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microsoft power bi desktop users can now hide in-progress work

microsoft has released a bevy of new updates to power bi desktop for january 2018. power bi desktop is the companion desktop authoring software to the company's cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform.the updates include new reporting functionality, including the ability to hide or show pages within a power bi report. this option comes in handy while sharing a report that is still in progress or preventing users from directly accessing a page unless they find it using the navigational structure set by the author, stated microsoft power bi program manager amanda cofsky in a blog authors seeking a little more control over how their bar charts are displayed can now set the inner padding between columns to half of their width. setting the control to zero creates a

how to access microsoft remote desktop on macos sierra

image: apple the most seasoned mac users sometimes need to access windows applications to get their work done. while the two ecosystems were at odds with each other for most of their early days in the enterprise, there are now many options for mac users who need to access a windows app or server. tools like parallels and virtualbox are popular among users but, for years, one of the standard applications for connecting the two systems is the microsoft remote desktop connection. and, fortunately, the process for downloading and using the microsoft remote desktop on macos sierra is fairly straightforward. here's how. note: if you want to access microsoft remote desktop on an older version of mac os x, check out this article instead. as with most modern mac applications, microsoft remote deskt

microsoft adds collaboration options to power bi desktop

the april 2017 update for microsoft power bi desktop, the client software used to publish reports based on the cloud-based business intelligence (bi) service, now features a new data connectivity option that encourages work team collaboration.the new connector, dubbed power bi service live connection, is currently in preview and can be used to focus a team's attention on a specific set of information and help colleagues find new perspectives."you can now connect to a dataset that exists on the power bi service. this feature is great when you are part of a team and you all want to work off the exact same model," announced amanda cofsky, a microsoft power bi program manager, in a blog post."you can craft your model only once, publish it to the power bi service to create a dataset, and then e

microsoft power bi desktop expands reporting options

power bi desktop, the windows client software used to create reports with the power bi business intelligence and analytics cloud service, has been updated with several new features this month, something that users are accustomed to."we ship that product every month," in terms of the continuous app cycle approach the company is taking with power bi desktop, john doyle, senior director of product marketing at microsoft, told eweek. "we ship the [power bi cloud] service every week and we ship the companion offering tool, power bi desktop, every month."these updates involve more just a few minor tweaks here and there, added doyle. they are significant and sometimes sweeping, "a set of features [that are released] each time to make the product more robust" and a rarity for what is essentially n

microsoft power bi mobile q&a feature gets conversational

microsoft wants to makes using business intelligence on the go more accessible to smartphone-toting workers.the software giant is upgrading q&a, the natural language query technology in power bi, enabling users of the business intelligence platform's mobile apps to explore business data and glean insights the same way they may chat up a colleague.on the desktop, power bi q&a automatically displays data visualizations while users type in their questions, similar to the autocomplete functionality in many search engines and apps. "that doesn't work really well on a small screen," miguel martinez, senior product manager of power bi at microsoft, told eweek. "also, typing is not as efficient on a mobile device as it is on a [physical] keyboard."desktop users who relish in peppering power bi wit

power bi desktop gains options for handling big or slow data sources

following the recent release of power bi report server, microsoft is issuing several new updates to power bi desktop this month.power bi desktop is the windows software client that allows users to create dashboards and reports using data, analytics and visualizations generated by power bi, microsoft's cloud-based business intelligence offering. in the november 2017 version, the company has introduced new options that make it easier for users working with large volumes of information, or glacially slow sources of data, to derive insights more quickly."if you are working with either a very large or very slow data source in directquery, some actions will take a while to get a response from the underlying data source," blogged microsoft power bi program manager amanda cofsky. rather than impor

microsoft enables deeper data exploration with power bi drillthrough pages

the september update for power bi desktop brings a new "drillthrough" capability, one of several features microsoft demonstrated during its data insights summit in june.power bi desktop users can now add another layer of interactivity to their reports with new drillthrough filters, according to amanda cofsky, a microsoft power bi program manager. "drillthrough filters allow you to create a page in your report that provides details on a single 'entity' in your model, such as a customer, manufacturer, product, or location," she wrote in a blog post.based on the entity selected by a user, the new drillthrough page displays charts and other visualizations in context, allowing them to glean new insights by surfacing additional levels of detail. for example, if a report shows slow sales of a par

useful tips to hide and customize the taskbar in windows 10

remember when windows 8 was released and people lost their minds over the absence of the start menu and taskbar? microsoft heard the groans of millions of users and brought the taskbar back in windows 10. never satisfied, we’re now complaining about the taskbar that we so desperately wanted back. somewhere bill gates is rolling his eyes in disgust.don’t get us wrong, we love having the good old start menu and taskbar back. it’s just that the windows 10 taskbar is simply too big. depending on the size of your screen, that taskbar could be taking up valuable real estate. luckily, there is an easy way to get the taskbar out of the way and reclaim some of that wasted screen space. in addition there are a number of other useful taskbar tips you might want to check out while banishing the taskba

microsoft teams collaboration service starts rolling out to education users

one week after the start of microsoft's rollout of its teams service to office 365 business users, microsoft has started delivering teams to office 365 education teams will be a free add-on to office 365 education users if they have an education, education plus, education e3 and/or an education e5 suite plan. microsoft is not making microsoft teams available as a standalone of last week, teams is available in 181 office 365 markets in 19 languages. according to microsoft's march 21 tech community blog post: "starting march 20, 2017, teams will be off by default and available to it admins to turn on for their institutions. we recommend that it admins enable microsoft teams and begin using it now within their it organizations; and for targeted groups of facult

microsoft power bi desktop updates delve deeper into business data

new updates will empower end users to explore data in power bi reports on their own terms.

how to control windows 10 notifications in the action center

when microsoft first introduced desktop notifications into its windows pc ecosystem, they weren’t exactly held in high regard. the small, rectangular boxes popping up in windows 8 were generally more of a hindrance than a help, disappearing forever once they unceremoniously exited the screen.there was no central location to view or manage notifications in windows 8 and its successor windows 8.1, meaning that microsoft had so far failed to make desktop notifications a legitimate value for pc users. in short, desktop notifications in windows were a good idea, but poorly 10 changed things for the better, particularly the anniversary update, microsoft’s latest os makes good on its promise to inject a worthwhile notification system into its windows ecosystem, via a new notifica

best google docs alternatives for browser-based editing

google docs is the most well known office suite in existence — well, at least on the web. when google first began offering real-time collaboration for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, it essentially changed the way millions of people worked together online. that was then, however, and google is no longer the only company that offers a web-based suite of office applications for the. if you’re dissatisfied with google’s offerings, there’s a wide range of alternatives out there for you. thankfully, we’ve rounded up the best of office online: in many ways, better than googleif you’re used to microsoft’s desktop suite — and hundreds of millions of users are — then microsoft office online is the first alternative you should check out. the service offers web-based versio

updated power bi report server supports more data sources

microsoft has extended power bi report server reach, allowing customer organizations to glean insights from a greater variety of business information.debuting earlier this year, power bi report server allows users to host reports created with the business intelligence and data visualization software on their internal networks. in june, microsoft added the ability to use information imported from sql server analysis services data sources as a basis for those, in the just-released august 2017 preview version of power bi report server, the software giant has opened the floodgates."with this august 2017 preview, users can create power bi reports in power bi desktop that connect to any data source and publish their reports to power bi report server," wrote microsoft senior program m

microsoft readies power bi timeline storyteller, bookmarks for data-literate wor

power bi, microsoft's cloud business intelligence and data analytics offering, will gain a new custom visual this summer from microsoft research called timeline storyteller.instead of the bland text-based timelines of old, timeline storyteller can be used to turn date-dependent information into interactive, visually-rich stories. animation, helps contextualize data points as users change perspectives or delve deeper into the information.timeline storyteller is one of several new power bi technologies that microsoft executives demonstrated at the digital insights summit here in seattle this week. others include new power bi desktop reporting options along with a premium licensing option for enterprises seeking the cost benefits and the performance boost offered by dedicated hardware in the

microsoft enlists ai to make power bi app recommendations

power bi, microsoft'scloud-enabled business intelligence (bi) software and data visualization software suite, already uses artificial intelligence (ai) technologies, machine learning in particular, to help users gain more insights from their business information and ask the questions they didn't even know to, to help users make the most of the software's extensibility in a more targeted manner, power bi uses ai to suggest apps in microsoft appsource, a repository for power bi, office 365 and dynamics 365 business apps, and surfaces those apps that are relevant to specific users."these suggestions are powered by a sophisticated model that takes into account a variety of factors, including the overall popularity of the app, and the actions of other users in your organization, and you

microsoft adds 3d touch support to power bi ios app

the 3d touch feature in ios that apple introduced in 2015 with the release of the iphone 6s and 6s plus provides a handy shortcut for interacting with apps from the home, the users can perform common tasks with a "deep-press" of the power bi app icon, according to microsoft power bi program manager romi pressing more firmly on the app's icon, users instantly access recently used dashboards, koifman wrote on microsoft power bi blog. users can also view notifications and quickly search the app without first launching the app and digging into its has also added a feedback mechanism to the app's q&a feature, the company's stab at conversational business intelligence (bi). added last month to the power bi ios app, it provides a chat-like data analysis exper

windows story remix and onedrive files on demand: we want things to work, micros

story remix isn't quite what users have been asking for, but it might be more useful. image: microsoft when users ask for microsoft to put a feature back that they used to have, microsoft wants to do that in a way that's new and cool and inspiring, and shows off the new features they've added to the platform. it's meant to be better than what people were asking for, to give them what they really want but didn't know to ask for -- and to inspire developers to use the same new features of windows story remix is very like that. users have been asking for a version of windows movie maker for windows 10, and to get tag support in the photos app. story remix isn't quite either of those, but it might be a lot more useful for enjoying your photos and videos instead of just doing

hide apps download

download download hide apps helps hide your applications on device with pattern lock. after hide application, you can't run it, and it can't run background (you can enable it again if you want). this app hider will help save more memory and battery of your device. features: hide folders and files and hide photo. hide photos and videos directly from device gallery and camerahide apps is an easy way to hide and lockapp your apps from android desktop (with inbuilt launcher). this app is able to hide any apps installed even you can lock any apps with password. in order to hide app you just needs to select app and press single button then your app will not be visible anymore on android desktop.

microsoft power bi mobile update lets users pick favorite apps

june was an especially productive month for the power bi group at microsoft. along with the official launch of the capacity-based power bi premium licensing option and the new power bi desktop reporting options introduced during last month's the data insights summit, the redmond, wash. software maker also issued several new updates to the business intelligence and analytics platform's underlying cloud service and its apps.among those new updates is the ability to add favorite apps to the power bi mobile apps. in power bi, apps (not to be confused with the mobile client applications) are collections of dashboards and reports that automatically update to reflect the changes made by their, when users launch the power bi mobile apps on their smartphones or tablets, they have the op

apple woos power users with all-in-one imac pro desktop

1 of 12apple imac pro responds to customer demands for a powerful new desktop apple has been criticized in recent months for appearing to ignore power users who want a high-end mac. but the company responded to their demands june 5 with the announcement of a new computer it has named the imac pro. the machine is an all-in-one desktop that comes with a 27-inch screen and will support intel processors with up to 18 cores. it's equipped with high-end graphics cards, plenty of memory and includes enough accessory ports to allow users to expand its functionality beyond what is in the slim box. apple is calling the imac pro the most powerful mac it’s ever offered. but all that power comes at a price that could turn some budget-conscious corporate customers away. 2 of 12it’s not a standalone desk

microsoft gives skype a mobile-inspired redesign

microsoft has released a preview version of its skype software for desktop pcs that owes much of its look and feel to the ios and android versions of the app."for mac, windows 10 november update and lower, windows 8, and windows 7 users, skype preview delivers most of the great features of our next generation mobile experience, but is specifically designed with desktop in mind to take full advantage of the larger screen," blogged microsoft representatives on aug. 17. "skype preview puts chat front and center—making this the most expressive skype ever. group chats are livelier with new features that improve your connection with friends and family."in fact the new skype for desktop computers borrows a lot from its mobile incarnations. it inherits many of the streamlined, chat-centric interfa

microsoft power bi apps bring business insights to broader work forces

microsoft power bi apps makes it easier for large organizations to distribute business insights to their users.

linkedin makes new messaging tab available from any device

today’s topics include linkedin’s new messaging feature, a microsoft edge browser update that goes easier on battery life, new features added to microsoft sway and google expanding the list of banks whose cards work with google pay.since microsoft’s acquisition of linkedin last june, the social network has regained its position as arguably the most popular business-oriented social network in the business.on april 13, as part of its continuing desktop redesign initiative, linkedin added "smart" instant messaging to its conventional email-oriented intramural communications.members now can reach out to any of their connections using a new messaging tab—whether or not they're on the site looking at jobs or updating their profiles. the messaging update is part of the company's goal to become mo

citrix sharefile adds more features for mac users

citrix had added some new mac-focused capabilities to its file sync and sharing service sharefile. the company said the updates are aimed at promoting better collaboration and productivity while protecting company, customer, and personal information.must read digital transformation: making it work in the real world it takes more than shiny new technologies to remake business processes. here are a few ideas on how to make digital transformation projects work in your organisation.first up, citrix is releasing the new desktop app for mac, which now offers one-click access to sharefile without the need to open a web browser. the app also lets users access, send, and request files and attachments directly from their computers and sharefile accounts.citrix is also rolling out sharefile for outlo

citrix sharefile adds more features for mac users

citrix had added some new mac-focused capabilities to its file sync and sharing service sharefile. the company said the updates are aimed at promoting better collaboration and productivity while protecting company, customer and personal information.must read digital transformation: making it work in the real world it takes more than shiny new technologies to remake business processes. here are a few ideas on how to make digital transformation projects work in your organisation.first up, citrix is releasing the new desktop app for mac, which now offers one-click access to sharefile without the need to open a web browser. the app also lets users access, send and request files and attachments directly from their computers and sharefile accounts.citrix is also rolling out sharefile for outlook

could and should microsoft buy citrix?

with long-time microsoft partner citrix systems said to be seeking potential buyers, pundits will inevitably start pundicizing again about microsoft buying, citing anonymous sources, reported on march 13 that citrix is working with goldman sachs to seek potential suitors for the company. citrix is currently headed by a former microsoft executive, kirill tartarinov, who became ceo in january 2016. microsoft and citrix have worked closely for years on remote desktop services. the pair have been working on delivering the promised windows 10 desktop on azure offering, as well as a replacement for microsoft's azure remoteapp.there have been many industry watchers who've been advocating for and expecting microsoft to buy citrix for nearly a decade, if not longer. desktop virtual

how to get the trello desktop client on linux

there’s no doubt that trello is a great program. it helps both teams and individuals become more productive. the program emulates the experience of using post-it notes to track the progress of work. it has quickly become one of the de facto tools in doing collaborative work and managing personal projects as well.trello is available for web, mobile (app store and google play), and desktop (mac and windows). it supports most platforms. however, there isn’t a linux desktop version from the creators, which is too bad for the linux users. luckily, there’s a fix, thanks to generous daniel chatfield.remember, this is not an official desktop client. it was only built by a generous person for linux users who love trello. the program is hosted on this github page. let’s go through the installation p

ios and android users can 'continue on pc' with windows 10 fall creators update

windows 10 fall creators update has other things to offer besides mixed-reality support.although mixed reality may be the update's headline feature, the latest version of microsoft's desktop operating system also has things in store for users who may never strap on a headset to explore virtual worlds or partake in augmented-reality experiences. rather, it's far more likely that users have an iphone or android smartphone close at, in an effort to bridge the desktop and mobile computing worlds to allow users to carry around a little piece of windows wherever they go—windows 10 fall creators update allows users to start browsing the web and perform other tasks on their phones and continue them on a apple ios and android, users can add the appropriately-named continue on pc optio

microsoft starts public technical preview of project honolulu 1711

microsoft has closed some pretty significant gaps in its project honolulu systems management software in the latest update to the technical preview of the toolset.project honolulu is a set of graphical user interface (gui) tools that are meant to bridge the gap between the powershell command line and gui tools like the microsoft management console (mmc). in mid-november, microsoft gave members of the windows insider early access program a first look at the next update to, version 1711 of the project honolulu technical preview release is available to all comers and microsoft has further peeled back the curtain on what it has in store for users.further readingalthough the toolset is meant to add point-and-click ease to many windows server administration tasks, the reality is that

microsoft power bi apps expands access to business insights and analytics

power bi premium isn't the only major new addition to microsoft's cloud-enabled business intelligence and analytics portfolio.this week, the company also announced power bi apps, a new low-maintenance way of sharing the insights generated by the platform with large work forces. currently, organizations wanting to provide their users access to power bi data must take the time to set permissions for each dashboard, somewhat defeating the purpose of the platform's real-time analytics and collaboration, with the introduction of power bi apps, organizations have a relatively frictionless way of spreading business insights to more users."with power bi apps, now in preview, you can easily deploy a collection of purpose-built dashboards and reports to a large number of business users

new surface pro: it's prone to random sleep issues too, say some users

it's not clear how widespread the 2017 surface pro sleep issue is, given the newness of the device. image: sarah tew/cnet few surface owners will forget the troubles microsoft had getting power management just right in its last generation of desktop hardware. it seems similar sleep-related problems are haunting the new surface pro, which started shipping to customers last week.there's a growing number of complaints about sleep issues on a surface reddit thread and on microsoft's own community pages, detailing lost work due to microsoft's mysterious hardware shutdowns. "for some reason my new surface is shutting off randomly. i check the setting and a few other things, but it still randomly turns off without warning. i'm losing some of my school work because of it," the person behind the fi

boss key download

download download hide your inappropriate computing. boss key - instantly hides windows (applications) in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing them and to protect your privacy. there are not any adware, spy ware, banners or pop ups included in this package! instantly hide / restore all windows on your desktop with a secret key combination. set selected volume level or mute the sound when the windows are hidden. hide tray icons. hide desktop icons. hide taskbar. switch screen resolution. restore all applications exactly to the state before hiding. keep the applications running to allow them perform the necessary tasks while they are hidden. don't hide chosen windows. don't hide chosen applications. automatically start the application which you are supposed to work with. works invi

windows 10 creators update lets admins take away some user options

why it matters to you if you work for an organization that's transitioning to windows 10, you might find that your work machine is less configurable than it was’s latest major windows 10 update started making its way to users last week. known as creators update, the update brought windows 10 to version 1703, and introduced a host of new features and functionality. most of what’s new in creators update is aimed at creative professionals, gamers, and other users, and is visible as new apps and settings, such as the 3d paint app, game mode, and enhanced privacy and security is usual with such significant updates, creators update also made changes to the core operating system and to policies that are accessible to more technical users. it administrators are an

microsoft releases edge browser for android and ios smartphones

microsoft has officially dropped the beta or "preview" label on its edge browser for android and ios early october, microsoft released a preview of the edge app for ios followed soon after by the android version. on nov. 30, joe belfiore, corporate vice president of microsoft windows and devices division, announced the arrival of the full-fledged app at the apple app store and google play app marketplaces, along with a couple of new features."microsoft edge for ios and android brings familiar features like your favorites, reading list, new tab page, reading view, and roaming passwords across your pc and phone, so, no matter the device, your browsing goes with you," wrote belfiore in a blog post. "but what makes microsoft edge really stand out is the ability to continue on your p

microsoft power bi premium supports 10gb datasets

six months after its initial release, power bi premium now allows users to derive business insights from larger data sets, microsoft announced.power bi premium is a capacity-based licensing option that enables customers of the company's cloud-enabled business intelligence platform to provide access to the system's big data analytics capabilities in a more flexible and cost effective manner than restrictive per-user-per-month schemes.after its june 2017 debut, the redmond, wash. software giant is now making room for larger troves of business information."power bi premium now supports uploading power bi desktop (.pbix) files that are up to 10gb in size" which is a 10 fold increase to its previous capacity said christian wade, senior program manager at microsoft power bi, in a dec. 12 announc

google chrome won't be allowed on windows 10 s

the desktop version of google chrome will not be coming to windows 10 10 s, announced last week, allows users to install only apps that are distributed through the windows store. (for more details, see "what is windows 10 s?")that lineup includes some desktop apps, but only if they've been converted to a package that can be delivered through the windows store, using a toolset called the desktop bridge (previously code-named project centennial).read this why windows must die. for the third time microsoft knows windows is obsolete. here's a sneak peek at its replacement.the lineup of converted desktop apps already includes evernote and slack, and by the time windows 10 s begins shipping on new pcs this summer, the store will also offer converted versions of the office 2016 desktop

play by tr

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