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tracking all the moves – the denver post

the nfl legal tampering began tuesday at 10 a.m. mt, allowing teams and free agents to negotiate new deals but not sign them until thursday at 2 p.m., when the new season begins. here’s a roundup of the latest agreements that have already been reported (will be updated throughout free agency):status legend:ufa = unrestricted free agent … can sign new deals starting thursdaysfa = street free agent … can sign immediatelyplayerpos.statusoldnewtermscalais campbelldeufacardinalsjaguarstony jeffersonsufacardinalsravensricky wagnerotufaravenslionsbarry churchsufacowboysjaguars4 yearsbrandon marshallwrsfajetsgiants2 years, $12mdanny woodheadrbufachargersravensbrian hoyerqbufabears49ers2 yearskenny stillswrufadolphinsdolphins4 years, $32mvladimir ducasseogufaravensbills3 yearsjermaine greshamteufac

five years of apple blunders, mistakes and missed opportunities

i've spoken about this a lot over the past few years. apple's mac lineup has, in the matter of a few years, gone from high-end and cutting-edge to outdated and stale, with the company seemingly having forgotten that it has products such as the mac mini, the mac pro, and the imac on sale in its stores.i mean seriously, who in their right mind would buy an imac that hasn't seen an update in over 18-months, or a mac mini that hasn't been touched in over two-and-a-half years?

man sentenced to 28 years for slaying of beeper store owner

almost 14 years after his twin brother was kidnapped, held for ransom and eventually killed, darwin green could only shake his head sunday at the news that authorities had charged four men in the murder."i had this feeling over the last 13 years that they weren't doing nothing," green said of...

math kid download

download download math kid gives your 4-12 years old child the foundation needed to excel in math at home and in school. the application features graphical feedback and rewards, and its clean and simple interface is ideally suited for children (verified.). helpful and extensive hints allow kids to use it with minimal parental supervision. precise customization of the training course content leads to effective and focused learning. features: addition and subtraction - varying difficulty targeted for 4-8 years old kid. arithmetic sequence - great for any age from 4 (simple sequences of course) to 8 years old (complex sequences). roman numerals - fun in any age. multiplication and division - different levels suitable for 5-10 years old. percentages - suitable for 8-11 years old student. fract

school hallway named for teacher retiring after 50 years

advertisement | advertise on newsdaybernadette miller, right, hugs a former pupil on friday, june 23, 2017, the last day of classes at st. william the abbot school in seaford, where she taught for more than 50 years. (credit: daniel goodrich) when bernadette miller showed up for her first day of work in 1966, she had no idea she’d still be teaching at st. william the abbot school more than 50 years later. “in the diocese of rockville centre, we celebrate milestones. i celebrated 25 years and then 40 and then suddenly 50 is here,” said miller, 70, minutes before the end of her last day of school. “i’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”...

school hallway named for teacher retiring after 50 years

advertisement | advertise on newsdaybernadette miller, right, hugs a former pupil on the last day of school at st. william the abbot school in seaford after being a kindergarten teacher at the same school for 50 years. (credit: daniel goodrich) when bernadette miller showed up for her first day of work in 1966, she had no idea she’d still be teaching at st. william the abbot school more than 50 years later. “in the diocese of rockville centre, we celebrate milestones. i celebrated 25 years and then 40 and then suddenly 50 is here,” said miller, 70, minutes before the end of her last day of school. “i’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”...

chicago's top cop testifies at trial, recalls being shot at years ago

the family of a black teenager fatally shot in the back as he ran from chicago police three years ago called thursday for a federal investigation into the shooting — one of three deadly incidents involving the same officer in less than two years.veteran tactical officer robert gonzalez has said... (jason meisner)

grammys history and winners through the years

in may 1959, at a star-studded banquet in the beverly hilton, the national academy of recording arts and sciences handed out 28 grammys. the academy, founded two years earlier, was a relative latecomer to the awards game, with the first oscars having been handed out 30 years earlier and the first emmys 10 years prior. the number of grammy categories once grew to more than 100 but now stands at 83. explore our reverse chronology timeline , with key win­ners high­lighted for each year.

mars was habitable between 3.8 & 3.1 billion years ago

mars would have had conditions right for life to survive for around 700,000 years, between 3.8 and 3.1 billion years ago, scientists have discovered. by analyzing rocks from the gale crater—a 96 mile wide depression that was once a vast lake—scientists have shown the conditions on mars over various periods. their research, published in the journal…

humans were already changing the environment 11,500 years ago

a new study said that human activities caused erosion around the dead sea some 11,500 years ago. this is the earliest such finding ever discovered.        

kids puzzle games for toddlers download

download download games toddlers the game created to promote the development of toddlers and children aged 1 year old children from 2 years old to 3 years old children from 4 years old to 5 years old children from six years old to 7 years old. the eight-year-old children from 9 years to 10 years older than the child and an adult. kids games free for one year, not because load created to give parents free to bring along your child's development. games for kids will stimulate the senses and a 5 and a 3 puzzle games four years of stability for children, games for toddlers. will have to learn fast. kids games for toddlers. must be motivated properly. kids games for toddlers. if not stimulated properly, it will undermine her brain. make slow progress the game's puzzles are subject to parental c

a guide to repairing your appliances vs. replacing – the denver post

by elisabeth leamy, the washington postnobody buys a refrigerator to solve their midlife crisis. yet the price of some home appliances is next in line after little red convertibles.“other than houses and cars, home appliances can be the biggest investments homeowners make,” points out chris granger of sears home services. that’s why, boring or not, it’s important to know what you’re doing when it comes to repairing or replacing your home appliances.the first thing to know is the average life span of various home appliances. according to a national association of home builders study, you can expect roughly the following:air conditioner: 15 years.dishwasher: 9 years.dryer: 13 years.furnace: 15 to 20 years.garbage disposal: 12 years.microwave: 9 years.refrigerator: 13 years.stove: 13 to 15 ye

star tribune celebrates 150 years of storytelling in minnesota

the one constant through 150 years: storytelling.our first edition was published on may 25, 1867,nine years after minnesota was granted statehood.these stories are your stories.opening video by nate miller, for the star tribune

trump slammed biden’s travel costs five years ago

five years is a long time—a veritable eternity in the united states’s in volatile political landscape—and how far we have come since june 13, 2012, exactly five years ago tuesday, when donald trump tweeted about then-vice president joe biden’s travel costs, claiming they were a burden to taxpayers. “biden @vp spends $1 million annually for weekend…

90-year-old man serenades his sweetie of 70 years

relationships are hard, and often we need a reminder that love doesn’t necessarily comes with limits or an expiration date.take the example of paul miller and his wife of seventy years, imogene, who have not only stayed true to each other, but spent years taking in foster children who’d aged out of the system.that’s the kind of love that keeps on giving.full story at youtube via good news network.something good for a change. posted by kate rinsema

10 things we didn't know last week

mccanns mark 10 years without madeleinekate and gerry mccann speak about their missing daughter, 10 years after she vanished aged three.30 april 2017

10 things we didn't know last week

mccanns mark 10 years without madeleinekate and gerry mccann "still hope" to find their missing daughter, 10 years after she vanished.30 april 2017

nigeria: boko haram releases 82 kidnapped girls after three years

extremist group allied with isis released 82 young women it held captive for more than 3 years        

man takes a selfie a day for 16 years

it’s almost unbelievable to see someone age sixteen years in just over three minutes. but it’s a good dose of perspective every now and then.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

journey underground to hear a musical instrument millions of years in the making

the first time otto pebworth heard the great stalacpipe organ he was around six years old. he was mesmerized by the sound.         

alzheimer’s deaths increased 55 percent in 15 years

deaths from alzheimer’s disease skyrocketed in recent years, rising 55 percent in just 15 years. in 2014, there were 93,541 deaths from alzheimer’s disease in the united states as compared with 44,536 in 1999, according to a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention. experts said the climbing rate was likely due to…

‘the view’ explains why it’s impossible for trump to be under irs audit for 12+

the women of “the view” used tax day as an opportunity to dive into their skepticism over president donald trump’s excuse for not releasing his taxes. co-host sara haines noted that trump repeatedly has said the issue was over because he was elected. “my understanding was he said when the audit is over i’ll release them,” she said. “just because he won doesn’t mean the issue — you know, i think he thinks because he was the victor, that now all bets are off. that wasn’t why some people were okay with it. they were okay with it because he said eventually he would show them.”sunny hostin agreed, asking if trump was really under audit as he’s claiming. “if you are, the irs sends you a letter indicating that you’re under audit and he can release at least that,” hostin explained. “but the irs st

aamir khan talks about shah rukh and salman khan’s style

aamir khan talks about shah rukh and salman khan’s styledecade long dominators of the box-office, the khans are raging it at 50. they’ve had their differences, they’ve had their fond bromantic moments. but what about the comparisons that won’t die away even today? here’s an interesting excerpt from our special issue with aamir’s been 25 years in the industry and you’re only getting bigger and bigger…i guess somebody up there is looking out. usually, stardom lasts for about seven-eight years. ten years is a long time, 15 years a very long time. but 25 years is unusual. i can’t explain it. there’s no logical explanation for’s been the same with all the three khans – salman, shah rukh and you…yeah, all three of us are distinct in our philosophy of work and the work we choose.

get rich in 5 easy steps

spending 12 years in school and another 2 to 4 years getting a higher degree isn’t a complete guarantee that you’ll get rich easily. there are things and specific steps you need to do first before you can be successful in life. unfortunately, despite spending several years in school, a lot of people are still […] the post get rich in 5 easy steps appeared first on dumb little man.

climate change is now shrinking the colorado river

the nation’s two largest reservoirs, lake mead on the arizona/nevada border and lake powell on the arizona/utah border, were brim full in the year 2000. four short years later, they had lost enough water to supply california its legally apportioned share of colorado river water for more than five years. now, 17 years later, they still…

'i've grown into caitlyn': '20/20' catches up with jenner 2 years later

two years after gender transition, jenner tells diane sawyer, "there is peace in my soul."        

freed nigerian schoolgirls meet families after 3 years

the 82 released after more than three years in boko haram captivity, finally reunited with their families.        

freed nigerian schoolgirls meet families after 3 years

the 82 released after more than three years in boko haram captivity, finally reunited with their families.        

school shootings through the years

the sound of gunfire on school grounds large and small has haunted the u.s. for years.       

hubble captures photo of galaxy 400 million light years away

nasa’s hubble telescope captured a picture of a massive galaxy known as ugc 12591 400 million light years away from earth, sci-news reported monday. the distant galaxy cluster is enormous, spanning hundreds of millions of light years. ugc 12591, also known as leda 71391, is situated in the westernmost part of the pisces-perseus supercluster. it’s the…

70 years of cannes in 17 seconds: the 'home away from home' for luminaries

kenneth turan, justin chang and steven zeitchik are bringing us cannes moments from the 70 years of the international film festival -- in 17-second increments (or thereabouts). here, turan, with chang behind the camera, brings us to the historic hotel splendid, which over the last 146 years has been "a home away from home" for luminaries ranging from the french composer jacques offenbach to the late critic roger ebert.

100 years ago, the us open was canceled for war

a look at some of the anniversaries this year at the us open:100 years ago (1917): bobby jones made some of his greatest contributions, even though he wasn't playing. the u.s. open was canceled in 1917 when the united states entered world war i. jones was a teenage golf prodigy, and he spent two years touring the country for exhibitions that helped raise $150,000 for the american red cross. the u.s. open resumed in 1919 and was won by walter hagen. four years later, jones would win his first of four u.s. opens.___75 years ago (1942): ben hogan won what some consider to be his first u.s. open, except that it wasn't a u.s. open. war interrupted the u.s. open for the second time, this one lasting four years. the usga, pga of america and chicago district golf association put on the "hale ameri

theranos agrees not to operate blood lab for two years

theranos inc. and its founder pledged to stay out of the blood-testing business for at least two years in exchange for reduced penalties from federal health authorities, in an agreement that resolves a year-long regulatory impasse.the main lab regulator first had proposed barring elizabeth holmes from the medical-lab business for two years in march 2016 after the company failed to correct testing problems at its main lab in newark,...

searching for life on 7 nearby alien worlds: how scientists will do it

the hunt for signs of life on seven exoplanets in the trappist-1 system, which lies just 39 light-years from earth, will likely begin just a few years from now.

campbell high school district considers changes to graduations requirements

graduation requirements for the campbell union high school district could change in the coming a may 4 meeting, the governing board and superintendent robert bravo discussed aligning the school’s graduation requirements with entry requirements for freshmen attending a university of california or california state university school.the district is considering requiring students to take more math, science and foreign language or art courses over their four years of high school to get a diploma. the uc system’s “a-g subject requirements” were pitched to the school board as an example of ways to better prepare students for entry-level college be admitted to a uc school, students now must take three courses in mathematics, two years of a foreign language, two years of history

lottery rigger pleads guilty, faces up to 25 years

eddie tipton, the former security chief accused of rigging lottery drawings in several states, could face up to 25 years in prison under a plea.        

does brady need a 5th ring to be declared best ever?

houston — he may not have the precision of joe montana, the arm of terry bradshaw, the grit of john elway or the mind of peyton manning.what tom brady does have are the numbers. and, win or lose in the super bowl on sunday, he has built as strong a case as anyone that he is the greatest quarterback ever.a patriots victory would give brady his fifth super bowl ring, and put him one notch ahead of montana and bradshaw for the most ever for a quarterback. but the "greatest" debate was, in many minds, resolved even before kickoff because of these two numbers: seven super bowl appearances and 22 playoff wins, both records that will be difficult for anyone to catch."in my mind, it's already set," kurt warner said earlier in the week, before being elected to the hall of fame, where brady will joi