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ny man won’t take down ‘trump – burn in hell’ halloween decorations after neighb

a new york man has set off a firestorm in his neighborhood by placing a fake corpse next to a gravestone stating, “trump — burn in hell,” leading one trump-boosting neighbor to tell him to go back to his country.according to usa today, the decoration gracing the home in cortlandt, new york is so offensive that some local trump fans want the decoration taken down — and the homeowner booted for the community.the report states that the tombstone is one of five on the lawn belonging to fabian vergara, a native of ecuador who lives in the house with his wife and two of their children.according to vergara, he put it up as a joke, saying, “i’m doing it for fun. i like halloween, so i don’t see anything wrong with that. it’s a free country.”neighbor theresa gucciardo-perry disagrees, saying she is

president trump ‘burn in hell’ and dead body halloween display angers neighborho

share thistagsdonald trumpfirst amendmentfree speechhalloweenhalloween safetyhate speechmexicopresident trumpraciststrange newstombstoneweird newsa halloween display involving a donald trump tombstone and a fake corpse has created a volatile situation in a cortlandt neighborhood in new york. poor taste and a debate over free speech pushed the story into the headlines.the cross lane home has decorations on the lawn set up to denigrate president trump, with his name above the phrase “burn in hell” and a body in plastic wrap behind the caution tape.theresa gucciardo-perry, who lives around the corner on edgewood road, spoke to the press, claiming that she was so disgusted by the setup that she called cortlandt officials to see if the town could force vergara to remove the display.“i want to k