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uw scientist who’s sitting out seattle march for science gets call from gov. ins

when the well-regarded computer scientist ed lazowska said he was going to skip seattle’s march for science, he got a call from the governor asking him to change his eminent scientist at the university of washington got an unexpected phone call thursday, after saying he planned to sit out saturday’s march for science in seattle.“kudos to governor jay inslee,” computer scientist ed lazowska wrote on his facebook page. “jay phoned to tell me why he *was* planning to participate, and that he hoped i would reconsider.”a seattle times story on the march published thursday quoted lazowska as saying he’s committed to keeping science policy separate from politics. “science does not belong to democrats or republicans or independents or socialists,” lazowska said. he describes himself as pol

allen’s gift boosts uw’s computer science school, but can’t ease admission crunc

paul allen’s gift to the university of washington’s computer science school won’t increase the number of students who can enroll there; the uw is looking to the state legislature to pick up that tab.when it received a $50 million gift from paul allen and microsoft on thursday, the university of washington was given money for an endowment that will go far toward raising the prestige and reach of its computer science school.but that endowment won’t increase the number of students who can major in computer science, which is the most popular choice of majors for incoming freshmen — and one of the hardest to get into. rather, the endowment is aimed at providing seed money to the new allen school for computer science & engineering for new initiatives — anything from early-stage research to equip

students frustrated trying to get into uw’s strict engineering program

it gets harder every year to get into some of the university of washington’s most in-demand majors, creating a cutthroat system of competition at the flagship the end of his freshman year at the university of washington, jack kussick believed there was no point in even applying to get into the uw’s bioengineering program.kussick had sailed through seattle’s roosevelt high with top grades. when he entered the uw, the seattle native was thinking about a career designing cutting-edge rehabilitation tools that could help wounded veterans get back on their feet, or athletes devastated by injury return to their sports. but college required an entirely different type of studying. as a freshman, kussick stumbled in a few classes before he figured out a system that worked for t

tech firms may face tough fight if guest-worker programs are next trump target

tech companies across the country lashed out at president trump’s executive order instituting restrictions on refugees and people from seven countries. next, they may be facing another order that's likely to ignite controversy: reforming guest-worker visa programs.the u.s. technology industry spent the weekend pushing back against president trump’s executive order banning citizens of several muslim-majority countries from entering the companies may have a tougher fight coming, with high stakes for thousands of puget sound-area workers: reform of guest-worker visa programs that the likes of microsoft,, google and a host of indian outsourcing firms rely on.those programs may be trump’s next target as he inserts a more nationalistic bent to the country’s immigration laws.