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finsbury park murder victim named as iuliana tudos

image copyrightmet policeimage caption iuliana tudos, 22, had been missing since christmas eve a woman was murdered in a public park on her way home on christmas eve, police have said.the body of iuliana tudos, 22, was found in an outbuilding near the sports ground in finsbury park, north london, at about 16:30 gmt on wednesday.scotland yard said she died from a stab wound to the abdomen and a head injury. no arrests have been made.the barmaid was last seen at about 20:00 on sunday as she headed for a bus home from camden.she was pronounced dead at the scene. ms tudos, who police said was of russian and greek origin, was due to meet at a friend's home in enfield, north-east london, later that evening before spending christmas day there.however, she never arrived and a missing person appeal

romania protests: voices from the street | romania

bucharest, romania - m protests continue to rock romania after the government’s decision to adopt an emergency decree that would have decriminalised official misconduct.the government faces a no-confidence motion in parliament on wednesday over the matter.thousands of romanians demonstrated for the eighth day in a row on tuesday - even though the government repealed the decree - saying they have completely lost trust in officials.organisers said they won't back down until the people responsible for the decree are held accountable.this is what protesters on the street are saying: bogdan, in his 30s, aeronautical engineer  i e because i hope things will be more transparent and more fair. i believe these protests can change something, that's why i'm here. marian parvu, 47, runs a contruction