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st. anthony's high school assistant principal reflects on 40 years of homecoming

brother joshua dimauro has been in charge of the homecoming celebrations at st. anthony’s high school in south huntington for more than 40 years. but growing up in brooklyn didn’t give him too much experience.“i had no idea what homecoming was,” he said. “we didn’t have homecoming at [bishop ford central catholic high school].”most popularin 1974, he started at st. anthony’s high school — which was an all-boys school in smithtown at the time — as a math teacher. two years later, he was appointed director of student activities, and planning the homecoming celebration and pep rally fell right into his lap.“i had no idea how this was going to work,” he said. “i had no idea what floats were. it depended a lot on the ideas of the kids.”so, dimauro learned as he went along. he picked up on all o

'get me roger stone' traces gop strategist's influence from nixon to trump

“my name is roger stone and i’m an agent provocateur,” proclaims the proudly infamous trump confidant in his introduction to the endlessly fascinating, bracingly up-to-the-minute netflix documentary bearing his name.those offering their own appraisals in “get me roger stone,” including the president, paul manafort and fox news commentator tucker carlson, have other names for the spotlight-grabbing political consultant.they range from dirty trickster to, in the words of new yorker and cnn legal analyst jeffrey toobin, “the sinister forrest gump of republican politics,” due to his uncanny ability to figure into every key presidential moment of the past half-century.filmmakers daniel dimauro, morgan pehme and dylan bank have skillfully traced stone’s trajectory from his involvement in the nix