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emma gonzalez survived the florida shooting now she rsquo s taking on trump and the nra - Search

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emma gonzalez survived the florida shooting. now she’s taking on trump and

emma gonzalez, a student at marjory stoneman douglas high school, gave a passionate speech that left many calling her a hero.        

she escaped a mass shooting last year. her son survived the florida high school

annika dean survived the fort-lauderdale-hollywood international airport shooting last january. her son escaped the high school shooting on wednesday.        

rancho tehama shooting: ‘run! run! let’s go!’ man told wife be

“you know it’s a problem when i can’t just drive into town without getting shot,” troy mcfadyen says.        

why active shooter drills didn’t help in the florida high school shooting

40 states, including florida, require individual schools to perform exercises or drills to test their emergency plans.        

her grandpa survived a mass shooting; florida girl did, too

carly novell's grandfather survived a mass shooting by hiding in a closet in new jersey in 1949; on feb. 14, she hid in a closet in her high school.        

us: school shooting survivors demand stricter gun laws | news

hundreds of people rallied outside a courthouse in the us state of florida to demand stricter gun control laws in the aftermath of one of the deadliest school shootings in the country's modern history.several student survivors of this week's deadly attack in the town of parkland were among those attending saturday's rally in fort lauderdale, only 40km from the school that came under attack.holding signs that read "never again", demonstrators called on the us government to take action to prevent future violence."to every politician taking donations from the nra, shame on you!" said student emma gonzalez, who criticised donald trump for the multi-million dollar support the us president has received from the powerful gun lobby group, the national rifle association.the crowd then chanted, in t

you’re addressing your holiday cards wrong. here’s how it’s do

don't get caught wishing someone happy new year's.        

the new tax plan will make trump’s family richer, experts say. here’

“the gop plan explicitly exempts real estate investors from this, so trump doesn't have to worry.”        

the new tax plan will make trump’s family richer, experts say. here’

“the gop plan explicitly exempts real estate investors from this, so trump doesn't have to worry.”        

trump cracks down on u.s. business and travel to cuba. here’s what’s

president obama threw open the doors to cuba after 50 years of isolation, but now the trump administration is rolling that back.        

trump calls vegas shooting ‘act of pure evil’

president trump offered prayers and condolences in the wake of the las vegas mass shooting. he announced he will travel to las vegas on wednesday.        

fact check: ‘death tax’ talking point won’t die

in calling for the repeal of the estate tax, trump repeats popular myth that a farmer’s heirs often have to “sell the farm” in order to pay the tax.        

watch the exclusive first trailer for chris hemsworth’s ’12 strong&r

usa today premieres the first trailer for the upcoming movie about special forces in afghanistan after 9/11. michael shannon and michael peña co-star.        

after 2 fatalities, what's next for florida’s brightline high-speed r

the issue is a polarizing one for communities in south florida.        

the latest: thousands rally for gun control after massacre

parkland, fla. — the latest on the school shooting that killed 17 people in florida (all times local):2:10 p.m.thousands of people are gathering at a gun control rally in fort lauderdale, some 25 miles from where 17 people were shot and killed at a high school.students from the high school where the shooting took place spoke passionately during saturday's rally in front of the federal courthouse, pleading with lawmakers to change the nation's gun teen, emma gonzalez, angrily criticized politicians who take campaign contributions from the national rifle association, and challenged them to stop taking money.she also said adults who knew that the shooter was mentally ill should have done more to prevent him from having a weapon2 p.m.the shooting at a florida high school that left 17

list bans ‘fake news,’ ‘covfefe’ and ‘let me ask y

here it is: the 43rd annual list of words banished from the queen’s english for misuse, overuse and general uselessness.        

in florida, all eyes on puerto rican voters after maria

miami — javier gonzalez has joined a human tide of more than 130,000 u.s. citizens arriving in florida since hurricane maria wrecked puerto rico, grateful for a place to start over but resenting how their island has been treated since the disaster.more than a million puerto ricans — about 5 percent of florida's population — already call the state home, and given the outrage many feel over president donald trump's handling of the storm, political observers say this voting bloc could loosen the republican party's hold on this battleground state.gonzalez, 38, saw the storm destroy the restaurant he opened with his father five years ago. without power or reliable water, he became violently ill from food poisoning for three weeks. finally, he packed his bags, determined to make his future in mi

‘disturbing’ instagram posts: what nikolas cruz, suspected in florid

"he started progressively getting a little more weird," said one student, who recalled cruz posting on instagram about killing animals.        

john mccain mocks donald trump’s deferment ‘bone spurs’ (witho

sen. john mccain doesn’t have to speak donald trump’s name to excoriate him.        

what’s with thor’s short hair? ‘ragnarok’ stylist explai

luca vannella, who styled chris hemsworth's hair for the new marvel movie, explains why he cut off the thunder god's long locks.        

fact check: trump on iran’s ‘multiple violations’

in refusing to certify iran nuclear deal, trump said iran “has committed multiple violations of the agreement.” that’s not the finding of the iaea.        

the latest: florida lawmakers lament deadly school shooting

parkland, fla. — the latest on the deadly shooting at a florida high school (all times local):8:15 p.m.sen. marco rubio of florida says he is "devastated and saddened" by the deadly shooting attack on a high school in his state.the republican senator says he remains ready to assist state and local officials and "anyone impacted by this horrible tragedy." he also said in his statement wednesday that he hopes authorities can find out in coming hours and days more about why and how the killer "carried out this carnage."meanwhile, congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz of florida has also issued condolences. she called the attack in parkland, florida, "another senseless school shooting ... this time in our community."____7:50 p.m.former congresswoman gabrielle giffords says the deadly school s

high school’s american flag replaced with isis flag day after florida shoo

one of the school's walls on the east side was also spray painted with graffiti that read: "isis is comi--."        

florida day care shut down after suspected ‘hot car’ death

the florida department of children and families describes the incident as a hot car death. temperatures ranged between 91 and 93 degrees on friday in pensacola in the hours between 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.        

biden on 2020: ‘not sure it’s the appropriate thing’ to do

the roster of democrats considering a white house run has swelled well into the double-digits.        

after russian indictments, trump acknowledges russia’s election meddling b

the president insisted that the new indictments by the special counsel against russian nationals did not impact the presidential election results.        

trump: north korea’s kim jong un ‘a sick puppy’

president trump took another dig at north korean leader kim jong un wednesday, calling him "a sick puppy."        

cynthia calvillo vs. pearl gonzalez live round-by-round coverage

cynthia calvillo is undefeated professionally at 4-0 and won her ufc debut. pearl gonzalez is 6-1 and making her ufc debut.round 1. the action is a little slow early, with both fighters primarily relying on their boxing. calvillo is landing more. gonzalez goes for a takedown but calvillo blocks that and lands a big knee. they go to the ground, where calvillo locks in a triangle choke but time runs out. 10-9 calvillo.round 2. the second round begins similarly to the first. gonzalez is sort of plodding forward while calvillo is taking advantage of her superior speed in the boxing. gonzalez gets a takedown and quickly moves into mount. calvillo attempts to escape but gonzalez goes for an armbar during that process. calvillo gets out and takes top position where she is in side control position

how this small houston community survived hurricane harvey when other parts didn

a project in the clear lake neighborhood is being heralded as a solution to heavy deluges such as those from the hurricane.        

travelers’ rights: when reservations aren’t honored

although “no-shows” and bumping have always plagued the travel industry, technology has both alleviated and exacerbated the reservations process.        

concerns erupt as who names zimbabwe’s mugabe ‘goodwill ambassador&r

mugabe faces u.s. sanctions over his government’s human rights abuses.        

florida parents charged with faking son’s brain cancer for money

authorities say a florida couple lied to their 13-year-old son about having brain cancer to raise money.        

trump address on florida high school shooting

trump addresses florida high school shooting without mentioning guns trump addresses florida high school shooting without mentioning gunssee more videos

former firefighter who survived las vegas shooting loses home in california fire

a california woman who survived the las vegas shooting thought the worst was over. instead, she faced more heartbreak when returning to santa rosa.        

tom petty’s best quotes on fame, greed and the state of rock ‘n&rsqu

the rock star had plenty to say to usa today about health, wealth and the music industry.        

woman who survived nightclub massacre dies in car crash

orlando, fla. — a young woman who survived a massacre at a gay florida nightclub has been killed in a highway car crash.orlando television station wftv ( ) reported monday that 20-year-old jahqui sevilla was driving on an orlando-area highway early sunday when she lost control of her car, jumped the highway median and hit head-on an suv traveling in the opposite lanes.the florida highway patrol says a 53-year woman in the suv also was killed and three others in the suv were hospitalized with injuries not considered life-threatening.sevilla played for the orlando anarchy women's football team, which posted news of the death and its condolences on facebook.sevilla survived last year's pulse nightclub massacre that left 49 people dead — the worst mass shooting in mod

chuwi hi 10 plus tablet review-a low cost dual boot tablet with great performanc

prossleek, solid metal casing fast boot to dual os excellent keyboard and stylus optionsconstinny sounding speakers poor era resolutionthe hi10 plus from chuwi feels solid and well built, weighing in at 686g. it has a nice form factor too, slim at 8.5 mm. i like its solid metal exterior and brushed in finish. the 10.8 inch screen has a 3:2 ratio and 1920 x 1280 resolution with gen8 hd g other tablets i have reviewed out of china, this is a dual boot tablet with remix os, based on android 5.1, and windows 10. booting to the windows 10 os takes 15 seconds, booting to android takes 30 seconds. this is considerably faster than the teclast tbook 16 pro dual tablet i reviewed last month although it has the same intel x5 cherry trail z8300 processor.the hi10 comes with 4gb ram and 64gb