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10 bee-friendly flowers to grow from seed

even if you don’t have a huge yard, a pot or two of these easy to grow flowers will lend our struggling bee population a hand.learn what to grow and how to grow them in this infographic from fairmont.via fairmont.gardeninginfographics. posted by kate rinsema

little figure grow valley download

download download grow valley is the sequel to grow games. what do you do when you find yourself the owner of a big empty valley? well, you could call in a bunch of real estate developers, i suppose, and file all the necessary paperwork to have the land appropriately zoned before calling in all the inspectors for wiring and so forth. or you could just hire a bunch of teeny-tiny people to do it for you. in this adorable game, puzzle out the correct order of things to make your valley grow and thrive as big as possible. aim of this grow game is to figure out how to get the perfect score with the right sequence. click the 7 panels with your mouse in your selected order and find the 2 endings. in order to beat grow valley, you need to upgrade all the systems in the game completely. you can onl

wiz khalifa's weed farm download

download download to be the greatest, you gotta learn from the greatest. in the post-prohibition world of weed farming, elevated entrepreneur wiz khalifa teaches you how to plant, grow, and harvest the finest herb on earth in this epic new game. follow in wiz khalifa's footsteps as you build your own weed empire from the ground up. tap to plant and grow quality kush for your clients- swipe to get your weed to market and get your paper up- invest your profits to expand your grow operation- boost your harvest with hydroponics and led grow lights- find friends on facebook and grow the best buds with your best buds- level up to unlock accessories and rare mystery strainsplease note that wiz khalifa's weed farm is free to download and play. some in-game items are available for purchase using re

epa fines colorado hydroponics shop for sale of unlabeled pesticides – the denve

a colorado grow-supply business is paying a federal fine because of its pesticide packaging.grow depot, a northglenn hydroponics and indoor gardening store at 970 w. 104th ave., was cited and fined by the u.s. environmental protection agency for allegedly repacking and selling unlabeled pesticides, the agency announced’s the first time the epa has penalized a colorado grow shop for unlabeled pesticides, officials say.grow depot agreed to pay a $27,500 penalty and stop the sale of unregistered pesticides as part of a settlement the full story on the cannabist.

cloudponics download

download download the cloudponics grow app allows users to control the grobox device, which automated the process of growing plants at home with maximum convenience and none of the hassle. the grow app is designed for both expert growers and first time growers, simplifying the process of growing from seed to harvest. the user is able to automate the complex process of growing indoors with hydroponics by setting grow recipes for their specific plant strain (can be default or custom made). these grow recipes include nutrient dosing and concentration, ph balance, watering, air temperature, humidity, light schedule, among other variables, which change on a weekly basis until the plant is ready for harvest.

growing download

download download most people would love to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs for use in their kitchen but just don't know where to start. the growing app will help you choose what to grow regardless of how much space you have, making growing produce no longer a dream but a reality. a to z produce reference growing guide which has detailed information on: best varieties to grow- how to grow- how to care- how to harvest- issues that may occur- companion planting- preparation and cooking- crop rotation group- schedule calendar- detailed photographthe app currently contains 30 vegetable growing guides but will be updated to have all vegetables, fruit and herbs. the app will also have the following features: 'what to plant now section'- garden log, detailing what is currently planted

hydroponic system download

download download make sure the planting medium shaft enough so water and nutrients can be absorbed by plant roots but also sturdy enough to sustain hydroponic plants. stages how to grow hydroponic. information on how to grow hydroponics is simple and can be done in your home. hydroponics is a method or farming techniques using non-soil or growing media other than soil. media hydroponic plants can be roasted husks, cocopeat, sand-gravel rockwool and other lan. how to grow hydroponics can be done anywhere on the home page of your example, the container can use any pots, drums, cans of paint or even a bottle of mineral traces.

planting cassava and yams using only primitive tech

just in case civilization goes south––which doesn’t seem so far fetched nowadays––you’ll want to be able to grow food. here’s how to grow yams and cassava without any tech whatsoever.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

mr. forthright's advice on how to grow taller

if you’ve ever heard the advice, “listen to your elders,” this probably isn’t the time to start.despite our advice, mr. forthright has a word or two to say on how to grow’s about as valuable as grandma’s on how to catch a feller.full story at youtube via laughing squid.seniorhumor. posted by kate rinsema

limit marijuana grows in residential areas

of the 28 states that have legalized marijuana for adults or patients, 12 ban home cultivation and no other state allows people to grow more than 16 plants in their homes.there is no true limit in colorado.a medical marijuana patient can get a doctor’s permission to grow as many as 99 plants. a caregiver can grow the plants for numerous patients in their own homes with no hard limit.on the recreational side, the constitution promises individuals can grow no more than six marijuana plants with three or fewer being mature, flowering plants. but a house with five roommates expands that to 30 plants in a house, and some stretch the law even further and co-op their plants into mega-grows.colorado should not tolerate this behavior.lawmakers should pass house bill 1220, which would limit grows in

world bank: philippine economy to grow close to 7%

manila, philippines — the world bank says the philippines will remain a top performer in east asia, with its economy forecast to grow close to 7 percent in the next three years.a bank report released tuesday said the economy is projected to grow 6.9 percent this year and next, and 6.8 percent in 2019, with government's implementation of planned infrastructure projects to spur additional business activity, create more jobs and increase household consumption and poverty reduction.the report said the poverty rate fell to 21.6 percent in 2015 from 25.2 percent in 2012 thanks to higher employment, low inflation and improved incomes.

world bank: philippine economy to grow close to 7%

manila, philippines (ap) — the world bank says the philippines will remain a top performer in east asia, with its economy forecast to grow close to 7 percent in the next three years.a bank report released tuesday said the economy is projected to grow 6.9 percent this year and next, and 6.8 percent in 2019, with government’s implementation of planned infrastructure projects to spur additional business activity, create more jobs and increase household consumption and poverty reduction.the report said the poverty rate fell to 21.6 percent in 2015 from 25.2 percent in 2012 thanks to higher employment, low inflation and improved incomes.

wolfify - be a werewolf

wolfify. become a werewolf. transform any selfie into a growling, howling, snapping, snarling werewolf. you will grow wolf fangs that are just as alluring as they are ferocious, get battle scars you can wear with pride, and grow facial hair that perfectly expresses your inner wolf. hawooooo. he/she-wolf? select either "he-wolf" or "she-wolf" forms, and progress from "wolf cub" to "alpha wolf" forms as you distinguish yourself from the pack. grow your pack - easily share p os via mms, instagram facebook, twitter, and email. who will you bite? join us - @apptly on instagram. warning: don't use wolfify in the moonlight. (just kidding. you'll be fine).

clothes that grow with your child win dyson prize

clothes that grow with your child have won the uk's annual james dyson prize for innovation.the prototype garments fit children aged between six months and three years, and were created by engineering graduate ryan yasin. his creation is now being considered for a worldwide prize.

grow nutritious microgreens and herbs fast with the ecoqube frame

why it matters to you not everyone has space to grow fresh vegetables. the ecoqube frame offers a fast way to grow nutritious greens without taking up much space.despite the growing trend to eat fresh, healthy ingredients, a majority of people never grow their own food. that’s not surprising. these days, many people are too busy or have too little space to grow anything. ecoqube has developed a way to solve this problem.its solution is the ecoqube frame, a vertical garden that grows nutritious microveggies fast and easy. it’s built to be a low-maintenance, living decoration that grows microveggies in just over a week.more: become an urban farmer with the new herbert hydroponic vertical gardendue to its vertical design, the frame can fit on a shelf, table, or countertop without limiting spa

think and grow rich (n. hill) download

download download think and grow rich (by napoleon hill) is presented by made for success. this standalone audiobook app combines a professional audio recording with supplemental features for download-once, grab-and-go anywhere enjoyment. think and grow rich is the 1937 masterpiece that remains a major influence on all motivational teachings to this day. think and grow rich is a motivational personal development and self-help book by napoleon hill, written to follow up on and summarize the teachings of his 1928 multi-volume, the law of success. his research started when andrew carnegie (the steel tycoon who was then the richest man on earth) gave him the assignment of organizing a philosophy of personal achievement. napoleon hill, who was a poor journalist, armed with just an introductory

understanding your personality: discover how to grow using the rule of four

the ‘rule of four’ has been around for centuries. the first recorded reference to it was empedocles’ four elements — earth, air, fire and water — which he related to the mythical gods that ruled the world 444 years b.c. hippocrates, the great greek physician, developed his thinking around the ‘4 humors’ which are the […] the post understanding your personality: discover how to grow using the rule of four appeared first on dumb little man.

wildfire could grow to 500 acres, threaten homes

san jose — a wildfire in the foothills southeast of san jose could grow to 500 acres and threaten homes, according to kgo-tv.the fire was reported monday afternoon near san felipe and metcalf roads.evacuations have been ordered for the 8000 block of san felipe road, according to kgo-tv.check back for updates.

vital signs that your business could be headed for the rocks | the global dispat

share thistagsbusinessbusiness coachbusiness newscost controldebtdebt crisisgrow your businesshow to grow businesstexasthe lincoln lawyermany people earn a living by running a business or are being employed to work in a business premises. businesses exist in different stages including start-ups, small  ventures, medium sized, and the huge ones that are considered to be highly successful. every business has to start from somewhere and grow to become a force to reckon with in the business world. the problem is that there are those that fail miserably immediately after they are set up, and others grow only to stagnate at a certain point while a few grow to become huge only to crumble down after a while. this shows that although anyone can start a business at any point and time, it is only a s

the garden planner download

download download save the time and effort trying to figure out when and how to plant your garden with the garden planner. simply tell us which zone you live in, which crops you want to grow and we will give you a schedule of when to plant and harvest. note: (the dates for planting in this app are for seeding only, if you are buying the plants pre-grown just add around 2-3 weeks to the plant date in the app to know when to go buy them. the harvest date will be the same for pre-grown or seeded plants. also the list of crops may not have all plants available, since this is v1 the list will grow over time, currently we have the most popular crop choices for home grown gardens. ) we also provide you with detailed instructions on how to grow, take care of, and harvest each crop you are trying download

download download grind your way through the horde of other players to the top of the leaderboards. absorb smaller blocks around you to fortify your cluster, and better your chances against other players in pvp clashes. trapped in a world where blocks are food and big spinning blocks are enemies. your goal is to grow as large as you can by consuming blocks scattered around the map while avoiding, or killing other players. spin your mass to strategically grow or just cruise around growing your crazy shape.

alibaba says revenue could grow 49%; shares jump

alibaba group holding said its annual revenue in fiscal 2018 could grow as much as 49%, sending its shares 11% higher in early trading thursday.the hangzhou-based company’s chief financial officer maggie wu said at the firm’s investor conference earlier that day that revenue growth would accelerate as its e-commerce unit would benefit from offering consumers more tailored shopping experiences and benefit from its data technology...

growing organic vegetables download

download download grow your own organic vegetables from garden organic is a handy, quick-reference tool, providing tips and advice for all those who want to start growing organic vegetables. "grow your own organic vegetables" is ideal for those with no experience who want to start organic gardening. it makes a useful quick reference tool for more experienced gardeners and is also recommended for children, the gardeners of the future. written by experts at the forefront of organic horticulture for over 50 years - for all gardeners, everywhere. "grow your own organic vegetables" is divided into two main sections, get started and grow veg: get started. tips for growing organic including: composting. use of organically grown seeds. encouraging wildlife that feed on pests. mulching. conservatio

global economies grow in sync

for the first time in a decade, the world’s major economies are growing in sync, a result of lingering low-interest-rate stimulus from central banks and the gradual fading of crises that over years ricocheted from the u.s. to greece, brazil and beyond. all 45 countries tracked by the organization for economic cooperation and development are on track to grow this year, and 33 of them are poised to accelerate from a year ago, according to the oecd. it is the first time since 2007 that all are growing and the most countries...

starbucks plans its 3rd u.s. roastery in chicago

the showplace will be part of its push to grow at the high end of the coffee business.starbucks will open its sixth roastery — its third in the u.s. — on chicago’s magnificent mile in 2019.the company is counting on these large, premium roasteries/cafes/bakeries to grow its presence on the high end of the coffee business.its first roastery opened in seattle in 2014; additional locations are planned for shanghai, new york, milan and tokyo over the next two years.

canon admits it has ‘a ton of room to grow’ in video, eyes lower-end 4k cameras

canon recently shed some light on why it has been slow to adopt 4k, saying that it “obviously” is looking at bringing the feature to lower-end cameras, but it is taking a cautious approach. the post canon admits it has ‘a ton of room to grow’ in video, eyes lower-end 4k cameras appeared first on digital trends.

select tools to grow with your business: hyperwallet

australian businesses use on average six to 10 cloud-based tools for a variety of functions such as customer relationship management, code storage, and team collaboration, according to a recent study by payments technology company stripe.but the tools businesses use often vary depending on the stage of growth they are in, and evolve over time.zdnet spoke with simon banks, managing director at hyperwallet asia pacific and japan, about the importance of choosing tools that can grow as the business grows.

bodybuilding food download

download download do you want to grow more defined muscles and look like a roman sculpture? this app is perfect for you. protein is the building block of muscle. for a person get their muscles grow, one must consume high protein and balanced diet. protein also aids in fat burning and reducing hunger. this app has a complete list of top muscle building foods. bodybuilder users can use this app as their guide in making a nutrition plan for bodybuilding. all recipes in this app are carefully chosen to ensure that users can reach their protein requirement and eat healthy for bodybuilding. app goal: to provide simple and easy bodybuilding food recipes for people who wants to get big and grow their muscles. features: meat based recipes- pork, beef and chicken- seafood recipes- tilapia, octopus a

boston cape verdean sda church download

download download at boston cape verdean sda, we are a church that exists to develop: intimacy with god - we want to help you and your family grow spiritually to obtain a closer walk with jesus christ. fellowship with believers - we want you to be able to experience the great music, encouraging messages, friendly people and enjoyable atmosphere. influence with our community - we want this community to grow and flourish in god's grace so we aim to make an impact in the lives of the people in this community.

tiny chef download

download download want to grow rich? can you tap fast enough? click - tap - cook your way to millions, billions, trillions and more. build an empire of restaurants, hire the best chefs and make the most desirable treats to become a cooking tycoon. why play tiny chef? super easy gameplay. the more you tap, the bigger your restaurants, the better your chefs, the grander your empire. tap & build. build a chain of restaurants, hire all kinds of chefs, make more and more money. upgrade & grow. plan your investments, level up your restaurants, hire michelin star chefs, grow your cooking empire. unique visuals. tap to summon your army of chefs that makes all kinds of treats in your restaurants empire. what are you waiting for? becoming a cooking tycoon is only seconds away. your empire awaits. al

creating a garden that never stops growing

one busy spring doesn't have to ruin your gardening ambitions for the entire year if instead of opting for the usual setup, you choose the permaculture route. the post creating a garden that never stops growing appeared first on holy kaw!.

burien startup phytelligence avoids getting dirty with its tree-growing technolo

the biotech startup has developed a way for trees, most commonly fruit trees, to grow during their early days in a nutrient rich gel.trees generally grow in soil, but a burien biotech startup thinks they just might grow better in gel.phytelligence has developed a way for trees, most commonly fruit trees, to grow during their early days in a nutrient rich gel. it provides a sterile environment to cut down on viruses that might attack the plant and to make sure that all trees of one variety are uniform.orchards can be a risky business that take a long time to reach fruition — often taking 10 years, said phytelligence ceo ken hunt. trees grown in soil and sold to farmers can also become damaged during transplanting.phytelligence’s technology aims to cut down on tree-mortality rates and make i

make amazing flowers download

download download make and grow flowers by carefully selecting flower seeds. familiar characters such as little red riding hood, count dracula, and wolf come to shop your flowers. when you see their smiles it makes you happy and you want to make more flowers. this app does not have any in-app purchases and third party advertising. features: learn the structure of the society without words. provide instinctive user interface with illustrations. unique 30 kinds of flowers are available including animal and ice cream shaped flowers. no in-app purchases and no advertisement for safetymenus: grow flowers - choose a seed and grow it into your favorite shape. fertilize and water. treat and grow flowers like real one. weather changes. learn different weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, rainy

island escape farm tycoon download

download download manage your own small farm. grow plants in the garden. at first, it is necessary to dig the garden bed, then choose a plant. wait a little and it will grow up. growing plants in the game is much easier than farming in real life. reach new levels and unlock new plants. every next plant is more interesting and valuable. control your garden beds. only you choose what you will plant on your farm. cook different dishes. everything that you have grown could be used. cooked dishes have higher value than ingredients by itself. explore the tropical island. for survival it is very important to know what is around. turn prepared dishes into food sets so that you can easily take them away. send expeditions to search necessary objects on the island. food can be not only grown but also

when i grow up

join little critter's sister in this interactive book app as she envisions all the wonderful things she'll do when she grows up. explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read. her aspirations to be a great ballerina, a courageous fire chief, a world-famous doctor, and more will inspire young readers to think about what they'd like to be when they grow up. explore when i grow up - little critter: encourage literacy skills with highlighted narration- follow along with three fun ways to read. learn new vocabulary with tappable words- tap objects to hear their name read aloud play a find-the-creature mini game. can you can spot every creature throughout the story? tap to tally them up. designed for children ages 2-5. we'd love to hear from you. please

interrupted fremont burglary nets weed grow, two suspects – the mercury news

fremont — a marijuana grow was discovered inside a house that had been burglarized early tuesday and two oakland men were arrested for the break-in, police said much marijuana was found inside the house on lake mead drive was not immediately released and police did not say  how sophisticated the grow operation was.the names of the suspects, one 31 and the other 32, were not released.police were called to the house about 2:23 a.m. tuesday after a neighbor heard a loud crash, saw that the garage door of the residence had been pried open and that two men were at the house.when officers arrived they could hear movement in the house and saw signs of flashlights being used.the suspects then fled from the house and police set up a perimeter to search for them. a california highway p

richard branson to farmers: don't raise cows – grow weed

virgin group founder and billionaire sir richard branson thinks that instead of raising cows, farmers in new zealand should grow cannabis, he said in a recent interview with newshub. during a visit to the country to speak at a charity fundraiser, branson said he predicts that within the next 10 years, marijuana use will be just as acceptable as drinking wine, he told newshub. in new zealand, it is currently illegal to grow, possess or use cannabis.during the interview, branson said that the war on drugs has failed and that legalization of marijuana would be an economic benefit.“we’ve done a lot of studies on the war on drugs, and it’s been an abject failure,” branson told newshub. “what is absolutely clear to us is that drugs should be decriminalized, and people who have drug problems shou

moto g5 clears fcc with 3,000mah battery

the motorola moto g5 and g5 plus are seemingly set for a barcelona unveiling next month, but oddly it's been just the plus version that's been the star in recent rumors. well, it's the non-plus that's stopped by the fcc, for a g4the us telecom regulator has given it the green light, and even if it's typically not the most prolific source of intel, sifting through the papers you could still find a few interesting bits. for one, the g5 will support nfc - a first for the g-series (if you don't count certain regional versions of the moto g4 play, as pointed out in the comments).fcc documentation excerptsthe other thing, revealed by the fcc filing, is battery capacity - listed at 3,000mah, it's slightly less than the floating 3,100mah number for the plus. the phone will come with a