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rr guitar scale trainer download

download download learn the guitar scales. on my phone you say? yep. brought to you by the makers of rr guitar fretboard trainer, is this new app designed to take your mastery of guitar scales to the next level. want to memorize the caged scale patterns? develop your ability to quickly identify a scale box at a specific position on the fretboard? memorize what the scale degrees are on the various scale boxes? this is the app for you. rr guitar scale trainer allows you to practice any scales you want. what's that you say? you play the bass or the 10 string lap steel? no problem, you can configure the number of strings and open string tunings. you want to work on the awesome new semi-chromatic non-western scale you came up with and are going to use to revolutionize music? that's fine too; yo

virtual trainer rip download

download download optimize your results with virtual trainer rip. be inspired by 18 exercises presented in sharp hd video. create your own personal workout. start a workout and follow our interactive tabata and hiit timers. keep track of your progress by earning points for completed workouts. find exercises targeting specific muscle groups. exercises are performed by the famous professional instructor, seth ronland. also try out some of our other apps: virtual trainer suspensionvirtual trainer kettlebellvirtual trainer dumbbellvirtual trainer gym ballvirtual trainer bosu ballvirtual trainer barbellvirtual trainer viprvirtual trainer bodyweightvirtual trainer barbellvirtual trainer stretch.

dhf remote trainer

using movement science created by the gray institute, dhf has motivated clients for years to meet their fitness goals--weight loss, movement function, speed, strength and more. now imagine being able to access your dhf personal trainer whenever and wherever you happen to be. the new dhf remote trainer helps you track your progress and achieve your goals on-line with methods and systems that have been honed over the last two decades. the dhf remote trainer is more than just an app. it brings your trainer to your side whenever you need help meeting your training goals, to stay engaged and keep at it. join us online.

optimal health trainer app

with the optimal health trainer app, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and start achieving your fitness goals, along with the help of your personal trainer. the app today. and be sure to check out our website at: x.

get in touch with a personal trainer anywhere with the v-training app

why it matters to you it's never been easier to find the right trainer for your fitness goals, thanks to’s hard to get into shape. finding the willpower to wake up early and exercise is hard enough without the added h le of finding a trainer to help you get fit. enter vent-up, a startup that aims to bring people and trainers together to create custom fitness and nutrition plans with its v-training app. both trainers and those who are looking for a fitness guru can use the app.v-trining works in several states, including washington, dc., new york, california, maryland, ohio, texas, pennsylvania, virginia, and arizona. once you open the app, it will ask if you’re looking for a trainer or if you are a trainer. from there, you can either set up your profile as a trainer or searc

ant+ fec power bike computer download

download download need a bike head unit for your workouts? indoor cycling is now easy with your fe-c home trainer which becomes ergometer allowing you to train at targeted watt levels. use either the regulation function of the home trainer or an external power sensor. if you don't want to use your trainer as an ergometer, you can select the resistance mode and use it as a basic trainer. after your workout, export file is build automatically an optionally send per mail. this application is free for 15 minutes workouts and fully fonctionnal, your will have to purchase for longer training. you need to have a phone ant+ compatible with ant radio service, ant+ plugins service and in some cases ant usb service (if not native) installed on your device. your home trainer need to be ant+ fe-c compa

memory trainer plus download

download download the paid, ad-free version of the free memory trainer app. it has been recently scientifically proven that regular mental exercise can significantly improve your memory and this app has been designed to do just that (and be tons of fun as well). in particular, memory trainer works out your spatial memory, working memory, focus and concentration skills. frequent memory exercises, like the ones in memory trainer, help to strengthen and improve your memory. this was proven in a ucla study in 2006, published in the american journal of geriatric psychiatry, which you can read here (http://goo. gl/aibg). another benefit of training your memory is that it lowers your risk of alzheimer's disease. exercises that keep your mind active, tone your mental muscle and keep your brain hea

ginga football trainer download

download download ginga football trainer is the virtual football training application, which helps you to overthrow your opponentmarcel lucassen is specialist technique and tactics trainer for the german national team. in this app he teaches you specific exercises which can help you to out play difficult situations. each ginga football trainer movement of the body, how small it might be, is explained. this gives you the opportunity to learn the exercises into perfection. practicing the movements enables better technique and improves your overall ball precision. every ginga football trainer package contains 6 exercises which become gradually more difficult. mastering each exercise will construct fundamental learning's for the next exercise. 39 very useful feints and ball coordination exerci

family memory trainer pro download

download download family memory trainer is a memory game that trains memory, observation, attention, concentration, improves brain capabilities and cognitive skills. it's a challenging, engaging, interactive and entertaining game for all generations. it's so simple that really young child can play with ease. family memory trainer contains several types of memory games. family memory trainer has four games: objects, sequence, matrix and location. each game trains different types of memory. in game objects you need to memorize different objects. game objects is necessary for training of memorizing various objects, images, objects, things. in the game sequence you need to memorize the buttons that appear one after the other. in the game matrix you need to memorize all cells of given matrix. a

salewa's new mountain trainer mid gtx boots are built for the descent

why it matters to you salewa's new mountain trainer mid gtx boots may be the cure for tired legs and aching feet when returning from the summit.italian alpine products manufacturer salewa is known for its boots, which have a reputation for being durable and supportive over the long haul. now the company is taking it up a notch by making changes in the design of its popular mountain trainer mid gtx boot that makes it easier on your legs when descending even the steepest mountain path.salewa changed the design of its mountain trainer mid gtx after talking to mountain guides who regularly complained that the descent was the hardest part of a hike. on a descent, feet take a beating and leg muscles are strained in a much different way then when a person is ascending. “this is when footwork gets

elephant reunited with trainer after 15 years

they say an elephant never forgets. while “never” may be a bit hyperbolic, this elephant clearly remembered his trainer, from whom it had been separated for fifteen years.full story at youtube.more great animal vids. posted by josh urich

weight scale detector prank download

download download toch and hold for a while for your weight detectweight scale detector scans your body weight using finger prints. how much your weight. now detects it using your mobile phone, mobile weight scale detector is an awesome digital scale app for android mobile which simply determine and calculate your body weight. here is app for testing your weight any time. weighing scales app-gram scale app-weight loss apps.

wrap a digital scale in a ziploc for easy cleanup

whether you use a digital scale in your workshop or in your kitchen, certain materials can make it tough to clean up. over at tested, their very simple solution is to just cover that scale with a ziploc bag.advertisementthis is one of those painfully obvious tips that i’ve still somehow never thought to do. cleaning a digital scale can be a pain and since it’s digital, the last thing you want to do is submerge it in water. that means when you spill something on it, like i do basically every time, you have to sit there and slowly wipe it clean with a damp rag. stuffing the scale inside a ziploc bag solves that. you can still access the buttons on the scale and a ziploc is both easier to clean and cheaper to throw away if you screw it up completely. plastic wrap also works, but it’s not near

broncos’ longtime trainer steve “greek” antonopulos promoted to director of spor

the broncos announced wednesday that longtime trainer steve “greek” antonopulos has been promoted to the team’s director of sports medicine, where he will oversee all aspects of the players’ training regimen and rehabilitation. assistant trainer vince garcia moves up to antonopulos’ former role, assuming all day-to-day head athletic training duties.“i’m very excited to begin the next chapter in my athletic training career in this new role,” antonopulos said in a statement. “i’ve taken so much pride in serving as the broncos’ head athletic trainer for 37 seasons, and while it’s difficult to pass on those responsibilities, i know this is the right move for my family and me.”antonopulos began his career with the broncos as an assistant trainer in 1976 and quickly climbed the ranks to become t

saxophone chord trainer download

download download saxophone chord trainer is your personal pocket music gym. learn sight reading, chords, intervals and scales playful and easy on the go even without an instrument. contains everything that young and experienced musicians should can bang out. keywords: music school teacher trainer musician coach chords scales intervals sheet harmony theory hearing training learning software playful fun melodies success triads jazz chords blues realbook pentatonic major minor ionian phrygian lydian mixolydian locrian aeolian harmonic melodic bass clef tenor treble piano saxophone features: all clefs- two different user interfaces: saxophone and piano- the 50 most common chords in practice (evaluation realbook) - all intervals from minor second to augmented thirteenth- 130 word-famous melodi

konnect fit: personal trainer download

download download relieve back pain and lose weight with konnectfit. konnect fit is the only way to find, meet up and book a certified personal trainer, physical therapist, crossfit trainer, workout coach and more. based on your location you can search for the closest and best personal training, yoga, pilates, crossfit, and many other fitness activities. you can search by both distance and activity and find a certified personal trainer or workout coach who has an appointment available right now. get fit & lose weight: automatic search - finds the closest & most qualified personal trainers based on your profile & location. last minute appointments - look for fitness trainers whose status is available now for last minute appointments. activity - choose from personnel training, yoga, pilates,

bodybuilding gym trainer download

download download trainer genius is a real digital personal trainer. this software has an internal artificial intelligence engine that is able to guide the athlete optimizing training schedule and diet. the engine automatically creates the best schedule for your training level also taking into account your past injuries, if present. either you're a bodybuilding enthusiast or a fitness athlete, trainer genius will guide you through the proper workout and exercises, tracking continuously your progress. trainer genius features: schedule automatic creation- schedule full editing- schedule automatic cycling (periodization) - body parameters trend- training feedback after each workout- log book- training and diet best advices- exercises full descriptionpro version offers additional features: 1 r

what can go wrong getting a horse to the kentucky derby? how about everything

the math makes no start with about 22,300 foals in 2014. figure about half of them are colts, so you’re down to 11,000.of those, the field gets cut some more at the start of their third year, when you have to pay $600 to nominate your colt — or sometimes filly — to be eligible to run in the kentucky derby. this year there were 418 nominations: 378 colts, 30 geldings, five ridglings and five fillies. that puts it at 1.9% of the 2014 foals being eligible for what is almost every horse owner’s dream.then, cut it to a minimum of 18 horses — automatic berths are given to the winner of the hyacinth stakes in japan and the uae derby in dubai — and you have the pool down to would have to be a fool to play such odds. right?trainer doug o’neill, who has won the derby twice in the

what can go wrong getting a horse to the kentucky derby? how about everything

the math makes no start with about 22,300 foals in 2014. figure about half of them are colts, so you’re down to 11,000.of those, the field gets cut some more at the start of their third year, when you have to pay $600 to nominate your colt — or sometimes filly — to be eligible to run in the kentucky derby. this year there were 418 nominations: 378 colts, 30 geldings, five ridglings and five fillies. that puts it at 1.9% of the 2014 foals being eligible for what is almost every horse owner’s dream.then, cut it to a minimum of 18 horses — automatic berths are given to the winner of the hyacinth stakes in japan and the uae derby in dubai — and you have the pool down to would have to be a fool to play such odds. right?trainer doug o’neill, who has won the derby twice in the

the long road from foal to kentucky derby

the math makes no start with about 22,300 foals in 2014. figure about half of them are colts, so you're down to 11,000.of those, the field gets cut some more at the start of their third year, when you have to pay $600 to nominate your colt — or sometimes filly — to be eligible to run in the kentucky derby. this year there were 418 nominations: 378 colts, 30 geldings, five ridglings and five fillies. that puts it at 1.9 percent of the 2014 foals being eligible for what is almost every horse owner's dream.then, cut it to a minimum of 18 horses — automatic berths are given to the winner of the hyacinth stakes in japan and the uae derby in dubai — and you have the pool down to 0.08 would have to be a fool to play such odds. right?trainer doug o'neill, who has won the derb

universal pocket map download

download download have you ever had trouble navigating at a theme park, college, hiking trail, or any other location? no more, with u. p. map you can easily navigate across any map with a scale there is. all you have to do is take a picture of the map and then set the scale to the same amount to the same that is on your map. once you have done that and set the width of the scale to match the scale on the map all you have to do is tap on the screen to set your location. with u. p. map you will no longer be wondering where you are at, it will move your location you set accordingly. once you have taken a picture of the map you can save it and have an option to upload it to our growing database where we will verify it and have it pop up as a pin on our application's map interface for other use

kentucky derby field: 13. j boys echo

trainer:dale romansjockey: luis saezowner: albaugh family stablemorning line: 20-1how he got here: won the gotham stakes, third in the withers, fourth in the delta jackpot and bluegrass stakes.why he’ll win: if he can duplicate his performance in the gotham, he will be a force. has a strong trainer in dale romans, who knows this track.why he’ll lose: losing regular rider robby albarado to injury is a definite negative. like many others, the horse has late speed, so it’s likely to be crowded down the stretch.  

jimmy kimmel predicts former chicago trainer will win 'the bachelorette'

place your bets now. jimmy kimmel predicted monday that a former chicago personal trainer will win rachel lindsay's heart this season on "the bachelorette.""his name is peter. you gave him a look when he got out of the limo, the kind of look women get on their face when they see a pair of shoes they absolutely love and want to have," kimmel told lindsay on "jimmy kimmel live." "he's a business owner, which concerns me. you both have gaps in the front of your teeth, which will make for adorable babies. he gave you chocolate. you said you didn't like chocolate. he said he would throw that chocolate in the fire. strong move. i believe that you are currently engaged to peter."paul hebert / abcformer chicago personal trainer peter kraus chats with rachel lindsay on the season 13 premiere of "th

preakness field: 2. cloud computing

trainer: chad brownjockey:javier castellanoowners: klaravich stables and william h. lawrencemorning line: 12-1last race: third in the wood memorial six weeks ago.why he’ll win: the trainer-jockey combination of chad brown and javier castellano is a big plus. the horse qualified for the kentucky derby but was instead pointed to this race. his second in the gotham stakes posted a 96 beyer speed rating.why he’ll lose: he is very lightly raced with only three starts. he hasn’t won since his first race, a maiden sprint. 

cuban player smuggling trial resumes for agent, trainer

miami — trial is resuming in miami for a sports agent and a trainer accused of smuggling cuban baseball players into the u.s. so they could sign lucrative professional contracts.testimony is scheduled to continue monday in the federal case against agent bartolo hernandez and trainer julio estrada, both of whom have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and alien smuggling charges.prosecutors said the pair used shady boat captains, document forgers and phony paperwork to get the players to the u.s. quickly so they could sign contracts totaling some $150 million. both stood to make millions of dollars from those players are accused of wrongdoing. players yoenis cespedes of the new york mets, jose abreu of the chicago white sox and adeiny hechevarria of the miami marlins may testify.

anytime johnnie download

download download johnnie lovan also known as anytime johnnie is a personal trainer at anytime fitness downtown des moines, iowa. johnnie has been a leading member of the fitness community and personal trainer for anyone wanting to get their body in shape and to the maximum level of fitness. this app was created to help johnnies clients and him stay in touch and allows him to update them with any new information that is out in regards to fitness, class schedule training ideas etc.

iimprov chord/scale compendium download

download download iimprov - chord/scale compendiumoverviewthe iimprov - chord/scale compendium is an easy to use reference app that provides a visual and audio representation of the most useful scale to chord choices for jazz improvisation. in addition to being a great reference, iimprov -chord/scale compendium is also a valuable ear training tool for learning the different scale and chord colors. the app organizes 25 different chord qualities into three families: major, minor, and dominant. when a specific chord quality is selected, that chord is displayed in standard notation along with a key selection wheel. depending on the chord, from 1 to 5 scales are recommended. the fast forward button cycles through these recommendations, and the play button plays the currently selected chord and

fitbot personal trainer download

download download fitbot is the ultimate solution for home fitness, your personal trainer that guides you with its voice in your daily workouts. everything you need to take care of your body is available in its modules: workouts and exercises for the whole body (abdominals, buttocks, legs, arms, chest, yoga), tools and calculators, nutrition tips and fitness classes. services and modules - personal trainer- tools: an extensive collection of fitness and health tools- workouts: daily workouts routine that steps you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home- abs: list of exercises for your abs to be included in your workouts- leg & butt: list of exercises for your buttocks and your legs to be included in your workouts- chest & arms: list of exercises for yo

orca that killed trainer died from bacterial pneumonia

orlando, fla. — seaworld officials say tilikum, the orca that killed a trainer at the company's orlando park, died from bacterial pneumonia.seaworld spokeswoman aimée jeansonne becka announced the results of a necropsy in an email friday.tilikum had been receiving treatment for a persistent bacterial infection when he died jan. 6. he was estimated to be 36 years old.tilikum was profiled in the documentary "blackfish," which helped sway popular opinion against keeping killer whales in captivity at seaworld parks.criticism over keeping orcas captive grew after tilikum grabbed trainer dawn brancheau in 2010 after a "dine with shamu" show and pulled her into the pool, killing her. tilikum was also involved in the deaths of two other people in the seaworld's most prolific male orca, ti

trainer todd pletcher plays numbers game at kentucky derby

louisville, ky. (ap) — if it’s may, todd pletcher must be at churchill downs preparing a horse — or several — for the kentucky derby.just once since he first took a crack at america’s greatest race in 2000 has the trainer missed the derby. pletcher saddles three starters in saturday’s race: always dreaming, tapwrit and patch. that will tie him with mentor d. wayne lukas for most starters in derby history at 48.pletcher is 1 for 45 going, his lone victory coming in 2010 with super saver. lukas is a four-time derby winner, but doesn’t have a horse this year.“the derby is the goal for many of our young horses. it will continue to be the goal,” pletcher said on a rainy thursday at churchill downs. “it’s like a shooter in basketball: just because they’re not going in all the time, you don’t sto

preakness field: 3. hence - la times

trainer:steve asmussenjockey: florent gerouxowner: calumet farmmorning line:  20-1last race: 11th in the kentucky derbywhy he’ll win: he was the wise-guy choice in the derby, so a few people saw something that wasn’t necessarily evident on paper. he’s got a good trainer in steve asmussen and a good jockey in florent geroux. he had a 97 beyer speed in winning the sunland derby.why he’ll lose: winning the sunland derby is not a steppingstone to much. he never got any traction in the derby, and it’s unknown whether it’s a product of the track or the horse.

massive rc plane drops toy paratroopers

this rc plane is a scale model of an airbus a400m, the kind of plane that drops paratroopers. in fact, this model is so to scale that it includes scale paratroopers!full story at youtube.more great toys. posted by josh urich

monthly fit club

with the monthly fit club app, you have a personal trainer in your pocket. with our on-line personal trainers combined with our app, you receive customized exercise programs with videos detailing each exercise, all within the app. you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measure and track results, and start achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your on-line personal trainer. the app today. and be sure to check out our website at:

kentucky derby field: 9. irap

trainer: doug o’neilljockey:mario gutierrezowner: paul and zillah reddammorning line: 20-1how he got here: won the bluegrass stakes.why he’ll win: trainer doug o’neill did not think irap would win the bluegrass, but he got a perfect trip to break his maiden in his eighth race. sometimes horses suddenly get better. his connections have won two derbies in five years.why he’ll lose: it took him eight races to break his maiden. the horse got a perfect trip in the bluegrass and that’s not likely in the derby; too many horses. and the distance might be too much for him.

glasgow coma scale calculator download

download download free single screen calculator for the glasgow coma scale with optional explanation tooltips for every score. quickly determine the glasgow coma scale of your patient depending on the "eyes/verbal/motor" scores. because this app has neatly fitted all information on one screen you will have a perfect overview of the values you entered. additional explanation balloons for every score can be turned on and off with a single touch of a button. keywords: gcs, glasgow coma scale, neurology.

kentucky derby field: 18. gormley

trainer: john shirreffsjockey:victor espinozaowners: jerry and ann mossmorning line: 15-1how he got here: won the frontrunner, the sham and the santa anita derby.why he’ll win: veteran trainer john shirreffs has made an adjustment to gormley's running style before he won the santa anita derby. they horse also has a great jockey in victor espinoza. if the track stays wet, that should also benefit him.why he’ll lose: the santa anita derby time was very slow. he’ll need some luck to out-close some of the stronger horses as his speed numbers seem weaker than others.

a kidnapped trainer, an orphaned colt and the chance of a lifetime at the kentuc

trainer antonio sano never expected to be here, having escaped venezuela after being kidnapped twice.the same can be said about a strapping foal who became an orphan shortly after his birth when his mother dropped dead.yet, here they are at the kentucky derby, looking to fulfill an impossible dream with improbable storylines.sano found the colt and bought gunnevera for his clients for $16,000, mere pennies in the horse industry.but this tale began years before that.sano had acquired quite a reputation as a trainer in venezuela. he got his first horse in 1988 and by the time he left 11 years later he had won 3,338 races and remains the country’s all-time leading trainer.but life on the backstretch is tough in venezuela. a so-called “horse mafia” has been known to kidnap jockeys and in one c

scale download

download download scale is a brand new game and it will be your new addiction. gameplay is quite unique, yet it is incredibly fun and easy. how to play? it is very easy; all you have to do is to cut and shrink the board by placing the tiles. tiles come in various forms, and the board will be cut depending on these. be very careful about your timing and precision. if you touch the ball before your cut is complete, you lose a life. if you achieve the given target, the board will re-scale and a new challenge will be presented. how far can you go?

facebook atwitter over friendly fox sightings in southern minnesota

a friendly pet fox named notchi has gone missing from his lakeville home and is gallivanting across southern minnesota, despite multiple run-ins with humans, a social media paign and a $1,000 reward for his return.notchi, a tame, 8-month-old red fox, was rescued from a fur farm as a kit by mikayla raines, 21, who has a usda license to keep foxes. notchi has distinctive silver and white markings because foxes used for fur often are bred over generations for unique colors.foxes generally make poor pets, raines said, because they mark their territory and chew things up.“there’s just a special bond that i have with foxes that i can’t explain,” raines said. “you have to work hard to bond with a fox, but i like the challenge.”more than 50 people have spotted notchi traipsing from lonsdale to was