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books on conservatism and rural whites up for lukas prize

new york (ap) — jane mayer’s “dark money” and zachary roth’s “the great suppression” are among several works about the modern conservative movement and rural whites that are on the short list for the j. anthony lukas book prize.other nominees announced tuesday are arlie russell hochschild’s “strangers in their own land,” nancy isenberg’s “white trash” and gary younge’s “another day in the death of america.” the $10,000 prize is named for the late investigative journalist whose books included the pulitzer prize-winning “common ground.” the award is co-administered by the columbia university graduate school of journalism and nieman foundation for journalism at harvard university and is given for literary excellence and “social concern.”columbia’s journalism school and the nieman foundation a

trump's solar tariff could cost local jobs

the trump administration on monday announced it would slap costly tariffs on imported solar technology, drawing ire from bay area solar companies who rely on the parts for solar panels, and homeowners who worry that the costs of converting to green energy will spiral.administration officials framed the 30 percent tariffs as a way to protect domestic manufacturers and take a more aggressive stance toward china, which produces a number of the photovoltaic cells and modules that go into solar panels.start your day with the news you need from the bay area and beyond. sign up for our new morning report weekday newsletter.but local businesses, state officials and industry groups say u.s. manufacturers can’t keep pace and fear the move could slow the adoption of renewable energy, raise the price

12 books to read for understanding, community building, resistance and action

this week the country will inaugurate a new president, a man who ran on a platform of deporting immigrants, registering muslims, draining the “swamp” of politics and bringing back big-factory jobs to impoverished areas of the country. some of you are thrilled; some of you are horrified. some of you will watch the inauguration with delight; others will march in protest.either way, it is abundantly clear that we have become a deeply divided country. and either way, books are crucial. thoughtful books help us understand how we got here, who we are and how we might make a difference. books can bridge the are 12 to read for contemplation, understanding, resistance and action in this brave new world.“confident pluralism,” by john inazu. this country no longer has one clear majority. joh