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smart support

verint smart support, a mobile application that empowers users to connect with verint customer service and support 24/7, on-demand from a mobile device. smart support delivers the benefit of remote access to support requests, training videos, troubleshooting tips, rma requests, warranty status, and more.

smart value points calculator

the app you all been waiting for and needing is finally here from the company you can trust, that's right, this app calculates the smart values for food & exercise for the new program. great for anyone watching their weight following new plans. for food just enter the nutrition values in grams including decimal points for calories, urated fat, sugar, and protein and watch the app calculate the smart value. the app also calculates the new exercise values based on intensity, duration, and your weight with full decimal points accuracy. the new system is great, but what if you are eating something that is not listed in the new guide? well now that problem is gone with this small and handy app. check the bullet points below for all features to help you lose weight and stay on track- calc

wink smart home hub works with august smart lock to secure houses

smarts and safety are now going hand in hand thanks to a new integration between august’s smart lock and connected home app wink. as the internet of things continues to grow ever larger, finding ways to bridge the gap between various things is becoming ever more important. this latest partnership certainly serves as a step in the right direction.august has been ahead of the game for quite some time when it comes to timely integrations. after all, it was one of the first to play nice with apple’s homekit platform and similarly was an early adopter of amazon’s echo. that said, while it’s made an effort to be compatible with these big brands, it hasn’t been quite as quick to integrate with smaller platforms. but that is changing with wink.starting now, if you have an august smart lock, you wi

berlin smart launcher theme

this app contains only the berlin smart launcher themeapps and widgets are used in the preview screens s are not a part of this smart launcher theme. more apps, widgets or themes/skins from the berlin collection available on google play store. features- 1600+ hq 3d icons- hd wallpaper- 1300 hdpi icon 256x256 px- 300 xhdpi icon 144x144 px- many folder category icons to sort your apps- masking for unthemed ones- alternative icons to choose- report bugs via email- etcinstallationthis is a theme. this is not a separate application. this app work only with smart launcher, you can it from here: https://play. id=ginlemon. flowerfree. install smart launcher first, then this sl theme. after installation switch theme in settings / preferencespreferences --> perso

gojo smart dispenser

the purell and gojo smart dispensers tracks usage via proprietary technology and automatically reorders and delivers refills directly to you through amazon dash replenishment. dispenser continually calculates refill status based on usage and ships you a refill days prior to the calculated replacement date. uses android mobile device and app for initial set-up. for more information on the purell and gojo smart dispensers, visit or call 800-321-9647.

the latest: smart thanks police after incident at appearance

terre haute, ind. — the latest on an indiana man charged with punching a police officer at an elizabeth smart event (all times local):12:35 p.m.kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart is thanking police after an officer stopped a man with a knife from approaching her at an event at indiana state's spokesman issued a statement thursday saying she "is grateful for law enforcement and indiana state university's quick response and that the event and her work continued undeterred."isu police chief joseph newport says 80-year-old claude hudson was fiddling with a 3-inch knife, then concealed it and headed toward smart, who was signing books. hudson is accused of punching the officer who stepped in to stop him from reaching smart.hudson of terre haute, indiana, pleaded not guilty wed

august’s smart lock gets wink integration for remote locking and actions

august’s smart lock gets a bit more useful today, thanks to newfound integration with connected home app, wink. the app is already compatible with a number of third-party smart home devices, including a couple of connected locks from kwikset.compatibility with august means that owners of the lock will be able to monitor their locks remotely and lock or unlock the thing from afar. activity will also prompt alerts to the wink app, so they can keeps tabs of comings and goings.the shortcut function is similar to the sorts of scenes that apple’s home app offers up, created combinations like “goodnight,” which lock the door, turn off the lights and adjust the temperature when its time for bed. robot offer similar but automated functionality when triggered by something like the user’s proximity.c

smart resume builder / cv free

smart resume builder cv free app is an all in one solution for building innovative and leading edge resume / curriculum vitae. if this is the first time you are trying to write a professional resume / curriculum vitae for finding your dream job, this free resume maker app will help you to get on a right track of resume writing. with the simple user-friendly interface smart resume builder cv free, allows you to build resumes in just about a minute with different languages and different formats. smart resume builder cv free jobs contains different types of professional resume formats. you can also change your font size and style as desired. there are several resume formats included, you can use them to help you create a great looking resume / curriculum vitae to help you in your job searc

smart h navi for smartwatch 2

nokia here maps navigation for your sony smartwatch 2. with this app, you can check next turn, and direction on your wrist watch. this is a great app for driving, bicycling and walking. you don't need to keep taking your android phone out from your pocket to see the navigation instructions. smart hnavi automatically detects when here map navigation started and displays the next direction in realtime. you can keep your android device in your pocket, backpack or parse. features: turn-by-turn direction- realtime information- next turn instructions- icon representing next direction- vibrates for new turn instruction - icon blinks more frequently when next turn approachesto use this app extension, you must have smart connect installed on your android smartphone or tablet. installation (last

smart wifi selector

smart wifi selector - always the strongest wifi connection. you know the problem: although a strong wifi signal is available nearby, your device is keeping the connection to a much weaker, more distant wifi network. you have to disable and reenable wifi on your device to force the strongest wifi connection. smart wifi selector puts an end to this situation. the strongest wifi connection will always be established automatically. a ntages over other wifi switcher apps: smart wifi selector uses the (selectable) difference in signal strenght to decide when to switch to another wifi. the connection to the new wifi will happen if the signal is e. g. 20% stronger than the current signal. this eliminates the constant switching - and, with this, constant signal interruption - in the overlapping

jenaus (home surveillance)

home surveillancejenaus is the service in which you can see the web on the android devices (smart phones, smart pads). just install a simple program for web to your pc and install app, then you can enjoy watching web without the limitation of network such as 3g, wifi. (jenaus may not work behind some kind of firewall. ) when you want see the pets playing at home from outside, when you go out leaving kids alone at home, when you want to check the state of house from your long term trip, confirm those using your jenaus . specific characteristics. use smartphone to watch web video in real-time. you can watch the web video from multiple phones at the same time. you can save the current state using the snaps feature. recording function can do the recording on the pc, and it can be remote con

st vipower smart finder

explore the st vipower product portfolio and find the right device for your automotive application using the smart or the parametric search engine. it is enough to select just a few parameters related to the specific application, like nominal voltage (12v for automotive cars or 24v for trucks), topology (high/low-side switch or h-bridge), number of channels and type of loads (bulbs, motors, etc. ) you need to drive. the selection can be furthermore restricted by setting source type (dc or pwm), temperature of the environment and pcb type.

30% off wemo wi-fi smart plug, works with amazon alexa - deal alert

did you forget to turn off the window a.c.? how about that curling iron? want the living room lamp to turn on when the sun goes down—automatically? the wemo switch gives you control of your lamps and small appliances whenever you want, wherever you choose, with tons of options for scheduling and automation. paired with amazon alexa, you can control your lamps and appliances with just the power of your voice. when wemo works with nest thermostat, you can set your lights to turn off automatically when you leave the house, and on when you get home again. no central hub or subscription is required. wemo also has an on/off switch on the unit, in case the wi-fi goes down. this smart plug is currently discounted 30% down to just $34.99.  for more information and buying options, see the discounted

amake wifi smart power plug review

have you ever forgotten to unplug something before leaving home or the office and had to go all the way back to do so? it’s a bit aggravating and inconvenient, isn’t it? it’s a good thing we now have all types of smart devices to keep us from making these careless mistakes. one such device is amake’s wifi smart power plug.this single power plug can be plugged into any three-prong outlet and controlled from your android or ios device using the e-control app. it’s smooth sailing once you get the plug setup.setting up the wifi smart power plugonce you’ve ed the required e-control app (linked above), you’ll also need to make sure that the device you’re using is connected to your home’s wifi network.note: only 2.4g networks are supported; 5g isn’t supported.when you open the e-control app, you’

how oklahoma will use silver spring networks' iot platform to deploy 250k smart

oklahoma is replacing traditional streetlights, such as these, with new smart led versions. image: istock/sean2008 oklahoma gas & electric (og&e) announced tuesday that it will be deploying up to 250,000 led streetlights across the state using silver spring networks' ipv6 iot platform.more about innovationsmart streetlights are a common entry point for smart city technology, and og&e filed for an led upgrade from the oklahoma corporation commission to enable the deployment throughout the state. "og&e is one of the first utilities in the country to really embrace leds and controls," said brandon davito, vice president of smart cities and lighting for silver spring networks. "with this program, og&e is establishing a robust lighting infrastructure that can be leveraged fo

kai is a clip-on that turns any gl es into smart gl es

why it matters to you if google gl and snap's spectacles just weren't for you, customize your own pair of gl es into smart gl es with kai.thanks to kai, you can turn any old pair of gl es into smart spectacles, because even if you’re not a fan of google gl or snap’s spectacles, you should still be able to get your connected-gadget fix.kai itself isn’t a pair of smart gl es. instead, it’s a clip-on accessory that lets you transform your facial wear into a tech wearable. complete with a microphone and a whole host of features, you can use your voice to tell your gl es to call or text a friend, find your way to the nearest bar, or order a lyft back home.more: snap’s new spectacles wearable is so it’s melting — literallythe technology behind kai comes from houndify, the company that promises

car2go adds mercedes models to seattle fleet

car2go will replace 200 smart cars with mercedes cla and gla models.get ready to see more mercedes and fewer smart cars zooming around seattle.car2go, the car sharing service owned by mercedes-benz’s parent company daimler, is adding cla and gla cars to its seattle fleet starting today. car2go plans to add 200 mercedes vehicles to seattle’s fleet by the end of february. the new cars will replace aging smart cars, and seattle’s fleet will stay at 750 vehicles total.adding luxury vehicles will put car2go on the same vehicle level as local competitor reachnow, a division of bmw. reachnow’s service works similarly – people can reserve a car using an app, and drive throughout the city of seattle. all of reachnow’s cars are bmws. most read storiesunlimited digital access. $1 for 4 weeks.but car2

varun dhawan and alia bhatt get street smart

varun dhawan and alia bhatt get street smartdecades of connecting bollywood celebrities with their fans.for over 6 decades, filmfare has been the official handbook on bollywood for their die-hard fans with its exclusive interviews, cl y p o shoots, insider stories, sneak peeks, bollywood fashion coverage, movie reviews and special features. filmfare captures bollywood's biggest stars and divas at their colourful, candid, beautiful, quirky and even spoilt best.cover price: rs. 60 per issue | periodicity: fortnightly | no. of issues yearly:26

dropbox officially launches paper globally, releases smart sync for businesses

today is a big day for dropbox as it has announced two launches - a new service and a new feature. dropbox paper is this company's answer to the rise of google docs. it's a tool that's built for managing workflows that masquerades as a note-taking app. you can use it to write stuff, of course, but on top of that it can manage and ign tasks, and it has the ability to auto-generate presentations in keynote and other such apps.dropbox paperpaper launched in a closed beta in the second quarter of last year, and then that turned into a public beta in q3. starting today, it's available for all dropbox users globally, and it's been localized in 21 sync on the other hand is a feature that lets you access files that are only stored online 'in the cloud' on dropbox as if they were lo

smart city drone deployments need security, it best practices

two security groups have outlined a series of best practices for securing drones in smart city deployments.special feature louisville and the future of the smart city louisville, kentucky is building a unique bridge between the smart city and the smart home. here's what communities and citizens can learn about the benefits of the onrushing digital transformation.the groups, the cloud security alliance (csa) and securing smart cities, penned a 28-page report that ponders what can do wrong with drones and how they can go awry in a municipal setting. drones are increasingly being deployed in smart cities. for example, philadelphia plans to use drones for building inspections and emergency services. according to the report, drones intersect with a smart city's cyber security infrastructure, mo

marbotic smart letters and smart numbers review: toys + tablets = educational fu

where kids are concerned, pairing an ipad with apps is second only to the unbeatable combination of peanut er and jelly. thanks to the app store, a new world of learning and entertainment is available at the fingertips of a new generation. one thing missing from most educational apps is the tactile feel of real-world objects. although most of us have adapted to the gl surface of smartphones and tablets, nothing beats the touch and feel of holding a toy. interactive education french developer marbotic e up with an ingenious compromise: a series of six tablet apps for ipad or android devices that work in tandem with wooden letters and numbers children hold in their hands. when stamped against the screen, the apps respond accordingly with spoken words as well as animation, sound effects, an

man with knife arrested for approaching elizabeth smart

terre haute, ind. – an indiana man is facing battery charges after physically striking an indiana state university police officer, reports cbs affiliate wthi in this april 24, 2015, file p o, kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart looks on during a news conference in sandy, utah.  ap p o/rick bowmer claude hudson, 80, is accused of punching an indiana state univiersity officer multiple times.according to the probable cause, hudson was attending the elizabeth smart speaker series at isu on monday evening.the officer reported seeing hudson playing with a knife while starring at elizabeth smart. the officer says hudson put the knife in his pocket and started walking towards smart, avoiding the line of people waiting to see her.the officer tried to question hudson and that’s when witne

smart city drone deployments need security, it best practices

two security groups have outlined a series of best practices for securing drones in smart city deployments.special feature louisville and the future of the smart city louisville, kentucky is building a unique bridge between the smart city and the smart home. here's what communities and citizens can learn about the benefits of the onrushing digital transformation.the groups, the cloud security alliance (csa) and securing smart cities, penned a 28-page report that ponders what can go wrong with drones and how they can go awry in a municipal setting. drones are increasingly being deployed in smart cities. for example, philadelphia plans to use drones for building inspections and emergency services. according to the report, drones intersect with a smart city's cyber security infrastructure, mo

ohio’s transportation research center gets $45m to expand smart mobility testing

ohio’s transportation research center (trc) is getting a new 540-acre facility specifically for testing and researching smart mobility solutions, with on-site plans for a 12-lane intersection and reconfigurable test platform wider than 50 highway lines and as long as 10 football fields. that comes courtesy of a new $45 million grant from ohio state university, ohio state funds and jobs ohio.the new facility will be able to simulate conditions in urban, rural and suburban settings, including the ability to simulate traffic, car crashes, different network connectivity and smart infrastructure and more.the ohio testing facility is billed as the “largest independent test facility and proving grounds in north america,” though it wasn’t on the list of 10 official proving grounds named by the u.s

​sk telecom signs iot network rollout deal with thailand

sk telecom will deploy its internet of things network in thailand together with state-owned telco cat telecom.south korea's largest wireless network provider will deploy its lora-based iot network in central areas of bangkok as well as the entire province of phuket. the network will go live in april this year.the company commercialized the network in its home country last july.the iot-dedicated network costs $1.75 per 100mb per month and is aimed at network services that are not data intensive.the two telcos will launch a lora-based vehicle location-tracking service in phuket and add smart metering and smart street lighting services at a later date.thailand is aiming to make phuket its first smart city under it digital economy policy. sk telecom will roll out lorawan in bangkok's grand pal

echi smart charging stand for apple watch, fitbit blaze, and smartphones: hands-

the apple watch and fitbit blaze both come with usb cables that have a unique charging dock on one end. setting these down on a table or desk often results in the wearable sliding around or falling off the desk. echi has a reasonably priced solution in the smart charging and setupwhat's on zdnetthe echi smart charging stand retails for $34.99 and is available now. the package contents include the stand, a/c adapter, blank port cover, and adapters for the apple watch, fitbit blaze, and smartphone. you can purchase the stand in space gray, silver, and gold. it measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 3 inches and weighs about 8 ounces.after removing the stand from the box, decide which device you will be charging on top and select the adapter. the fitbit blaze adapter includes an integrated usb cab

car2go begins to offer more than just smart cars this year

why it matters to you as its clientele changes, carsharing service car2go will supplement its lineup of smart cars with larger mercedes sedans.operating under the umption that bigger really is better, car2go is trading in its signature smart cars for something a little more … robust. on monday, the daimler-owned car sharing service announced that it will be expanding its offerings to include the mercedes gla crossover and the cla sedan. this comes as a sharp deviation from the company’s previous offerings, which were mainly focused on the two-seat smart fact, by the end of the year, car2go hopes to have more four-seater cars than smart cars in its fleet. six north american cities will be the first to see the luxury sedans in the lineup — austin, portland, seattle, toronto, vancouve

dropbox’s smart sync lets users open a file stored only in the cloud like any no

dropbox today released smart sync, its tool that allows users to access files stored online in dropbox accounts automatically on a desktop without having the file stored locally.previously dubbed dropbox infinite, smart sync gives businesses a way to share and access files without needing to have m ive ones stored on their desktop. the idea is that businesses regularly deal with piles and piles of large files which can quickly overwhelm local computers, but still need to find ways to work with teammates on what to do with those files. the files behave like you would normally expect on a desktop — a p o opens into a p o on preview, and so on.“everything users need for whole team or company is right from desktop system,” group product manager genevieve sheehan said. “users have a ton of info

samsung trademarks "gear fit pro", new smart band incoming

the samsung gear fit2 smart band launched a couple of months ahead of the gear s3 smartwatches and now we may be in for an early upgrade. samsung trademarked the name “gear fit pro” suggesting an even more feature-rich gave up on its band but if anything, the competition is heating up. htc partnered with under armour to create the three-piece healthbox, meizu is making the h1 smartband, fitbit (known for its fitness trackers) bought pebble, nokia acquired health gadget maker withings and there are plenty of other players in this field.perhaps samsung can leverage its samsung pay service and new additions like the bixby digital istant to put its band above the others. or maybe we're getting a proper foldable display?source

collins italian dictionary

this bestselling collaboration between ultralingua and harpercollins. get instant offline access to world-cl dictionary data, with smart search, automatic verb conjugation, and number translation to help you find just the word you need. "the ultimate dictionary" -- android police"my favorite." -- new york times. more than 70, 000 entries and 95, 000 translations. searches as you type - no waiting for results. smart search finds your word even when you enter a plural, a conjugated verb, or a misspelling. example phrases, idioms, slang, regional variations, and usage examples. complete conjugations for thousands of verbs. no internet connection required now and see why the new york times called ultralingua the dictionary app "for serious language students and professionals. "we support ou

smart fititpro for smartwatch2

android widget for fitbit devices with smart connect extension for smartwatch 2now you can have a smartwatch 2 watchface with fitbit data shown using this widget. your smartwatch 2 acts like a mini dashboard for your fitbit. smart fitit pro widget is built on top of our popular fitit pro widget. you have all the widgets on your home screen plus now you can have a sony smartwatch 2 to display your fitbit progress. the ultimate widget for fitbit android users to keep track of progress in the home screen and in the sony smartwatch 2. we own ourselves the fitbit gadgets (eg. force, flex, aria) and sony smartwatch 2. fitit-pro widget is helping us to monitor our progress and activities with ease in both android home screen and smartwatch 2 simultaneously. what's new: support fitbit charge, s

miami partners with civiq to become first smart-city ecosystem in u.s.

why it matters to you technology is playing a greater and greater role in city infrastructure, with miami becoming the first u.s. city to adopt a smart ecosystem may know miami for its beaches, but the florida city wants you to know it for its smarts. earlier this week, the coastal metropolis announced a new partnership with civiq smartscapes to launch the first fully interconnected smart city ecosystem in the u.s.and best of all, the landmark tech deal will come at no net cost to taxpayers, the mayor’s office says. civiq, a company that specializes in smart communications infrastructure in public spaces, aims to deliver the best “citizen mobility experience” to the people of miami, engaging citizens and providing access to city services.over the course of the next three months,

voice command

what is, wise voice command. our target is. help our community using there smart phones and make moveing bettween other apps more fan and easy. how you can change your smart phone setting like (wi-fi, bluetooth. and meny more things) you can open chose them by using our app. by command (open wi-fi). also you will able to open your new and old apps and game social media app on your device by trying command open whatsapp. also you can call your contacts by commanding -call (the name). and if you don't know the name you can write the first letter of the name. also our app provide you to try our. uniq. shortcut (wise shortcut) that will make our app more helpful and easy. our app missions are. voice command while using other apps. convert your voice to text and copy it and send it to other

moven - smart finances

get moven with smart banking and take control of your finances. whether you're buying groceries, dining out, or shopping, moven automatically analyzes your spending and gives you instant receipts and insights so you can spend, save & live smarter. want a summary? moven provides a daily digest recap of your spending yesterday. how does it work? the moven smart banking card and app work together to help you track, understand and manage your spending. 1 - the free moven app2 - apply for moven smart banking. it's fdic insured, and you can use the moven debit card wherever mastercard. is accepted. or, try moven with your existing debit, checking, and credit card accounts. 3 - add money into your account. direct deposit, checks and cash, moven accepts them all. 4 - pay with moven. swipe y

ugrow healthy baby development

understand yesterdayenjoy todaybe in the know tomorrow the world's first medical baby app with connected devices giving you personal advice that matters. thank you for supporting and joining our ugrow community. you're part of our first release of our ugrow platform and we'd love your help to continuously improve. we welcome any feedback on how you're finding the app, additional features, and improvement. let ugrow help you discover patterns to support your little one's healthy development. with an interactive timeline at its heart, our expert ugrow baby app and smart connected products will work together to collect data and provide personalized guidance that supports the healthy development of your baby. track and support your baby's development- celebrate your baby's developmental mil

dropbox makes enterprise push with launch of smart sync, paper

dropbox smart sync. via storage vendor dropbox has spent the last several years building out products for its pivot to the enterprise software space -- and now two of those products are making an official debut. what's on zdnetat a media event in san francisco on monday, dropbox announced the release of smart sync, the formal name for what was previously dubbed dropbox project infinite, and paper, the company's note-taking and collaboration sync manages cloud files as if they were local, allowing users to access all files and folders in context on the desktop, but without eating up a ton of storage space on local hard drives. smart sync is cross platform and backwards compatible, meaning it works with all devices and operating systems -- something dropbox claims is

casio moment link

whether trekking, cycling or fishing. head out with a group of like-minded companions. with casio moment link to help, you're sure to enjoy the outing more. november 10, 2016 release of casio smart outdoor watch app. on a smartphone, the current version of the app can only be used to set up a profile (nickname and icon). other functions including location display and messaging will be supported on smartphones by an update scheduled for released in december 2016. mapwhen you want to determine the whereabouts of separated companions, or syncronize your pace with theirs. it's easy to check the relationship between your locations on the map whenever you want. messagessend a message to a friend anytime, whether you've made a discovery or run into trouble. worry-free first-time encounters. si

man accused of punching officer at elizabeth smart event

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the memo box mini will help you take your pills on time

why it matters to you with mismana ent of medication leading to thousands of cases of death in the u.s. alone, this smart pill box could be a lifesaver.your daily medications can save your life, but only if you remember to take them. alas, such a critical component of our health is often forgotten — in fact, research suggests that neglecting to take medication is the cause of more than 125,000 deaths and $100 billion in preventable costs. but now, technology may have a solution for us and the health sector. meet the memo box mini, a new smart pillbox and app from tinylogics that hopes to help with both tracking and managing medication the name suggests, this little pillbox fits in the palm of your hand, but it’s got a much ‘bigger’ brain. the connected device communicates with your

google home: the smart person's guide

brandon vigliarolo has nothing to disclose. he does not hold investments in the technology companies he covers.

how to become an alexa developer: the smart person's guide

conner forrest has nothing to disclose. he doesn't hold investments in the technology companies he covers.

google istant: the smart person's guide

conner forrest has nothing to disclose. he doesn't hold investments in the technology companies he covers.

kickstarter smart projector will help your kids learn to draw from real-life pic

why it matters to you want to teach your kid to draw? followgrams is a smart projector that lets children turn any picture they’ve taken into a traceable image.there’s ongoing debate in the art world about whether or not the great renaissance painters may have used optical aids to help them trace the timeless masterpieces which now hang in galleries all around the world. but while that might be a controversial accu ion for a renowned art master, the idea of drawing over a projected image is far less contentious — and even beneficial — when you think that it could be used to help a young kid learn how to draw.more:whip out your apple pencil and try out the 20 best ipad pro drawing appsthat’s the concept behind followgrams, a smart projector that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, a

what's that boy, you want a smart collar? how about this one?

we’re all attuned to the behavior of our pets, so we generally have a good idea when something isn’t right, or when there’s a need for something more. usually food or play. however, our pet-sense is no use when we’re not around, either at work, or on vacation while our pet is having a little break away from home, too. the jagger and lewis smart dog collar, a new product launched on kickstarter, is designed to bridge that gap, by understanding your dog’s behavior, actions, and mood.cleverly, the jagger & lewis is a small device that attaches to your dog’s current collar, so there’s no need to swap it for one you may not like, or to avoid buying another collar in the future because you would not be able to use the tracking unit. it’s light at 30 grams, water resistant with an ip67 rating

smart db

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smart wallet

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critics: downtown st. paul skyways are unsafe, unsightly, mismanaged

thomas dunne and his wife moved to downtown st. paul 12 years ago to take a ntage of the amenities connected to their home via a series of skyways.but at a packed and heated public meeting friday morning, dunne said those amenities have become increasingly more difficult to access as people loiter in the skyways, which is a complex system of private and public space patrolled by both private security and st. paul police.“you’re not going to get killed, you’re not going to get robbed, but you’re going to be bothered,” said dunne. “the fact that no one knows who runs the skyway is pathetic.”several of the approximately 60 people at the skyway governance advisory committee meeting clapped, eager to share stories about getting locked out of the skyway on cold winter nights because different bu