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samsung galaxy note9 runs its first benchmark

samsung's galaxy s9 and s9+ have only been official for a few days now, but even so the leaks have already moved on to the korean company's next big thing: the galaxy note9. despite the fact that it's only expected to be announced in late summer, a prototype has already been spotted in a benchmark's database.we're talking about html5test, which handily reveals that the note9 will unsurprisingly sport an infinity display of its own. the listed resolution is 412x846, but note that this benchmark always contains fractions of the actual resolution of any phone. what's more important here is the aspect ratio, which is slightly taller than 18:9 (and that makes sense because samsung's infinity displays have so far had an 18.5:9 ratio).the benchmark run also tells us that the prototype note9 is ru

samsung galaxy note9 to have under-display fingerprint sensor

next year's samsung galaxy note9 is now predicted to sport a feature that was mentioned a lot in early rumors regarding both its predecessor, the note8, as well as apple's iphone x. we're talking about a fingerprint sensor that sits under the display. such an optical sensor is likely to appear in the note9 according to kgi securities analyst ming-chi kuo, a legendary purveyor of mostly apple-related mumblings.if this pans out, the unlocking procedure will probably go something like this: you simply place your finger onto a specific part of the handset's screen, and that's it. both samsung and apple have tried to get this into products shipping in 2017, but both failed. thus, we are currently left with the awkward off-center position of the scanner on the back of the note8, and the complete

samsung galaxy note9 won't have an under-display fingerprint sensor, new rumor s

last october a report came out saying that samsung's galaxy note9, scheduled to launch this fall, would be the company's first smartphone to come with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the though a new rumor from samsung's home country of korea claims that won't be the case. the project that was supposed to bring this technology to the note9 has been stopped recently, and the decision was made to go with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner once again.a number of suppliers have been working on the under-display sensors for samsung for the past two years, but the technology has been delayed yet again due to technical difficulties. sources in the parts industry say that the accuracy and durability of such a sensor are both lower than for a traditional galaxy note8, al

samsung galaxy note9 project is codenamed crown

after the galaxy note7debacle, the galaxy note8 was one of the biggest tests samsung ever faced in recent times. now that the device has been launched, it's safe to say that the company passed it with flying colors.and, as is usually the case, the focus now shifts on next-gen device. while there have already been some related rumors, a latest report is suggesting the next-gen galaxy note device - likely to be called note9 - is internally code-named galaxy note8the report comes from the tech giant's home country of south korea, and cites local news publications that have obtained this info from a component supplier.specifically, local news outlet the bell quotes an official from the supplier in question as saying, "we will start providing components for a pilot production (of

prices for the galaxy s9 and s9+ leak: the plus model costs as much as the note8

unconfirmed pricing info for the samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ suggested a price hike. a pamphlet (in spanish) confirms the prices and even details the new camera features.the galaxy s9 will cost €850, the s9+ will be €1,000. ouch. we can’t help but wonder what this means for the note9 – the current note8 was €1,000 at launch. also, the price delta between the non-plus and plus models will increase to €150 (used to be €100 - €800 and €900, respectively).pamphlet with the prices of the samsung galaxy s9 and s9+also, note the super slow motion – it claims 900fps videos, not 480fps. there's a chance this is actually 960fps, same as sony's motion eye camera. the pamphlet also confirms the variable aperture – starting at f/1.5.recent rumors suggest that there will be a short pre-order period soon a

samsung's dedicated ai chips to outclass apple and huawei in the second half of

apple and huawei have already introduced ai-focused chipsets last year, the a11 bionic and kirin 970, respectively. not one to allow itself to be left out of the latest trends in the mobile world, samsung is reportedly working tirelessly on a neural processing unit (npu) of its own.for mobile devices, the company is said to have already reached "the technological levels of apple and huawei", or so unnamed sources in korea claim. samsung will even "come up with better chips" (than apple and huawei) "for sure in the second half of the year". the race is on, galaxy note8the company only started developing its npu in the second half of 2017, which is the reason for the delay compared to its competitors. with an npu, a smartphone can process, analyze and store data without the need

next year's ipad pro lineup to come with face id on board

the iphone x is the first apple device to ship with a truedepth front-facing camera that enables face id, the new facial recognition unlocking mechanism. but apparently the upcoming smartphone won't be the only face id-endowed apple product for a note to investors shared today, kgi securities ming-chi kuo says he believes apple will add the truedepth camera and face id functionality to next year's ipad pro refresh. this is supposed to boost the competitiveness of the company's premium tablets. don't expect face id to come to non-pro ipads anytime soon, though. on the other hand, all 2018 iphones should have face id built-in.the new ipad pro models could arrive as soon as the first half of 2018, since the last ipad pro update happened in june this year. kuo thinks android device mak

here's a leaked list of devices sporting the snapdragon 845 in 2018

by now it's pretty clear that most of the top of the line android smartphones of 2018 will have the qualcomm snapdragon 845 soc at the helm, which was unveiled at the beginning of this month. thus, the situation next year will pretty much emulate what happened in 2017 with the snapdragon from a source in china comes a list of handsets that will be using the sd845 in 2018 along with their expected announcement timelines. we can't verify the validity of this information, but the presence of these devices in the list is anything but february, samsung will unveil the galaxy s9 and s9+, which will feature qualcomm's chip in some markets. lg will also take the wraps off the g7 during the same month. then in april the xiaomi mi 7 will be outed, followed in may by the htc u

deal: get a galaxy note8 for just $20 per month at sprint, or wait for t-mobile'

if you want to pre-order a samsung galaxy note8 in the us, but want to pay as little as possible for it (and you haven't owned one of those ill-fated note7 units last year), then sprint has a very good deal for you. if you use the carrier's flex lease scheme and switch to sprint or add a line you will only pay $20 per month for the phone (after $20 bill credits that start within two invoices).this isn't an installment plan, keep in mind, it's a lease. you can keep paying $20 per month for 18 months, but after that you need to decide what to do: make the device yours - which requires paying off the remaining balance, or switch to leasing another model - in which case you need to turn the note8 in.because this is a samsung, there's a third option too. with sprint's galaxy forever program, yo