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financial calculators download

download download a collection of 70+ calculators albeit mostly finance related in one easy to use app. furthermore, you are able to copy, share, and export calculations. more financial calculators coming and feel free to e-mail me suggestions, problems, and the like. at present: annuity - future value calculator annuity - payment (fv) calculator annuity due - future value calculator annuity due payment (fv) calculator currency converter average collection period calculator bmi calculator calculator bond equivalent yield calculator capital gains yield calculator compound interest calculator continuous compounding calculator current ratio calculator days in inventory calculator debt ratio calculator debt to equity ratio (d/e) calculator debt to income ratio calculator decibels of change cal

ncaa fb 12 player calculator download

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easy bmi calculator download

download download easy bmi calculator allows you to quickly calculate the ratio of body mass index - bmi. result is calculated according to general reading table created by world health organization. feature. bmi calculation - classified by sex and different age ranges. just swipe your finger over the measure tapes to enter your weight and height and get the bmi calculator value and also your ideal weight range. this bmi calculator supports imperial and metric units, and you can alternate in just one click between kg or lbs and feet/inches or meters. what is easy bmi calculator? easy bmi calculator is free app that allows you to monitor bmi calculator and percentage of fat in your body. stay awake & motivated by tracking your daily weight and analyze your progress in various charts and sta

easytax - sales tax calculator download

download download easytax - sales tax calculator is the all in one simple sales tax calculator for calculating sales tax on any and all purchases right there in the store. just enter the dollar value of the item, then enter your sales tax rate and hit calculate. the tax calculator will then calculate and provide you with the total value of the purchase with tax included as well as the sales tax on its own. this is the only sales tax calculator you'll ever need. stay tuned for updates. we'll be adding more sales tax related features in the future.

mortgage calculator download

download download mortgage calculator - loan calculator is a simple app, easy for use. do you need to calculate your total monthly home cost, compare rates and determine your affordability to the penny? then this app is for your, give it a try. mortgage calculator - loan calculator is a quick and easy way to estimate your monthly home payments. the app calculates your home mortgage, taxes and insurance in order to provide you with detailed payment charts and statistics. any recommendation, write us a review.

ironmetrics fitness calculator download

download download what is ironmetrics? it's an all in one free app with a bmi calculator and a bmr calculator. keep tabs on your fitness levels and ideal weight with this health statistics app. features: bmi calculator- bmr calculator- target heart rate calculator- one rep max calculator- ideal weight calculatorwith this simple and easy to use fitness, bmi and bmr calculator, you can learn more about your health and fitness levels, learn your ideal weight, bmi, estimated bmr, ideal target heart rate for cardio and other exercise, estimated one rep max for a given exercise. this knowledge will get you one step closer to achieving all of your bodybuilding, fitness, health, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting goals. disclaimer: the bmi calculator, bmr calculator, on

financial calculator pro download

download download financial calculator pro is one of the professional financial calculator in google play. it covers most of the commonly used financial calculations. download financial calculator pro now. financial calculator pro will be your best calculator for your work and exams. financial calculator pro includes the following features: basic calculator functions: 1. basic calculation2. trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, sinh, cosh, tanh and their inverse functions3. natural logarithm4. combination and permutation5. generate random numbersfinancial functions: 1. time value of money and amortization: yield, present value (pv), future value (fv) 2. cash flow: net present value (npv), internal rate of return (irr) 3. percentage change4. breakeven5. date difference6. interest conversi

star girl calculator download

download download live the life of a star with the calculator app fit for a true star girl. dressed up in all the needs of a calculator, star girl calculator allows you to manage your finances, keep track of spending, and compute for virtually anything in a stunning world of numbers. tired of unfashionable calculators? feel like a diva. features: perfect for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division- gorgeous star girl themes- mix and match backgrounds and keyboards- all basic calculator functions like percent, memory buttons, and negative/positive button- calculate with the style of a star girl.

compound interest calculator download

download download thinking of financial independence? current app will calculate for you how long it takes to reach your goal. simply identify the aim. "compound interest calculator" is your absolutely real simple mathematics - big plan. what do you want to know? how much money should you save and invest mounthly so as to become a millionaire in ten years time? only ask. besides, you may want to find out how much more time you should work to go on a worldwide travel? here you are. "compound interest calculator" is your personal financial calculator.

love calculator download

download download are you in love, but not sure he or she loves you back? how do you know if your partner is perfect to you? then a must use is love calculator app for calculating love compatibility. simple & best way to find your love percentage using love calculator app. use this application to know the loving affinity with your partner, together with the result you will see a sentence accompanied by a soundtrack. enter your names and check what is the chance of a good relationship. this love calculator will help you test your love. the love calculator can enable you calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two people. the love calculator is an effective way to get an impression of how bright the chances of stability & mutual harmony existing in a relationship betwe

linear inequality calculator download

download download linear inequality calculator is a handy calculator for solving linear inequalities in one variable. just enter a linear inequality using the calculator keyboard and tap solve. features: linear inequality calculator solves one-step, two-step and multi-step linear inequalities. linear inequality calculator lets you solve linear inequalities (first degree inequalities) involving fractions and parentheses (brackets). linear inequalities calculator shows calculation details (steps). linear inequality solver stores calculation history (25 inequalities) with the possibility to recall and modify previous inequalities. linear inequality calculator sends the results of calculation and calculation history via email. note: linear inequalities calculator does not solve linear inequali

calculator plus free download

download download calculator plus free app gives you all the functionality like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, percentage, with an easy to navigate ui, and gives you a distraction free calculation environment. features1. calculator plus free app provides simple and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed app. 2. calculations are in clear, elegant type that's easy to read, so that you can get most out of the app. with this app, you'll never need to type the same calculation twice again. if you have any questions or suggestions about this free calculator app, then feel free to drop us a message and we will be happy to help you.

grade calculator download

download download want to know what mark you need to get on the final in order to get an a in a course (or just to pass)? grade calculator will tell you. grade calculator lets you enter your marks in a course, and tells you what you need to get on the final (or in the rest of the course) to achieve your desired grade. tired of calculating the same things over and over again? with grade calculator, you enter the marking schemes for your courses once, and update your marks for assignments and tests as you get them back. your courses are saved when you close the app, to save you a lot of much needed time. keep track of all your courses in one place. grade calculator allows you to save information for as many courses as you like, and will calculate your overall average, so you can see how well

calculator vault - folder lock download

download download calculator vault hides your pictures and videos secretly behind calculator. calculator gallery vault may look like simple calculator with the naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. if you enter the correct password, this will actually allow user to keep safe photos and videos behind fully functional calculator. key features: hide pictures: keep your personal photos in safe space. hide your pictures easily from gallery, album or photos. love your own private gallery to view your pictures. keep your eyes prying and nosy friends away from your private pictures. hide videos: keep your personal videos in safe space. hide your videos easily from gallery, album or photos. enjoy your private video player, so that you can view your private videos in nev privacy. keep s

calculator download

download download more simpler interface. with history forget neverintroducing your new refreshed daily calculator. do more with daily calculator. build keeping you in mind. meet your daily calculations needs with ease and simplicity. calculators is a perfect companion while you are shopping to calculate discount and emi, and calculating age in years, months & days. all information summed up in a simple and expressive summary. features. simplified interface. three line display. easy expression view. get result without pressing '='. discount calculato. emi calculator. age calculator. quick access to history. summary. proactive themehelp us enhance your experience. send us feedback/request, help us refine your experience.

draft price calculator download

download download drift price calculator is a user friendly beer calculator that helps in accurate and efficient beer management. this simple-to-use beer cost calculator helps bartenders, bar managers and bar owners calculate exactly the cost of draft beer so that cost and profit ratio never goes down. draft price calculator is developed by experienced bar and restaurant operator sean derfield from sacramento, ca. sean had his extensive experience in nightclub & bar business since 1985 and has owned multiple bars and restaurants. the draft price calculator app is developed by sean to keep his and your bar / restaurant profits up and costs down app's features: user friendly and easy to understand. simple to use calculator that offers accurate result. once downloaded, thee app works off data

financial calculator download

download download this financial calculator is now available for the millions of entrepreneurs, lecturers, students, and professionals in the field of business analytics, finance, accounting, and auditing. this financial calculator takes a step beyond just calculating like other apps that you might see on the market. this financial calculator provides us some valuable insights about what decision to be made after calculating its respective features. the design of the product is very simple, elegant, easy to use, and extremely intuitive. with this financial calculator, we are able to: 1. calculate time value of money 2. evaluate the capital budgeting techniques (i. e npv, discounted payback period, profitability index, etc) with even and uneven cash flows3. interpret the calculation result4

slope calculator & line download

download download in this app to calculate slope and straight line equation. this calculator takes the co-ordinates of two points on the line as (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) and calculates the slope using this app. just type numbers into the boxes below and the calculator will automatically find the slope of two pointsif you a point that a line passes through, and its slope, this page will show you how to find the equation of the line. slope calculator. straight line equations. easy to use.

yamawa product search/tap calc download

download download this app helps you find the most suitable yamawa products for your application from more than 11, 000 items. "speed & feed calculator" and "bored hole size calculator" are also avaialble in the app. main functions. yamawa product search (taps, dies, center drills, centering tools and thread mills). speed & feed calculator. bored hole size calculator. web catalog. web inquiry & support. web movies.

superhero calculator download

download download make math super. fill your day's computations with the flair of superhero powers. made for comic book fans, movie geeks, and nerds alike, this superpowered calculator will always save the day. features: add, subtract, multiply, and divide like a superhero. 5 different textures and materials- mix and match backgrounds and keyboards - includes basic calculator functions like percent, memory buttons, and negative/positive button.

pregnancy symptoms calculator download

download download pregnancy symptoms calculator is an exciting time for mother. it is like a pregnancy handbook for test to calculate the birth of the child. in the pregnancy calculator, there are 17 questions ask to you when you give proper answer it will give the pregnancy symptoms in percentage. the pregnancy symptoms calculator is a real application. there are followings key features of pregnancy symptoms calculatoropen the applicationgive 10 seconds to load the initial screengive the answer of all question because these are necessaryat last question submission you will get the resultsbe happy to use pregnancy symptoms calculatornote that this application will not collect any personal data from the user smart phone. if the pregnancy symptoms calculator has any type of errors than pleas

bmi calculator pro download

download download bmi calculator pro allows you to quickly calculate the ratio of body mass index - bmi. result is calculated according to general reading table created by world health organization, bmi calculator pro designed for both men and women over the age of 18. stay motivated by tracking your daily weight and analyze your progress in various charts and statistics. also use the included handy calculators to determine your waist-to-height ratio (whtr), body fat percentage and calorie consumption (bmr + pal).

auto loan calculator refinance download

download download auto loan calculator refinance app gives you insight about auto loan calculator, auto loan scheduler, auto loans for bad credit, auto loan refinance checklist, military auto loans and how to get auto loans in 6 easy steps. our calculator helps you to calculate everything easily. our guides will help you to make your life easier.

calculator cash register kids download

download download count up all the prices. in calculator cash register kids you will be sitting behind the cash register and it's your job to tick in all the prizes of the products. are you able to count it all up so the customer knows the total prize he or she should pay? easy to play for young and old. always wanted to sit behind a cash register? well now you can in calculator cash register kids. this simulator is easy to play for everyone, especially for kids so the can learn how to count up the various product prizes. calculator cash register kids calculator games features: learn how to count up all the product prizes- calculator games are easy to play for young and old- get to work in a big supermarket- calculator games were never this much fun to play- don't forget to rate our kids g

mudameter download

download download mudameter is business utility mobile app like no other. although it can be used in any industry, it is not limited to business use only. in fact, mudameter can be used in any of life's activities and will provide you with an exact dollar amount of what an activity is actually worth. it follows the practices of lean manufacturing (lean enterprise). mudameter is several apps built into one and provides powerful tools to eliminate waste and create efficiency within your company. features include mudameter, kanban calculator, overall equipment effectiveness (oee) calculator, takt time calculator, a standard stopwatch and a standard calculator. after seeing the money savings as a result of using the app, it will quickly become a "must have" app at work or in your personal life

simple calculator -flat design download

download download simple calculator is an easy to use basic calculator. all you have to do is download, open the app and enjoy the clean interface we have provided. absolutely for free. all new simple calculator's awesome features. simple user interface for calculations. large buttons for enhanced visibility. google materials compatible design. 2 second boot up time. basic calculation features like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division & percentage. supports decimal places. simple calculator allows you to copy your calculation by holding down the results for two seconds. results of black background with bold white letters for better visibility. simple calculator looks stunning on both black color & white color handsets. very light app, only 2. 8 mb in size. supports 12, 000+ andr

concrete volume calculator download

download download this calculator is used to estimate the number of cubic yards of concrete that will be required to fill a space by providing the diameter, depth and quantity. civil calculator to calculate the required volume of mixer to pour for a concrete slab with the known measurements of width, length and thickness. this calculator is used to estimate the number of cubic yards of concrete that will be required to fill a space by providing the diameter, depth and quantity. block wall calculator is used to estimate the number of cubic yards required to be filled in a concrete for the given length, width and size. concrete footing / slab pours calculator is to estimate the number of cubic yards that will be required for footing pours. featured: concrete volume calculator. concrete slab

checksum calculator download

download download checksum calculator is a web application that calculates the (crc32, md5, sha1, sha2, sha3) hash of files and strings. javascript and a modern html5 compliant browser is recommended to use this app.

land & survey area calculator download

download download land & survey area calculator land survey calculator allows you to choose land survey objects and helps you to calculate the lengths, angles and areas of these from a minimum of parameters. calculate formula and solution: triangle calculator. rectangle calculator. convert unit each others. triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangle, polygon, circle, circle, ellipse. sphere, cube, box, cylinder, cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid, heoctahedron. for each shape type there are solution formulas and solutions itself based on an input data.

mortgage calculator app download

download download mortgage calculator app, you have now, mortgage adviser, toolsdisclaimer: the figures above are based upon conventional program guidelines. other loan programs are available. calculations by this tool are believed to be accurate, yet are not guaranteed. further review is necessary to obtain an exact qualification. if you have less than 20% equity in your home, a monthly mortgage insurance payment may be required. so, this tools consider just, mortgage adviser. calculate your numbers with today's rateswith mortgage calculator app you can calculate your, mortgage adviser, options and get real-time mortgage rates with mortgage calculator free by quicken loans. whether you're buying or refinancing a home, or you're a real estate agent, you'll love all the features mortgage ca

all-in-one calculator free download

download download all-in-one calculator is a free, lightweight, clean and easy to use calculator and unit converter pack. containing over 50 calculators and unit converters packed in with a scientific calculator with 40 vibrant colour themes, it's the only math app you will ever need from now on on your device. it's a great free calculator for school and homework, but not only. if you're a scholar, student, teacher. builder, handyman, contractor, etc.and you need an all in one tool for your device, give this one a try. you will never be disappointed. facebook: appsfeatures. over 50 calculators and unit converters. simple / scientific calculator layout. 40 vibrant color themes. calculator history. currency converter with 160 currencies, available offline. s

poker probability download

download download in poker, the probability of each type of 5-card hand can be computed by calculating the proportion of hands of that type among all possible hands. this texas hold'em calculator computes odds and win rates using simulation for up to 8 opponents (9 players). odds and win rate is given for pre-flop, flop, turn and river. the calculator also gives you clues about expected (+ev and -ev) so you have everything in hand to make the best decision and earn a lot of money. features. poker odds calculator. expected value calculator. win rate calculator. texas hold'em and omaha (to come). probabilities given for pre-flop, flop, turn and river. from 2 to 9 players. intuitive & unique card selectorhow to read expected valueexpected value (ev) is the average return on each dollar invest

calculator for free - sendcalc download

download download sendcalc is a free caculator app where you can add labels to your calculations and share the organized results using whatsapp, gmail, sms & other text sharing apps. this calculator is completely for free & helps you to send 'excel sheet' like formatted calculations. all you have to do is 1. calculate, 2. add labels to your entries, 3. freely share results on whatapp & other popular text exchanging apps. this simple calculator gives you all basic popular functionalities like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and percentage for basic needs. upgrade yourself from the stoneage and make use of this free calculator.

easy fitness & bmi calculator download

download download easy fitness & bmi calculator allows you to calculate your bmi, so what is bmi? bmi is an index that has been created to estimate your total amount of body fat & the body mass index is an approximation of the best weight for your health and for your fitness. easy fitness & bmi calculator helps you to stay motivated by tracking your daily weight and analyze your progress depending on your weight, age, length and more. b205d36b8f.

discount calculator unique download

download download with the discount calculator unique application, calculate or confirm discounts quicklyultra-simple to use: 1- enter the initial price2- choose disc percentage (s) 4- choose tax percentage (s) 3- the calculation will be performed automaticallyso free your mind and stay focused on deals. tag: balance calculation discount percentage calculator calculate promotion off percent.

calorie calculator daily download

download download use the calorie calculator to estimate the number of daily calories your body needs to maintain your current weight. easy to use, international and u. s. units available. recommended weight-range indicator. knowing what your recommended weight should be is a great motivator. daily calorie calculator. to work out exactly how many calories you need to consume per day. reach your goal of gaining, maintaining or losing weight. completely free.

love calculator download

download download love calculatorare you in love? do you want to check the love percentage with your partner? if yes, download the free android app "love calculator" on your mobile. this app calculates the love score with your lover or partnerfeatures of love test calculator name matchsimply enter your name and your lover's name and calculate love percentage. photo matchinsert your photo and your lover's photo and calculate love rating. finger print match take your thumb impression and your lovers thumb impression and calculate love scoreif you like the love test result, you can share it to loved once or through social media. play interesting love games with your partnerenjoy the "love calculator", download now for free. note: this is prank app, all the love percentage shown is for enterta