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the atomic hawx ultra 130 sheds the weight without losing strength

why it matters to you more a nced slopes require more control and atomic's newest boot keeps you as agile as possible.having stiff boots is important when it comes to controlling your skis. in a general sense, the more rigid the boot, the more power is transferred to the ski’s inside edge. however, all this rigidity can mean heavier boots.atomic has somehow done the opposite with its  hawx ultra 130. not only is this the stiffest boot in their hawx ultra range, it’s also the lightest ski boot atomic has produced. this means your feet can remain agile as you make your way down the mountain. all it took was a completely new way of thinking about ski boot design.more: ski-thru atm at whistler lets skiers withdraw cold cash while on the slopesatomic achieved this lightweight design thanks to

how to install an ssd in a playstation 4 or playstation 4 pro

despite the fact that solid-state drives (ssds) read and write data much faster than mechanical hard drives do, the playstation 4 and even the playstation 4 pro come with the latter. fortunately, sony made the ps4 hard drive replaceable, so users can expand the consoles internal storage or, better yet, swap out the mechanical drive with a solid state drive.more: 6 tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your playstation 4 prowith a few basic tools, you can add an ssd to your ps4 in no time at all. here’s a glimpse at what an ssd can do for you, and instructions on how to drop one in yourself.ssds vs. mechanical hard drivesbefore we swapped out the ps4’s hard drive with an ssd, we tested the hard drive that the system e with by measuring the amount of time the ps4 needed to b

how to dual boot windows 10 anniversary update and ubuntu

many people want to dual boot windows 10, especially the latest version with alternative operating systems such as ubuntu. however, dual booting, partitioning and configuring multiple operating systems can be difficult. that’s why we’ve decided to make this guide: a complete tutorial on how to dual boot windows 10 (with anniversary update) and is advised that before taking part in setting up this dual boot that you back up all important data in case of an error. these errors are rare but can happen at times, so it is best to be prepared. let’s get started!note: this tutorial umes that you have a computer already running windows 10 and that you want to install ubuntu alongside windows 10 anniversary updatewindows 10 anniversary is an update that commemorates the release

the boot

the boot celebrates country 's biggest stars of yesterday and today through breaking news, artist exclusives and daily fan-enga ent features. hear the latest country, alt-country, americana, bluegr and folk songs, watch new videos, and get the scoop on what's going on with your favorite stars. key features: read the latest country, alt-country, americana, bluegr and folk news. listen to new and watch the latest videos, premieres and concert highlights. subscribe to notifications for breaking news and other topics. share the latest news via facebook and twitter. save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing). featured full multi-tasking with background audio and controls. this is the first version of the the boot app, and we have many more features planned, so please share yo

xiaomi redmi pro 2 spec leak: single era with dual pixel af, bigger battery

the redmi pro was an experiment by xiaomi - it used a china-made oled display and a dual- era. now its successor is on the horizon and a screen snap that (allegedly) shows its specs.the xiaomi redmi pro 2 drops the dual era but its single digital eye on the back uses a better sensor - the 12mp sony imx 362. this is a 1/2.55” sensor with large 1.4µm pixels and dual pixel autofocus. that’s a good deal better than the 1µm pixels that the mi note and mi mix got.other changes include a larger battery, 4,500mah (up from the already ample 4,050mah), and a version with 6gb of ram. that one is tied to 128gb of storage and will cost cny 1,800 ($260/€245). the base version is 4gb/64gb and should be priced cny 1,600 ($230/€220). for comparison, the original redmi pro with 128gb storage (and 4gb of ram

chuwi hi 10 plus tablet review-a low cost dual boot tablet with great performanc

prossleek, solid metal casing fast boot to dual os excellent keyboard and stylus optionsconstinny sounding speakers poor era resolutionthe hi10 plus from chuwi feels solid and well built, weighing in at 686g. it has a nice form factor too, slim at 8.5 mm. i like its solid metal exterior and brushed in finish. the 10.8 inch screen has a 3:2 ratio and 1920 x 1280 resolution with gen8 hd g other tablets i have reviewed out of china, this is a dual boot tablet with remix os, based on android 5.1, and windows 10. booting to the windows 10 os takes 15 seconds, booting to android takes 30 seconds. this is considerably faster than the teclast tbook 16 pro dual tablet i reviewed last month although it has the same intel x5 cherry trail z8300 processor.the hi10 comes with 4gb ram and 64gb

best android smartphones (february 2017)

the moto z is different from the rest of the pack in that it boasts a modular design. it's also water resistant, features a responsive fingerprint scanner, and a high quality 13-megapixel rear-facing era. and, just like apple's iphone 7, there no headphone jack, which may or may not be a deal-breaker.5.5-inch amoled 1440p quad hd (2560 x 1440) displayqualcomm snapdragon 820 quad-core cpu4gb ram13 mp, f/1.8 rear-facing era with dual-led (dual tone) flash32/64 gb storagesd card slot2600 mah battery

the complete guide to installing windows 10 on mac

although at this time there is pretty much no difference in the various operating systems, and you can run your digital life in any os that you choose, there are times when as a mac user you might need to run certain windows apps. obviously there are options, like the brilliant crossover, wineskin, etc., but that can only get you so far, especially i ame is the application you had in mind. emulation and virtuali ion are limited – sometimes especially when you need to “hit the metal” or require to access hardware to run an app – then a genuine install of windows running on your hardware is all that will this article we will look at how to install windows 10 in your mac as an optional boot partition.boot p: the only tool you needthe first order of business is to get your windows instal

save 14% plus another $20 on asus dual-fan radeon rx 480 4gb oc edition gaming g

deploy into the vr rebellion with the dual-fan radeon rx 480 with 1-click overclocking. auto-extreme manufacturing technology with super alloy power ii components ensures premium quality and reliability while dual fans provide a quieter and cooler gaming environment. gpu tweak ii with xsplit gamecaster delivers ultimate monitoring and streaming control. patented wing-blade fans for max air flow with 105% more air pressure. asus dual-fan rx480 g hics cards have two hdmi ports for connecting a vr device and display at the same time, so you can enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences anytime without having to swap cables. its list price of $220 has been reduced 14% to $189.99, but an additional post-purchase rebate offer drops the price further to $169.99. see this deal now on amazon.this

acronis true image

the premium subscription for one of the most popular backup software packages includes unique capabilities: acronis active protection - protecting data, backups and backup applications from ransomware. acronis notary - ensuring data authenticity using blockchain-technology. acronis asign - providing easy-to-use electronic signatures service for everyone. among other capabilities: end-to-end strong encryption to safeguard data from snooping or alteration, no matter where it is located. 1 tb of acronis cloud storage included can be expanded. easy full image backup to protect everything easily: operating system, programs, settings, files, and boot information. dual-protection - to back up locally to your external drives, nas, and network shares, and the secure acronis cloud. mobile backup

gmail's finally giving windows xp and vista the boot

google recently announced that gmail will revert to basic html for windows xp and vista users by december 2017.

leeco x10 gets benchmarked, will have dual eras on the front and the back

back in november china's tenaa certified the upcoming leeco le x850 for sale in the country, though it still hasn't launched. and now it looks like the same handset (or a slightly different version of it) was put through the paces of gfxbench, which as usual has resulted in a pretty complete listing of its specs on the benchmark's website.the phone's model number is said to be x85x, and the second "x" could obviously stand for "0". then again, gfxbench also calls it x10 as if that may be its name, so it's unclear what's going on here. finally note that there are some small differences between the specs outed by tenaa for the x850 and what gfxbench lists for the x10/x85x.the chinese regulatory authority spoke of a device with a 5.7-inch qhd screen, snapdragon 821 chipset, 4gb of ram, 64gb o

apple selling more plus models than ever: digital p og hy review

apple's financial results, which will be released tomorrow, show that in q4 2016 apple has sold more iphone 7 plus units than any of the preceding plus models in previous years. the plus model has a larger screen, more ram and a bigger battery than its standard counterpart but we'd suspect the iphone 7 plus dual- era with its 2x optical zoom factor and portrait mode has a lot to do with consumers increasingly opting for the more expensive iphone variant. overall 24 million iphone 7 plus units have been sold which is a 55% increase compared to the 15.5 million iphone 6s plus in q4 2016. this represents 40% of all iphone 7 sales.this is also the first time that users in china bought more plus devices than standard iphones. 52% of iphone buyers opted for the dual- era model. with the previous

us emb y in berlin forced to suspend visas for nationals on trump’s ban list

the u.s. emb y in berlin said on its facebook page on monday that visa issuance had been suspended to nationals, or dual nationals, of iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen.“per u.s. presidential executive order signed on january 27, 2017, visa issuance to aliens from the countries of iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen has been suspended effective immediately until further notification,” it said.“if you are a national, or dual national, of one of these countries, please do not schedule a visa appointment or pay any visa fees at this time,” the emb y added.(writing by paul carrel; editing by joseph nasr)

new p o of the lg g6 leaks, reveals shiny back and ‘g6’ logo

a couple of days ago, we saw live p os of an lg g6 prototype, complete with pre-production materials, and a large display with small, business insider posted a live p o of the lg g6, in what looks to be the final retail model (if the plastic film on the back is a major indication). unlike the previously leaked prototype, this g6 unit has a shiny back side, which we are expecting to be made of gl . the rear fingerprint scanner and dual- era setup looks exactly like the setup seen in the lg v20 and last year’s lg g5.the report mentions the dual eras “could be used to recreate the blurry background "bokeh" effect, just like in the iphone 7 plus portrait mode.” though, it’ll be interesting to see if a second era with a wide-angle lens will be able to work in conjunction with the m

trump visa ban blocking visitors to us will be applied to those with dual nation

as if the late friday executive action by president donald trump hasn’t already caused m ive problems with green card holders and visitors to the united states, the state department is in the process of issuing an advisory saying the visa ban will also be applied to those who claim nationality in two countries.according to the wall street journal, the state department is set to extend friday’s immigration and travel lockdown to other visitors coming and going from the u.s.according to the statement, the 90-day ban imposed by the president’s executive action extends beyond citizens of iraq, iran, somalia, sudan, syria, libya and yemen.should a visitor who hails from one of those countries, but travels on a p port from another country, attempt to leave of visit the u.s., they could find them

mazama designs introduces easy-to-use hydration reservoirs

why it matters to you staying hydrated while exercising is challenging and mazama design's latest reservoirs make it that much easier.mazama designs is making it easier than ever to stay hydrated while active. the hydration manufacturer improved its offerings with higher capacity reservoirs and a new closure system that allows you to fill your bladder without missing a beat.for 2017, mazama designs introduced the backflip and hatch hydration reservoirs which include a new flip closure that makes it easy to fill your reservoir on the run. no more threaded caps that are difficult to open and leak if they are not sealed perfectly. mazama owners simply can push a on to open the cap and fill the reservoir. once filled, users can flip the cap back down and throw a lock switch to prevent acciden

instamapper gps tracker pro

gps tracker brought to you by www.insta-mapper.comgps tracker allows you to track and share your location with your friends, or add fellow friends to the app and send them requests to start tracking and see where they are in real time with the built in map. all the tracking can be done via the app or online via the website. all you need to do is send your friend a unique link and they can track you in real-time - (they don't even need to sign up an account. ). sign up an account on install the app to your phone. generate a device id from the website. insert the device id in to the app. and off you go. built in map. add friends and track them via the app or online. request to see you tracking from your friends. route analysis, allowing you to tr

first look at the dual-extruder ultimaker 3 - video

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vivo announces the v5 plus with dual selfie eras

why it matters to you if you're a selfie lover, the v5 plus' dual front-facing eras might be the best thing since sliced recent times, smartphone manufacturers have adopted the trend of dual main eras. chinese manufacturer vivo is no different, except it adopts this trend for the front of its v5 plus selfie-centric phone.aesthetically, the v5 plus’ antenna design on the back echoes that of the iphone 7 and 7 plus, though that is where the similarities end. whereas the larger iphone 7 plus features two main eras, the v5 plus includes 20-megapixel and 8mp dual front-facing eras. this makes vivo’s phone one of only a handful to feature two selfie eras, which work together to deliver bokeh effects for your self-portraits.more:blu unveils its shiny-gold midrange smartphone, the vivo x

3d printing hands on: ultimaker 3, a first look

innovation in the desktop 3d printer market has been exploding. a lot of attention has been placed on lower-priced printers, but there's been some pretty incredible innovation at the high-end as evidence of innovation, look no further than the ultimaker 3. at just about $3,500, it's the most expensive desktop 3d printer we've looked at. even so, it's not much more expensive than a well-equipped macbook pro. what excites me the most about the ultimaker 3 is its dual-extrusion capability. this means you can print using two filaments at one time. let me be clear: this is big. bigly. yuge. diy-it project: 3d printing discovery series whether you're new to 3d printing or an old hand, zdnet's 3d printing discovery series will help you understand and get the most out of this amazing, acce

guns suppressor

double hearing protection - use guns suppressor with noise isolating earphones under ear protectors to hear talk and shoot with up to 36db nrr - a 'must have' for gun instructors and regular shooters. guns suppressor app for gun users is the next generation in hearing protection. wear your earphones under ear protectors for unprecedented a ntages over electronic ear defenders. works with any android earphones or buds. ideal for gun instructors and regular shooters who want the benefits of dual protection (using foam earplugs and ear protectors at the same time) but do not want to suffer from the isolation caused. dual protection with guns suppressor, using noise isolating earphones under ear protectors, gives you all the hearing protection benefits of double protection without feeling i

hands-on: kaos linux and opensuse leap 42 on my new notebook

the asus x540sa notebook i've been installing linux distributions on. image: asus in the previous three posts about this asus notebook, i have configured windows 10 home, installed opensuse tumbleweed, manjaro and debian gnu/linux, and installed fedora, linux mint and ubuntu. this time i am going to install the last two linux distributions i am interested in: kaos and opensuse leap. so far my experience with this inexpensive laptop has been very good. i hope that it continues that way.kaoskaos linux is a bit of an unusual distribution compared to the others i am installing, because it is much smaller and less well known. i like it because it is a "pure" kde distribution, it is always kept up with the latest development in the kde plasma desktop, and it includes kde-specific applications an

minnesota scene: gophers fall to iowa in wrestling dual

the no. 10 gophers lost to third-ranked iowa 27-11 on sunday, in minnesota’s fourth home wrestling dual against a top-five opponent this season.the loss, in front of a season-best announced crowd of 3,749 at the sports pavilion, left the gophers at 6-4 overall, 5-3 in the big ten with two duals remaining in the regular season.iowa took control by winning the first five matches, but the pavilion crowd e alive following intermission when no. 2-ranked brett pfarr raced to a 10-0 lead over mitch bowman in the first period of their match at 197 pounds, on the way to winning 19-4 in his third consecutive technical fall victory.eighth-ranked heavyweight michael kroells followed with a 7-0 decision over the hawkeyes’ steve holloway. tommy thorn was the gophers’ other winner, over topher carton at


keep on top of congress. find your representatives, see how they vote. see what bills are coming up for a vote next. search for bills and votes you should know about. stay on top of floor activity, committee hearings. be notified of just about everythinganswers to common questions: members of congress don't have public email addresses. the app does not do anything on boot, unless you enable notifications - in which case, it quickly schedules notification checks, and then stops. the app is allowed to make phone calls only when you tap the "call" on for a member of congress. the app uses your location only to find your local representative. your location data is encrypted during transmission to our servers, and your latitude and longitude are not stored on the app or on our servers. the a

tamron hall announces departure from nbc and msnbc

journalist and host tamron hall will be leaving her duties at both nbc and msnbc, page six reports. hall, who alongside al roker hosts “today’s take” and anchors over at msnbc, chose not to renew her contract, as it expires later this al roker is the newest hero of the internet for blasting ryan lochte“the last ten years have been beyond anything i could have imagined, and i’m grateful,” said hall, who has been with nbc and msnbc since 2007 and at today since 2014. “i’m also very excited about the next chapter. to all my great colleagues, i will miss you and i will be rooting for you.”“tamron is an exceptional journalist, we valued and enjoyed her work at ‘today’ and msnbc and hoped that she would decide to stay,” said an nbc news spokesperson. “we are disappointed that she has

canada to offer temp permits to those stranded by trump ban

toronto (ap) — canada will offer temporary residency permits to travelers who become stranded here by president donald trump’s order banning travelers from seven muslim-majority nations, the immigration minister said sunday.ahmed hussen, a somali refugee, was recently named canada’s immigration minister. he said no one is currently stranded at the country’s airports by the ban.“let me ure those who may be stranded in canada that i will use my authority as minister to provide them with temporary residency if they need it, as we have done so in the past,” hussen said.hussen said white house officials have offered urances that permanent canadian residents can enter the u.s. if they have a valid canadian permanent resident card and a p port from one of the countries affected. permanent residen

for apple’s iphone sales, size matters

at a generally gloomy time for sales of its flagship iphone, apple inc. is finding a silver lining: customers are willing to pay more for better features.when it launched its iphone 7 in september, apple for the first time packed the more expensive “plus” model with extra hardware not available in the standard model, in addition to a larger screen.the iphone 7 plus, which starts at $769, comes with a dual- era system that...

snap better p os with polaroid university: 5-year subscription

do you look at the p os and memories on your smartphone and wish they were just a little better? wouldn’t it be great if you knew all the ins and outs of good p og hy? there’s no need to enroll in expensive cl es. all you need is a polaroid university: five-year subscription. you’ll get hours of professionally-led, professionally-produced videos geared specifically to smartphone p og hers. while it’s great to always have your phone at the ready for taking pictures, it doesn’t do any good if the pictures don’t turn out that well.get five years of access to the entire polaroid university libraryget professional p og hers’ advice on how to use your smartphone eralearn how to take p os on both iphone and android and how to choose between the twogo through the fundamentals as well as more a nce

from malala to nike, here’s how the world is reacting to trump’s immigration ban

president donald trump has temporarily banned citizens from seven muslim-majority countries from entering the united states, but the impact of that order spans the globe. the executive order suspends syrian refugee resettlement indefinitely, blocks all other refugees from entering the us for 120 days and bans citizens (including most non-us dual citizens) of iran, iraq, libya,…

trump visa ban blocking visitors to us will be applied to those with dual nation

facebook, trump newstrump visa ban blocking visitors to us will be applied to those with dual nationalities: state departmenttom boggioni28 jan 2017 at 14:37 etas if the late friday executive action by president donald trump hasn’t already caused m ive problems with green card holders and visitors to the united states, the state department is in the process of issuing an advisory saying the visa ban will also be applied to those who claim nationality in two countries.according to the wall street journal, the state department is set to extend friday’s immigration and travel lockdown to other visitors coming and going from the u.s.according to the statement, the 90-day ban imposed by the president’s executive action extends beyond citizens of iraq, iran, somalia, sudan, syria, libya and yeme

rock band companion

it's a rivals hub in your pocket. with the official rock band companion app, you can stay one beat ahead of the competition. join or create a crew. encourage (or taunt) your friends. check your crew's ranking. all you need to stay plugged into this epic online battle of the bands, without having to boot up your console: link to your xbox gamertag or playstationnetwork id. check your rock band stats and compare yourself to any other player. create your own crew with up to 10 friends, or join an existing one. invite new players to your crew, or kick people out. motivate and message your crew in "crew chat". compare your crew to other crews, and check your placement during each challenge. view the roster of other crews and compare your stats to any player - even if you are not friends. kee

the stories behind country nicknames

in the case of italy, it's obvious why it's called "the boot," but why is new zealand known as "the land of the long white cloud"? the post the stories behind country nicknames appeared first on holy kaw!.

minnesota scene: gophers women win eight titles in own track and field meet

gophers sophomore nina horvath won the weight throw at the jack johnson cl ic on urday at the university of minnesota fieldhouse with a personal-best distance of 63 feet, 8¾ inches, the sixth best in program history.for the second year in a row, minnesota's erin hawkins won the 200-meter dash (24:87) and heta tuuri the high jump (5-9¼). teammate kimberly golding set a meet record in winning the 60 hurdles (8.20). minnesota women also won four other events.on the men's side, nate roese of the gophers won the 600 (1:17.97) after winning the 400 last year.u swimmers sweep double dualthe gophers men's swimming team swept a two-day, double dual meet with purdue and northwestern in west lafayette, ind., on urday, eclipsing six ncaa "b" cuts (provisional) in the process. minnesota defeated the bo

galax introduces its own half-height nvidia gtx 1050s

why it matters to you there are now more options on the market for gamers wanting smaller form factor pcs.if you’re thinking of upgrading your small home theater pc, galax’s new line of g hics cards may have you covered.galax has introduced two half-height nvidia gtx 1050 g hics cards that give more power than reference options.more:corsair’s bulldog 2.0 to keep new-generation cpus chillythe galax gtx 1050 oc lp and the 1050ti oc lp are slightly clocked-up versions of nvidia’s reference options, albeit at half the height. the length of both of galax’s offerings is a minuscule 68mm. it makes these cards perfect for htpcs, which are small form factor builds that fit perfectly in a home theater setup.the gtx 1050 model runs at 1,366mhz and can boost up to 1,468mhz while the gtx 1050ti model

some key promises of presidential candidate marine le pen

lyon, france — some key promises among 144 released urday by leading far-right presidential candidate marine le pen:french sovereignty:— negotiate with european union the "four sovereignties" — return of french franc, legislative, economic, territorial, or control of its borders— leave border-free schengen zoneon immigration:— reduce immigration to 10,000 annually— end automatic acquisition of french nationality by marriage— end dual nationality for non-europeans— restrict french nationality to those with french parent or naturalized, ending automatic birthright rule— restrict asylum to demands made in emb ies or neighboring countries of asylum-seekeron terrorism:— ban and dissolve all organizations including mosques linked to islamic fundamentalists — already in practice but le pen says i

wrestling: southern section dual-meet championship pairings

wrestlingdual meet championshipscentral divisionat alta lomafirst round, urday, 11 a.m.charter oak vs. #1 northviewchino hills vs. montclairla sierra vs. south hillscolton vs. #4 walnutsan dimas vs. #3 hillcrestlos altos vs. etiwandabonita vs. bloomingtoncovina vs. #2 alta lomacoastal divisionat marinafirst round, urday, 11 a.m.#1 st. john bosco, byesonora vs. yorba lindael modena vs. cypressorange lutheran vs. #4 santa ana#3 trabuco hills, byemater dei vs. esperanzagodinez vs. marina#2 servite, byeeastern divisionat corona santiagofirst round, urday, 11 a.m.#1 sultana, byepalm desert vs. cartergreat oak vs. corona centennialcitrus hill vs. #4 temescal canyoncitrus valley vs. #3 corona santiagorancho verde vs. hemetpaloma valley vs. la quinta#2 temecula valley, byenorthern divisionat dos p

protesters gather at o'hare airport after travelers held

protests at o'harechris sweda / chicago tribunehessam noorian, center,  stands with his wife, zehra amirisefat, left, after being released at o'hare international airport in chicago on jan. 28, 2017. noorian has dual citizenship with iran and the united kingdom and has been living in park ridge with a green card. he, his wife and their 6-month-old child were returning to chicago from iran when he was taken into custody. u.s. authorities took more than a dozen travelers into custody urday at o'hare international airport in response to president donald trump's immigration order — but lawyers who e to their aid said all were set free after a federal judge in new york temporarily barred deportations.hessam noorian, center,  stands with his wife, zehra amirisefat, left, after being released at

google highlights security measures built into open source hypervisor

google has often touted the various mana ent and security capabilities available with its cloud services as part of an ongoing paign to convince businesses about the enterprise readiness of its hosted offerings. continuing in that vein, the company this week offered some fresh details on the multiple security measures it has in place for hardening the open-source kvm (kernel-based virtual machine) hypervisor at the core of its compute engine and container engine services. in a blog, google's technical lead manager andy honig and senior product manager nelly porter outlined seven high-level security controls that google employs for protecting kvm. they include processes for reducing the attack surface of the hypervisor, code provenance measures for ensuring the integrity of the code runnin

nazi sub portrayed in raiders of the lost ark discovered in the north atlantic

u-boat u-581 was found covered in coral, and at a depth of nearly 3,000 feet. (image: rebikoff-niggeler foundation/evonik)german researchers have discovered the wreck of u-581, a nazi sub that sunk near the azores in february 1942. the 220-foot-long viic u-boat—the same type of sub featured in the cl ic films das boot and raiders of the lost ark—was found broken in two, and at a depth of nearly 3,000 feet. advertisementresearchers with the german rebikoff-niggeler foundation found the wreck last september, but chose to withhold the finding until the precise identity of the sub could be confirmed, and because they wanted to make the announcement public on the 75th anniversary of the ship’s sinking. working aboard the dive boat lula 1000, the researchers were able to take hi-resolution pictu

nazi sub portrayed in raiders of the lost ark discovered in the north atlantic

u-boat u-581 was found covered in coral, and at a depth of nearly 3,000 feet. (image: rebikoff-niggeler foundation/evonik)german researchers have discovered the wreck of u-581, a nazi sub that sunk near the azores in february 1942. the 220-foot-long viic u-boat—the same type of sub featured in the cl ic films das boot and raiders of the lost ark—was found broken in two, and at a depth of nearly 3,000 feet. advertisementresearchers with the german rebikoff-niggeler foundation found the wreck last september, but chose to withhold the finding until the precise identity of the sub could be confirmed, and because they wanted to make the announcement public on the 75th anniversary of the ship’s sinking. working aboard the dive boat lula 1000, the researchers were able to take hi-resolution pictu

emirates changes pilot and crew rosters on us flights after trump order

emirates airline has changed pilot and flight attendant rosters on flights to the united states following the sudden u.s. travel ban on seven muslim-majority countries, highlighting the challenges facing airlines to deal with the new rules.the world’s largest long-haul carrier, which flies daily to 11 u.s. cities, has made “the necessary adjustments to our crewing, to comply with the latest requirements,” an emirates spokeswoman told reuters by email on sunday. she added u.s. flights continue to operate to schedule.president donald trump on friday temporarily suspended the entry of people from iran, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. the decision caught airlines off guard, according to the international air transport ociation.“i cannot think of anything comparable. this brings a

angela merkel says fight against terrorism no excuse for u.s. entry ban

german chancellor angela merkel told u.s. president donald trump that the global fight against terrorism was no excuse for banning refugees or people from muslim-majority countries from entering the united states, her spokesman said on sunday.“she is convinced that even the necessary, decisive battle against terrorism does not justify putting people of a specific background or faith under general suspicion,” spokesman steffen seibert said.he said the german government regrets the entry travel ban on refugees and citizens from seven muslim-majority states, would review the consequences for german citizens with dual nationalities and would “represent their interests, if needed, vis a vis our u.s. partners”.he said merkel had expressed her concerns to trump during a telephone call on urday an

ransomware is about to get a lot worse, by holding your operating system hostage

cerber is one of the most prolific ransomware variants. image: check point the threat of ransomware has grown at an unprecedented rate, rising from being a menace to becoming by far the most common form of malware delivered to victims by the space of a year, ransomware appears to have evolved on from the simple but effective strategy of locking down the files of infected targets until they pay a ransom, to incorporating additional malicious elements, such as stealing personal or financial data from the victim's system. the cost of ransomware attacks: $1 billion this year and it's only the beginning, with file locking malware only set to grow and take larger role in cybercrime, warn researchers.while the success of ransomware demonstrates there are plenty of victims who'll

west loop condo with balcony, roof deck: $2.15m

1217 monroe st. unit 2 in chicago: $2,149,500listed on jan. 16, 2017new-construction 5,700-square-foot west loop home with four bedrooms. professional-grade chef's kitchen opens to large family room. spa-caliber baths throughout including master with oversized steam/spray shower and radiant heated floors. professionally-organized closets throughout including dual walk-in closets in master. two-car attached garage parking included and large private roof-deck for entertaining.agent: mario greco of berkshire hathaway homeservices koenigrubloff, 773-687-4696

vivo v5 plus sales begin today

the vivo v5 plus, which was unveiled last month and went up for pre-order in india a few days later is available to purchase starting today. the phone carries a price tag of inr 2,7980, which translates to $415.spec-wise, the handset is powered by snapdragon 625 chipset and sports a 5.5-inch 1080p display. it comes with 4gb/64gb memory configuration, and features a 16mp rear unit and a dual front era setup of 20 mp + 8 mp resolution.the v5 plus runs android 6.0 marshmallow-based funtouch os 3.0, and packs in a 3,160mah battery.via

clarion workshop now accepting applications for sf writers to learn with lynda b

the instructors for this summer's clarion science fiction and fantasy writers' workshop are dan chaon, lynda barry, nalo hopkinson, andrea hairston, cory doctorow, c.c. finlay and rae carson: the workshop runs from jun 25-aug 5 at ucsd in la jolla, california. report this ad it's an intensive, boot- p style writing workshop that's been running annually since 1968. new instructors rotate in every week and students write about one story every week, and learn to improve their work by critiquing one another's stories and having their own work critiqued. students meet one-on-one with each instructor and take part in special activities, exercises and challenges set by the instructors. the "distinguished alumni" of the workshop include ted chiang, bruce sterling, octavia butler, james patrick k

protest shooting suspect takes stand, with more expected on monday

allen scarsella took the witness stand in his own defense late friday to explain why he went to a black lives matter protest in november 2015 and, after a scuffle broke out, ultimately s five people.his testimony was cut short, however, by the end of a day that saw his friend and co-defendant nathan gustavsson testify for several hours, arguing that scarsella s in self-defense. but his testimony also opened him up to what was often blistering questioning from the prosecution. it also revealed a text gustavsson wrote referring to the protest shooting and saying, "we're all guilty in this."gustavsson said in an interview afterward that his decision to testify e after his attorney, family and friends all told him not to. but he said he asked himself if he could live with himself if scarsella