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protest shooting suspect takes stand, with more expected on monday

allen scarsella took the witness stand in his own defense late friday to explain why he went to a black lives matter protest in november 2015 and, after a scuffle broke out, ultimately s five people.his testimony was cut short, however, by the end of a day that saw his friend and co-defendant nathan gustavsson testify for several hours, arguing that scarsella s in self-defense. but his testimony also opened him up to what was often blistering questioning from the prosecution. it also revealed a text gustavsson wrote referring to the protest shooting and saying, "we're all guilty in this."gustavsson said in an interview afterward that his decision to testify e after his attorney, family and friends all told him not to. but he said he asked himself if he could live with himself if scarsella

st. paul's new recycling system leaves some residents frustrated

as a light snow fell on st. paul’s east side, michael richie still was waiting for a eureka recycling truck to come empty his overflowing cart. two weeks, he said, no truck.“maybe they skipped me,” he said, hoping that this week would be different. “i’m running out of room.”eureka and st. paul city officials estimate that richie has had plenty of company during the past two weeks, which saw the first runs for eureka’s new automated recycling trucks with nearly 80,000 new recycling bins. then add in the new recycling days and alley pickup. for at least several hundred customers, the new system has been frustrating.“a lot has changed,” said lynn hoffman, eureka co-president. “we’re seeing normalization in sight, but it’s going to take a while.”on jan. 16, st. paul and eureka moved to a new r

medicare disciplines fairview over patient runaway

federal regulators declared a state of “immediate jeopardy” at the university of minnesota medical center last month because the hospital allowed a 13-year-old boy diagnosed with bipolar disorder to run away from one of its psychiatric wards two days after a suicide attempt.fairview tightened security practices following the dec. 5 incident, according to a medicare inspection report released this week, but the boy’s parents remain upset about the boy’s escape and other hospital missteps they say endangered their son.“just problem after problem after problem,” said ryan jancik, a longtime boyfriend of the boy’s mother who has power of attorney over the child’s care.the boy disappeared when a the ist took him and other patients out of the hospital’s locked pediatric psychiatric unit to go fo