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digital trends en español redesigned for 2017, ends 2016 with 12 million readers

portland, ore., february 13, 2017 – digital trends en español, the leading consumer technology website for the spanish-speaking market, has undergone a key redesign for 2017, adding video content for readers and greatly improving the overall website experience.launched in april 2015, digital trends en español has taken major strides to becoming the premier resource for consumer electronics news for the tech-savvy hispanic customer.  the site’s yearly active user base climbed to 12m readers, gaining over 20 million page views in 2016 – a 117% increase over 2015.“digital trends en español has proven to be an incredible asset to the spanish-speaking consumer,” said digital trends ceo and publisher ian bell. “by delivering the best editorial writing on technology news and reviews, i have no do

mobile world congress (mwc) 2017 coverage

digital trendsstraightforward product reviews, reliable technology news, and tools to navigate the digital world.

top line revenue at leading technology publisher digital trends (www.digitaltren

portland, ore., february 7, 2017 – top line revenue at leading technology publisher digital trends ( has exceeded expectations, hitting a 40 percent increase over 2015, the media company announced today. the site’s yearly active user base has jumped to 295m readers with 30m unique visitors per month garnering over 1 billion page views in 2016 – a 43 percent gain over 2015.“one billion page views is a m ive accomplishment for us,” said digital trends ceo and publisher ian bell.  “i’m incredibly proud of our team.  we’ve spent the past year publishing the best content that i’ve read in our now eleven years online, investing in our staff, and building a strong company culture.”2016 also saw the launch of digital trends original video and event series, including techpop,

kpmg cyber news and trends

cyber security is a fast-moving topic and staying up to date can be challenging. kpmg cyber news and trends provides you with a real-time overview of news, threats and trends in information security. this app gives you access to the latest news in cyber security, and helps you in finding out what the most relevant trend or threat in industry is. kpmg cyber news and trends will: help you stay up to date on the most recent threats, trends and incidents in cyber security across the globe. provide you with expert points of view, to give more interpretation of recent events. allow you to select the trends or threats you are interested in to tailor the news overview to your individual needs. give you a comprehensive trend timeline to see historic development of trends, threats and incidents o

trends download

download download trends is the best source for business professionals and investors who need to know what's going to happen, why it's going to happen, and how to profit from it. our team of harvard mbas, fortune 500 senior executives, and internationally-known management consultants identifies the crucial demographic, technological and behavioral trends and shows our subscribers how they will shape their lives.

the complete guide to using a microsd card on your android phone

storage space has always been an issue for smartphones, and while managing storage is getting a little easier thanks to some excellent cloud storage options, many still find it necessary to use a microsd card for all their storage needs.using microsd cards can sometimes be a little tricky. from balancing files to choosing the right card in the first place, there’s a lot to keep in mind. that’s why we’ve put together this guide — to help you figure out how to use microsd cards on your android phone.more: selling your phone or tablet? here’s how to completely wipe your android devicedifferent phones have different methods for installing microsd cards, but by far the most common one these days on high-end phones is through the sim card tray. to install the sd card, you’ll need a small pin or

tokyo's 2020 olympic medals are a win for recycling

when the coveted olympic medals are bestowed on the world’s elite athletes in 2020, the recycling movement will also have a place on the podium.according to digital trends:partnering with japanese cellular giant ntt docomo and the japan environmental sanitation center, the aim is to gather at least eight tons of metal from discarded mobile phones, the japan times reported, with “millions” of mobile devices needed in order to gather enough material for the 5,000 medals due to be presented at the sporting extravaganza.receptacles for electronic devices will be distributed throughout the country, making the creation of medals into a national effort. the article also notes that while japan doesn’t have a bounty of natural reserves of precious metals, what’s found in their wealth of technology

hawaii lawmakers consider bill that would legalize prostitution industry

even the world's oldest profession has not been immune to digital disruption. advertising online has increased the supply and reduced the costs of illicit in the united states, data suggests. advocates say it has improved safety for workers, as well.these trends have continued despite...

hyperloop testing at space x, the hater dating app - trends with benefits

hater’s gonna date: hater is a new dating app that aims to bring people together based on mutual dislikes. does e-harmony have serious competition here?hyperloop testing: teams from across the planet descended on the los angeles space x pus to test their latest generation hyperloop pods in a mile long tunnel.      each week, we gather a round table of tech experts from the digital trends staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil 2:45 pm pacific we answer your questions live.please subscribe and share trends with benefits and send in your questions to [email protected] we also broadcast the show live on youtube every thur

verizon's offering a free daydream view to a 'subset' of pixel customers experie

why it matters to you if you have been waiting for more than a month on your google pixel order from verizon, you may get a free daydream view vr headset as a is having a very good problem — orders of its new phone, the pixel and pixel xl, are “exceeding expectations,” a google spokesperson recently told digital trends. but that also means angry customers that have been waiting weeks if not months to receive their google smartphone.verizon is stepping up to the plate to keep customers happy. big red is offering a free daydream view headset to pixel customers that have not received a device yet due to shipment delays. the daydream view headset is a virtual reality headset used to jump into google’s daydream vr platform. it only works with the moto z and the pixel smartphones

trends with benefits: $1000 iphone rumors, the amazon store run by robots

apple’s $1000 iphone 8: how much would you be willing to pay for the newest version of the iphone? according to some, we could see a $1000 phone by the end of this year! from potential 3d lenses, to flexible screens, we’ll catch you up with the latest store run by robots: amazon already has one of their “go” grocery stores open as a trial. it looks like the stores could soon be coming to a location near you and the employees will largely be robots. will the robots bag the groceries for you?      each week, we gather a round table of tech experts from the digital trends staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil 2:45

feel the b pumping when you st this wearable to your wrist

if you’ve ever wondered how st ping a tiny, low-powered subwoofer to your wrist might feel, it’s kind of like wearing the b let.the b let, a product of berlin-based startup lofelt, delivers low-frequency, high-precision haptics to your wrist — sort of like a vibrating apple watch on steroids.“feeling the kick of the ball is really something.”powering the voodoo vibrations is what lofelt calls the “losound” engine, a patent-pending motor that produces inaudible b in the 10-250hz range. scaling it down was an engineering challenge, lofelt founder and ceo daniel büttner told digital trends. “we had to shrink the subwoofer from a big box into a wearable.”more: b ? been done. jaded is all about that chirp on “4000hz”like a standard subwoofer, the b let syncs audio from any device with a standar

the evolution of makeup trends

100 years ago, makeup started appearing on women of all cl es and has since grown into a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. as with any fashion, looks come and go, and this infog hic from beauty flash shows you how to put the finishing touches on those retro outfits. the post the evolution of makeup trends appeared first on holy kaw!.

vtech star wars watch and stormtrooper era first impressions

kids get to have all the fun! these smart star wars toys made us want adult versions for ourselves.another year, another star wars movie, which means plenty of new star wars merchandise will be released between now and the release of the last jedi’. it’s not all collectibles or spurious branding exercises, as these two cool new products from kids-tech company vtech prove. we tried out the new star wars watch and star wars stormtrooper era, and conclude they’re just the thing for any young star wars fan.the watch comes in either bb8 or first order trooper color schemes with matching st s, and although isn’t an actual smartwatch — it doesn’t connect to your phone or have gps tracking for your kids — it does come with some cool features. the most notable is a era, that not only takes p os, bu

twitter adds periscope’s live videos to its top trends

twitter’s recently launched “explore” section will now feature live videos sourced from periscope within its “top trends,” the company announced yesterday. the move will further integrate twitter’s standalone live streaming app into its main platform, leaving even fewer reasons to keep a separate app dedicated to live streaming video around.the company has been criticized for its slow progress in integrating periscope’s live streaming capabilities into its own app following the acquisition of the up-and-coming live broadcasting tool back in early 2015. instead of leveraging periscope’s technology to immediately build out its own live streaming platform within twitter, the company instead tried to operate periscope as a separate entity – similar to how facebook treated instagram.but unlike

leocoin info

leocoin info app provides you basic information about leocoin. you can follow leo coin price in real time and trends. there is also list of markets where you can buy leocoin. leocoin is a brand new digital currency made specifically for making transactions that are both fast and secure at the same time. transactions are made through decentralised peer-to-peer network and are available to anyone. in a digitalized era, everything is anonymous, "fee free" and has the support of the most respected entrepreneurs worldwide, therefore making leocoin one of the fastest growing and expanding currencies in the world. most importantly: it's accessible to anyone- it's easy to use- it's available today.

2017 chicago auto show coverage

the chicago auto show isn’t as glamorous as the other north american car shows, but automakers and journalists still gather in the windy city en m for the mid-winter festivities. as always, digital trends will be bringing you the latest news, reveals, and announcements coming out of chi-town, so be sure to check back here often for updates.share recent stories

volvo rules out more diesel-electric hybrids, quotes

why it matters to you the diesel engine's future is looking uncertain as automakers increasingly focus on’s very first series-produced plug-in hybrid model, the v60, was equipped with a diesel-burning, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. the swedish brand is making substantial investments to electrify its entire lineup in the coming years, and it’s not planning on launching another oil-burning hybrid in the foreseeable future.“as you know, we started by introducing a diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain. however, we quickly shifted to gasoline-electric after looking closely at global demand,” lutz stiegler, volvo’s director of powertrain engineering, told digital trends. “the main hybrid markets in the world are china and the united states, two countries where motorists

2017 trends p og hers and designers need to know

why it matters to you monitoring the latest trends can help p og hers and designers anticipate what images will resonate the most with an audience.popular images in 2017 will embrace both technology and nature, 3d on a 2d surface, and both the past and the future, a recent study by stock company shutterstock suggests. in the company’s annual trends report, a number of this year’s trends are complete opposites, while several overlaps with previous patterns give stock p og hy companies a unique toolset for predicting what the next popular images will look like. as the number of searches for certain topics rises and falls over the years, shutterstock (along with several other stock companies) tracks the numbers and shares the statistics, offering a glimpse into popular images f

world's smallest hammer will help study traumatic brain injury

why it matters to you by smashing brain cells, researchers can better understand — and someday treat — brain conditions such as alzheimer’s and tbi.the world’s smallest hammer has been created to study what happens to brain cells when we hit our head. the goal for the university of california, santa barbara researchers behind the project is to uncover the physical underpinnings of traumatic brain injuries (tbi) in order to develop better treatment methods.“this is new territory,” kimberly foster, one of the principal investigators leading the project, told digital trends. “we are not yet sure of what we will find! this is what makes this science so interesting and exciting.”along with megan valentine, adele doyle, and research student luke patterson, foster will study how impact affects n

israel my glory

this app will give you a free, sample issue of israel my glory magazine, the world's premier christian magazine on israel, the bible, and prophecy. since 1942, israel my glory has been a highly trusted, sought-after tool in the study of god's word. this unique, award-winning magazine, published bimonthly by the friends of israel gospel ministry, is simply the best there is if you want to understand scripture, current events, and god's plan for the world. now israel my glory is available in a digital format that can be accessed easily by a web browser or an iphone or ipad app. simply it and then read it anywhere on your mobile device. each issue contains: o important news from israel o exciting studies from the scriptures o vital information on the persecuted church o timely, insightful

urban eights download

download download urban eights ensures that you stay fashionable. our stylists are constantly searching for the best items that make you look amazing. our combination of technology and fashion experts will guide you to find what fits you best. a strong style sense can help you make a positive impact on the people around you. urban eights will help you stay ahead of the game. to use urban eights, just login and start swiping. swipe right to like and swipe left to dislike. yes, it really that simple - leave the rest to our tailored algorithms. download now and stay stylish. app features: urban eights is so easy to use that you would find it to be a new shopping experience - keep up with the latest trends with us. in fashion-tech, we always keep fashion first - our stylists have deep knowle

the fbi will stop accepting foia requests via email on march 1

why it matters to you changes made by the fbi will apparently put some limits on submitting freedom of information act requests, at least temporarily.the freedom of information act is a federal law that allows people in the united states to access unreleased documents and information held by the government. the federal bureau of investigation is set to make some changes to the way foia requests are submitted at the beginning of march.starting next month, the fbi will no longer accept foia requests that are submitted by email. instead, requests will have to be sent via fax or standard mail, or submitted via an online portal.more: google must give the fbi emails stored in foreign servers, judge rules“the fbi’s efoia portal was designed and developed to be the fbi’s primary means for receivi

eko digital stethoscope

record, playback, and securely share patient heart and lung sounds using the eko digital stethoscope mobile app. this hipaa-compliant and fda cleared app wirelessly connects with the eko core digital stethoscope for a superior auscultation experience. the eko digital stethoscope is the only digital stethoscope compatible with android devices. the eko core digital stethoscope has been featured in: ny times, forbes, cnn, nbc, washington post, techcrunch, medgadgetusing the eko digital stethoscope app, you can. wirelessly pair with the eko core digital stethoscope - record, playback, annotate, and save heart and lung sounds - visualize heart and lung sound waveforms (phonocardiograms) in real-time- securely share recorded sounds with extended care team or specialists- sync auscultation rep

brain-reading cap allows completely paralyzed people to communicate

why it matters to you researchers have demonstrated that it is possible to communicate with completely paralyzed patients by using a brain-reading cap to decode thought patterns.locked-in syndrome (lis) refers to a condition in which patients have cognitive function, but are not able to move or communicate due to total paralysis.thanks to an exciting a nce, however, some help may be on the way. as part of an international research project, doctors have able to use brain-reading technology to communicate with patients for the first time by asking a series of “yes” or “no” answers and then using computer algorithms to decode their thought patterns.“in some cases, eye movement can be used for communication,” researcher ujwal chaudhary told digital trends. “however, once eye movement is gone

scientists genetically engineer a mouse that's immune to cocaine addiction

why it matters to you genetically engineering a mouse to be immune to cocaine addiction could help reveal the secrets of why some people become hooked on drugs and what we can do about it.scientists at the university of british columbia genetically engineered a mouse that is incapable of becoming addicted to cocaine.“the purpose of [our] study was to understand a little bit more about the addicted brain — and specifically to understand a little more about what’s going on at the cellular and molecular level,” dr. shernaz bamji, a professor in the department of cellular and physiological sciences, who worked on the project, told digital trends. “researchers are pretty confident now that addiction is a form of learning that goes a bit haywire in a particular circuit in the brain. to learn yo

este chip 3d nand de 512 gbits tiene la culpa

western digital anunció recientemente que ha iniciado las pruebas piloto para la producción de un nuevo chip 3d nand que ha desarrollado en colaboración con toshiba y que tiene una característica muy especial: ofrece 512 gbits de capacidad en sus 64 capas de celdas de memoria apiladas. este logro hará que las actuales unidades de estado solido tengan un futuro aún más prometedor precisamente en el apartado que más las limita: la capacidad de almacenamiento. se espera que las primeras unidades basadas en estos chips lleguen en la segunda mitad de 2017, algo que vuelve a amenazar la validez de los discos duros tecnología ha sido bautizada como bics3, y es una interesante implementación de los chips 3d nand que otros fabricantes llevan tiempo desarrollando. sin embargo este l


this free android app offers you the digital edition of nrc handelsblad. experience digital reading with a reading experience that is as close as possible to the printed newspaper. you always have the entire paper at hand. the nrc handelsblad new application gives you access to all articles that appear in the newspaper. ed offline newspapers are available in the archives of your android smartphone or tablet. you can directly use this app if you (digital) are a subscriber of nrc handelsblad. not a subscriber? no problem, you can via the application a digital subscription purchases. the privacy of nrc can be found at: http://www.nrc. nl/privacy-verklaring/.

knit simple magazine

knitsimple, the only magazine for newbies--and knitters with a busy lifestyle --is now available on android. get the latest issue here and keep it right at your fingertips so you can learn new skills, keep up with knitting trends, and follow the easy patterns for everyone in your family right here on your device. the free app now. purchase issues and store them in the app.

kickstarter smart projector will help your kids learn to draw from real-life pic

why it matters to you want to teach your kid to draw? followgrams is a smart projector that lets children turn any picture they’ve taken into a traceable image.there’s ongoing debate in the art world about whether or not the great renaissance painters may have used optical aids to help them trace the timeless masterpieces which now hang in galleries all around the world. but while that might be a controversial accu ion for a renowned art master, the idea of drawing over a projected image is far less contentious — and even beneficial — when you think that it could be used to help a young kid learn how to draw.more:whip out your apple pencil and try out the 20 best ipad pro drawing appsthat’s the concept behind followgrams, a smart projector that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, a

cannabis could help opioid withdrawal and curb cravings

medical marijuana could help those struggling with addiction to heroin and other opioids to turn their lives around, says yasmin hurd of the icahn school of medicine at mount sinai in a new review published in trends in neurosciences. prior research has found that cannabinoids could reduce cravings and ease opioid withdrawal symptoms. in the united…

researcher says synthetic weed is not at all like marijuana

often used as a cheaper alternative to weed, synthetic marijuana is seriously harmful to your health, according to a new review published in trends in pharmacological sciences. researchers from the university of arkansas warn against using synthetic cannabinoids (scbs), which are falsely marketed as a safe alternative to marijuana and often sold under the names spice…

vertu constellation first impressions | digital trends

all the luxury and exclusivity you’d expect from a vertu phone, but without the overly dramatic visual punch or the crazy price tag.if you’ve looked on with envious eyes at the vertu new signature touch with its outrageous “gull wing” style door feature on the back, and decided it just wasn’t subtle enough; then the new vertu constellation may be the perfect compromise between style, luxury, and subtlety. if you’re still undecided, perhaps the lower price of the constellation will eventually sway you. we’ve had the chance to try the phone out, and like all vertu phones, it left quite an impression. here’s what we thought.the last time we heard the constellation name, it was back in 2013, and the phone to which it was attached had the same mission: give people who either didn’t want or coul

idiabetes app: glucose tracker

idiabetes app (blood glucose tracker) is an android app for diabetes mana ent to keep track of your blood sugar levels. it helps you monitor and keep track of your insulin and oral medications - useful if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or even prediabetes. a nced features include medication reminder, interactive charts and more. your historical data provides meaningful insights and trends to better control your diabetes the ultimate app for mobile diabetes mana ent, carry around idiabetes in your phone or tablet all the time to keep on top of your blood glucose levels. as per studies, self-monitoring of blood glucose (smbg) can aid in diabetes control - http://clinical. diabetesjournals. org/content/20/1/45. full features. easy and intuitive interface for recording your blood sugar

us factory output rose in january for 2nd straight month

washington (ap) — u.s. manufacturers cranked out more steel, machinery and electronics last month as factories appear to be rebounding after two years of stagnation.the federal reserve says factory output rose 0.2 percent in january, its second straight increase. while modest, the gain is equal to the industry’s growth in all of 2016.oil and gas drillers cut back on building new rigs after energy prices plunged two years ago. that caused orders for steel pipe and other drilling equipment to plummet. weak overseas economies in europe and china also cut into exports. yet those trends have largely reversed.mining production rose 2.8 percent last month, pushed higher by a big gain in oil and gas drilling. a broader measure of industrial production, which includes manufacturing, mining and util

trt analyzer

this app will allow people on testosterone replacement the y to record medications and protocols and evaluate how they are doing on a schedule that works for them. the data is then presented in g hs over a period of time to show trends and patterns for different medications and protocols. the data is collected anonymously, and is then used to compare to similar people and protocols, and for research. other analysis is planned, and suggestions and requests can be sent by going to

digital era inventors awarded with queen elizabeth prize: digital p og hy review

this year's 1 million pound queen elizabeth prize has recognized the work of some of the key scientists in the creation of digital imaging sensors. the award is shared by british-born dr mike tompsett, professor nobukazu teranishi from japan, and professor eric fossum and george smith from the smith and willard boyle, who are now both deceased, first had the idea for ccd sensors at bell labs in 1969, but it was their colleague dr. tompsett, who saw the potential of the technology in imaging. the first digital color p o, of tompsett's wife margaret, appeared on the cover of electronics magazine. professor teranishi is the inventor of the pinned p odiode (ppd), which is a more efficient p odiode than previous variants. he undertook the work at nec corporation in japan in 1980.eric

2017 dodge challenger gt first drive

on snow-dusted maine winter roads, a dodge challenger looks a bit out of place. but this is no ordinary brought digital trends to portland, maine, in the heart of winter to show off the 2017 challenger gt, which has something rivals ford mustang and chevrolet aro don’t: all-wheel drive.until now, all three detroit muscle cars have been rear-wheel drive only. that’s great for performance, but makes these cars pretty much useless in foul weather. by adding all-wheel drive to the challenger, dodge hopes to gain an a ntage over the competition, and lure more buyers in snow-belt states.snow drifterthe all-wheel drive system itself comes from the charger sedan, which makes sense, as the challenger is basically a charger coupe. under normal driving conditions, the system defaults

frost wellness center

frost wellness center unleashes the power of next generation care by giving you direct access to your personal physician, extended care team, and a suite of services offered by your health center. schedule, message and review - all from one place. sync your data from a variety of devices and apps. following your trends has never been easier with healthkit integration.

denon heos 7 hs2: first impressions, release date, and more

give it some space, and the denon heos 7 — newly equipped with hi-res audio playback and bluetooth — is the only speaker you’ll needwhen denon decided to update its heos multiroom speaker range, the company chose mainly to leave the designs alone, and focus on improving the feature set, audio quality, and app. the heos 7 is denon’s largest, most capable member of the family, and viewed from the side, looks like a m ive, solitary teardrop. or the biggest bit of toblerone you’ve ever seen, depending on which way your mind goes. we tried out the original heos 7, known as the hs1, in 2014, and have now been listening to the heos 7 hs2, the updated’s a bit of a monster, and you certainly won’t miss it in the corner of the room, a fact that remains when you turn it on and crank the volu

western digital, toshiba to increase device storage capacity with new '3d' 512gb

why it matters to you the announcement of a new 512gb 3d nand chip means that devices will have larger storage capacities along with bigger batteries.western digital said on monday that it began a pilot production of a new 3d nand chip in yokkaichi, japan. this chip packs three bits of data into memory cells that are spread across 64 stacked layers, providing 512 gigabits of storage capacity. the chip is an industry first and the result of a collaboration between western digital and toshiba. it’s expected to go into m production sometime during the second half of 2017.western digital and toshiba first introduced 3d nand with 64 layers in july. dubbed as “bics3,” the technology is unlike standard “2d” nand that relies on storage cells distributed horizontally across physical space like cro

digital clock live wallpaper

we are presenting here the most gorgeous "digital clock live wallpaper" that you have ever seen. just look at the beautiful and elegant design of this digital clock. it creates a wonderful atmosphere able to make you stare and contemplate your screen at infinity. the digital clock live background comes with a set of hd 4k wallpapers carefully chosen pictures from tranquil nature landscapes. you will have a digital time widget and a blurred nature scenery forming an astonishing space-time combination. even if it is a free live wallpaper, the clock comes in a form of a "clock widgets for home screen" because you can set its position and also its size from the settings menu. it will run smoothly and will bring you that stupefying feeling of relaxing time p ing by. you can adjust the clock

amid protests and confusion, trump defends executive order: 'this is not a musli

mcconnell: we don't have religious tests in this countrykelsey snell, abby phillipsenate majority leader mitch mcconnell, r-ky., on sunday cautioned that the united states does not have a religious test for entry into the country but stopped short of rejecting president donald trump's order to halt the admission of refugees and citizens of seven muslim-majority countries.mcconnell...senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, r-ky., on sunday cautioned that the united states does not have a religious test for entry into the country but stopped short of rejecting president donald trump's order to halt the admission of refugees and citizens of seven muslim-majority countries.mcconnell... (kelsey snell, abby phillip)