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outlook duplicate remover download

download download outlook duplicate remover allows you to find and remove outlook duplicates using duplicate remover wizard. search for duplicate items, similar contacts or junk contacts and merge them automatically. remove outlook duplicates, such as duplicate email, duplicate contacts and calendar events, junk or similar contacts. dealing with duplicate contacts can be very frustrating and duplicate calendar events may cause unnecessary alerts. duplicate email messages with large attachments may cause your microsoft outlook to perform slower. outlook duplicate remover is a solution, it will save your valuable time removing all outlook duplicates in just one click. it is the latest duplicate removal add-in from 4team corporation that pays for itself many times over. duplicate remover has

duplicate office file remover free download

download download this simple program is designed to find and remove duplicate office files. it will be particularly useful in cases where the computer is often used for certain applications of ms office package. moulded these applications over time files accumulate, and certainly among them there are a considerable number of copies of the same file. although office files are most often small size, a large number of duplicates takes a lot of hard disk space. the presence of several duplicates of the same file also causes confusion in their use, because the user may mistakenly use an outdated version of any important document. the utility is designed to remove duplicate office files, quickly generate a list of all copies of the office file that contains file names, their size and last modif

systools pst merge download

download download systools pst merge is advance utility and well equipped with multi features which help in merging two pst files together in single large pst file. it has always been easier for the users to manage single pst file than working with multiple pst files saved at different locations on your machine. pst merge tool makes it possible for you combine entire pst files together into single pst of unicode type keeping the folder structure intact. the significance of using the pst merge software to combine multiple outlook pst files into one. the software merges entire outlook mailbox like emails, contacts, calendar, task into multiple smaller parts. the software provides three option to merge pst file. join: allow you to join multiple pst files. merge: allow you to merge similar fol

tune sweeper download

download download tune sweeper for mac is an essential all-in one itunes clean-up program which can remove duplicate, missing and broken songs with ease. tune sweeper's unique design allows you to configure the software based on how you wish to identify tracks as duplicates. for example, you can search for duplicate tracks with matching track names, artist, album and track length. tune sweeper then searches for duplicates and displays the results in groups. you can then manually choose which tracks you wish to keep, or allow tune sweeper to make this decision for you. you can configure tune sweeper to automatically keep the highest quality tracks, longest duration, or base your preference on date added or date played. the software will then quickly remove your itunes duplicates and optiona

duplicate finder free download

download download this small tool helps you quickly find and remove duplicate files. duplicate files there are on any computer. sometimes there is so much that they take up gigabytes of hard disk space. this program can find copies of files of various types quickly and efficiently. this tool allows you to perform a differentiated search duplicate files by file mask or by file type. for example, the program can search for duplicates only music, only duplicate images, duplicates only video and so on. this software has an intuitive interface, so it can work with not only experts, but also novice pc users. this tool is absolutely easy to use. it takes up very little space on your hard disk and uses a minimum of system resources of a pc. in addition, users can use the program without fear that

ecb drops reference to future interest-rate cut

the european central bank removed a reference to the possibility that it might lower interest rates in its regular policy statement thursday, but its president said a weaker inflation outlook meant it was too early to remove its monetary a news conference following the ecb’s decision to leave its policies unchanged, mario draghi presented an upbeat view of the eurozone’s economic outlook, saying growth would likely be...

deduplicator for windows 10 download

download download deduplicator finds duplictated files and lets you delete them. pick a folder and the app starts looking for duplicated files. when it finds any it will show them grouped by their checksum. choose auto-select or manually select the duplicates you want to delete. deduplicator treats files only as duplicates if their content is the exactly the same. so it won't find similar image and audio files. this app doesn't delete any files you don't tell it to, but make sure to have a current backup of your data anyway.

sync2 cloud download

download download synchronizing outlook between multiple sources now made easy with sync2 cloud, powerful microsoft outlook synchronization software. sync outlook personal and public folders. sync outlook calendar, contacts and tasks between multiple sources. sync outlook with google, gmail contacts and tasks, sync google calendar. sync outlook calendars, contacts and tasks with google (android), icloud (iphone) and office 365 (exchange). synchronize outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 automatically. you can schedule automatic outlook synchronization (pro version) or perform a manual sync on demand. synchronization will be performed in background, even if outlook is not running. sync outlook calendar with google calendar. sync google contacts, tasks with outlook contacts and tasks. sync iphone,

more than 10 smartphones, and outlook app blocks email

patrick marshall answers your personal technology questions each saturday.q: my android phone stopped receiving email yesterday, even though i didn’t make any changes and even though i get emails for the same account on my laptop. i reinstalled outlook on the phone, and now it won’t let me set up the mail account. i did, however, eventually get some message from outlook on my laptop saying something about the number of “partner phones” allowed had been exceeded. i have no idea what that means. do you? — b. austina: i do. you’ve just run into an “underdocumented” feature of the outlook app. the program doesn’t say so when you set up outlook on a smartphone, but for some reason you can pair an email account through outlook on only 10 phones. i ran into the same limitation a while back, and w

how to create outlook appointments from excel data

image: istock/shinyfamilyit's not unusual to receive an excel sheet with a list of appointments or tasks. but if you use outlook to keep up with your obligations, a list in excel isn't helpful. you could enter each record as a new appointment—or you can import the excel data directly into outlook appointments. i'd choose the latter! in this article, i'll show you how to create outlook appointments from a few excel records. by saving the source data in the comma-delimited format and then mapping that data to outlook, you can import most anything into the appropriate outlook item—with little effort.more about officei'm using outlook 2016 on a windows 10 64-bit system. using an older version, you won't have to save the data to a .csv formatted file before importing because outlook's wizard su

outlook for ios now supports add-ins, they're coming to android soon

microsoft's mobile apps for outlook have turned two years old, and the company is celebrating by adding some new functionality to them. starting with the latest version, outlook for ios now supports add-ins (which is what microsoft likes to call extensions).add-ins have been working on the web and in the outlook apps for windows and mac for a while now, and they're finally coming to your mobile device. for the moment, only if it runs ios, but the android version of outlook is said to be graced with the add-ins "soon".if you have the newest outlook version on your iphone or ipad, just go to the settings menu, find the new add-ins option, and pick your favorites. currently you can find extensions from evernote, giphy, nimble, trello, and smartsheet in the menu, along with a couple from micro

outlook4gmail download

download download outlook4gmail is an outlook add-in that helps you to perform google calendars sync with outlook as well as the contacts and tasks sync. it is a perfect syncing tool for outlook users who have one or multiple google accounts. this plug-in supports synchronizing of outlook and google contacts with maximum details: name, company, phones, emails, addresses, dates, persons, notes, contact picture, categories and google groups, etc. outlook4gmail provides various ways of syncing calendars: import a calendar from google into outlook, export an outlook calendar to google, syncing existing calendars, creating new calendars, etc. in addition to contacts and calendars syncing, outlook4gmail also provides the synchronization of google tasks with outlook tasks folders. you could sync

microsoft adds ability to add, edit contacts in outlook on ios

microsoft (finally) has added one of the most requested features to outlook mobile: the ability to add and edit contacts. credit: microsoft the company is adding this feature first to outlook for ios, according to a june 5 blog post, though it doesn't specify exactly when it will be live. on outlook for android, this capability is still labeled -- as it has been for a year or more, i believe -- as "coming soon."when i switched an android phone a year-plus ago, i didn't realize immediately that i couldn't save contacts to the default contacts app on my phone. i really liked the outlook on android app at first, but this limitation, plus some sync issues i began having at the end of last year, which required me to reset my outlook app on a regular basis -- led me to look for alternatives. hap

duplicate cleaner master for windows 10 download

download download duplicate clean is a productivity application that can help you remove duplicate files out of your device in the fastest and the most effective way on the current windows store. if you are having a problem about have too much files that was be cloned and distracted anywhere in the your device (e. g photos, films, audios or document.). duplicate clean can help you find and remove that duplicate in an accurate, safe and automatic but don't take too much time of you to gain more free space in the your device. application's functions: 1. this app can scan multiple files anywhere in one process: choose one or more folder anywhere to add into include folder. choose folders to add into exclude folder. 2. use some filter to search duplicates - filter by file type: + all file + do

outlook groups collaboration features arrive on mac, ios, android

microsoft is turning the email inbox into a less insular experience for users of outlook on macos, ios and android.the software maker has begun distributing updates for commercial office 365 customers that will enable the groups feature that's already available in outlook for windows pcs and the web-based version of the software (not to be confused with"groups in outlook offers huge improvements over traditional distribution lists, with a shared space for group conversations, calendars, files and notebooks, the convenience of self-service membership and much more," stated microsoft in an april 18 announcement. "today, we're pleased to announce groups is now rolling out to outlook for macos, ios and android. groups is already available in outlook for windows and on the web—so

microsoft updates outlook for mac with 'send later' feature

microsoft is rolling out new updates for outlook 2016 for the mac, including a feature that allows users to postpone the delivery of an email.available now to office insider members who are enrolled in the fast ring of the early-access program, the send later feature does just what its name suggests. outlook's send button now features a drop-down menu that allows users to select the option and set a date and time they wish the email to leave their drafts folder, similar to the delay delivery option in the windows version of the software. when the time arrives, the email is automatically sent.not running outlook at that moment? no problem, says microsoft. according to the software maker, the email will be delivered even if users forget to leave outlook insiders can access send l

outlook traveller download

download download for the serious traveller, outlook traveller is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism. for those who prefer to travel in their armchairs, it lays out a sensual feast. postcard pretty visuals, practical advice and atmospheric travel experiences make outlook traveller an engrossing and refreshing read.

remove vba password download

download download remove vba password instantly removes any vba password and unlocks locked vba projects in almost any type of file. it supports microsoft office (excel, word, powerpoint, access, publisher, outlook, frontpage), ms project most other microsoft products, autodesk autocad, bentley microstation and other cad/cam applications, other office software packages, various gis, ocr, drawing and other vba enabled applications. passwords of any length and character set are supported and removed in seconds. intentionally or accidentally locked vba projects are supported.

office q&a: how outlook's recurring tasks really work

outlook's recurring appointments and tasks let you generate many items from one by identifying an interval of time between each item. for instance, if you have a production meeting every tuesday morning, you can create one appointment that appears on your calendar every tuesday. denise contacted me when she tried to create a recurring task from a recurring appointment. she expected to see numerous tasks—the current one and those in the future—after dragging the appointment to the tasks icon. that didn't happen. in this article, i'll explain why and shed some light on how outlook's recurring tasks work. more about officei'm using outlook 2016 on a windows 10 64-bit system, but you can apply what you learn in this article to earlier ribbon versions. recurring tasks are available in outlook w

outlook for ios adds support for third-party extensions

microsoft launched a major update to outlook for ios today that, for the first time, brings add-ins to a mobile version of outlook. while microsoft prefers the word “add-ins,” these are essentially third-party extensions for worked with the likes of evernote, giphy (yay!), nimble, trello and smartsheet to connect their services with outlook and integrate them into the email and calendar experience. in addition, microsoft also built its own integrations with dynamics 365 and microsoft translator. support for more of these extensions is on its way. the company also notes that outlook for android will “soon” get the same functionality. to enable these new features, simply head into the settings menu and look for the add-ins option.the company also notes that outlook for andr

outlook for mac gets official touch bar and add-in support in latest update

why it matters to you users of outlook 2016 for mac are no longer on the outside looking in after it gained support for add-ins and the macbook pro touch has been working hard to bring its office 2016 productivity suite up to date on apple’s macos machines. as part of the effort, the company added macbook pro touch bar support for a number of office apps in a recent, microsoft is making a couple of significant improvements to outlook 2016 for mac. specifically, it’s adding outlook to the list of macos applications with touch bar support, and it’s making add-in support available to production builds after the feature spent some time in office insider builds.more:macbook pro touch bar support added to office 2016 for all userstouch bar support in outlook means that a

4team ost2 download

download download free ost to pst converter. convert ost to pst, even if files are inaccessible. ost2 free edition can convert up to 5 items in each folder of orphaned ost file. also, with free ost2 it is possible to scan for .ost files which are connected to microsoft outlook. using ost2, you can import and export ost and pst files, data from and to microsoft outlook, exchange, office 365,, google and g suite. you will be able to choose a specific ost or pst file or you can scan your computer and ost2 will find all ost and pst files. the free ost2 version allows you to transfer up to 5 items from each folder. using enterprise edition convert and trasfer all ost files which are linked or unlinked to microsoft outlook. use ost2 to transfer data from exchange to microsoft outlook

sysinfotools nsf to pst converter download

download download sysinfotools nsf to pst converter software is a reliable solution for converting nsf database files into outlook pst format. it allows users to export lotus notes email to outlook in just a few mouse clicks. the entire conversion process is safely conducted without causing any changes or damage to the original nsf database files. the files are kept intact or untouched during conversion. via this tool, you can convert single as well as multiple nsf database files at the same time. demo version of this tool is available for free evaluation. download demo version before purchasing the licensed version of this tool. below are the key features of sysinfotools nsf to pst converter tool: effective conversion of nsf database files into outlook pst format; batch conversion of mult

nsf duplicate remover download

download download nsf duplicate remover tool provided by sysinfotools software can remove all the duplicate items from nsf database files without any alteration or data loss. it only removes the duplicate items, so that you can get enough free space in nsf database. since it requires no prior technical expertise, any technical or non-technical user can use this software with ease. key features of nsf duplicate remover are: * safely remove duplicate items, i.e. emails, contacts from nsf database; * single as well as multiple nsf database files selection at the same time; * swift and intensive scanning of selected nsf database in just no time; * auto-detect file information of nsf database, i.e. file name, file size, total number of emails and folders; * smart tree-structure preview of nsf d

export messages to mbox file download

download download this free utility exports email messages from outlook to mbox files, retaining the original folder structure. mbox message database format is used by some mail systems for unix, linux, and apple macintosh. in addition, mozilla thunderbird and eudora for windows also use this format to store email messages. this program quickly copies emails from outlook to mbox files. when doing this, the program creates the original outlook folder structure on your disk or network share, and each folder can be stored in a separate mbox file. successfully exported messages can be deleted or moved to the specified outlook folder. this allows you to run the export multiple times without creating duplicate messages. the command line provides the ability to launch the utility in various scrip

geniusconnect 32-bit unicode download

download download geniusconnect will synchronize outlook/exchange data with any relational database that supports odbc (ms access, mysql, ms sql server, oracle). a folder (calendar, contacts, mail, journal, notes, and tasks) can be linked to a database table or view. you can use your own table structure and define conversions for columns with data type's that are not compatible with an outlook field. it is possible to use geniusconnect on multiple outlook or exchange folders and multiple databases.

office insiders can manage their google calendars and contacts in outlook 2016 f

why it matters to you microsoft gives you another reason to become an office insider, with enhanced google account support for outlook 2016 for 2016 for mac has gone a long way to bringing mac users the same experience as those running on microsoft’s own windows platform. gone are the days of office for mac having its own user interface and feature set, and now mac owners can even take part in the same office insider preview program as windows users.outlook 2016 has seen as much of an overhaul as any office application for macos and now microsoft is bringing enhanced support for google calendar and contacts to the mac. if you’re a part of the office insider fast ring community, then the most recent update lets you use more of what google has to offer in the way of managing your

outlook for ios turns two: nimble, evernote, smartsheet, and more join the celeb

about 18 months ago i detailed how microsoft turned my iphone 6s plus into a fantastic enterprise smartphone. as microsoft celebrates it's second anniversary of outlook for ios more apps are being added to make outlook for ios the central hub for efficient communications.what's on zdnetwe previously saw evernote, facebook, and wunderlist support for ios and these apps made my life so much more productive. with this latest update we see support for giphy, nimble, trello, smartsheet, dynamics 365, and microsoft translator. microsoft also announced that more are coming so if you have an ios device then you must the free microsoft outlook travelers who land in a foreign country can now translate email from one language to their preferred language without ever leaving outlook for i

get premium for a bargain price -- but only if you live in the u.s.

why it matters to you hey, customers! want to lose the ads and gain sharing? if you act fast and live in the u.s,, you can sign up for microsoft's premium for only $20 per’s hotmail email service became in 2012, and since then the company has reworked it into arguably one of the best email services on the market. as a part of microsoft’s office 365 productivity platform, offers a full range of email, contact, calendar, and other capabilities to compete with services like google’s has been going through a complete revision to its online experience, and microsoft has been previewing a premium subscription that adds even more functionality. now, premium is officially available, although only to users

convert mbox files to outlook msg download

download download this free utility quickly and easily exports email messages from mbox message database files to msg format files used by outlook. then, you can import them into outlook, work with them in windows explorer, do a search, send to other users, or simply keep a backup in native outlook form. mbox format files are inconvenient for storing email message databases. these files cannot be opened in outlook; there are no standard windows tools for browsing and searching them. mbox files do not support keeping the folder structure - each folder requires a separate file. in addition, the mbox files can be very large, creating additional inconvenience and reducing the reliability of your email backups. this program converts mbox files of any format (mboxo, mboxrd, mboxcl, mboxcl2 and o

office q&a: an outlook categories trick and a revamped excel timesheet

solutions are never finished. no matter how thorough and comprehensive you try to be, someone will need a tweak or two. this month, several readers asked about reclaiming categories for outlook appointments after reading my article on reclaiming them for email messages. in addition, tania liked an excel timesheet she found in an older article, but she needed it to do a bit more. in this month's q&a article, you'll learn how to assign categories to appointments in versions of outlook that no longer (easily) support categories and how to overhaul a timesheet so it evaluates double-time.more about office i'm using office 2016 on a windows 10 64-bit system. starting with outlook 2010, outlook defaults to imap accounts, and categories are missing—at least, you can't easily access them via the i

microsoft updates outlook mobile's contact management tools

microsoft is making managing contacts on outlook for ios and android easier with a new update.on the latest ios version of the mobile email client, users can now add and edit and office 365 contacts. the feature will soon be available in an update to the android version of the app as well."to create a new contact in outlook, simply go to the people tab and tap the + sign. you can also add a new contact directly from a message or event by tapping the name of a person and then tapping add contact," microsoft advised in a blog post."lastly, you can also use the search bar in the people tab to find and add contacts from your company directory." after adding or editing a contact on the app, the changes are synchronized across all versions of the email app.further readingoutlook mobi

remove watermark from video download

download download remove picture or text logo over your videos to create watermark on your special videos and share with your friends. if you want to get rid of any logo or watermark in any video, you can do so using our remove watermark from video application, video editing tool. with the help this app, you can completely remove the logo or any watermark on the video. the app works fine on mostly all the supported video formats. just load the video into our app and drag and resize the remover area, press done if you set and view your video is ready. video watermark logo allows you to remove logo or text over your favorite video and share it to others. remove watermark from video is a simple logo removal process and make your video without logo within minute with easy steps. how to: 1. sim

duplicate contact remover download

download download user-friendly and directly holds all the names and brief repeated cursor ready to delete the duplicate contactsa simple tool you can see the list of names sorted by name or by number and you can choose any deleted. duplicate names are automatically choose. is saved contacts remove the vcf on the sdcard files. you can recover from these files. on your phone in the main menu of communication there is the "import from archive"your contacts are the most important data in the phone, right? this application is a deep analysis of your phone book and make it nearly perfect. utility app to let you delete contacts. select one, many, or all contacts and delete them. search through your contacts and delete contacts or remove contacts, which are not required. click to show contact det

microsoft's premium email service sheds the 'preview' tag

microsoft has removed the "preview" tag from its premium email service. credit: microsoft a year ago, microsoft was privately testing premium. in october last year, microsoft moved the service from an invitation-only pilot to a public preview.sometime recently -- i've asked microsoft officials for comment as to when -- microsoft removed the "preview" tag from premium, as noted today, february it was during the public preview, premium is still for u.s. users only who have been moved to the new premium gives users a personalized email address that can be shared among five people, plus an ad-free inbox. the service currently costs $19.95, but is regularly $49.95 per year, according to the service's web

alexander: finding lost e-mail and saving it online

q: my pc's hard drive crashed last year, causing me to lose all my data. i bought a new pc and used microsoft's outlook 2007 to download e-mails from my comcast account (i like to save some attachments and archive receipts on my pc.)but i've discovered that recent e-mails are disappearing from my new pc, which never happened with the old one. did i do something wrong setting up the new pc's e-mail? is there a way to restore my old pc's hard drive so i can use it for e-mail again?shahnaz coyer, minneapolisa: a data recovery firm will charge hundreds of dollars to retrieve only fragments of data from your old pc's hard drive, so keep the new pc and we will focus on what happened to the e-mails. there are two possibilities:• the e-mails still exist on your new pc, but you can't see them. if y

alexander: finding lost e-mail and saving it online

q: my pc's hard drive crashed last year, causing me to lose all my data. i bought a new pc and used microsoft's outlook 2007 to download e-mails from my comcast account (i like to save some attachments and archive receipts on my pc.)but i've discovered that recent e-mails are disappearing from my new pc, which never happened with the old one. did i do something wrong setting up the new pc's e-mail? is there a way to restore my old pc's hard drive so i can use it for e-mail again?shahnaz coyer, minneapolisa: a data recovery firm will charge hundreds of dollars to retrieve only fragments of data from your old pc's hard drive, so keep the new pc and we will focus on what happened to the e-mails. there are two possibilities:• the e-mails still exist on your new pc, but you can't see them. if y

skooba laptop weekender travel bag

i go somewhere on a plane at least twice a month. for over ten years i’ve used a briggs & riley roller carry-on, and i’ve been fairly happy with it. it’s heavy for its small size and the zipper pulls all broke off (i made replacements from binder clips and sugru) so i’ve been keeping my eye out for a replacement. after hearing great things about the accessibility and capacity of the skooba weekender duffle, i decided to give it a try. it turned out the be the most convenient carry-on i’ve ever this admeasuring 18″l x 12″h x 11″d this boxy duffle features a capacious central container that holds a week’s worth of clothing plus my large toiletries case. the exterior is micro-ballistic nylon. around the four sides of the main storage container are zipper pockets. one is a rein