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oneplus 5 to bring face unlock with oreo update

oneplus announced android oreo for oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t in the beginning of the week. apparently oneplus 5 is next in line for the new os.along with the already expected picture-in-picture and notification dots, arriving at all devices with oreo oneplus 5 will also gain face unlock.face unlock is a familiar feature to op owners. the latest oneplus 5t with nougat 7.1.1 has it and it works seamlessly, as we already established, so it's great to hear that it's coming to the older model.source | via

oreo update starts rolling out to oneplus 3 closed beta channel

oneplus has started pushing out a new update to the oneplus 3 closed beta group. weighing in at around 800mb, the update in question brings android 8.0 oreo.the update, unsurprisingly, isn't stable - nfc isn't functional yet, wifi is buggy, hotspot and bluetooth is unstable, and so on. the chinese company is aiming to roll out the stable build by's worth mentioning that the oneplus 3t and 5 closed beta groups are also expected to get the oreo update soon. time-frame for their respective stable builds is same as that of the oneplus 3, which is mid-september.public betas are expected to arrive by the end of september.via

oneplus 5 running oreo found in geekbench database

four weeks ago, oreo landed on the oneplus 3 beta channel. soon, its successor – the oneplus 5 – will join it, judging by results found on geekbench.this is not official mind you, the beta channel for the 5 still distributes android 7.1.1 nougat. and even once it hits the beta channel, the final release will be some way off. there's time for oneplus to launch the oreo update around new year's like it did last time.oneplus was pretty quick with the nougat update for the 3 – the beta arrived at the end of november, the rollout was on january 1. that said, 3’s oreo is still in beta nearly a month later.source 12

android oreo arrives to oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t

oneplus announced the 5t last week with android nougat 7.1.1, but one year-old oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t are already getting the new android 8.0 oreo. the manufacturer announced on its forums that oxygenos 5.0 is being pushed to a small number of users, with a broader roll-out to come in the following days.along with android oreo, the upgrade adds parallel apps and picture-in-picture features to the oneplus phones. there is also auto-fill and smart text selection.oxygenos retains its clean, minimalistic look, but gains new design for the quick settings panel. along with the new features, there is also a security patch in the oreo's notification dots make it to the oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t users. the launcher also brings new app folder design.source

samsung begins working on galaxy s8 oreo update

according to a new report, samsung has started working on the oreo update for its galaxy s8 series of smartphones. the update could carry firmware version of g955fxxu1bqi1 and g950fxxu1bqi1 for the s8 and s8+, respectively.while there's no information on the roll out time-frame, the report notes the south korean company will likely kick off a beta testing program before pushing out the update to all. it also says the firm might not implement all android 8.0 features in the update.recently, oneplus started pushing the oreo update to the oneplus 3 closed beta channel. among other manufacturers, htc, sony, huawei, and hmd (nokia) have also confirmed their oreo update plans.via

oneplus confirms it won’t have project treble on the oneplus 5t, here’s what tha

oneplus held an ama about its newest device, the oneplus 5t. one of the inquiries referred to google’s project treble. for those who haven’t heard about project treble – it was announced several months ago as a feature of android oreo. in fact, all phones that shipped with android oreo out of the box will support this feature.project treble modularizes the android operating system so that oem customizations stay separate from android. the idea is that oems don’t need to tweak the update as much to cut down on time between releasing back to oneplus, in the ama a fan asked if the oneplus 5t or any other oneplus devices will be updated to support treble – indirectly asking if any oneplus devices will be fast-tracked for updates. oneplus confirmed that neither the oneplus 5t, nor an

oneplus 5t gets first update, krack fix and fingerprint/face unlock optimization

just days after it went on sale, the oneplus 5t has started receiving its first update. weighing in at 107mb and arriving as oxygen os 4.7.2, the update brings along fix for the wi-fi wpa2 security issue (a.k.a the krack vulnerability).multiple other changes are also included, like optimizations related to fingerprint and face unlock and improvements related to eis during 4k recording as well as accuracy for screen off gestures. of course, some usual stability and bug fixes are there as well.via

first oreo open beta oxygenos rom now available for oneplus 3 and 3t

the title is pretty descriptive in itself, so just to clear a few things up before we get to the details: this is a open beta channel release and the first time oreo has appeared on this particular branch for the pair of phones. closed beta oreo builds have been in circulation for some time, but this constitutes another step forward.and secondly, the oneplus 5 is not on the list of supported devices in this release. as per latest info, it is still lagging behind on the oreo front. some builds for it were expected by the end of september, but since that didn't come to pass, we are still waiting patiently.on to details then, the android 8.0.0 oreo roms made available today by oneplus are open beta 25 for the oneplus 3 and open beta 16 for the oneplus 3t. both come straight from oneplus serve

oneplus 5 now available in india

update: the device is also listed on oneplus' india store, but only the 6gb ram variant is currently in stock.original story below:less than a week after it was officially announced for the country, the oneplus 5 is now available for purchase in india. amazon has the 6gb/64gb version listed for inr 32,999 ($510), while the 8gb/128gb model will set you back inr 37,999 ($590).several launch day offers are there as well:the phone, for what it's worth, has already started receiving its first update which doesn't bring along any major features, but does include a couple of bug fixes as well as several optimization-related changes.source | via | oneplus india

new update starts hitting nokia 8

update: there are rumors that the nokia 8 won't be getting android 7.1.2 at all. reports say the phone will directly be updated to android oreo, which is expected to happen soon.original story follows:hmd has started pushing out a new update to the nokia 8. weighing in at around 295mb, it's a security update that brings along android patches for october. other changes include system stability improvements and ui enhancements.this comes shortly after a similar update was pushed out to the nokia 6. however, unlike that update, the nokia 8 update doesn't bring android os version case you missed, hmd has already confirmed that all nokia phones will get the oreo update before the end of this year.via 12

oneplus 3 and 3t to get android o before the year’s end

yesterday, oneplus held an ama on reddit which stands for “ask me anything”. one of the questions that were asked regarded the oneplus 3 and 3t’s android o update, which is not even officially out yet.oneplus has assured that the oneplus 3t and oneplus 3’s android o updates would be arriving “within this year. to be fair, android o is still a long time from now as far as tech is concerned, so don't be surprised if this changes before the year's end.oneplus 3as far as android o goes, it was announced at google i/o this year and is set to debut with this year’s successors to the google pixel and pixel xl. we still don’t know what the dessert name will be, but clues so far have only pointed to a possible android oatmeal cookie.we’d assume the oneplus 5 will likely be the first oneplus device

no nougat for oneplus 2, company confirms

oneplus has officially confirmed that its oneplus 2 smartphone won't be getting the nougat update. "customer service has been telling customers this for a little while," the chinese company said in a statement."we’re happy about what we’re doing with software," oneplus noted, adding "we already confirmed android o will come for the oneplus 3 and 3t. so [no nougat for the oneplus 2] isn’t new and we think people were aware of it."as for the reason, the firm said: "when we built the oneplus 2 we didn’t have the software infrastructure team in place we do now."via

android 7.1 beta for oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t starts rolling out

oneplus has started pushing out the android 7.1.1 beta update to participating oneplus 3 and 3t units. weighing in at around 1.32gb, the update is currently hitting units in china (meaning it's the v7.1-based hydrogenos build that's rolling out).the update brings along several changes, including those related to wallpaper, cloud sync, gallery, and picture editor. also included are the android security fixes for the month of march. aside from being rolled out ota, the update is also available for download from h2os official website.source 12 | via

oreo update for htc 10, u11, and u ultra officially confirmed [updated]

update: the taiwanese company has confirmed that the u11 will be getting the oreo update in q4 this year (october-december time frame).there was, sadly, no word on exactly when the roll out will begin to the htc 10 and htc u ultra smartphones, except that they'll get the update after the u11.original story follows:following google's august 21 event that saw the company confirming 'oreo' moniker for android 8.0, smartphone companies have started confirming which of their phones will be getting the new release. blackberry was first (for the keyone), and now it's htc.the taiwanese company has confirmed that the htc 10, u ultra and u11 smartphones will be getting the android oreo update.the tweet also confirms a global roll out, so no one will be left behind. however, there was no word on exac

new samsung pay update brings android oreo support

samung has started pushing out a new update to its mobile payments app pay. currently rolling out in india, the update brings along support for android oreo os.what's interesting is that none of the south korean company's smartphones have received the android 8.0 update yet. so samsung pay getting oreo support in india suggests the update could be arriving to at least some samsung phones in the country.alternatively the tech giant might be preparing to launch an oreo beta program in india, as recent reports suggest such a program is currently being prepped for the us. source | via

oreo update for htc 10, u11, and u ultra officially confirmed

following google's august 21 event that saw the company confirming 'oreo' moniker for android 8.0, smartphone companies have started confirming which of their phones will be getting the new release. blackberry was first (for the keyone), and now it's htc.the taiwanese company has confirmed that the htc 10, u ultra and u11 smartphones will be getting the android oreo update.the tweet also confirms a global roll out, so no one will be left behind. however, there was no word on exactly when the update will begin hitting these devices. htc says details regarding this and other handsets that will be getting oreo will be announced soon.source

hmd official teases nokia 8 oreo update

just over a month after the nokia 8 arrival an os update was teased by the hmd cpo. juho sarvikas confirmed earlier that all android-powered nokia phones would get the oreo upgrade, now he teased an actual photo of the phone running 8.0 version of the os.the images reveal that android oreo is still in beta and the size of the update is 1.3 gb. the update will be pushed to all devices “when perfect”, meaning it is not yet ready for the public.via

xiaomi mi a1 gets another update, still not oreo

xiaomi mi a1 is the lovechild of xiaomi and google in the quest for a good android one smartphone. it comes with stock android, and both companies promised the phone will get android oreo “soon”.an update arrived just today, but apparently, it is only an october 2017 security patch.the latest update is said to improve security and fix bugs. it also brings more stability to the device and optimizes the mi a1’s performance. the size of the update is 118 mb, and all mi a1 owners should already be receiving it.most manufacturers, including samsung, lenovo, and essential, promised an oreo update to some of their devices. in the meantime, google confirmed oreo 8.1 will roll out in developer preview in the coming weeks.thanks, devinder, for sending this in!

oneplus 5t to arrive on november 16

yesterday a photo of the oneplus 5tappeared, along with a teaser from carl pei, oneplus co-founder. now a leaked image popped up, suggesting a november 16 launch date, which is 4 days earlier than the previously rumored one.the image says “amazon exclusive” and it likely originates from india, since the current flagship oneplus 5 also was sold only through amazon there. for some reason the sale date is edited and unavailable.the picture also states “larger display. same footprint”. we expect to see an 18:9 fullview display on the oneplus 5t and the fingerprint would go on the back, as the image vaguely suggests.oneplus 5t should arrive with snapdragon 835 chipset and 6 or 8 gb ram. the camera is expected to come with 20 mp + 20 mp setup, according to an antutu listing. it also said the os

beta test program for samsung galaxy s8 oreo incoming

the galaxy s8 series is eagerly waiting for its oreo update. we already spotted an oreo-powered galaxy s8 in a benchmark listing, suggesting that the update is currently being tested by the company.and now, according to a new report, the south korean tech giant may launch a public beta program for the update soon.the report cites oreo firmware versions g950fxxe1zqi7 and g955fxxu1zqi7 for the s8 and s8+, noting that these are test/beta releases. of course, there's no official confirmation on this, as well as when the first beta release will roll out.via

oneplus 5 uses the same display panel as the 3t

the oneplus 5 uses the same screen as the oneplus 3t – no, we don’t mean the same specs, it’s the exact same panel. aida64 detects a samsung s6e3fa5 panel on both devices.this is a change from the original oneplus 3, which had an fa3 panel. it’s not entirely clear what the differences are between fa3 and fa5. still, the oneplus 5 has no hardware improvements over its predecessor, at least as far as screen is concerned.oneplus 5 uses a samsung s6e3fa5 amoled display panelactually, our review shows a slightly lower maximum brightness and a slightly worse sunlight legibility for the oneplus 5 compared to the 3t (which itself was a bit worse than the 3). what about dci-p3? that seems to be a software thing (like how oneplus enabled srgb with an update).source

nvidia shield/shield k1 won't get oreo update

nvidia is likely wrapping up support for its shield and shield k1 tablets, as it has come to light that the company won't be pushing out the android oreo update to these devices.the information came courtesy of someone who's part of the software qa team at the you can see they revealed the company is working on a new android nougat-based update for the k1, but users should not expect the oreo update for these devices, which are now three and two years old, respectively.source | via

oreo-powered lg g6 spotted in benchmarks

oreo will soon be rolled out to the lg g6.the device has gone through geekbench running android 8.0. this indicates that the update is currently under testing.the phone was launched back in march this year, running android 7.0 nougat. no official timeframe was given for the oreo update, but if testing goes smoothly its rollout can't be far away.source | via

latest oneplus 3/3t open beta brings new dnd ui

a new oxygenos open beta update has started hitting the oneplus 3 and 3t smartphones. arriving as version 27 and 18, respectively, the update brings new ui for the do not disturb (dnd) feature.the new firmware brings some battery optimizations and improvements related to smart text selection and general performance. the oneplus and gms applications have also been updated. and finally, the update also includes the october security patch.source 12

oneplus 3t will be available in india until later this year

yesterday, oneplus announced the last call for prospective oneplus 3t buyers to pickup the phone stating that the company has limited units left in its, the company sent a clarification specific to the indian market. in this update, oneplus has clarified that the oneplus 3t will continue to be available in india until "later this year". both the 64gb and 128gb variants of the phone will be available through all three official channels, amazon india, oneplus online store as well as the oneplus experience store in bengaluru.we wish the company was more precise than "later this year" but it's still better than asking people to run out and buy now before the warehouses go empty.

oneplus 3 and 3t now getting oxygen os 4.5: updates to camera and screen

the oneplus 3 and 3t forums have been buzzing with info on new updates. some of the goodies from open beta 23/14 have been carried over to the stable release. here’s what’s new with oxygen os 4.5.0.the camera gets the shot on oneplus watermark and there are new wallpapers with that watermark. the image editor has been redesigned too.the screen gets a new lift up display feature(not as good as always on, but we’ll take it) and scheduled night mode. gaming do not disturb will prevent interruptions while you’re immersed in your favorite game. the file manager has a new secure box for storing sensitive’s the full change log:systemadded lift up displayadded gaming do not disturbadded low priority notificationadded network speed in status baradded scheduled night modeadded oneplus slat

essential offers up an android oreo beta for the essential phone

android smartphone maker essential promised that it would be releasing an update to android 8.0 oreo for its devices soon, and now there’s a beta version of the update available through its developer portal. this is just a beta, as mentioned, but it’s broadly available for anyone interested enough in the oreo update to try out pre-release mentioned, essential said it would deliver an oreo update back in september, with a promise that it would arrive sometime “in the next couple months.” oreo was just released for pixel phones back in august, and came to the galaxy s8 and s8+ in beta form earlier this month, which means essential phones are among the first smartphones to receive the update.oreo comes with a few significant changes, including badge notifications for individual ap

is there a special star wars-themed oneplus 5t on the way?

the oneplus 5t is now mere hours away and a quick look at our recent news articles would tell you just how much of a big deal that is.everybody's interested in the next oneplus flagship and that may reach new levels of hype if the next bit of rumor is true.according to a few lines of code unearthed from the oneplus oreo beta build, there may be a custom star wars-themed oneplus smartphone on the way.the line of code was discovered by one xda developers reader. first in the form of a “accent_star_wars” string in the launcher, settings and systemui apk and then a hex code of a #ff2837 color (a red hue similar to the one used in the posters for the last jedi movie).finally there is a string "device_custom_star_wars" that more or less confirms a custom-looking oneplus 5t is on the way.timing i

samsung will release the oreo update in early 2018

samsung is already working on the oreo update for its smartphones but won't release it before early 2018. the information comes from a turkish samsung representative.sadly the source doesn't give out specifics about which phones will receive the android 8.0 oreo update first but it's a good guess that the samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ along with the galaxy note8 will get the honor.we can only speculate if the news concerns only turkish samsung phones or whether samsung will start its oreo rollout a bit earlier in other markets, but chances seem slim at this point.we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything new.source | via

new oneplus 5 update fixes krack security issue

oneplus has started pushing out a new update to the oneplus 5. arriving as oxygenos 4.5.14, the update brings along a bunch of changes, including fix for the wi-fi wpa2 security issue (also known as the krack vulnerability).other changes include support for airtel volte in india and band 66 of freedom in canada. in addition, there are also some battery usage-related as well as gps-related optimizations. finally, some usual bug fixes are included as well.source

hmd confirms oreo update for all nokia android smartphones

after sony, now hmd has revealed its plans for the oreo update. the company has confirmed that all nokia-branded android smartphones - the nokia 3, 5, 6, and 8 - will get the android 8.0 update. the confirmation came in the form of a tweet from a top hmd executive.sadly, the executive declined to provide an exact roll-out time frame. however, if you remember, google recently announced that devices from several companies, including hmd, will get upgraded to android oreo by the end of the year.source | via

oreo update for huawei mate 9 could be arriving soon

looks like the huawei mate 9 could be receiving the oreo update soon. the device with android 8.0 on board has been spotted listed on benchmarking website geekbench.for what it's worth, this is not the first time we are hearing about the mate 9 android 8.0 update - back in april this year, we saw a glimpse of oreo-powered mate 9 (the rom was in early development stage at that time).a benchmark appearance doesn't guarantee, but does indicate that final testing is going on and if everything goes fine, roll out should begin sooner than later.source | via

new update starts hitting nokia 8

hmd has started pushing out a new update to the nokia 8. weighing in at around 295mb, it's a security update that brings along android patches for october. other changes include system stability improvements and ui enhancements.this comes shortly after a similar update was pushed out to the nokia 6. however, unlike that update, the nokia 8 update doesn't bring android os version case you missed, hmd has already confirmed that all nokia phones will get the oreo update before the end of this year.via

new oneplus 2 update fixes persistent network drop issues

oneplus has started rolling out a new update to its oneplus 2 smartphone. arriving as oxygenos version 3.5.8, the update brings along a couple of bug fixes and the android security fixes for march.the update fixes persistent network drop issues and data roaming issue in certain countries. the echo issue that was observed during video calls in duo app has been fixed as well. finally, audio compatibility has been improved, and some general bug-fixes are also included.source | via

oneplus 3t 128 gb is available for pre-order

the oneplus 3t has been facing supply shortages ever since its announcement, but things have been picking up lately.after oneplus finally made the 64gb 3t available for immediate dispatch in eu and north america the company is finally ready to bring the large storage version to its online store. oneplus 3t in 128gb gunmetal flavor is up for’s not an immediate delivery as the 64gb units - the 128gb device will ship within 13 days of cleared payment of €479.source

oneplus 3t is being discontinued soon, only a few units are still available for

oneplus has already started talking about its next smartphone, the oneplus 5. it's teased some possible color versions, and the ceo revealed what chipset will be powering it. as we inevitably get closer and closer to its unveiling, the company seems intent on focusing just on the oneplus it's decided to retire the oneplus 3t. there are apparently only a few units still available for purchase, so if you want a 3t you should grab one as soon as possible. oneplus says "this is the last call" to buy the 3t "before stock runs out". when that happens, it's all over for what was one of 2016's best received reasonably priced smartphones.if you're worried about future software updates, the company says that's not warranted. it promises to "continue to bring more software updates and support to

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paducah, ky. (ap) — a judge has sentenced two teen parents to probation for leaving their newborn in a trash bin in western kentucky.according to media reports, mccracken circuit judge craig clymer said during the sentencing hearing thursday that he had to follow the juvenile code because a jury convicted the pair of wanton endangerment, criminal abuse and tampering with physical evidence. they were acquitted of attempted murder.clymer said both have already served more time in a juvenile facility than he could impose, so he sentenced them to 12 months’ probation. he also ordered them to complete a moral the y program.the crying infant was found in a dumpster in july 2015 with its umbilical cord still attached. the baby was hospitalized and later released into state custody.most read stori