spending bill that senate won't pass, rekindling shutdown showd

"i will have to swallow to have to deal with some of the border things that are being talked about, some of the monies that are being talked about - but i will do it if it means permanency for dreamers," menendez said in an interview with a group of latino congressional reporters.the key to reaching any agreement lies in top-line spending levels. under the 2011 budget law, government spending on "discretionary" programs funded year-to-year cannot exceed $549 billion for defense and $516 billion for nondefense items in 2018.democrats want equivalent increases in both categories for the next two years, following a model previously used to lift the caps in 2013 and 2015 under president barack obama. together, the potential agreement could add roughly $200 billion in federal spending - a notio

house passes stopgap spending bill, setting up bigger spending fight this month

the house on thursday passed a stopgap spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and buy time for challenging talks on a wide range of unfinished business on capitol hill.the measure passed mostly along party lines, 235-193, and would keep the government running through dec. 22. the senate was expected to swiftly approve the measure as early as thursday night and send it to president donald the stopgap moves across capitol hill, congressional leaders of both parties went to the white house thursday afternoon to begin talks with trump on a long-term spending pact."we're all here today as a very friendly, well-unified group, well-knit-together group of people," trump said at the top of the oval office meeting. "we hope that we're going to make some great progress f

republican rep. steve knight met with protesters and boos during raucous town ha

rep. steve knight (r-lancaster) got an earful from his constituents at an early morning town hall meeting in palmdale on saturday that drew an at-capacity crowd of nearly 300 with dozens more protesting outside. though knight ultimately was escorted to his car by several los angeles county sheriff’s deputies as protesters booed him, the question-and-answer session remained relatively civil, if a bit raucous. knight drew a mixed reaction from the crowd. local democratic clubs from simi valley, santa clarita and the antelope valley were at the event, and many in the crowd sported pink caps and so-called " pussyhats " made popular during the women's march earlier this year. some in the crowd carried signs supporting the affordable care act, a popular topic during the meeting. knight said part

essential politics: california's climate goals rely on more housing on less land

rep. steve knight (r-lancaster) got an earful from his constituents at an early morning town hall meeting in palmdale on saturday that drew an at-capacity crowd of nearly 300 with dozens more protesting outside. though knight ultimately was escorted to his car by several los angeles county sheriff’s deputies as protesters booed him, the question-and-answer session remained relatively civil, if a bit raucous. knight drew a mixed reaction from the crowd. local democratic clubs from simi valley, santa clarita and the antelope valley were at the event, and many in the crowd sported pink caps and so-called " pussyhats " made popular during the women's march earlier this year. some in the crowd carried signs supporting the affordable care act, a popular topic during the meeting. knight said part

fcc votes to eliminate price caps for business broadband customers

why it matters to you the fcc is permitting reduced competition between service providers to spur investment, but that could mean small businesses end up paying more.small businesses may end up paying more for their broadband internet service thanks to a ruling made yesterday, april 20, by the federal communications commission. the fcc voted to introduce a new standard that can classify local markets as being competitive, even if only one provider is available.home internet is not subject to price caps, but the fcc does put restrictions on the cost of broadband access provided to businesses by the likes of at&t and verizon, according to a report from ars technica. these connections are used for facilitating the use of credit card readers and atms, maintaining links with other branches, and

in health bill, two prized gop goals are within reach

washington — the senate republican health-care bill would achieve a historic convergence of gop priorities, placing major, permanent caps on medicaid spending and providing a significant tax cut for wealthy americans.president donald trump and congressional republicans describe the legislation as fulfilling their promise to repeal the affordable care act, or obamacare, but key provisions are also aimed at making progress on the gop’s long-held goal of cutting entitlement spending.the legislation would sharply break with pledges trump made during the 2016 campaign to block reductions in medicaid spending and to deliver tax cuts primarily to the middle class.all together, it shows how long-term conservative goals of cutting taxes and entitlement spending have overtaken trump’s agenda, as the

how expanding medicaid makes disabled americans suffer

on tuesday, a series of groups representing individuals with disabilities organized a series of rallies protesting the house health-care bill and its proposed changes to medicaid. the rallies, supervised by the consortium of citizens with disabilities (ccd), encouraged advocates to “stand up for people with disabilities” and “join us in saying ‘no’ to over $800 billion in [medicaid] cuts that will leave 10 million individuals at risk.”however, the ccd version of events omits several inconvenient truths.first, the ccd talking points claim that the house’s health care bill would “decimate medicaid,” in ways that have “nothing to do with” obamacare. but the congressional budget office (cbo) estimate of the house bill, released late last month, found that over the coming decade, the legislatio

put a little overwatch on your keyboard

not only are overwatch mechanical keyboard caps a fine way to show loyalty to your favorite character, they also help you remember which key does what thing. there’s a group buy going on over at reddit’s mechmarket through april 2, featuring caps for almost every character. advertisementa group buy is where someone gets a whole group of folks together in order to purchase something that’s not normally readily available, hard to purchase or more expensive in small quantities. in this instance, dj from mehkee decided he wanted some mx-compatible overwatch caps, and figured he’d see if anyone else wanted in. there are full overwatch keysets out there for folks looking for a total keyboard conversion. the sets here are more subdued, just four keys per character (five for mercy), three skills a

hip-hop graduation caps from the class of 2017

nothing is more fun than decorating your graduation cap for that all-important day that is supposed to signal the “next chapter of your life.” whether you’re in the midst of studying for a final and need to take a break to make sure your brain doesn’t burst, or you’re already finished with tests and you’re crafting just to take it easy, grad cap decorating is a great way to pass the howard university’s class of 2017 swag surfed at their ceremony because…for the culturethere’s the simple “thanks mom and dad” caps, and the ones inspired by pinterest that everyone just so happens to have. however, there’s some young men and women who are really taking it to the next level, putting their creative chops to the test by implementing their interests and majors on their mortarboard and m

president’s border wall may have a $21 billion price tag

at a time when federal deficits are again expected to grow, $21.6 billion is not pocket wonder president trump wants mexico to pay for it.the wall along the southern u.s. border — really a set of fences and walls — would take 3 ½ years to build and would cost $21.6 billion, according to an internal report by the department of homeland security that was seen by reuters.that is much more than the $12 billion estimated by trump during the campaign, and the upper bound of $15 billion cited by republican leaders in a time when federal deficits are again expected to grow, the amount is not pocket change. as the population ages and draws on social security, medicare and medicaid, the congressional budget office is expecting the government to heap nearly $10 trillion onto the

how streaming tv services are coping with isp data caps

bamtech chief technology officer joe inzerillo doesn’t mince words on how broadband data caps might threaten the online video explosion.“i don’t think it’s healthy for the industry,” inzerillo said during the streaming media east conference in new york in may. “i think an open, free internet—not free in terms of cost, but free of encumbrance from data caps—is the right thing to do.”inzerillo is in a position to be concerned. bamtech, a spinoff of mlb advanced media, provides the streaming technology for many popular online video services, including hbo now, sony’s playstation vue, wwe network, and mlb tv. those services are becoming increasingly attractive to consumers who want to cut cable tv, or at least shave the size of their pay tv packages.but perhaps in response to the rise of cord

colorado lawmakers introduce a $26.8 billion state spending bill – the denver po

colorado lawmakers introduced a $26.7 billion state spending bill monday that offers a modest increase in state employee salaries and education at the expense of cuts to hospitals.the state senate will take the first votes wednesday on the packages of budget bills and the attention will focus on the $10.6 billion in discretionary spending. senate bill 254 was introduced monday following a a marathon session last week that stretched to 11 p.m. wednesday.the joint budget committee struggled to balance the fiscal year 2017-18 budget bill as mounting demands conflicted with state spending caps under the taxpayer’s bill of rights.the fiscal crunch required legislative budget writers to trim hospital payments for uncompensated care — a $500 million total hit.the state will spend $185 more per st

trump goes all caps in tweet criticizing germany. here's some context on nato an

president trump went after germany on twitter early tuesday, calling out the u.s. trade deficit with that country and its military spending.the tweet followed german chancellor angela merkel saying over the weekend— after meetings with trump and other european leaders — that europe may not be able to rely on its traditional allies.let's look at defense spending and nato first. in 2014, nato leaders agreed that each member state would hit military spending of 2% of economic output by 2024.germany spent 1.2% of its gross domestic product on its military in 2016, according to nato estimates. of the 28 nato members, the u.s., at 3.6%, was one of five above the 2% threshold in 2016. the others were greece, the united kingdom, estonia and poland. (the economist has a helpful chart.)on trade, the

trump vows offsetting spending cuts as he seeks to beef up defense

president donald trump on monday said he would propose a budget that would ramp up spending on defense, but seek savings elsewhere to pay for it.“we’re going to do more with less and make the government lean and accountable,” trump said in a meeting with governors in which he said he planned to propose a substantial increase in public safety spending.trump also said he would talk about his plans for infrastructure spending in a speech to congress on tuesday. “we’re going to start spending on infrastructure big,” he said.(reporting by steve holland; writing by tim ahmann; editing by david alexander)

fsp’s new sfx dagger psus are now available

fsp announced its new dagger line of psus during computex 2016. now, just a few months before the next computex, the fully modular and highly efficient dagger sda500 and dagger sda600 are finally available. that's good news for anyone who needs quality psus that don't require a lot of space.the manufacturer said these psus are ideal for mini-itx or micro-atx gaming systems that will also be used for vr. the 500w / 600w of power should be more than enough to meet the demands of every high-end graphics card out there, but some will probably require a stronger psu if you want to have some headroom. a typical gtx 1080 needs around 190w in a worst-case scenario, for example, while the first gtx 1080 ti cards require close to 270w.the platform upon which the dagger units are based uses dc-dc con

custom keycaps coming from corsair, msi, and thermaltake

some of the big keyboard makers want in on the aftermarket keycap business.there are two main camps in the enthusiast keyboard world: gamers who love bright lights, bells and whistles, and granular software-based configuration controls, and hardcore typers who obsess about keycap materials and sense every nuance of a switch’s feel. the venn diagrams of what these two groups care about overlap quite a bit, though, most notably as it pertains to aftermarket keycaps.up to now, replacement keycaps have primarily been the domain of hobbyists, tinkerers, and specialists. typically, you’ll find replacement caps available in small, specialized batches. some keyboard makers, like varmilo, offer custom keycap-making services, though. getting into aftermarket caps is a veritable rabbit hole; like a k

senate democrats: boost domestic spending, not just defense

washington — senate democrats, whose support is needed to pass more than $1 trillion worth of cabinet department budgets, are demanding that domestic agencies receive budget increases, not just the pentagon.senate minority leader chuck schumer, d-n.y., and other top democrats delivered the message in a letter to gop leaders on monday that also restated their opposition to president donald trump's promised wall along the u.s.-mexico border.the message came as lawmakers faced the return of automatic spending cuts commonly known as sequestration that were the lingering consequence of a 2011 budget deal. earlier this year, lawmakers wrapped up a bipartisan catchall spending bill that was a product of a 2015 compromise that eased the cuts through the ongoing 2017 budget the same time, r

if you haven't seen these graduation caps yet, you need to | campus life news fo

2 shares sharesmssend email former usa today intern becca smouse decorated her graduation cap in the design of a usa today network newspaper. (photo: becca smouse)the graduation cap design game is serious.more and more graduating students are decorating their mortarboards to showcase their personality  — and maybe help family spot them in a crowd of many other caps. as well as for instagram fame, natch.graduation was awesome! i will miss these guys soooooa post shared by naomi

nhl insider: boudreau sings praises of caps' ovechkin, backstrom

while it was tough on bruce boudreau earlier this season to return to anaheim for the first time since being fired, the wild coach still has a soft spot for the washington capitals.“i love that town,” he said of returning to the d.c. area last week with the wild. “i never would ever thought of it because it doesn’t have a state beside its name. d.c., right? but it’s the most lively, energetic city i’ve ever seen.”boudreau, elevated from hershey to washington during the 2007-08 season, won four division titles with the capitals and the jack adams award as coach of the year in 2008.“this was at the time the greatest place in the world for me,” boudreau said. “it was the first chance i got to coach in the nhl. [former gm] george mcphee treated me unbelievable. i’ll never forget it.”over the y

eu referendum campaign spending probed

the spending returns of the stronger in and vote leave campaigns in last year's eu referendum are under investigation, the electoral commission has announced.a total of more than £32m was spent on the campaign - with the leave side funded by donations totalling £16.4m, outgunning the remain side's £15.1m.the spending returns show that the brexit battle was the most expensive referendum ever fought in british political history, said the watchdog.lib dem spending is also under review.

nato chief says allies still fall short of fair sharing of defense burden

brussels—the north atlantic treaty organization said monday its members have increased military spending and would focus more on fighting terrorism, two key demands of the trump its annual report, the alliance said 23 members increased military spending last year, though in a majority of european countries that spending remains below nato’s goal of 2% of gross domestic product. the alliance’s total spending last...

nato allies increase military spending

garmisch-partenkirchen, germany—allied military spending will increase about $12 billion this year, the north atlantic treaty organization announced wednesday, moving in a direction pushed by president donald trump.after years of decline, allied spending, excluding the u.s., began to increase slightly in 2015, with a more substantial gain last year. the latest rise amounts to a 4.3% increase over last year, and military spending is...

family of teen who died after wisdom teeth procedure sues edina dentist

the “negligent and dangerous” actions of an edina oral surgeon during a routine wisdom teeth extraction led to the death of an eden prairie teen, the ’s family is alleging in a lawsuit filed this week in hennepin county district court.the medical malpractice and wrongful death suit against dr. paul tompach, who continues to see patients under state licensing board restrictions, alleges that several missteps caused the death of sydney galleger in june 2015. the lawsuit’s allegations about what tompach did wrong early in the procedure mirror much of what the state board of dentistry investigation determined before it put him under indefinite restrictions starting in march 2016.those missteps range from incorrectly administering general anesthesia to failing to provide proper monitoring durin