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true - false? quiz world

true - false? is a quiz, where you are faced with many fun and interesting facts. your goal is to determine whether they are true or false. in the game there are more than 1800 questions, sorted in ten different categories. single player mode has 3 levels, which will be a challenge for anyone. for extra fun, there is also a two player mode, that provides endless hours of socializing with the whole family or friends. many exciting things are waiting for you to learn while having lots of fun. features: more than 1800 interesting and entertaining facts, - 10 categories: our world, our body, animals, history, flags, sports, capitals, countries, art and science, - single or two player game modes, - 3 different levels of difficulty, - a simple and attractive appearance, - monthly adding new q

piano tiles 4

if you are tired of the old piano tiles, please try our new piano tiles4. there are a lot of interesting modes in the game. easy to bring you pleasure, the operation is simple, don't step on white or red bomb, now, to experience the fun together. game features: high quality game mode, beyond your imagination- interesting game play- support global ranking, looking forward to your rankings- beautiful user community and smooth control feelings- super rich color for your choice- rich patterns, rich challenge, are you ready? modes: thrilling roller coaster- constantly dodge catches chicken modes- p ion mode: accumulated bit by bit - arcade mode faster and faster- two tiles of click together- frozen mode, bullish on their feet- surprise mode: big or little surprise - the colorful colorful mod

the origins of 9 common symbols

have you ever wondered where the power logo on your computer comes from? or the symbol for men and women? this video explains those and more.full story at youtube.more interesting design. posted by josh urich

how to mobilize opposition after the women’s march

quora questions are part of a partnership between newsweek and quora, through which we’ll be posting relevant and interesting answers from quora contributors throughout the week. read more about the partnership here. answer from ben waggoner: as awesome as it is to see those pictures of the crowds on the national mall and around the world,…

one-armed guitarist crushes "sultans of swing" solos

one of the (many) interesting things about mark knopfler’s guitar playing is that he mostly finger picks. that’s partly what makes this one-armed guitarist’s cover so impressive.full story at youtube.more great . posted by josh urich

cars in gift box (app 4 kids)

meet a new great update of "cars in gift box - free app for kids". more vehicles. more games. nor fun. would you like to play all cars in one game for free? there is a great gift for you and your kids. welcome to the thematica's cars party. there is a great tail for you. we've made a free mix of cars to give you a chance to enjoy playing with thematica. all cars are free, no in-app purchases. just and have a nice play. just try playing if you haven't done it yet. traditionally doing different tasks your kid gets stars. don't be afraid of the little player's misunderstanding of the tasks. his intuition and propmting posters on the background will help him to overcome all difficulties. there are lots of beautiful animations with great video and sound effects that will catch your kid's att

moto g5 clears fcc with 3,000mah battery

the motorola moto g5 and g5 plus are seemingly set for a barcelona unveiling next month, but oddly it's been just the plus version that's been the star in recent rumors. well, it's the non-plus that's stopped by the fcc, for a g4the us telecom regulator has given it the green light, and even if it's typically not the most prolific source of intel, sifting through the papers you could still find a few interesting bits. for one, the g5 will support nfc - a first for the g-series (if you don't count certain regional versions of the moto g4 play, as pointed out in the comments).fcc documentation excerptsthe other thing, revealed by the fcc filing, is battery capacity - listed at 3,000mah, it's slightly less than the floating 3,100mah number for the plus. the phone will come with a

st ping a gopro on a sword is the best way to watch a watermelon get slaughtered

gif mounting a gopro onto a sword and then watching it chop the hell out of things is awesome, but it isn’t as easy as i thought. you can’t just tape a era down on one end of the blade and hope for the best, because the s will look all wacky. the sword moves too fast so it’s all blurry, the era angle is capturing the wrong thing, and everything is bad. advertisementif you want to see the process without actually doing the work, however, sam and niko have you covered. they documented the whole saga of getting a gopro on a katana, and it’s actually very interesting to see the trial and error of it all—solving one problem seems to just lead to another. eventually they come up with a method that works well enough, allowing us to see watermelon slaughter in all its gutsy glory.

the ultimate guide to gl ware

dying to dust off the fancy gl ware, but want to make sure you’re using it right?then you won’t want to miss this guide to gl ware, from champagne flutes to copper mugs.fairmont also includes interesting historical tidbits to share over your drink of choice.full infog hic at fairmont.cheers to infog hics. posted by kate rinsema

interesting thing of the day

last year on a trip to paris, i had one of the most gastronomically memorable days of my life. on a single day, i had the best baguette, the best pain au chocolat, the best cherries, and the best melon i’d ever eaten. without in any way meaning to slight the fine work of the bakers and produce sellers who contributed to the day’s find, something about the large number of factors that had to randomly converge to produce that experience struck me as cosmically significant. i don’t think it could have been planned or manipulated; it just had to happen, and i had to be in the right place at the right time, too.the very same thing could be said of the truffle, one of the world’s most expensive foods. i didn’t eat any truffles that day in paris—they were long out of season. but i couldn’t help t

kids vehicles in sandbox pro

note: the game supports 7-inch and 10-inch tablets and phones. kids will learn to: an unusual and interesting way to learn about different vehicles. fun to play again and again. exciting and realistic vehicle sound effects different types of construction vehicle and road-building machinery are presented in app as toys in a sandpit, making the educational process familiar and appealing. throughout there are lots of beautiful animations, with great video and sound effects. these make clear for your kid what each vehicle can do and how it helps people in the real world. all the vehicles are charmingly but accurately depicted, with little surprises for kids such as opening doors and horns which sound.

varun dhawan's matrimonial profile in the badrinath ki dulhania teaser will tick

varun dhawan's matrimonial profile in the badrinath ki dulhania teaser will tickle your funnybonethe first teaser of much-awaited romantic comedy badrinath ki dulhania is out. it features male lead varun dhawan aka badrinath in a suit trying to pose like a star for his matrimonial profile at a p o booth. varun’s wacky expression will leave you in splits. varun has nailed the ‘badri from jhansi’ look and we totally love it. we’re now waiting to see the female lead alia bhatt in an equally interesting avatar.

five easy p o improving tricks anyone can do

taking great p os doesn’t necessarily require tons of training and nice equipment. you can improve all of your p os with just a few tweaks to the way you shoot.advertisementin this video, youtuber and professional p og her peter mckinnon shares the five easiest things you can do to improve the quality of your p os:use angles: take 10 extra seconds before you shoot to think about the best perspective for your subject. move around a little and find an angle that looks more interesting that straight-on.shoot through: shoot your subject through a group of people, some foliage, or dangle something in front of the lens. give the p o a little more depth and complexity.think opposite: if everybody is taking p os from the same spot at the same angle, try something different. shoot the subject from

cute animals for kids

free funny educational game "cute animals for kids." contains pictures, names and sounds of animals. you can play along with your child, but the simple and friendly interface lets your kids play and learn by themselves. the beautiful pictures and sounds will make the learning process interesting and fun. real sounds, color images and correct pronunciation of names of the animals is the best way to discover and learn the beautiful world of animals. our narrators enunciate the animal names in their native tongues so it could be very useful for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. all animals are available in the free version. available languages are english, french, spanish, russian.

interesting thing of the day

last sunday afternoon morgen and i went to a local theater to see the film into great silence. we expected to be pretty much the only ones there—how many people could really want to sit through a three-hour-long documentary about a group of monks in the french alps who live in almost complete silence? especially on a sunday afternoon, a traditional nap time if ever there was one! but the line stretched halfway down the block, and we were lucky to get seated before the film began. the documentary contained no except for a few scenes in which the monks were chanting, no voiceover, very limited dialog, and in fact hardly any sounds at all. i’ll admit, in fact, that we both dozed off once or twice (it pays to go with someone who can nudge you when your eyelids droop). but we also left the thea

interesting thing of the day

there are some things in the natural world i tend to take for granted, but that reveal true surprises when i look at them more closely. such is the case with lichens. i’ve known about lichens since childhood, but it turns out i never really knew anything about them at all. i always umed they were like mosses, vegetable-like things that grew on the ground, rocks, and trees. in fact, lichens are not even one organism; they are a delicate balance of fungi and algae (and in some cases, cyanobacteria) that coexist in the form of what we see as a lichen growth.more than this astonishing fact, a study of lichens reveals many other surprises, including examples of their extreme hardiness, the myriad of uses to which they are often put, and the fascination they once inspired in a beloved literary f

hi guess the tv show: pic quiz

if you're sick of playing ordinary logo quiz games, let's challenge tv shows this time. can you guess all the tv shows in the pictures? try to find out the answer now. this special quiz is from the creator of can you steal it, hi guess the brand, hi guess the food. it's well-designed like always and prepares hundreds of funny puzzles for you. i think you must want to try something fresh and special when you're tired of playing word searching, guessing brand logos or icon quiz games. this game will bring you a different and special gameplay experience. you must have watched so many tv programs, series, episodes, cartoons, movies, like gossip , modern family, the voice, britain's got talent etc. how many of them can you still remember and can you recognize all those you have watched? try

they’re so invested in belief they ignore facts

appearing on msnbc, “science guy” bill nye explained the pathology of president trump and why his administration is clamping down on government agency scientists, diagnosing the president with suffering from “cognitive dissonance.”speaking with host joy reid, the popular science educator was asked about the executive order signed by trump that critics fear will chill scientific inquiry as the trump administration substitutes “alternative facts” for peer-reviewed research.‘well, any time you’re burning fossil fuels, you authorize more pipelines, you’re headed for trouble in the big picture,” nye began. “but in the bigger picture is this thing, you know, this word we love, ‘cognitive dissonance,’ this phrase. you have a worldview that disagrees with what you observe. so you might expect, if

christmas star legend

christmas star legend is a simple match three game but it's very fun and addictive. match 3 or more same xmas items to eliminate them. starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. features: more than 300 challenging levels & many game props. nice, clean g hics and smooth game play. multiple game goals, time mode, move mode and more. the fire props can eliminate xmas items in one row. the water props can eliminate xmas items around. the ice props can unfreeze the frozen xmas items. easy to play, but hard to game master.

trump’s fear of ‘cognitive dissonance’ is why he is shutting down government sci

appearing on msnbc, “science guy” bill nye explained the pathology of president trump and why his administration is clamping down on government agency scientists, diagnosing the president with suffering from  “cognitive dissonance.”speaking with host joy reid, the popular science educator was asked about the executive order signed by trump that critics fear will chill scientific inquiry as the trump administration substitutes “alternative facts” for peer-reviewed research.‘well, any time you’re burning fossil fuels, you authorize more pipelines, you’re headed for trouble in the big picture,” nye began. “but in the bigger picture is this thing, you know, this word we love, ‘cognitive dissonance,’ this phrase. you have a worldview that disagrees with what you observe. so you might expect, if

pulitzer-prize winning p og her jack dykinga reflects on his career: digital p o

jack dykinga's career started in p ojournalism during the civil rights movement in the us during the 1960's and 70's. despite winning a pulitzer prize during his tenure at the chicago sun-times, he's never allowed himself to get too comfortable with one style. he later shifted his focus to fine art and landscape p og hy, a career move that's not too common among p ojournalists.he's now offering a retrospective on his unique career in his book 'a p og her's life'. his recent interview with resource travel also reveals some interesting insights. he has this to say about finding success in any field of p og hy:'i’m a tried and true pro and i know exactly what ons to push and what i need to do to capture the story, but it still boils down to your impression, your curiosity, what it is that piq

top tips on training your brain to be creative

creativity is one of the most vital aspects of life. were it not for people’s creativity, we would not have the internet or smartphones or even the car that we drive to work.think about all of life’s necessities that exist because of human innovation and you can see just how important it is that we all encourage and train our minds to be creative. you may never be a world leader in innovation but you may just be able to come up with a great fundraising idea for a charity you support or a fresh marketing strategy for your business.the great thing about creativity is that you can develop it. yes, there are people who are more naturally adept at being creative but even if this does not apply to you, there are still strategies which exist that can help you to be more creative in the way that y


urbaner is your simple neighborhood event finder. it finds interesting things happening around you, provides detailed information about each event, and displays it all on an interactive map. you can look through an entire city to find the perfect event in minutes. from bar gatherings to chess tournaments, jogging clubs to dance parties, urbaner brings you what is going on in the city right now. if you've recently moved to a new city or find yourself sitting at home on a nice day, you'll find urbaner helpful. just search the map for something cool and save it with the tap of a finger. you'll be experiencing new things and making friends in mere hours. features. interactive map display: see everything happening near you on an interactive map. detailed event info: read about events without

offroad truck rally driving 3d

do you remember what the most fascinating thing in your childhood was? that thing was our toys i guess. we are bringing you back to your childhood in this wonderful offroad truck rally driving game. it's time to conquer hills and mountains with these little toy cars in a beautiful hilly 3d environment. you have to drive, park and perform little stunts within this game. you will be given different missions in each level you have to perform these tasks within limited time frame. on completion of each mission, you will be awarded with a specific amount. you have the option to choose among multiple toys trucks. in start only one truck will be unlocked, you can unlock other vehicles with earned amount. in this off-road simulation game, your driving and parking skills will be tested. along wi


overlooking the water. vancouver, canada. by gavin bird.advertisementjpgs is a p o peek into wherever gamers might find interesting. if you’re a p og her and have images you want to share, drop us a line! 

why abortion kills a person even if you don’t think the unborn are people yet

when i was 21, someone stole my coat. at that moment, i be e an ardent supporter of the pro-life movement. you might say that i have committed the logical fallacy of the non sequitur. i would say that you have committed the intellectual failure of lacking curiosity, for you have failed to ask why losing a coat would make me oppose abortion.if you had been at least a little curious, and asked me what it was about the coat, i would have replied that there was nothing about the coat’s absence as such that swayed me, but rather that my coat contained my wallet, and my wallet contained two things: a fair amount of money, and an old, many-kissed p o o aulish l i was once very fond equals potentialcuriously, i felt i had lost something of value in both the money and the picture. the valu

how likely we are to get hit by a giant asteroid, the evolution of recorded , an

gif this week we’re talking about logo changes—and if anyone ever actually likes them, how likely we are to get hit by a giant asteroid, the evolution of recorded from wax cylinders to mp3s, and 25 years of powerbooks, ibooks, and macbooks. advertisementwelcome to life er’s monday brain buffet, a series where we round up interesting, informative, and thought-provoking podcasts, interviews, articles, and other media that will teach you something new, inspire you, and hopefully start your week off on the right foot. what was the last logo change people actually liked?so mozilla has a new logo and new branding. good for them! it may not have been received very wellaround the web, and sure, it certainly warrants criticism. however, when we saw the new logo over here at life er hq, we asked our

how likely we are to get hit by a giant asteroid, the evolution of recorded , an

gif this week we’re talking about logo changes—and if anyone ever actually likes them, how likely we are to get hit by a giant asteroid, the evolution of recorded from wax cylinders to mp3s, and 25 years of powerbooks, ibooks, and macbooks. advertisementwelcome to life er’s monday brain buffet, a series where we round up interesting, informative, and thought-provoking podcasts, interviews, articles, and other media that will teach you something new, inspire you, and hopefully start your week off on the right foot. what was the last logo change people actually liked?so mozilla has a new logo and new branding. good for them! it may not have been received very wellaround the web, and sure, it certainly warrants criticism. however, when we saw the new logo over here at life er hq, we asked our

amateur hyperloop designers face off this weekend on spacex’s mile-long test tra

spacex may not be interested in actually designing and making a real hyperloop — it’s hard to tell how serious anyone is about the idea — but it is happy to promote plucky young engineers who’d like to try their hand at this interesting engineering problem. this weekend is a major event in the hyperloop pod competition in which 30 teams from all over the world will test scale models of their pods in a mile-long test track in california.the competition started in 2015, and 1200 teams entered initially. that was whittled down to 120 pod designs evaluated in early 2016, and of those, 30 were selected to come to the test track this of the top 30 is a student-run team from the university of washington, which unveiled their quarter-scale pod at an event in seattle last week. a series

cat sleds down a hill

maru is one cute cat, the thing can practically be a model. watch as it sleds down a snowy japanese hill in this video.full story at youtube.more cute cats. posted by josh urich

ninja panda jumper

the ninja panda is waiting your help in this exciting jump tap game that requires great timely taps and reflexes. it is one of the most entertaining adventure games you will play this year. this jumper may glue you to your device because of the cool g hics and amazing gameplay. combination of action, jumping & adventure. ninja panda is an action game that have all the elements including story, effect, sound and g hics to become one of the best games in 2016. you will really feel like you are in another world. master the side jumps, and try to become master kung fu. tap game that you will be surely addicted to and entertained by. action, jumping and adventure in one. enjoy the journey. in this tap game, the story is aboutthe adventure of ninja panda to save his friend (chipmunk team)

people try to t huge bug, get nasty surprise

this video is a lesson in why you shouldn’t mess with creatures you don’t fully understand. it was probably neat for these people to watch this bug go crazy and get over the marker t , but when the thing took flight right into their faces they weren’t laughing so hard.full story at youtube.more humor. posted by josh urich

interesting thing of the day

in his 1850 novel the black tulip, french author alexandre dumas (père) describes a competition, initiated by the dutch city of haarlem in the 1670s, in which 100,000 florins (150 florins being the average yearly income at the time) would be given to the first person who could grow a black tulip. although dumas’s story is fictional, it is based on a very real phenomenon that took place in the netherlands in the early 17th century.between 1634 and 1637, the netherlands (then called the united provinces) saw the rise and fall of many fortunes due to an intense period of tulip trading. now described as tulipomania, it involved the wild overvaluation of certain types of tulip, leading to the eventual crash of the inflated might seem strange that tulips inspired such an economic frenz

samsung galaxy s8 likely to come with same era specs as s7: digital p og hy revi

more than six months ago the upcoming samsung flagship smartphone galaxy s8 was rumored to come with a dual- setup. now, that we are much closer to the actual launch of the device, it's looking more and more like those rumors were unfounded. today a major leak, via the usually very reliable evan bl (a.k.a @evleaks), has revealed that the s8's era specification will indeed be very similar to its predecessor s7: a 12mp sensor and f1.7 aperture in the main era and 8mp with f1.7 at the front. the latter has an iris scanner next to it, like we've already seen it on the now discontinued galaxy note 7. there is no talk of ois but we'd be surprised if it would not be included. there will be a new visual search function that uses the era, though. the technology will be able to identify objects and

sidelined gronk still easy to find

houston — while his patriots teammates are dealing with the business of trying to win another super bowl, rob gronkowski is handling business of another sort.the sidelined tight end produced and starred in an online tv series that basically is "shark tank for jocks." and while gronk can be an overwhelming force on the football field, he's something of a novice at the television game.sure, he and his brothers, both of whom spent time in the nfl, worked in the family business growing up. but football was their, gronk is spreading his enterprising wings with the wednesday night "mvp" series on verizon's go90 mobile tv network . the program offers an inside look at how sports stars such as antonio brown, kevin durant and pro football hall of famer marshall faulk get connected with

5 songs to stream this week: thundercat and more

every week, there are thousands of new songs hitting the airwaves — and it’s just too much for your two ears to handle. with all those options, you can’t be wasting your time on tracks that deserve a thumbs-down click.but don’t worry, we’re going to save you the h le. we listen to some of the most-hyped and interesting songs each week, and tell you which are worthy of your precious listening time.more: spotify may upgrade its free account to give users more on-demand streaminghere are our top 5 songs to stream this week. also, don’t forget to subscribe to our spotify page for a playlist of our weekly picks, which can also be found at the bottom of this post.thundercat — show you the waythe shimmering sounds of ’70s soul blend well with the layered vocals that the los angeles b ist-turned-f

friendly for facebook might be the app you and your business need

image: jack wallen so many businesses, small and large, use facebook. it has always been a great way to connect your business with clients and, in some cases, gage the needs of consumers or prospective clients. it's far from perfect, but when used correctly, it can be effective.thing is, when facebook decided to isolate messenger from the official facebook app, en m e, people opted out of using the tool. since then, the official facebook app has added feature after feature that, for many, has lessened the experience and, in some cases, stripped the official app of reliability and efficiency.more about mobilitythat's where apps like friendly for facebook come in. this particular take on the venerable facebook, built as an extension of the light facebook mobile website, is a stellar solutio

new zealand dad schools us in how to properly play dress-up

step one, put dignity on shelf.step two, engage them on their level.come to think of it, you don’t even need kids to put on a cape and play the part of poo-man. it might be just the thing to take your mind off the world for a few precious moments.full story at youtube via laughing squid.super dad to the rescue! posted by kate rinsema

watch: rod stewart was super-drunk doing scottish cup draw

rod stewart’s was invited to do the scottish club draw after his favorite club, celtic, a nced to the fifth round of the tournament, and he was pretty animated in doing so.stewart had clearly had a few drinks during the game, and it’s a good thing that all he had to do was pick up rubber balls, because it’s hard to see him doing more complicated tasks, at least in that state.

free mobdro reference guide

welcome. this is a tutorial and guide application mobdro. you know mobdro is an application for streaming movies, tv shows, documentaries, sports and other content on android. mobdro is an application that finds free video streams online on your android phone or tablet. you can get this application on computers & laptops also. it searches the web continuously for latest video streams, movies, tv sport and uploads it on application instantly. from live news streams to your favorite sporting channels, and to multi- language content this application is a must. this mobdro reference app will provide you every tutorial you need for various devices with installation guides. please take a look at below navigation for more tutorials of mobdro free app. mobdro app has various interesting fea

interesting thing of the day

well, i’ve got some good news and some bad news. the good news is that there may be an elegant solution on the horizon to the gigantic problem of garbage—and not just the kind that gets dumped in landfills, but sewage, too, along with agricultural wastes, used tires, and just about everything else. more good news: we might get to reduce dependence on foreign oil and pay less for gasoline in the process. the bad news? forget about those electric cars or increased fuel efficiency; abandon hope of seeing your city skyline again—this solution, if it works, will keep internal combustion engines running forever.what many investors are hoping will be the next big thing is a technology called the thermal depolymerization process, or tdp for short. this patented process is being developed by changi

no. 4 mississippi state beats texas a&m 71-61

starkville, miss. — victoria vivians scored 18 points, teaira mccowan and morgan william each had 10 and no. 4 mississippi state beat texas a&m 71-61 on sunday.mississippi state (21-1, 7-1 southeastern conference) bounced back from its lone loss of the season against no. 5 south carolina on monday.the aggies made things interesting in the fourth quarter, pulling to 55-50 with 6:31 remaining, but the bulldogs responded with four straight points and texas a&m never made another serious run. curtyce knox led the aggies with 20 points, and danni williams added 15.texas a&m (15-6, 5-3) led 20-15 in the first quarter after hitting 7 of 11 s s, including all three of its 3-point attempts. mississippi state recovered in a hurry in the second quarter, pushing ahead 41-29 by halftime.big

sony xperia xa (2017) stars in a new video leak

if you recall, not too long ago, a number of renders leaked of successor (to be named) of the sony xperia xa. the easiest way to tell is the positioning of the front-facing era, as well as the usb-c port, and those corners with the funky design at around 01:36.paired with some interesting , the video by techlover hd is about 2 minutes long and shows the purported sony handset which carries the model number 'g3121'.the video shows a prototype of the aforementioned model in various angles, and a few menu screens that show its model number, android version, and its january 5 security patch.with a live video leak like this, it’s only a matter of time before sony officially announces more information about the xperia xa successor. this is expected to happen at mwc in about a month or so from to

square encourages apple pay payments with processing credit

square partnered with apple for a promotion when customers use apple pay. starting today, square merchants won’t pay any processing fee for the first $12,000 in apple pay transactions — that represents around $350 in addition to this promotion, sellers can also get a free marketing kit (with apple pay stickers probably) and training materials to tell employees how apple pay works. you’ll need square’s chip credit card reader that also support contactless payments, such as apple pay and android the press release, square hardware lead jesse dorogusker says that apple is involved with this partnership. “anything we can do to make a seller’s experience faster and safer, including working with apple to encourage apple pay usage, is an investment worth making,” dorogusker’

astonishingly absorbent towel / boing boing

i take at least two daily showers and have problems with cotton towels getting damp, smelly, and yucky because they can’t dry quickly enough in the hours between. i recently turned to an item i’ve had for a year and used for the opposite intended purpose — the ergodyne chill-its is designed to keep someone cool on a day by absorbing a lot of water and evaporating gradually. but, since it’s moisture-absorbent, it can also be used for the effectively inverse purpose: get you dry fast!report this adbegone, caveman towels! the chill-its is made of reputedly nasa-friendly pva, so consider it a space-age material. it’s extremely compact (and i do wish for a larger surface version because reaching behind my back can be hard), but you may very well feel amazed when such a small thing (it rolls up

southland's leo santa cruz, mikey garcia poised to lead new era in boxing

floyd mayweather jr. and conor mcgregor keep mutually pushing for a pay-per-view boxing match that faces obstacles but would generate m ive sales.“i have my eyes on one thing and that’s floyd mayweather,” ufc lightweight champion mcgregor said in a pay-per-view interview urday in england.... (lance pugmire)

interesting thing of the day

team sports don’t hold much appeal for me, with the notable exception of volleyball. i don’t know exactly why that is, but it may have something to do with the lack of violence in the way the game is played. there’s no tackling, tripping, checking, or jostling between players on opposing teams, just the graceful lobbing or purposeful spiking of the ball over the net. other sports, such as tennis and badminton, have the same appeal, but i like the aspect of team cooperation that is so essential to a good volley.i once played on a volleyball team and enjoyed it greatly; that is, except for the bruises on my forearms caused by excessive bumping, the aches in my jammed fingers from setting the ball, and the s es on my knees from my unsuccessful attempts to keep the ball off the floor. i’ve alw

interesting thing of the day

for those who live in wintry climates, it can sometimes seem like spring will never arrive. around the beginning of march in the upper northern hemisphere there is a palpable restlessness, an eagerness to shed winter clothing and begin planting spring gardens. at the northern latitude in which i grew up, winter would often linger into april, if not longer, and the sight of snow, which once seemed so novel in the fall, be e unbearable.amongst these wintry places, however, there are regions where spring can arrive suddenly in the middle of january, but retreat just as suddenly. one such region, an area encomp ing the southern half of the canadian province of alberta, along with parts of montana and the dakotas, is subject to a unique meteorological process that can cause this type of extreme

emma stone's f-bomb among off- era antics at sag awards

los angeles — actors obviously love the era, but some of the most delightful and insightful moments at sunday's screen actors guild awards didn't make the show. here's a look at some of the fun from behind the scenes:___the statuethe sag awards statuette is the heaviest of hollywood's awards season — a full 3½ pounds weightier than the oscar. every actor who receives one remarks on its heft.but william h. macy, matthew modine and "orange is the new black" actress blair brown made some more detailed observations about the actor trophy."it's odd that he has no mouth," macy said thoughtfully as he inspected the award he won for his comedic performance in "shameless." ''you'd think it would be a big mouth."brown noted the statuette's defined anatomy, including his perky posterior and pronounce

interesting thing of the day

back in the mid-19th century, a certain naturalist, having spent a great deal of time sailing around the world, collecting and documenting animal specimens, and thinking very hard about why certain species turned out the way they did, e up with a notion that was—and in some quarters, still is—considered heretical: the idea of survival of the fittest, or as it is more properly known, natural selection. that description may evoke the name charles darwin, but it could apply equally to one of his contemporaries, alfred russel could argue, in fact, argue that wallace was the true originator of the idea for which darwin was to become famous. the two were at least working on the same general problem at the same time though in different parts of the world, and wallace’s discoveries pro