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my name pics : text on p o

my name pics - text on p o application is an amazing tool in that you can generate amazing p os with favorite name written on p o with cool and stylish texts with color and different text style. if you want send love text on p o, want to write text on p o. you can choose pics from a wide range of categories like diwali wishes, christmas wishes, birthday wishes, festival wishes, stuff wishes, alphabets wishes and many more. my name pics - text on p o is an amazing greeting application to wish someone with some cool and beautiful pics and your name on pic. you can now wish anyone on their birthday, anniversary and festival. totally use friendly application you get here. my name pics - text on p o is an beautiful of all category of greeting app to wish someone with some cool and beautiful

my name pics

if you love to text your pics, my name is pics is a best tool to decorate your stunning and beautiful pics. through this app you can write your name on different pics with different color of text and fonts. collect all your favorite p og hs of different types and customize them with different text or naming. you can create named b'day cakes for your friends and loving ones. you can also share a naming bracelet to your lovely friends. it can also be shared on facebook or other social network. in my name pics you can write any name on image according to theme and easily share it on social networking platform. print your name on wishing and greeting cards. wish someone with your name printed on cards. you can write your own short message. you can edit font color, font style according to yo

stylish name maker download

download download stylish name maker free is bracelet maker app to make your name brackets. stylish text creator contains the beautiful frames and lockets which makes your name in attractive style. is to write your name or your baby girl or baby boy name in fancy and different font styles with amazing writing skills. stylish name maker free to write name and write nickname generator app is perfect for you. stylish name maker is used to write name on pics such as name on heart pics, name on love pics, name on birthday pics, name on friendship pics, name on cute pics, name on doll pics, name on wishes pics, name on sand pics, name on festival pics etc with full hd collection of all the pictures. stylish name maker allows you to write your name or nickname in different and unique styles wit

guess the song: 4 pics 1 song

4 pics 1 song: can you guess the song name based on 4 pictures? you can figure out the hints from four pictures, and solve the puzzle to guess the song title. you can walk though the 36 songs in one level without any limition. you can unlock next level if you guess a condition amount of songs. notice: one or more pictures may give you the hints about the singer or the band, don't miss that. guess the song: 4 pics 1 song has the fun from the games we love like songpop and 4 pics 1 word, it's instants fun, addictive and simple. if you are a fan, you don't want to miss this challenge. 4 pics 1 song facebook page:

stylish name maker : name pics download

download download stylish name maker: name pics is a free and perfect names editor and generating names application. you must try an amazing and very stylish application for name, here you can write fancy and stylish text with color, style on beautiful pics backgrounds. you can write your name, baby girl, baby boy name, lover name in fancy and stylish styles. name and nicknames can be written in beautiful styles and beautiful unique photo backgrounds. stylish name maker: name pics is bracelet maker application to make your name brackets. features: very stylish and amazing texts written on bracelet. write your name or nicknames on photo backgrounds. getting many fancy and charming photo backgrounds in this application, so you can easily write your name and name of any other person in unique

guess the word: 4 pics 1 word

guess the word in the four pictures? whats the word in this 4 pics? --in every puzzle, there are 4 pictures with something in common - what is it? it's a wonderful 4 pics 1 word game. can you unlock them all? --can you guess all words and unlock all levels? countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you. pure, instant fun --what is the word? look at the four pictures, find out what they have in common. so that's it - 4 pics 1 word. the top trending game on the market for free and begin the word quiz game right now. this 4 pics 1 word game is made by the creator of logo quiz ( and icomania, you will also love this fantastic brain teaser. note: please do not use any 4 pics 1 word cheats & answers to play the game, no fun.

funny pics lol

amazing funny pics to get you lol & laughs. share the best funny pics with your friends. awesome funny pics. fun meme pictures. daily updates. daily laughs with pictures, memes, comics, jokes, wallpapers & free fun with this funny pictures app. its good for you. includes fail, cute, cats & dogs, cartoon, and funny quotes. get the best funny jokes & gifs, laugh yourself silly. the funniest pics on tumblr, pinterest and more. want to remove links & p os from our directory? contact [email protected] and send us your web page and p o links. by ing this app you are agreeing to our terms of service which can be found at http://app. html.

my name pics 2

it's generally understood that it's a nice gesture to wish someone on special day, but we often take for granted the more meaningful implications of it all. when we wish someone on special day, we are not just acknowledging their existence, we are in fact thanking them for existing. we are affirming that they have made a positive impact on our lives at some point and we are telling them that we appreciate the fact that they are part of it, no matter how small of a part it might be. so by keeping this in mind, team amigo studio developed my name pics reloaded by which you can choose different categories of special days to with your loved ones. main features: choose different category to name out your wishes and make a customized message or greeting. add text like your name, your friend n

4 pics 1 word download

download download new free 4 pics & 1 word game for android: see 4 pictures and guess the 1 word that links them together. 180 levels and many more soon. play hundreds of 4 pics puzzles that will get harder as you advance. you will never lose your current game, the game is automatically saved so you can continue right where you left it. available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch hd devices and small or low resolution devices. you will never get bored with this game. more levels uploaded periodically. prepare yourself for a new challenge every time. enjoy a full-color set of hundreds of pics to guess.

miss you p o frames

miss u p o frames enables you to express how much you miss your loved ones using some stunning p o frames and p o effects. thinking of expressing the way you feel when you miss your dear ones? then miss u p o frames is the ideal p o editor app to do so. explore the various p o frame and p o effects options of this p o editor app to communicate how much you miss your dear ones. key features of miss u p o frames1. p o framesnumerous p o frames with amazing quotes for your pics. 2. p o effectsvariety of p o effects to complement the p o frames. 3. save the pics to the p o gallery. 4. share your pics through platforms like instagram, facebook, gmail etc. miss u p o frames is one of the best picture editors for p o effects and pic frames. this top p o editor app and express your feelings lik

christmas photo frames download

download download frame your holiday pics with the most beautiful "christmas photo frames" for free. prepare yourself for xmas on time and get this funny photo editor to decorate your pictures. embellish your pics with cool christmas photo effects and make amazing christmas cards out of your photos and surprise people you love. get this free photo editing software right now and enter fun christmas photo booth to feel the magic of this wonderful holiday. how to use christmas photo frames free download? a great number of pic frames in different shapes and colors. capture an image with your candy camera and apply an insta pic frame. select a photo/selfie from your phone gallery and use luxury photo wrap to decorate it. rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the camera frame

pics craft - filter & editor download

download download pics craft is a powerful, easy-to-use image editing app that can enhance your photos in seconds. highlights: advanced imaging tools- rich offering of filters & customizable filters- efficient user interaction. rich filter choices. pics craft is a filter-centric app. it is shipped with more than 80 built-in, high quality filters covering a variety of picture styles. in addition, there are more filter offerings available in the online shop. for those who are creative and want more image styles, pics craft allow people to save their edits as customized filters. furthermore, when logged in, the customized filters will be backed up to the cloud so they will never be lost. pics craft provides large preview to help you quickly identify the best filters for your images. bes

collage photo editor download

download download collage photo editordo you love to create beautiful photo collages, awesome photo frames with your own pics. do you love to create on your own? if yes, download the free android app "collage photo editor" on your mobile. collage photo editor lets you create photo collages, free collages, creative photo frames and pip photo frames of hundreds of layouts. have fun creating collages with your friends and family photos, surprise them by sharing them. this app is so simple, easy to use yet creativea single app has all the photo editor tools and features like: grid photo collage: create amazing photo collages with hundreds of layouts, amazing photo editor tools, favorite backgrounds, add meaningful stickers. save them to app gallery and share them when ever needed. creative p

christmas lights photo frames download

download download make the best pics with christmas photo frames and add some of that magical spirit to your selfies. decorate images with free holiday borders and special effects from this image editing software. let all the shiny christmas lights photo frames beautify your favorite photographs with xmas photo effects we prepared for you. download this picture editor for free and enjoy using it this december. christmas lights photo frames features: capture pictures from this christmas app directly. upload images from your phone's gallery and edit them. use fingers to move, reposition or zoom images. collection of many amazing picture frames with xmas lights. add special effects and photo filters to your selfies. save pics to your devices and share them on social networks. celebrate xmas a

movie fx p o editor

movie fx p o editor. change your p os theme totally by applying these movies fx effects. this is the best fx effect p o editor tool. use this app and enter in the biggest animation and movie world. show your creative side while transforming your images into awesome artworks. feel free to explore our library and discover best collection of cool stickers for pictures. modify your pics by adding special movie effects. get "movie fx p o editor" for free and decorate your pics with the best free p o editing software on the market. enter your new fun p o booth and imagine you are a star of an horror, sci-fi or action movie. add amazing explosions, zombies, aliens or dinosaurs and take people's breath away. movie fx p o editor. edit p os with "special effects" and cool filters;. decorate your

4 pics 1 movie download

download download the makers of fun and exciting games such as enkantadiks 2016 trivia comes a new variation of the classic four-picture game -- 4 pics 1 movie. the 4 pictures showing famous scenes and dominant actors of the movie gives you clues to the answer. test your memory and aptitude now. what's more exciting is that you can choose from quite a number of options to help you advance through the stages more quickly -- remove wrong letters, watch videos to earn coins, ask your other movie geek friends and even reveal answers if you are impatient to scan your memory.

p o collage maker editor

p o collage maker is a professional collage maker, which enables us to mix pics and create some amazing p o collages. the p o collage maker includes various options like p o grid, collage layouts, pic stitching, p o editing and so much more. the p o grid option of this picmix app lets you choose a p o grid frame of different shapes and sizes for your pic collages. the pic stitching option enables you to stitch pics both horizontally and vertically within a p o grid thereby making a collage. use the various collage layouts of this p o grid maker to create some impeccable pic collages like never before. the p o editing option of this p o editor enables us edit a p o collage, by giving it some appealing effects. also, decorate the frame border with various colors and patterns using this p

poster maker - meme creator download

download download post maker allows you to select randomly created beautiful graffiti and photos out of any text & pics and share it with your friends on social networks or instant messaging applications, it also allows you to write on top of your photos and provides tools to customise your own stylings & themes. features: create randomly styled posts or memes in seconds. amaze your network of friends and create your social brand by quickly posting beautifully created random style posts. allows you to customise the style of your post. add unlimited texts. add multiple lines of text. drag/resize your text and it automagically resizes your text. design poster/meme with image or coloured backgrounds. app caches the text you write & the image imported, thus no losing of data upon

p o color effect

p o color effect is the most comprehensive p o editor app on android. p o color effect has a specific feature that makes it stand out from all other p o editors. this app lets you choose a number of effects and filters and allows you to either apply it to the whole image or to a certain part of the p o, using your fingers to specify that area. you can edit your images and also you can apply beautiful p o effect. p os color effect also take snap pic effect, with stickers and snap text, with snap text, make p o text says p o to the world. also you can cropping images. p o editing will be fun like never before, just enter this cool p o booth and get lost in a maze of wonderful color p o effects designed for enjoyable p o editing. p o color is one of the best color p o effects and p o filte

horror p o editor-masquerade

get ready for halloween. create amazing horror face p o manipulation with some bloody effects. make a fantastic p o prank with horror face p o editor and have fun for days. if you love horror movies with zombies and horror faces, you will certainly enjoy this horror face p o montage maker. use your new p o lab and transform yourself into a bloodthirsty beast in a minute. this kind of p o fun has never been experienced before, so, be the one who's tried this new p o makeover app. if you are crazy about horror games and scary movies and want to apply some masquerade era effects on your images, you need a picture editor with p o effects which offers you a variety of horror stickers. this is why horror face mask masquerade app is made for, so grab your new p o editor, turn yourself into a w

zombie booth-mask p o editor

get ready for halloween. create amazing zombie face p o manipulation with some bloody effects. make a fantastic p o prank with zombie face p o editor and have fun for days. if you love zombie movies with horror faces, you will certainly enjoy this zombie face p o montage maker. use your new p o lab and transform yourself into a bloodthirsty beast in a minute. this kind of p o fun has never been experienced before, so, be the one who's tried this new p o makeover app. if you are crazy about zombie games and scary movies and want to apply some masquerade era effects on your images, you need a picture editor with p o effects which offers you a variety of zombie stickers. this is why zombie face mask masquerade app is made for, so grab your new p o editor, turn yourself into a walking dead

words swag on p o

words swag on p o. words swag on p o ''automatically'' turns your words into beautiful p o text designs. easily text swag on your p o and make it beautiful. amaze your instagram followers with word dream - text swag. get more instagram likes, comments and followersyour pictures + words swag = stunning images. make your own stylish quotes, create flyers as well. double tap to write any text on an image. choose any image, crop it to any size, customize cropping options also available, also we have provided set ratios for cropping. you can rotate image horizontally or vertically as well. click on the font styles and the text style will change automatically. awesome unique filters we have provided like pink, bleach which will make your images more impressive. thanks to our professionals who

guess the word download

download download guess the word - the most addicting game ever. guess the word based on 4 pics shown on the screen. the game will show you 4 pics and your goal is to figure out what they have in common. for instance, if there are a picture of a pizza slice and a picture of a piece of cake. the word is foodand when you see a picture of a supermodel and a picture of a hand bag. the word is fashion these sound easy but some puzzles can be tricky. if you like word games, you'll love this new word guessing game too. addictive. easy to play, hard to put down. challenging. hundreds of challenging puzzles. fun. fun word guessing game for playing with friends or family. beautiful. awesome graphics, clean, beautiful and friendly design. easy-to-use. no registration required, simply tap 'play' but

baby girl scrap photo frames download

download download welcome your new baby girl into the world and make beautiful baby photo albums with the help of our brand new. baby girl scrap photo frames. scrapbooking mobile app. the amazing "free photo editor" app includes a selection of cute love photo frames, baby themed photo stickers and decorations, loads of cool "photo effects" and filters and all the scrapbook supplies you could possibly need to make lovely baby photo art on your mobile phone. "baby girl scrap photo frames" is the best "scrapbooking photo editor" you will find in the market that can be yours for free. go download it now and decorate your baby photos with lots of cute "baby photo frames", red and pink hearts, your favorite quote and share the great news with all your friends on major social networks. if you a

christmas photo frames download

download download christmas photo frames. is truly awesome picture framing app. is christmas your favorite holiday? are you looking forward for this really special time of the year? with this cool pics frames you can say merry christmas in the unique way. decorate your favorite christmas photos with wonderful borders. download "christmas photo frames" and beautify your photos with candles, snowmen, classic holly leaves and plenty of traditional christmas colors. you can also add a bit of glimmer, shimmer and shine to your pics with our huge variety of photo effects such as ornaments, christmas tree and pretty little snowflakes. spread holiday cheer with this fabulous photo framing app. o decorate photos with beautiful photo effects, photo stickers & borders. o frame photo with stylis

winter holiday photo cards download

download download enjoy the christmas holidays while creating fabulous photo postcards in your new "photo studio pro". explore our collections of christmas wallpapers and winter backgrounds, make your choice and enclose your insta selfie pics or family images with this incredible ecard maker. don't miss out. winter holiday photo cards. our special cards will help you celebrate holidays and send holiday spirit into the homes of your friends and family. send to your loved ones funny christmas wishes written on your virtual photo greeting card. install this top photo editing app for free on your smartphone or tablet device and make incredible greeting cards. choose your favorite pics from a photo gallery. arrange photos in a cute collage and make special ecards. pick up background colors for

barack obama's vacation pics will brighten your life

barack obama continues to inspire us, by simply living his best life. billionaire richard branson shared footage of obama enjoying his vacation and diving into a few new watersports on branson’s private too cool: the internet was loving obama’s casual vacation attirethe former president is back in washington d.c., but branson posted a few p os from their hangout at moskito island on his personal blog on tuesday (feb. 7).  brandon explained how he hoped to be a good host to obama and former first lady michelle obama. branson took part in a few watersports competitions with obama. branson, who owns necker island and moskito island, is the founder of virgin airlines, virgin records and 400 other companies.after obama had shared with branson his past interest in surfing (just too c

4 pics 1 word download

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scars booth-face bloody wounds

we've got the perfect app - ''scars face booth''. in this free app you can find all types of scars for all occasions. simply upload or take a new p o and let the magic begin. the choice is huge: you can add zombie booth, vampire booth, werewolf booth, bloody wounds. once you are done, save your new picture to your gallery or share it with your friends via instagram, facebook, snapchat or twitter. get ready for halloween. create amazing scary face p o manipulation with some bloody wounds effects. if you are crazy about horror games and scary movies and want to apply some bloody wounds era effects on your images, you need a picture editor with p o effects which offers you a variety of realistic bloody scars. this is why scarface mask masquerade app is made for, so grab your new p o editor

coronal hole in 1st pics from satellite's solar imager | video

noaa’s goes-16 satellite, which launched in november 2016, will keep its eyes on the sun and earth. imagery from the its solar ultraviolet imager (suvi) will be used to study the sun by solar physicists and space weather forecasters.

face retouch skin download

download download face retouch skin effect is the perfect photo face retouch skin editor to post full size picture on social media. insta photo retouch effect makes the size photo so easy by blur background. face retouch skin is a professional beauty laboratory for your facial photos. remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds, with all operations made automatically. emojis tags and smileys, add reminder tags and emojis, smiles and make your photo more stylish. face retouch is a very unique and effective app, for photo makeover. this app is more than a makeup set, to enhance the beauty of your photo. nice face retouch skin photo editing app which you can post entire pics on social media. additional feature: blur effect: amazing background blur effect to

christmas photo blend collage download

download download this christmas, we have prepared a special "photo blender app" as a xmas gift for you. our new "blender photo editor" is an amazing app where you can use your xmas and new year selfie pics and add christmas picture frames and effects to create "christmas collages" very easily. there are many optinons - combine two pictures, join them vertically, horizontally or in 2d and create special christmas photo montages. merge your romantic photo with your funny picture to create the perfect christmas photo prank. also, you can select the color, pattern and shape of your favorite christmas frames and when you blend multiple photos into one "blend collage" you can send it as a christmas greeting card to your friends and family. this "pic stitch'' app may come in handy whenever you w

mirrorpic p o mirror collage

mirrorpic insta mirror collage feature-rich app, best mirror twins clone and typog hy -- add text to p o p o editor. mirrorpic insta mirror collage is the best effect of mirror yourself, as a say: there is some in the world just is your or twins. now, just use mirror pic you will find one. mirrorpic insta mirror collage can help you create a mirror p o or mirror image as soon as possible, and provide tens mirror template, you will find funny clone effect you can think. mirrorpic insta mirror collage typog hy -- add text to p o, you can add anything you want to say. we also provide more than thirty very beauty text effects, just drag it over you p o, mirror pics provide more than twenty fonts, make what you says unique. mirror pic: you can use left right mirror, repeat-4, up down mirror,

photo grid - photo collage maker & photo editor download

download download over 100 millions fans, photo grid is the most popular instagram collage maker. with photo grid, you can combine ordinary photos into worth-share photo collages; you can decorate your pics by applying fantastic filter, adding stickers and text. features. grid-quickly combine multiple photos with 300+ layouts into a beautiful picture. photo editor- (formerly single) stylize your shots with perfectly categorized filter effects. pinboard-pin moments to a customized board. pinboard allow you add photos, texts, stickers to a customized background. video slides-turn your photos into stunning video stories. video slides allow you create beautiful video stories by using your camera roll photos, adding music, text and stickers you love. stitch- tell a story via a long picture, c

my christmas photo blender download

download download christmas is near and it's time to be creative. for a selfie expert of your caliber, lack of the creative ideas is not an issue. the thing you need is the best "photo editing software" outhere. well, look no more. our "photo blender" app. my christmas photo blender. will suit you perfectly. in just a few seconds you can put a bit of christmas charm to your collection of selfies using this fantastic blender camera. show off your artistic skills and make an incredible "photo montage" out of your selfie pics. install this free app for androidtm and you'll turn the process of picture editing into pure fun. select the dearest memories from your phone gallery and merge them into one creating stunning blend collage. the result of picture manipulation will absolutely amaze you.

my kicks app download

download download the best app for sneakerheads. latest release dates, exclusive kicks on a watch list, pics, shoe news, show off your kicks to the sneaker community, and much more. frequently updating to stay on the latest sneaker news and info.

selfie beauty plus makeup

wel-come to selfie beauty plus makeup maker in android maker. the best selfie beauty plus in town is here. lots of tool you will find in our selfie era beauty plus application that will enhance your pics. beauty plus selfie era - magical era app can takes beauty selfies with filters in seconds. beautiful era hd easy to use and become a natural beauty selfie era hd retouch p os to adjust skin tone, add filters, easily remove wrinkles, erase pimples, edit tired eyes reshape your face, and look thinner in just a few touches. beauty plus selfie era is the sweet selfie era & magical era app can takes beauty selfies with cool filters, cute makeup sticker. and you can add text on p o with cute sticker, cute word sitckers. beauty plus selfie era easy to use and become a natural beauty. self

new year greeting card creator download

download download santa clause is coming to town and he brings the best "photo editor" for androidtm that will help you make beautiful custom greeting cards. this free photo card maker is here to adorn your pics and give them a new fresh look. so, don't hesitate, decorate your beautiful images with funny stickers, photo effects and experience the best photo fun you've ever had. download. new year greeting card creator. and start making holiday cards in your new fun photo studio. become a pro in a few seconds. merry christmas and "happy new year" 2017. all work is done in a single screen;. add messages in seconds;. move, scale and rotate pictures to adjust a photo size;. a collection of beautiful wallpapers for enclosing your cute images with photo effects for free can be found here;. aston

funny christmas photo stickers download

download download make this year christmas 2016 more fun with funny christmas photo stickers editor. download free photo editor and sticker maker and start attaching fun "stickers for pictures". click on cute stickers free download and provide yourself bunch of sticker icons in holiday spirit. let the christmas countdown begin. make the funniest sticker montage of your christmas photos. put your lovely pictures into christmas frames and share them via social networks, so all your friends can see your artistic side. choose extra photo editing tools, add some photo effects, picture filters and put cute stickers to make a photo fun. a large sticker collection of christmas gift stickers is included in this "free photo editing app". explore this fantastic "christmas sticker photo booth" and i

coronal hole in 1st pics from satellite's solar imager

by steve spaleta | february 27, 2017 02:57pm et noaa’s goes-16 satellite, which launched in november 2016 , will keep its eyes on the sun and earth. imagery from the its solar ultraviolet imager (suvi) will be used to study the sun by solar physicists and space weather forecasters. credit : / footage courtesy: noaa/nasa / edited by @stevespaleta

coronal hole in 1st pics from satellite's solar imager

by steve spaleta | february 27, 2017 02:57pm et noaa’s goes-16 satellite, which launched in november 2016 , will keep its eyes on the sun and earth. imagery from the its solar ultraviolet imager (suvi) will be used to study the sun by solar physicists and space weather forecasters. credit : / footage courtesy: noaa/nasa / edited by @stevespaleta

photo collage maker download

download download photo collage makerphoto collage maker insta square size is easy to stitch multiples photos with various designable layout frames and photo grids, collage quick, share quick, enjoy quick. photo collage editor is the best photo collages when you have a central subject and blocks of photos for theme you want to create photo collage. collage maker insta square size is very powerful photo editor and everything you could ever want from a photo editor, with insta square photo without cropping on instagram. photo college maker application through your different photo to crate in one album or frame with your different style of photo also provide different frame with new colors also you add different background and texture. collage maker insta square size provide the effects of

werewolf p o editor booth

get ready for the halloween. warning. you are entering a dangerous werewolf zone. the animals are conquering everything on their way, making your pics look deadful. get werewolf p o booth free and wolfify yourself in a second. this fantastic free p o editing software and a fantastic werewolf game for all the generations. by using this horror face maker with bloody wounds effects, you can transform yourself into the scariest creature ever. dare to try out the scary p o montage ever and get ready for the next halloween. wear scary mask masquerade, turn yourself into a horror being. don't run. face this apocalypse right now with this awesome app. use this fantastic werewolf face changer p o manipulation with 3d animated werewolf mask on your face. scare your friends by sharing your edited

st. paul's new recycling system leaves some residents frustrated

as a light snow fell on st. paul’s east side, michael richie still was waiting for a eureka recycling truck to come empty his overflowing cart. two weeks, he said, no truck.“maybe they skipped me,” he said, hoping that this week would be different. “i’m running out of room.”eureka and st. paul city officials estimate that richie has had plenty of company during the past two weeks, which saw the first runs for eureka’s new automated recycling trucks with nearly 80,000 new recycling bins. then add in the new recycling days and alley pickup. for at least several hundred customers, the new system has been frustrating.“a lot has changed,” said lynn hoffman, eureka co-president. “we’re seeing normalization in sight, but it’s going to take a while.”on jan. 16, st. paul and eureka moved to a new r