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pennsylvania gerrymandering ruling sparks call for impeachment

republican lawmakers from pennsylvania who lost a gerrymandering case before the state’s supreme court are now calling for justices who issued the ruling to be lawmakers from pennsylvania who lost a gerrymandering case before the state’s supreme court are now calling for justices who issued the ruling to be impeached.the court ruled this year that the congressional map drawn by republican legislators in 2011 was a partisan gerrymander that “clearly, plainly, and palpably” violated the state constitution, and the justices ordered the state’s legislature and governor to draw a new map. shortly thereafter, republican state rep. cris dush circulated a letter to his colleagues saying the court’s majority “engaged in misbehavior in office” because the ruling “overrides the e

the latest: appeal on tap in pennsylvania redistricting case

philadelphia — the latest on the ruling that pennsylvania can keep its congressional map (all times local):8:30 p.m.a group of democratic voters is planning to appeal a ruling that pennsylvania can keep its congressional map despite a challenge that it was improperly gerrymandered.a three-judge panel on wednesday rejected the argument that the map should be thrown out because it gives a political advantage to republicans.the verdict came a day after another judicial panel rejected north carolina's congressional map.a lawyer in the pennsylvania case, alice ballard, says the u.s. supreme court should make the final decision.___6:15 p.m.the republican leader of the pennsylvania state senate is applauding a ruling that leaves in place the state's congressional district map.state senate preside

arnold schwarzenegger has something to say about gerrymandering

the governator has a little something to say about his latest pet project: gerrymandering. take a look at this video, which uses some of his old movie footage, to fight against gerrymandering.full story at youtube.more about politics. posted by josh urich

the latest: democrats submit map in gerrymandering case

harrisburg, pa. — the latest on pennsylvania's congressional gerrymandering case (all times local):3 p.m.pennsylvania's house democrats are the second political party to submit a proposed redraw of the state's congressional district boundaries in a high-stakes gerrymandering case.thursday is deadline day for democratic gov. tom wolf and others to submit maps of new boundaries that they want the state's supreme court to adopt.the midnight deadline gives justices four more days to meet their own deadline to impose new boundaries for the may 15 primary election. a redrawn pennsylvania map could help democrats pick up seats in the u.s. house. republicans control 13 of 18 pennsylvania seats.the democratic-majority court last month threw out a pennsylvania congressional map widely viewed as amon

judges rule pennsylvania can keep congressional map

pennsylvania can keep its congressional map, a judicial panel in philadelphia ruled wednesday, rejecting an argument from a group of democratic voters who contended it should be thrown out because the state lawmakers who created the map in 2011 gerrymandered it to help republicans.the court cast aside the argument that districts should not consider politics, saying partisanship is part of the system."the task of prescribing election regulations was given, in the first instance, to political actors who make decisions for political reasons," circuit court judge d. brooks smith wrote in the majority opinion in the case delivered by a court that was split 2-1. "plaintiffs ignore this reality."the ruling came a day after a unanimous judicial panel threw out north carolina's congressional map, f

partisanship in pennsylvania isn't confined to its congressional map

critics of partisan gerrymandering are rightly celebrating the u.s. supreme court's refusal to throw a lifeline to pennsylvania republicans trying to preserve a congressional map that gives them an unfair advantage.on monday justice samuel a. alito jr. rejected an emergency request by republican legislative leaders for a stay of a jan. 22 pennsylvania supreme court decision striking down a map of congressional districts drawn by the gop-controlled legislature. in 2016, that map resulted in a house delegation of 13 republicans and five democrats.advertisementthe republicans' request for a stay was something of a hail mary pass, because the pennsylvania supreme court decision was based on the pennsylvania constitution. (considering a challenge brought under the u.s. constitution, a three-jud

how i learned to stop worrying and love gerrymandering

earlier this month, the supreme court heard arguments in gill v. whitford, a case about gerrymandering in wisconsin. the topic of gerrymandering has been around for as long as there have been legislatures, and not just in the united states. good government crusaders have always lamented that politics gets so political (which usually means that they dislike the results,) and this is especially true these days in gerrymandering.what has changed lately is that, instead of trying to win over the voters, the losers of political fights now declare the game is rigged and plead for courts to grant them the victory they could not achieve on election day. suits like this one have attempted to entangle the federal courts in redistricting decisions and, in gill, wisconsin democrats hope they will at l

what is gerrymandering? supreme court to hear key case

the supreme court announced monday it will consider if politically gerrymandered electoral maps in wisconsin are unconstitutional, which could have a major impact on u.s. elections. the court has already ruled against state electoral maps due to racial gerrymandering, but this could be the first case in which it decides just how much partisan gerrymandering is…

impeachment talk a sign of gop's long-term worry about court

harrisburg, pa. — the pennsylvania supreme court's decision to redraw boundaries of the state's congressional districts has triggered a volcanic reaction from republicans, including talk of impeaching justices and a democratic party plot to stop president donald trump.the ruling was indeed novel: constitutional law scholars say they know of no other state court that has ever thrown out congressional district boundaries over a partisan gerrymandering has implications for republican control of congress. it also has implications for state government: republicans say they are worried about what the court — with a 5-2 democratic majority — may do in the future to weaken the power of a republican-controlled legislature."this is without precedent and could have far-reaching impact, not j

the latest: party's decision to impeach mugabe 'unanimous'

harare, zimbabwe — the latest on zimbabwe's political turmoil (all times local):6:50 p.m.a zimbabwe ruling party official says the party's decision to pursue the impeachment of president robert mugabe was "unanimous."the party has agreed to begin the process when parliament resumes tuesday, even as the increasingly isolated mugabe calls a cabinet meeting for tuesday morning.mugabe ignored the ruling party's midday monday deadline to resign or face impeachment.the party official, paul mangwana, says the impeachment process should take two days and that the ruling party has the support of the opposition mdc party to help make it happen.___6:30 p.m.zimbabwe's longtime president robert mugabe has called a cabinet meeting for tuesday morning even as the ruling party moves to impeach him when pa

can technology help us end gerrymandering?

gerrymandering has been a huge topic of conversation recently. this video wonders if technology can’t help us put an end to the controversy.full story at youtube.more great politics. posted by josh urich

the latest: pennsylvania court issues new congressional map

harrisburg, pa. — the latest on pennsylvania's congressional gerrymandering case (all times local):2:45 p.m.the pennsylvania supreme court is imposing a new congressional district map for the state's 2018 elections, meeting its deadline to do so and likely setting up a challenge from republicans.monday's order means a new map is to take effect in the may 15 primary. republican lawmakers are expected to quickly challenge it in federal court, arguing legislatures and governors, not courts, have the constitutional responsibility to draw congressional maps.if it stands, the revised map is almost certain to improve democrats' chances in more seats this year.the democratic-majority state high court ruled last month that pennsylvania's district boundaries were unconstitutionally gerrymandered. re

supreme court refuses to block pennsylvania gerrymandering decision

washington – the supreme court on monday denied a request from pennsylvania republicans to delay redrawing congressional lines, meaning the 2018 elections in the state will most likely be held in districts far more favorable to democrats.the pennsylvania supreme court last month ruled that the state's republican legislative leaders had violated the state constitution by unfairly favoring the gop. although there are more registered democrats than republicans in the state, republicans hold 13 of 18 congressional seats.the gop leaders asked the u.s. supreme court to intervene, but justice samuel alito turned down their request for a stay without referring the case to his colleagues. he gave no reason for the decision, but generally the supreme court stays out of the way when a state's highest

pennsylvania court throws out state's congressional map, ruling that gerrymander

the pennsylvania supreme court struck down the state's widely criticized congressional map monday, granting a major victory to democrats who alleged the 18 districts were unconstitutionally gerrymandered to benefit republicans and setting off a scramble to draw a new the democratic-controlled court's decision, the majority said the boundaries "clearly, plainly and palpably" violate the state's constitution and blocked the boundaries from remaining in effect for the 2018 elections with just weeks until dozens of people file paperwork to run for congress.the justices gave the republican-controlled legislature until feb. 9 to pass a replacement and democratic gov. tom wolf until feb. 15 to submit it to the court. otherwise, the justices said they will adopt a plan in an effort to keep

it's time to slay the monster of partisan gerrymandering

drawing the boundary lines of legislative or congressional districts to provide an unfair advantage to one party is a practice with a long if not distinguished pedigree in american politics. the name for this process — gerrymandering — derives from elbridge gerry, a massachusetts governor who in 1812 approved a redistricting plan that included a misshaped district resembling a salamander.but increasingly sophisticated computer software has turned gerry's salamander into a true monster. it allows a party that controls the state legislature to perfect the art of map manipulation, ensuring that its candidates are elected in numbers obscenely out of proportion to its support statewide.advertisementpartisan gerrymandering devalues democracy by unfairly rigging electoral maps. share quote & link

watch: john oliver explains the dangers of gerrymandering

the "last week tonight" host described the political practice as a threat to what appears to be john oliver’s continuing effort to educate his viewers about american politics, the host of hbo’s “last week tonight” took on gerrymandering sunday.the practice of redrawing voting districts is necessary when populations change, he said, but when it’s done by politicians in a manner that gives one political party an advantage over the other by spreading out or concentrating voting strength that’s unfair and wrong, oliver said.oliver described the practice as among the nation’s greatest threats to democracy, which oliver described as one of greece’s greatest exports along with fruit at the bottom yogurt.the chief problem with gerrymandering, he explained, is that the lines are drawn

john oliver on gerrymandering - holy kaw!

you’ve got to give it to the governator, arnold schwarzenegger: he really brought gerrymandering into the public discourse. here’s john oliver’s take.full story at youtube.more great politics. posted by josh urich

pennsylvania republicans lost the redistricting battle. now, they're declaring w

republican lawmakers from pennsylvania who lost a gerrymandering case before the state's supreme court are now calling for justices who issued the ruling to be impeached.the court ruled this year that the congressional map drawn by republican legislators in 2011 was a partisan gerrymander that "clearly, plainly, and palpably" violated the state constitution, and the justices ordered the state's legislature and governor to draw a new map. shortly thereafter, republican state rep. cris dush circulated a letter to his colleagues saying the court's majority "engaged in misbehavior in office" because the ruling "overrides the express legislative and executive authority" to create laws."wherefore," dush concluded, "each is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office and disqu

supreme court balks at reining in 'racial gerrymandering' that protects black la

the supreme court has refused a plea from democratic party lawyers, at least for now, to rein in alleged "racial gerrymandering" by republican-led states in the south that protects black lawmakers at the expense of other democrats. instead, the justices decided wednesday against ruling on a virginia case over racial gerrymandering and sent it back for further hearings before a district judge. the case of bethune-hill vs. virginia highlighted the dilemma faced by democrats who complain they wield little power in many states because of gerrymandering by republicans. in response, however, republicans sometimes point to the voting rights act and argue they must concentrate black voters into a small number of black-majority districts. the law has been interpreted to mean states may not backtrac

top pennsylvania gop lawmaker announces us house bid

harrisburg, pa. — pennsylvania's house majority leader dave reed will run for congress to succeed u.s. rep. bill shuster in southwestern pennsylvania.reed formally announced the bid tuesday in a campaign email, a few days after telling republican party officials about his plans.reed's announcement comes a day after pennsylvania's supreme court ordered the boundaries of the state's 18 congressional districts redrawn within weeks in a gerrymandering case. that creates the possibility that reed won't live in the 9th district if it is redrawn.the 39-year-old reed's been in office since 2003 and majority leader for three years. the 9th district is solidly republican and reed likely faces a crowded gop lawmakers say reed told them that he'll remain in the job of majority leade

john oliver explains gerrymandering / boing boing

if there's one thing humans are good at, it's gaming systems. john oliver goes after the dirty political practice of gerrymandering. in pennsylvania, forty-four percent of the voters chose democratic candidates for the house of representatives in 2014, but 13 of the 18 districts, more than two-thirds, are represented by republicans. in ohio, about forty percent of the voters chose democratic candidates for the house of representatives, but 12 out of 16 seats, three-quarters of them, are represented by republicans. those numbers are way out of proportion to what people should expect. you wouldn't accept neapolitan ice cream that was seventy-five percent strawberry. how is that okay? what perverts voted for this?

refusing to resign, alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after ruling

an impeachment investigation of alabama gov. robert bentley opened wednesday, as lawmakers begin what will be a lengthy look into whether there are grounds to remove the two-term republican from a series of meetings this year, the house judiciary committee will investigate if the governor... (tribune news services)

zimbabwe ruling party: mugabe must resign as president by noon monday or impeach

share storyby the associated pressthe associated pressharare, zimbabwe (ap) — zimbabwe ruling party: mugabe must resign as president by noon monday or impeachment to start.the associated press

how impeachment works - holy kaw!

for no partisan reason whatsoever, vox is looking into the impeachment process. here’s the history of impeachment and how it works.full story at youtube.more great politics. posted by josh urich

north carolina gop lawmakers seek congressional ruling delay

raleigh, n.c. — north carolina republican legislators have started trying to block a federal court ruling ordering them to draw new congressional districts because the judges said the gop went too far to protect its partisan advantage with the current boundaries.lawyers for legislative leaders filed a request thursday asking a three-judge panel to quickly delay enforcement of their ruling filed this week directing lawmakers approve a new map by jan. 24.the judges' decision found illegal partisan gerrymandering in the 2016 congressional map from which republicans won 10 of the state's 13 seats. republicans could face trouble retaining a few of those seats in november should the ruling stay in place and lines be thursday's motion, a prerequisite before a stay request can be filed

gerrymandering is almost as old as the united states, but it's never too late to

drawing legislative and congressional districts to favor one party over another makes a mockery of the constitutional guarantee of “one person, one vote.” on tuesday the u.s. supreme court will be asked to end that inherently undemocratic practice.if the court fails to rise to the challenge, dominant parties in many state capitals will continue to unfairly inflate their influence and marginalize the opposition.gerrymandering is almost as old as the republic; it derives its name from elbridge gerry, a 19th century massachusetts governor who approved a redistricting that included a misshaped state senate district that resembled a salamander. but with the aid of increasingly ingenious computer software, mapmakers can effectively ensure that the majority party wields control in a state legisla

marches across u.s. cities call for trump's impeachment

los angeles -- protesters gathered sunday in cities across the u.s. calling for the impeachment of president trump. thousands gathered sunday in downtown los angeles as protesters marched from pershing square to fletcher-bowron square in an effort to urge congress to impeach the president, cbs los angeles reports.the march was one of 45 sister marches in cities across the nation including new orleans, seattle, philadelphia and new york city. in manhattan, protesters chanted outside trump international hotel and tower at columbus circle and central park west, cbs new york reports. demonstrators hold signs during the impeachment march to call for congress to start impeachment hearings against us president donald trump, in los angeles, calif., on sun., july 2, 2017. getty "i think donald trum

‘every day trump remains president puts our democracy more at risk’

a texas democratic congressman has formally called for the impeachment of president donald trump.rep. al green (d-tx) held a news conference monday morning urging the u.s. house of representatives to take up impeachment proceedings against the president for firing fbi director james comey, which he described as an obstruction of justice.the houston democrat also accused trump of witness intimidation for warning comey by tweet that their conversations may have been recorded.“our country is in a state of crisis,” green said. “every day donald trump remains president puts our democracy more at risk. it’s time to take drastic, yet necessary action.”democratic @repalgreen has statement out calling for trump impeachment— andrew kaczynski (@kfile) may 15, 2017rep. maxin

ideas to redraw maps beat deadline in gerrymandering case

harrisburg, pa. — new proposals to redraw pennsylvania's congressional districts rolled in thursday in a high-stakes gerrymandering case, meeting a court-ordered deadline to submit maps of boundaries for the state supreme court to consider adopting for this year's election.submitting maps were the group of registered democratic voters who sued successfully to invalidate the current map, plus pennsylvania's house democrats and senate democrats and a group of republican activists who intervened in the case. republican lawmakers submitted a plan last week and democratic gov. tom wolf was expected to submit one late thursday night.pennsylvania's congressional map is widely viewed as among the nation's most gerrymandered. upending it could boost democrats nationally in their quest to capture co

trump responds to california billionaire tom steyer urging impeachment

by ken thomas |associated presswashington — president donald trump is responding to a california billionaire who has vowed to spend at least $10 million in advertising calling for the president’s impeachment.trump is using twitter to call tom steyer “wacky & totally unhinged.” he says steyer “has been fighting me and my make america great again agenda from the beginning,” adding the billionaire environmentalist “never wins elections!”steyer recently launched the advertising, which has been running on fox news and other national outlets, arguing that trump should be ousted from office. steyer contends trump is pushing the u.s. toward a nuclear war, is obstructing justice at the fbi and threatening to shut down news organizations he doesn’t like.steyer wants viewers to call their members of

calls for trump impeachment surge after comey testimony

amid james comey’s damning testimony before the senate intelligence committee, calls for president donald trump to face impeachment proceedings are surging. in the past 48 hours, two of the leading trump resistance groups have called for the first time for the impeachment process to start against trump on charges of obstruction of justice. related: trump impeachment…

the supreme court takes on gerrymandering: 6 essential reads

by the conversation. wisconsin from overhead. sarunas_b/flickr, cc by-sa editor’s note: the following is roundup of archival stories. on june 19, the u.s. supreme court announced that it would hear gill v. whitford, a case on partisan gerrymandering in wisconsin. this controversial practice – where states are carved up into oddly shaped electoral districts favoring one…

the latest: fired zimbabwean vp backs mugabe's impeachment

harare, zimbabwe — the latest on zimbabwe's political turmoil (all times local):9:45 a.m.the zimbabwe vice president whose firing kicked off the country's political crisis says president robert should heed the "clarion call" and resign immediately: "the people of zimbabwe have clearly spoken."the new statement from emmerson mnangagwa makes clear that he remains outside zimbabwe after fleeing and won't return until his security is guaranteed.mnangagwa confirms that mugabe has invited him to return "for a discussion" on the recent events. but "given the events that followed my dismissal i cannot trust my life in president mugabe's hands."he says his security was withdrawn upon his firing and he was informed that "plans were underfoot to eliminate me once arrested."mnangagwa says he is aware

the latest: zimbabwe ministers snub mugabe's cabinet meeting

harare, zimbabwe — the latest on zimbabwe's political turmoil (all times local):12:50 p.m.a zimbabwean ruling party senior official says cabinet ministers have snubbed a call by president robert mugabe to attend a meeting.lovemore matuke says "all" ministers heeded a party directive to skip the cabinet meeting and instead attend a party caucus to discuss impeaching mugabe.the party's central committee has voted to strip mugabe of his party leadership post amid nationwide calls for the 93-year-old leader to resign. mugabe, however, says he plans to preside over a ruling party congress next month.the ruling party is poised to begin impeachment proceedings against mugabe on tuesday.___10:25 a.m.four regional countries are meeting on zimbabwe's political crisis.south africa's president is join

new maps could improve democrats' chances in pennsylvania

harrisburg, pa. — democrats' chances at picking up congressional seats in pennsylvania would likely improve under new proposals redrawing district boundaries to replace the ones thrown out in a gerrymandering lawsuit.republicans and independent analysts came to the same conclusion friday, hours after democratic gov. tom wolf and others submitted maps on a state supreme court analysis conducted through concludes that democrats' proposed maps would reduce the partisan tilt in the boundaries that currently favor republicans, although their maps still largely favor the gop. pennsylvania's 6-year-old congressional district map is widely viewed as among the nation's most gerrymandered.the court is starting the four-day period it gave itself to consider proposals and iss

pennsylvania awaits first look at court’s congressional map

harrisburg, pa. (ap) — pennsylvania’s high court is on the cusp monday of imposing a new congressional district map to take effect for the state’s 2018 elections, all but ensuring that democratic prospects will improve in several seats and boosting the party’s quest to capture control of the u.s. house.monday is the state supreme court’s self-imposed deadline to unveil new district boundaries, replacing the 6-year-old boundaries the court struck down in a gerrymandering lawsuit last boundaries for pennsylvania’s 18 congressional districts are to take effect starting in the may 15 primary and could make substantial changes to a map widely viewed as among the nation’s most gerrymandered.the redrawn map also could dramatically change the face of pennsylvania’s predominantly republic

#fakenews: bad for business and your mind

buying cycles are already very long in the it industry. with the rise of fake news and general mistrust in corporate media content of all kinds -- those buying cycles will get longer. and sales and marketing costs will skyrocket for it companies. as an it buyer relying on high quality information from your peer groups won't help much because their information sources will be also be considered suspect. unless they have direct experience to report which will be scarce. in the fake news future just ahead -- even the truth looks fake. and reality becomes just one story line in a future collection of virtual realities -- each one a potentially indistinguishable fiction. without reliable and trusted information:not just commercial buyers but consumers will delay purchases. businesses won't ha