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san jose tofu, japantown's gem, closes its doors after 71 years

san jose — when april yamaichi was a young girl and went shopping with her family in japantown, she’d dart into the san jose tofu company on jackson street to buy a brick of fresh handmade tofu for 25 cents. at one point, she was buying the tofu about every other week from then-owner takeshi nozaki, who eventually passed the business down to his son, chester.“i’d run over and get tofu from chester’s dad,” she said. “i just remember his arm was always red from working in the tofu and mixing the soy mixture.“the texture is unmatched, and the flavor, obviously,” added yamaichi, a dog trainer. “that soft tofu, you can’t find that kind of tofu anywhere.”on saturday morning, yamaichi, now 58, was first in line to order the beloved tofu for the last time. she arrived from burlingame at 6 a.m., le

12 long-lived bay area restaurants we said goodbye to in 2017

bay area diners had to say farewell to lots of beloved restaurants in 2017. the ones we pay tribute to here were no flash-in-the-pan operations — many had been favorites for generations. some chefs and owners decided to retire; some decided to capitalize on skyrocketing land values; some couldn’t reach lease agreements with landlords; and some fell victim to competition or changing consumer tastes.last year’s sentimental list was heavy on east bay businesses; this year it was the south bay that was hit, in order of longevity, were some favorites that shut their doors. (two of these — san jose tofu and c.b. hannegan’s — will be in business for a few more days if you want to make a pilgrimage.)a.g. ferrari. 98 years: sobbing over salami again. it’s tough to lose another venerable

blazblue player makes 100% sure he won before celebrating

gif one competitor at this weekend’s final round 20 fighting game tournament was so astonished by his win that he double (and triple) checked that he was moving on before letting his excitement show.advertisementafter securing his victory against evo 2014 runner-up ryo “dogura” nozaki in a tense blazblue: central fiction match, glyn-mikl “doza” mendoza initially turned down his japanese opponent’s post-game congratulations, thinking their winners finals set was supposed to go to three wins. he looked to the tournament organizers for confirmation, asking multiple times about the match stipulations. nope. he had just needed two wins to be the victor. he jumped out of his chair, celebrating with his friends, and, of course, accepting dogura’s handshake.defeating a japanese player is typically

daigo becomes his own worst enemy at recent street fighter v tournament

last weekend’s battle arena melbourne street fighter v tournament was grueling for the high-level street fighter v talent it drew to australia. the event was so stacked, even a legendary fighting game competitor like daigo umehara failed to make much of an impact, but no one expected the beast’s most challenging opponent to be himself.advertisementthanks to a perfect run through his initial pool, daigo was sitting pretty on the winners side of the top-32 bracket for the capcom pro tour event. his first match after leaving the group stage came against fellow japanese player ryo “dogura” nozaki, himself an established name known for his skill in a wide variety of non-capcom games. both players had recently switched characters—daigo from ryu to guile and dogura from necalli to urien—and the b