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samsung galaxy s8 oreo roll out expands, note8 gets february patch

as you might already know, samsung recently resumed the galaxy s8 oreo update roll out after fixing a critical issue. last we heard, units in germany were getting this new update.and now, the update has arrived in several other markets as well, including india, poland, and some nordic countries.moving on, the samsung galaxy note8 has also started getting a new update. no, it's not oreo. it's the latest security patch - for february. arriving as firmware version n950fxxs3brb3, the update is currently hitting units in italy.via 12

samsung galaxy note8 oreo update starts seeding

the samsung galaxy note8 has apparently started getting the final oreo update even before the galaxy s8 series (which has been testing an oreo beta for a while now). the tech giant hasn't officially announced the roll out yet, someone over at reddit posted screenshots of their android 8-powered note8. this suggests that this is probably a soak test and only if that goes smoothly samsung will begin wider rollout.the unit that got the update is exynos-powered. the update carries a build number of, and bumps the android security level to january.we also got a partial change-log for the update. take a look:source | via

latest samsung galaxy s8 oreo beta includes app permission monitor

samsung's galaxy note8 comes with a feature dubbed app permission monitor. it alerts you when permissions you select are being used by app running in the background. not only that, you can also take a quick look at the permissions history for an app.well, the feature is no longer galaxy note8-exclusive, as it's now available in the latest galaxy s8 oreo beta has made several useful additions in the oreo build. recently, it came to light that screenshot naming has been improved by the company - now the default file name includes name of the app from within which the screenshot was captured.the samsung galaxy s8/s8+ are first in line to get oreo. a beta program is currently active, and it's expected that the final update will begin rolling by the end of january or start of febr

samsung starts rolling out android 8.0 oreo update for the galaxy s8

samsung has started the roll out for its much anticipated android 8.0 oreo update for the galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+ devices. version sm-g955xxu1crap — is currently rolling out in infothe update will first roll out to those who were on the beta program and then make its way to other users. similarly, it will eventually make its way out of germany to other regions. when exactly will your region get it is unknown but the important thing is that the s8 is getting oreo after what seemed like an eternity since it was released by google.with oreo there will also be the new samsung experience 9.0, which we have talked about in a previous article. that includes features like a new keyboard, improvements to bixby, color lens for the display, and more. the update also includes the feb

samsung galaxy s8 oreo beta 4 roll out imminent

if you are running a beta build of oreo on your samsung galaxy s8 or s8+, here's some news: a new build is likely arriving very soon. a samsung rep - member of the company's uk beta team - confirmed recently that beta 4 will be out "very very soon."if you remember, a similar, "very very soon" time frame was revealed for the beta 3 build as well, and the roll out began the very next day. so it's reasonable to expect that beta 4 roll out is you can see in the screenshot, the rep also said that the final/public version of oreo should be out by january end or february beginning. so there's still at least a month before every galaxy s8/s8+ unit gets to taste oreo.via

samsung galaxy note8 availability expands, arrives in thailand and malaysia

the samsung galaxy note8 has been launched in a couple of more countries today. asian markets thailand and malaysia are the newest regions where the device is now available for was last week, when samsung announced the global roll out of the flagship smartphone, releasing it in as many as 42 countries. some of the regions that got the phone first included us, canada, singapore, korea and major european markets.recently, the galaxy note8 shipments began in india as well. samsung plans to launch the phone in around 150 countries by the end of october.via 12

t-mobile confirms oreo for samsung galaxy j7 prime and galaxy tab e

t-mobile has confirmed the oreo update for a couple of affordable samsung devices on its network. the devices in question are the galaxy j7 prime and the galaxy tab e 8.0, with the carrier's website saying t-mobile and samsung have agreed to support android version 8.0 for these handsets.sadly, there's no information on when the update would start rolling out, and we are not expecting it to happen any sooner as samsung is currently focusing on rolling out oreo for its top of the line phones like galaxy s8 and note8.source 12

galaxy note8 in the uk gets first update since september

certain owners of samsung's galaxy note8 may already be receiving android 8.0 oreo in some parts of the world, but if you live in the uk and purchased your handset unlocked the situation is very different. the sim-free note8 units in britain haven't been graced with a software update of any kind since last september.while they're still not getting oreo, today a new release has finally become available for the unlocked note8 in the uk. it brings with it the december 1 security patch level, as well as the secure wi-fi feature and improvements for the live focus functionality. as usual, you can expect an assortment of unnamed bug fixed to have made the cut too.the new firmware version is n950fxxu2bqkg but at the moment it only appears to be available through smartswitch. it comes in at 3.7gb.

samsung galaxy s8 oreo update may not arrive until february end in some markets

with samsung recently detailing its experience 9 software suite, it's reasonable to assume the galaxy s8/s8+ oreo update roll out is imminent. however, some markets, it appears, will have to wait longer for the update.a user from the maghreb region of north africa (which consists of algeria, morocco tunisia, libya and mauritania) got in touch with samsung support to enquire about the update, and was told the roll out is scheduled for february end.there's currently no official information on which markets will get the update first and exactly when, but what now looks apparent is that the roll out won't complete anytime before q1 this year.via

oreo for samsung galaxy s6 could be arriving soon

samsung customer care reps have already confirmed the three-year-old galaxy s6 will be getting the oreo update. and now, one of them has also revealed the roll out time frame: no later than february.based on what we've seen in the past, we usually say info coming from customer reps shouldn't be taken as the final word. but with so many of them confirming oreo for the galaxy s6, it does seem the update will be arriving.however, whether or not at the same time when the galaxy s8 series will be getting it, remains to be seen.source | via

samsung galaxy s8 spotted running android 8.0 oreo

a week ago we overheard that samsung is working on an android 8.0 oreo update for the galaxy s8 and today the first solid evidence appeared – a geekbench scorecard.the result shows an exynos 8895-powered galaxy s8 running the new major version of android. the score is solid though not any faster than what the phone achieves on 7.0 has not announced an official schedule for the jump to oreo for its flagships – the s8 duo and the note8 are likely first in line, followed by the s7 duo.source

samsung will release the oreo update in early 2018

samsung is already working on the oreo update for its smartphones but won't release it before early 2018. the information comes from a turkish samsung representative.sadly the source doesn't give out specifics about which phones will receive the android 8.0 oreo update first but it's a good guess that the samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ along with the galaxy note8 will get the honor.we can only speculate if the news concerns only turkish samsung phones or whether samsung will start its oreo rollout a bit earlier in other markets, but chances seem slim at this point.we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything new.source | via

samsung galaxy note8’s codename and model number revealed

the samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ are close to making their debut at the end of this month. but this piece of news is regarding the galaxy phone that will come out after the s8 duo.according to sammobile, the samsung galaxy note8 will be codenamed “great”. given this name, we are expecting that samsung will make something that will honorably succeed the galaxy galaxy note7model numbers were also revealed by the source. the galaxy note8 will carry the model number: sm-n950f for an international-unlocked variant. much like the galaxy s7 and note7 models, the s8 model number would have a different letter at the end, depending on each market and carrier.sammobile also reports (though not 100% confidently) of the fate of all those returned galaxy note7 devices, stating that samsung is

galaxy x arriving in q3 2017, earlier than the galaxy note 8

a chinese leakster well known for his tips about the already announcedgalaxy s8 teased some more spicy information on the next big things from samsung - the foldable galaxy x and the galaxy a vague tweet mmddj_china suggested that galaxy note8 will be available in q4 2017, leaving followers guessing is he talking about reveal or specific market launch. minutes later in another obscure tweet he said that galaxy x will arrive in q3, meaning the foldable smartphone will predate the note8 by one to three months.the leakster says he is a member of samsung galaxy club in china and has a decent track record with this lately.we already covered some renders of the samsung galaxy x that will probably come in two versions - the samsung galaxy x1 and the samsung galaxy x1+.via

galaxy x arriving in q3 2017, earlier than the galaxy note 8

a chinese leakster well known for his tips about the already announcedgalaxy s8 teased some more spicy information on the next big things from samsung - the foldable galaxy x and the galaxy a vague tweet mmddj_china suggested that galaxy note8 will be available in q4 2017, leaving followers guessing is he talking about reveal or specific market launch. minutes later in another obscure tweet he said that galaxy x will arrive in q3, meaning the foldable smartphone will predate the note8 by one to three months.the leakster says he is a member of samsung galaxy club in china and has a decent track record with his lately.we already covered some renders of the samsung galaxy x that will probably come in two versions - the samsung galaxy x1 and the samsung galaxy x1+.via

deal: free akg bluetooth headphones with galaxy s8 and galaxy note8 in the us

the galaxy s9 is right around the corner but now might be a good time to snatch last year's flagship on a deal. samsung offers free akg y50bt bluetooth headphones with the purchase of a galaxy s8, galaxy s8+, galaxy s8 active and galaxy note8 in the us. the deal can be found on the online retail platform shop claim the gift, you have to head to the galaxy s8 or galaxy note8 page on the samsung website. after choosing a carrier and a color you get to pick the akg headphones. if bought separately, the y50bt costs between $150 and $180.akg is part of the brand portfolio of harman kardon, a company that was recently acquired by samsung. the korean giant started shipping its 2017 flagships with akg earphones, so it is no surprise that the promo includes the akg is worth ment

oreo beta program for samsung galaxy s8 officially kicks off

after rumors, confirmations, and last minute leaks, the galaxy s8 oreo beta program has been formally launched by samsung today. in a press release, the company announced the launch of what it's calling samsung experience 9.0 beta."following samsung experience version 8.5, which was released with the galaxy note8, samsung experience 9.0 is based on the latest version of the operating system built on the android oreo ui and ux, and will be available on the next flagship galaxy device," the press release said.the galaxy s8 oreo beta program is currently only available in three markets, including the us, uk, and south korea. even there not every s8/s8+ user is eligible. for example, in south korea, the program is limited to carrier-locked units and unavailable to sim-free the us, only

samsung's 2015 flagships may get oreo update

looks like the samsung galaxy s6, s6 edge, s6 edge+, and note5 will all get the oreo update. manufacturer development pages for these devices on t-mobile's official website say the carrier "and the device manufacturer have agreed to support a new software update," which is's worth mentioning that this is not the first time we've heard about oreo for the galaxy s6. at least a couple of times in the past two months, samsung customer care reps have confirmed the device(s) will get the update, with one of them even revealing the february time frame for the roll out.officially, the south korean company hasn't yet announced anything in this regard.source | via

deals: samsung galaxy note8, galaxy s8 and lg v30+

it’s probably too late for holiday gift shopping, but you you can still score a flagship galaxy on the cheap for the new year. and if that’s not your thing, perhaps you’ll like an lg better.there’s a samsung galaxy note8 (dual sim) on ebay us for $730 right now. available in black, gold and gray with 64gb storage.europeans are looking at €710 for a maple gold variant (also dual sim, also from ebay). if you want to go smaller, there's a galaxy s8 (dual sim) going for €520 (orchid gray).samsung galaxy note8 • samsung galaxy s8 • lg v30and the promised alternative – lg v30+ (dual sim). it costs €662 and ships from france.

samsung galaxy note8 pre-orders in india start on september 11

the samsung galaxy note8 is set to start selling in the us, uk and europe, canada and australia on september 15 while indian buyers will be able to pre-order the galaxy note8 starting september 11. the phone is set to start shipping the first week of october.the phone will be an amazon india exclusive outside of samsung's own online store. the projected price of the galaxy note8 will be inr 74,900 (around €990).the price looks about right considering that the samsung galaxy s8+ costs around inr 66,000.thanks for the tip!source

t-mobile offering $130-off the galaxy note8, additional $200 with samsung pay pr

t-mobile recently ended its buy one get one free promotion with the samsung galaxy note8. if you’re still in the market for one on t-mobile, you can take advantage of the latest offer from t-mobile. you can get $130 off of the galaxy note8 by putting just $100 down (plus taxes for total cost) as opposed to the normal $230 down-payment that t-mobile requires for you to buy the note8 on an eip (equipment installment plan). add this to 24 monthly payments of $30 for a grand total of $820. you can get an additional $200 in the form of samsung rewards points that you can redeem on samsung pay for a visa card. this visa card can be used anywhere you can use samsung pay. the promotion offers a $200 credit for eligible purchases of the galaxy note8 on t-mobile, $100 for an eligible purchase of the

oreo update for us unlocked galaxy note8 leaks online

an ota build for the upcoming samsung galaxy note8 oreo update has leaked on the internet. the update is specifically for the verizon version of the note8 in the us running on the snapdragon processor. due to this, even though it can be downloaded and installed, it's only really available for one version of the device (sm-m950u).it's hard to say in what stage of development this update is in but it's unlikely to be the final build and likely one of the interim betas leading up to it that somehow got leaked. it runs on android 8.0.0 along with samsung experience 9.0.we don't have a lot of details but some of the reddit users have reported back saying it works fine on their device. the usual advisories and provisos apply while flashing a build you found on the internet to your phone so proce

check out the first galaxy s8 oreo beta screenshots

the oreo beta testing on samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+ is underway and this means we get an early glimpse of what the new firmware will offer.the first screenshots come courtesy of redditor thesbros who revealed plenty of details about it along with some comments about performance and galaxy s8 oreo screenshotsoreo is bringing app icon badges, detailed control of notifications and long press for context menus to the samsung flagships. there is also history for the search bar in settings.some more galaxy s8 oreo screenshotsthesbros says oreo is smoother than android 7.0 and compares it to the galaxy note8 and the google pixel performance. we previously reported that a portrait mode might come with the os upgrade, but according to the beta tester, there is no such featu

oreo beta 4 for samsung galaxy s8/s8+ now seeding

as expected, samsung has started rolling out oreo beta 4 build to eligible galaxy s8/s8+ units. the update weighs in at around 850mb, and arrives as software version zql8 for both for changes, the update features improvements related to bluetooth stability as well as a long list of bug fixes.the changelog also mentions new google security patch - should be for the month of december, as beta 3 included the november patch.thanks for the tip, pranjal!!!

unlocked samsung galaxy note8 first update arrives

owners of the global unlocked samsung galaxy note8 are getting their first update. it comes with the november security patch brings improved performance to some apps, bugfixes and more secure started pushing the new 840 mb update to devices in china last week and now started arriving to devices all over the world. one taiwanese owner of the galaxy note8 shared a screenshot, revealing the calendar, gallery, voice recorder and reminder apps will now have improved dex owners got an error from time to time, and even though its cause wasn't confirmed, the manufacturer claims it is now fixed. via

samsung galaxy s8 oreo beta program expands to india

it looks like the samsung galaxy s8 oreo beta program has entered its second phase, as the beta build is now available for units in can register through the samsung members app (home->notices->register for galaxy beta program). once that is done, you can download the update by heading to settings -> software update -> download updates manually.the update weighs in at around 1,'s worth mentioning that samsung hasn't yet officially announced that this is the second phase for the galaxy s8 oreo beta program.previous reports said the second wave of countries would include germany, spain, france, poland along with india and china. there's currently no information on whether or not the program has been expanded to these other regions as well.via

deal: free pair of gear iconx headphones with a galaxy note8 or s8 (us only)

samsung’s gear iconx once held a retail price of $200, but we’ve seen them deeply discounted too – still, you can’t beat “free”. samsung us is throwing in a free pair with every galaxy note8 or an s8 phone, including the galaxy s8, s8+ and s8 need to buy the phone through or via the shop samsung app. the deal is valid for unlocked phones as well as at&t, verizon, sprint, t-mobile and us cellular have until the end of february to decide, so you can watch the galaxy s9 unveiling before committing to an older galaxy s8.source

samsung galaxy note8 getting new update in europe; galaxy c7 gets december patch

samsung has started pushing out a new update to galaxy note8 units in europe. weighing in at around 820mb, the update includes a new secure wi-fi function and a fix for the dex error.the new secure wi-fi feature is basically a vpn functionality that lets you encrypt all your outgoing internet traffic, making your web surfing more secure, especially when on public wifi for other changes, there have also been some modifications to the calendar, gallery, reminder and voice recorder apps.meanwhile, the samsung galaxy c7 has also started getting a new update. it's the security update that brings along android fixes for december. via

samsung expecting galaxy note8 to outsell note5

samsung is expecting to sell over 11 million units of its newly-unveiled galaxy note8 phablet. this was revealed by the south korean tech giant's mobile chief koh dong-jin during a recent interview.specifically, koh said the galaxy note5 - which was the last galaxy note banded smartphone from samsung - sold 11 million units, and they are expecting the note8 to sell more than that. he, however, added that the shipments could be adjusted, as the company wants to sell more galaxy s8 units as's aim for galaxy s8 sales is 48 million. the device has already sold around 15% more than the galaxy s7.source | via

new update rolling out to samsung galaxy note8

update: the samsung galaxy s6 edge has also started getting the october security patch. arriving as firmware version g925fxxu5eqi8, the update is currently hitting units in the uk.original story follows:samsung has started pushing out a new update to the galaxy note8 smartphone. currently rolling out to units in a couple of asian markets, it's a security update that brings along android fixes for the month of october.specifically, chinese and hong kong variants (sm-n9508 and sm-n9500) of the phone are getting the update. there's currently no information on what other changes (if any) the update is usually the case with ota roll outs, it may take some time before the notification pops up on your device (if it hasn't already). for those outside of china and hong kong, it should b

samsung galaxy note8 has been assigned software build numbers

now that the samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ rumor mill is no longer churning, the next device we’ll be hearing a lot about over the next several months is going to be the galaxy note8. what that said, sammobile reports that the korean electronics giant has already begun developing software for the successor to the galaxy note7.along with the galaxy note8, the report also mentions the software build numbers for the refurbished edition of the galaxy note7. after a few weeks of rumors and speculation, samsung confirmed, just last week, that the note7 was going to be refurbished, though, it would not be coming to the united states.anyway, here are the alleged software build numbers for the upcoming note devices:refurbished galaxy note7: n935lklu2aqd2/ n935lluc2aqd2/ n935lklu2aqd2 galaxy note8: n950

last samsung galaxy s8/s8+ oreo beta build begins rolling

samsung has started pushing out a new oreo beta build to eligible galaxy s8/s8+ units. arriving as software version zra5 and weighing in at around 595mb, the update brings bug fixes andthe android security patch for january.this is highly likely to be the last beta update, as the beta program is scheduled to end on january 15, which will be followed by a public roll out for the update.the latest/last beta build is currently available in india, although other regions where the beta program has been launched should also get it sooner than later.via

weekly poll: is the galaxy note8 everything you hoped it would be?

the note launch is usually the highlight of samsung mobile’s year, but was the galaxy note8 everything you hoped it would be? the dual camera is samsung’s first but it is also among the most advanced cameras on the market, the infinity display still looks stunning and we know that s pen fans accept no substitute.however, many are happily using a galaxy s8+ while others jumped on the resurrected galaxy note fe. did the note8 do enough over those two to win your affection? not to mention the upcoming competition – the lg v30 will launch in a week, the iphone 8 in september, the huawei mate 10 and pixel 2 in october.there’s no question that the galaxy note8 is a great device, though many scoffed at the price - $930/£870/€999 is quite steep. especially considering that there are s8 and s8+ dea

new samsung galaxy note8 update brings security improvements

shortly after rolling out the january security patch to the galaxy note8, samsung has started pushing out a new update to its flagship smartphone. carrying the build number of n950fxxu3bra8, the update is currently hitting units in brazil and france.the change-log only mentions "improved security." it's quite possible that the update includes fixes for the meltdown and spectre security vulnerabilities, as verizon note8 recently received these fixes through an update. have you received the update? if you noticed any changes let us know in comments below.via

samsung galaxy note8 allegedly coming on august 23

samsung will unveil the galaxy note8 on august 23, multiple korean sources reported. the phablet will be announced in new york at a separate event instead of the ifa just like its note5 and note7 will launch the phone in august, so it can start sales ahead of the iphone 8 launch. the koreans might have even more of an advantage this time as apple may be forced to delay shipping to october.the galaxy note8 is expected to come with 6.3” screen, s pen and infinity display. it also is going to be the first global samsung smartphone with dual cameras, according to rumors.source

these samples show off samsung galaxy note8's dual camera

samsung has prepared a wide assortment of camera samples shot with the galaxy note8 in all sorts of lighting conditions and situations (including some wet locales).here are the samples shot with the main camera - that's the one with an f/1.7 wide-angle lens. note that some photos have the full 12mp resolutions, others have been cropped.when you're browsing the images, keep an eye on the bottom on the screen - our gallery shows the exif image from the photos (though it is missing from some).samsung galaxy note8 camera samples from the f/1.7 wide-angle cameranow here are the samples from the other camera - the one with an f/2.4 telephoto lens. both cameras have ois, but this one brings 2x optical zoom. by the looks of it, some of the photos feature digital galaxy note8 camera s

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longtime hollywood executive jeffrey katzenberg has raised nearly $600 million to invest in digital and technology ventures, according to a regulatory filing.the filing thursday morning offers new details on the latest career move for mr. katzenberg, who served as chief executive at dreamworks animation skg inc. before it was sold last year to...