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starbucks puts ice cream on menu at 100-plus stores

starbucks, having seen the success of ice cream menu offerings at its high-end seattle roastery store, will start serving ice cream at more than 100 store locations.starting wednesday, the roastery affogato menu — based on the italian espresso-poured-over-ice cream dessert and tested first at the seattle roastery — will begin rolling out in starbucks stores that include reserve bars. reserve bars use starbucks’ high-end, small-lot reserve coffee beans; there are currently 18 stores with reserve bars nationwide, including in los angeles, boston and chicago.also starting wednesday, an “inspired by the roastery” affogato menu will launch at 100 traditional starbucks stores. because those traditional stores don’t use starbucks’ premium reserve coffee beans, the ice cream desserts there will in

the inventing room is back, and so is its liquid nitrogen ice cream

here's hoping the exploding whipped cream and homemade pop rocks will make it onto the new menu, too.

starbucks puts ice cream on menu at 100-plus stores

seeing the success of its ice cream menu offerings at the seattle roastery, starbucks will start serving ice cream at its reserve bars and at 100 regular stores in orange county.starbucks, seeing the success of its ice cream menu offerings at the seattle roastery, will start serving ice cream at more than 100 store locations.but, sorry, none of the new locations will be in seattle for now.starting wednesday, the “roastery affogato menu” — based on the italian espresso-poured-over-ice cream dessert and tested first at the seattle roastery — will begin rolling out in starbucks stores that include reserve bars. reserve bars use starbucks’ high-end, small-lot reserve coffee beans; there are currently 18 stores with reserve bars nationwide, including in los angeles, boston and chicago.also star

craft of ice cream sticks download

download download craft of ice cream sticksstick ice cream is one of the tools to the make ice cream, but the club also has a lot of benefits in the field of art. utilize the remaining ice cream sticks to be made into craft materials. this material can be used to a make crafts such as photo frames, made of wooden houses, made the fan, creating a box pen, making lanterns. and can be used for more creative ideas. in this application there are various kinds of handicrafts design creations of ice cream stickpopsicle stick craftscraft of ice cream sticksice cream stickcreations of ice cream stickshow to make handicrafts from ice cream stickshow to create a home from ice cream sticksa craft of ice cream stickshome of ice cream sticksskills of ice cream stickshow to make lanterns from ice cream s

home ice cream maker games download

download download home ice cream maker kids cooking games, fun ice cream maker app for your kids, boys and girls and all ages. do you love ice cream? do you want to make your own ice cream? making ice cream is fun and interesting activities, so let's make your own step by step. prepare and make the ice cream and decorate as you wish. add various toppings, including chocolate, fruits, candies and more. let's your imagination flow, create your ice cream and serve it at your best with this home ice cream maker kids games. have fun.

ice cream maker download

download download do you have sweet tooth today in this hot day? beat the heat with scrumptious ice creams this summer. zoey makes the best ice cream ever with ice cream maker, and she wants you to join her. be creative and create unique ice creams every time with ice cream maker. toss in as many scoops as you want, after all, it's your own ice cream. you can make your ice creams sweeter by pouring fruit syrups on top, filling them with chocolate chips - and you can even drop some candies on top. cook up your own sundae recipes with ice cream maker. get your fill of sweetness with ice cream maker - a game where you can make ice creams to your heart's content. ice cream maker - copyright wsad - 2015.

ice cream & popsicles free

ice cream, ice popsicles, ice cream sandwiches & soft serve ice cream summer beach treats is here for the summer season. scoop ice cream, dip ice cream bars, make ice cream sandwiches, and dispense soft serve ice cream for all your customers, and even yourself. ice cream & popsicles maker has never been this much fun. so many options to choose from. choose from 4 games including ice cream, ice popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and soft serve, a cl ic favorite. dump a ton of toppings like gummy bears, worms, chocolates, confection, sprinkles and more on top of your favorite treat and tap to eat and enjoy. this game is great fun for all ages, and especially those that love free food maker games & cooking games.

gooseberry grove ice cream shop closes in oyster bay

advertisement | advertise on newsdaysamantha petersen serves up a cone at gooseberry grove in oyster bay, which has closed. (credit: newsday / erica marcus) less than a year after a renovation that added gourmet coffee to the menu, the oyster bay ice cream parlor gooseberry grove has closed. owner bob liebold said that he and his landlord failed to come to an agreement on a new lease.meredith liebold established the business in 1999 as gooseberry grove country store, an antiques shop. but in 2004 her husband transformed it into an ice cream shop,...

want to swim in a pool of ice cream sprinkles? here's how

the traveling museum of ice cream pop-up is an ice cream (and instagram)-lover's dream.        

cooking yummy ice cream download

download download you can make your caramelized almonds and your delicious ice cream, as well as decorate it with all things tasty. no need to have boring ice cream again. create your ice cream masterpiece today. featuresprepare your yummy caramelized almonds for your ice cream. mix your ingredients together and create a delicious ice cream. once done decorate your new tasty treat with all things yummy. finish off by sharing your new ice cream treat with all your friends.

gooseberry grove ice cream shop closes in oyster bay

less than a year after a renovation that added gourmet coffee to the menu, the oyster bay ice cream parlor gooseberry grove has closed. owner bob liebold said that he and his landlord failed to come to an agreement on a new lease.meredith liebold established the business in 1999 as gooseberry grove country store, an antiques shop. but in 2004 her husband transformed it into an ice cream shop, keeping the name because “everyone liked it. it just rolled off the tongue.” over the next 13 years, he honed his skills as an ice cream maker, coming up with such flavors as chocolate-bacon (chocolate ice cream studded with chocolate-covered bacon) and the legendary matt’s frappé: kahlúa-flavored vanilla ice cream inundated with chunks of heath bar and frozen brownie batter.advertisement | advertise

vegan ice cream is nice cream thanks to creamier bases

new york — so-called "nice" cream: it's not just for vegans anymore.a variety of creamy bases made of fruit, nut butters, rice, soy and even hemp have elevated vegan ice cream among vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious meat-eaters alike.vegan ice cream was once the domain of mostly soy-based varieties. but it now tastes more like the real thing. within the last decade or so, startup companies and even big guys like ben & jerry's have joined the vegan ice cream movement.we're not talking sorbets. one banana-based brand, chloe's soft serve fruit company, tastes like dairy ice cream in a dark chocolate flavor. another company, van leeuwen artisan ice cream, has experimented with exotic flavor combinations in non-dairy offerings using ingredients like turmeric and matcha tea cakes that it

18 vegan ice cream recipes to cool down this summer

going vegan doesn’t have to mean missing out on the sweet treat of ice fact, with these recipes from care2, you don’t even need specialized equipment to cool down (though you might want to invest in an ice cream maker to try all the recipes on this list).frozen bananas are shockingly creamy when you blend them up. this vegan ice cream recipe uses an unconventional method to make a classic flavor combination: strawberry and banana. bust out your blender, and prepare to be wowed!no ice cream maker required for this thick, creamy, custard-style vegan ice cream! the hardest part of making this recipe is waiting while the mix freezes. hurry up, freezer!if you do have an ice cream maker, this rich, delicious vegan ice cream is not to be missed! full fat coconut milk is the secret to a d

ice cream best bets on long island

roger's frigate, port jefferson: roger's frigate does it all: hard ice cream, soft serve ice cream, yogurt, candy, chocolates, gelato, popcorn, fudge, smoothies, cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels. for those seeking a slightly more restrained confection, there's the fruit cream blast, a combination of soft-serve vanilla ice cream and fruit sorbet blended -- but not all the way -- so you can discern the creaminess of the vanilla from the iciness of the sorbet. sorbet flavors include orange, raspberry, lemon and mango. (credit: heather walsh) if you're tired of ice cream, you're tired of life. truly, it is providence's perfect food. but you know humans -- they like to tinker with perfection. here are some variations on the theme of ice cream on long island....

ice cream restaurant for kids download

download download we are very happy to introduce you our different genre of ice cream games which begin with a new kind of ice cream restaurant games called ice cream restaurant for kids, where you can manage your own restaurant for kids with various flavors, topping and much more. all kids want to go to a perfect ice cream restaurant and they want to buy not only their favorite ice cream, but also something else like cakes or juice. now is your chance to open one of the best restaurant for kids in the town and serve your customers with everything they want, from vanilla or chocolate ice cream or orange juice to sweet and delicious cakes or yummy lollipops. in these ice cream games you will start with few customers and just two flavors or one topping. as soon as you pass the easy levels, y

the 5 best ice cream makers

you can keep your waffle irons, your keurig coffee makers, and your turbo-powered salad spinners. for our money, the best kitchen appliance in life is the old-fashioned ice cream maker. nothing outside of an ice cream stand in rural massachusetts can beat the sweet, cooling delight of homemade ice cream. but as it turns out, they’re not so old-fashioned anymore.more: ‘gastronaut’ ice cream bars don’t melt, so you can take them anywheremany of today’s models come with one-touch operation, stainless-steel exteriors, and multi-function components that allow you to make ice cream as well as sorbet. that is to say that the market is bursting with options, whether you prefer the old-school approach or a device built for the 21st century. here are a few of our favorite models.remember how you use

how to make your own clotted cream

if you’ve ever had clotted cream, you know two things. first, that clotted cream is amazing. second, that it’s very expensive. take a look at how to make it yourself to save dough.full story at youtube.more great recipes. posted by josh urich

cute forest tavern for windows 10 download

download download a flood of cute animals are invading your tavern. they do not want to use your toilets but eat all your ice-cream stock. quench their thirst before they get impatient. send them the ice-cream and retrieve the glass when they finish. beware; some animals are thirstier than others. cute forest tavern is a game of skill, speed and reflex in which you must distribute ice-cream. with these multiple counters, send the ice at the right animal. how to play? your tavern has 4 counters. animals progress along these counters to receive their ice-cream. do not throw ice-cream on an empty counter.

san jose, oakland, bay area's best ice cream shops

ice cream has come a long way since the good humor truck. there’s nothing wrong with a simple cup or cone, but these days, you’re just as likely to find the ultimate creamy-cold treat rolled, sandwiched, flash-frozen or cloaked inches-thick in toppings right before before your eyes.bay area scoop shops are leading some high-concept trends these days, and the variety of bold, instagram-worthy creations is enough to give you brain-freeze — in a good way. as it turns out, the history of american ice cream has always been tied to a sense of innovation, says amy ettinger, ice cream historian and author of the new book, “sweet spot: an ice cream binge across america (dutton, $26).smitten ice cream’s brrr machine churns creamy ice cream before your eyes. (photo: audrey ma) in the book, the santa

cooking colorful ice cream download

download download get your customers served with this great cooking game. here you can easily cook and create ice cream that's ready for your customers to eat. take your customer's orders, move the ice cream along the conveyor-belt in stages and then serve your colorful ice cream as fast as you can. as the days pass you can work through more and more customers. have ice cream fun with this great game. features. collect the orders from your customers to create their ice cream ready for selling. move the order along the conveyor-belt through each stage. recreate a yummy colorful ice-cream treat that's ready to eat. gain more and more profits with the more ice creams you can complete.

cooking strawberry cream pie download

download download taste the flavor of strawberry with this yummy strawberry cream pie game. here you can cook up a treat by collecting your ingredients, mixing them all together, adding the cream before creating a yummy decorated pie. strawberries have never tasted this good. features. collect all your ingredients from the supermarket ready for pie making. cut up your strawberries and blend them into a small paste. mix all your ingredients together to create your pie base. decorate your strawberry cream pie with yummy treats. enjoy your pie and eat it all up until there's none left.

scoop ice cream - cooking game download

download download the air was so hot. it would be very nice if you could enjoy an ice cream sundae sweet and fresh. but unfortunately, his ice cupboard empty. no sweet ice cream, gelato, sundaes, dessert or snack more. even baking brownies did not exist. though tongue already fussy want to taste sweet ice cream sundae. what do you have to do? let cook their own tasty gelato ice cream. before cooking gelato, you should be spending the materials beforehand. purchase flour, eggs, cream, cake brownies, cone cones cute, scoop sundae, sundae cups, ginger and bucket. yea. bucket that we will use for cooking and knead the dough ice cream. the dough dessert judah nearly so. the aroma was so tasty and makes the stomach fuss. aroma gelato and very sweet sundae. once the dough is finished, we stayed i

best thing we ate this week: flan and künefe at el five

goat cheese ice cream isn't something you typically see at an ice cream parlor, but it should be.

13 must-try ice creams in denver this summer

glacier ice cream is one of the top places to keep cool with a cold one all summer. (cyrus mccrimmon, denver post file)as of right now, you are on the clock. there are 13 weeks of summer — aka peak ice cream season — which means that you have, oh, 2,232 hours in which to indulge your frostiest, creamiest dessert fantasies during the season in which they are intended to be indulged.your mission: to eat the 13 very best flavors at the 13 very best ice cream parlors.we went to the pros — the churners, the makers, the tasters of these fine ice cream establishments; the people who know each and every flavor they scoop inside and out — and asked them which flavor is their favorite.for some, it was like choosing among their children, but we made them do it anyway. because we’re sick like that.sal

candy bar milkshakes kids free download

download download do you love making milkshakes, frozen ice cream, popsicles & ice cream desserts? do you love candy bars, chocolate games & other fun desserts? then you will love candy bar milkshakes maker - ice cream frozen desserts. candy bar milkshakes lets you pick from a variety of milkshakes from rainbow to mint chip, and chocolate rainbow ice cream. drop the ice cream, milk, sugar, fruit & ice into the cup & blend them together to make your favorite frozen dessert. candy bar milkshakes maker - ice cream frozen desserts is fun for kids of all ages, and those who love making summer desserts, beach food & more.

ice cream maker game 2017 download

download download everyone loves ice cream and with this exciting new 2d ice cream maker game from bleeding edge studios you can make all your favorite ice creams whenever and wherever you want. create delicious ice cream cones and choose from a mouth watering selection of toppings and flavors to make your very own special ice cream treats. have fun in the kitchen by learning how to mix the ingredients into deliciously smooth ice cream with all your favorite flavors; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla--you choose what you want. the new 2d ice cream maker game from bleeding edge studios gives you the opportunity to learn all about making healthy and scrumptious tasting ice creams using all your favorite toppings and flavors without making a mess in your own kitchen. learn how healthy ingredient

forget boring vanilla: ranking the trendiest ice cream of the moment

we all scream for ice cream and egg waffles, churros and liquid nitrogen.        

top 4 ice cream sandwiches — and some horrors

cookies and ice cream are two irresistible treats. sandwich them together and it’s sheer delight — or it can be.the best ice cream sandwiches are made with silky, flavor-dense ice cream that’s tucked between tender, rich cookies that pair perfectly with the ice cream, allowing the flavors of both to shine. unfortunately, many of the options from the supermarket freezer case fall short. the cookies are flavorless, or so mushy they stick to your fingers. and ice cream that tastes like chemicals or has texture problems — it’s overly fluffy or unpleasantly icy — makes for a poor dessert.for this taste-off, we rounded up a little bit of everything from the freezer section, including the classic chocolate-vanilla combo, as well as some deliciously creative alternatives (although we saved the cho

150 flavorful cupcake recipes download

download download 150 cupcake recipes. amazingly powerful cooking app that features recipes for all kinds of cupcakes. the recipes are searchable by name and searchable by ingredient, allowing you to build an exciting menu around the food items that you have on hand. this app also features a built in notepad that allows you to create a shopping list or even store your own recipes. this application is amazingly compact because it utilizes a miniature built-in database to store recipes. this means that you do not need internet access to use your app. that can be very handy if you are traveling or do not have good internet reception in your cooking area. the application offers 150 varieties of cupcakes categorized within the main menu for easy navigation and access: light cupcake recipes incl

beach ice cream restaurant download

download download if you like to play restaurant games we will be glad to show you one of the newest ice cream games for girls called beach ice cream restaurant, where you can imagine that you spend an entire summer vacation on the beach and manage your own ice cream restaurant for girls with different flavors, toppings and much more. all girls dream to have a perfect ice cream restaurant where everybody can find and buy not only their favorite ice creams, but also something else like sweet cakes or soda or even candies. now is your chance to prove that you can be the owner of one of the best restaurant for girls and serve your customers with everything they want, from vanilla or chocolate ice cream or orange juice to sweet and delicious cakes or yummy lollipops. in all our ice cream games

tex-mex restaurant del fuego moves to larger location in st. james

advertisement | advertise on newsdaydel fuego restaurant in st. james offers a platter of surf and turf fajitas -- beef and shrimp -- served with the classic fixings of guacamole, salsa and sour cream. (credit: doug young) good news for fans of the taco- and tequila-centric menu of del fuego north in st. james: in december, the eatery moved into airier digs across north country road, more than doubling its space, from 40 to 95 seats. the bar area is bigger, too, and a patio will open this spring — but the seasonal tex-mex menu remains the same.del fuego opened in st. james in october 2011, and the tex-mex formula...

getting the munchies on 4/20? food companies are looking for you

when you and your buds get the munchies on april 20, the high holiday for marijuana users, a small army of marketing professionals are working to ensure that in your haze, you’ll reach for their brand of blazed, er, glazed doughnuts. or totino’s pizza rolls. or burger king. or any other brand of junk food — even from a wholesome, family-friendly company — that suspects its biggest fans may be spending the day more flame-broiled than a whopper.4/20, as the holiday is known, is when brands want you to get baked (goods). they want you to have a huge (ice cream) bowl or a (burrito) roll. in other words, it’s the day when corporate-sanctioned pot puns fly high on’s no surprise that ben & jerry’s, the tie-dyed vermont ice cream maker that has named ice creams “half baked” and “phish f

bill nye uses an ice cream orgy to expose the absurdity of christian attempts to

a new video from bill nye’s netflix series uses a clever cartoon with ice cream to illustrate the absurdity of conversion begins with several flavors of ice cream arriving at an “ice cream conversion therapy” support group meeting. a vanilla ice cream cone has instigated the meeting to claim vanilla is “the one true flavor.” when salted caramel tells vanilla that his theories have no basis in scientific fact, vanilla suggests “it’s the science of feelings.” he explains that because he “feels” he is the “most natural of the ice creams” that the rest of the flavors should also become vanilla.vanilla goes to claim these feelings are based on “the big ice cream cone in the sky,” who he encourages the other cones to “get right” with. strawberry delicious has a particular problem with

how to easily customise android’s share menu

the sharing function in android is a very useful feature that makes sharing files and content a breeze. however, the stock share menu in android is pretty basic and doesn’t come with any customization option. in this article we will show you how you can customize android’s share menu and personalize it to your liking. personalize the android share menu with andmade the key to changing and cleaning up the share menu on your android device is an app called andmare share. when you first install the app, it will ask you if you want to go through the tutorial. if you decide to follow... read more

need to get motivated? let the macho man get you psyched

are you unjustifiably in a situation you’d rather not be in? but are you certain that you’re the cream, and that the cream will rise to the top? then watch this video to remind yourself how great you really are.full story at youtube.more epic motivation. posted by josh urich

get the scoop on some of the chicago area's most charming ice cream shops

a visit to an ice cream shop is a summer rite of passage. these businesses not only serve up cool treats, but are community gathering spots, and in some cases, a window back in time. we sought out owners and staff from iconic ice cream shops (and frozen custard and gelato places, too) to get the scoop not only on what they're offering this season, but to find out their favorite ice cream spot to visit when they're off the clock.the brown cow ice cream parlor7347 madison st., forest park, www.browncowicecream.comwho: connie brown, ownerat work: connie brown opened this old-fashioned soda fountain, creamery and bakery in 2004. craft sodas are made in-house, and there are freshly baked cakes and pies. the newest addition to the menu is homemade, deep-dish mini pies like apple and pecan and a

this gourmia machine claims to turn fruit into ice cream

i do not mess around when it comes to ice cream. for years, i worked at a mom-and-pop ice cream shop in maine, learning the ins and outs of making all kinds of ice cream: hard serve, soft serve, fat- and sugar-free concoctions, mixtures with chunks of homemade birthday cake or grape nuts thrown in—you name it. so when i heard that gourmia released a product that claims to turn plain ol’ fruit into ice cream—not sorbet, but a frozen dessert with the same texture as soft serve ice cream—i was extremely dubious. how can a machine turn a fat-free, wholesome food into a creamy, sinful dessert?well, it can’t. credit: / mike roorda running frozen mango through the machine made good sorbet, but it wasn't ice cream.of course, you can't expect ice cream without... cream. but gourmia pro

eden prairie museum showcases aviation history year-round

the smell of oil filled the air in the brightly lit airplane hangar crammed with history.from a 1940s jeep to a p-51 d mustang — one of only six in the world to return home from world war ii combat in europe — the restored relics are unquestionably the main attractions at a new aviation museum in eden prairie.although air museums are closing elsewhere, the nonprofit wings of the north bucked the trend and opened a museum just over a year ago after nearly two decades of organizing the annual airexpo aviation show in eden prairie. it now showcases history year-round.“that’s what we’re all about, telling the history,” director bob jasperson said. “we don’t want this history to be lost.”the wings of the north museum, which will mark its second year this summer, is housed in an office building