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alitalia workers vote on cuts to stave off bankruptcy

milan (ap) — alitalia employees are voting on whether to accept a government-brokered deal to save italy’s flagship airline from bankruptcy.some 12,500 alitalia workers began voting thursday on a package that eased steep cuts sought by parent etihad airways, and which will open 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) in investment to keep the airline afloat. voting runs through tuesday.italy’s economic development minister, carlo calenda, has excluded nationalizing the airline, putting pressure on workers to accept the deal that foresees wage cuts of about 8 percent, down from as much as 30 percent, and reduces the number of layoffs by about one-third to 1,700.calenda was quoted by the turin daily la stampa as saying a no vote would lead to a six-month period of extraordinary administration followe

italy prepares bridge loan to keep alitalia flying

milan (ap) — italy’s economic development minister says that failing airline alitalia will receive a government bridge loan to keep it operational while a new owner is sought.carlo calenda told radio 24 on wednesday that a loan of 300 million to 400 million euros ($326 million-$435 million) would keep the airline flying for six months under receivership.asked if german airline lufthansa was interested in buying the company, calenda gave a quick “i hope,” then added more cautiously, “it would be interesting to explore.”italy’s flagship airline is on the verge of bankruptcy after workers rejected a government-brokered deal that would have unlocked 2 billion euros in investments from its managing shareholder, etihad, and a consortium of italian businesses, led by italian banks unicredit and i

us energy policy review leaves g7 meeting without consensus

rome — the u.s. administration's review of energy policy forced the g-7 meeting of top energy officials to close without issuing a customary joint declaration.italy's economic development minister, carlo calenda, told a news conference monday that it was "not possible to sign a final joint declaration, since it would not cover the whole range of topics in the agenda."u.s. energy secretary rick perry represented the united states at the two-day meeting, which included discussion of energy security, policies to move away from coal, natural gas routes and supply, sustainable development of electricity sources, alternative fuel and energy access and investments in africa.greenpeace activists protested outside, calling on officials to maintain their commitments to reduce greenhouse gases under

from the passport to the keyone: five reasons the qwerty keyboard is the killer

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trump's energy review blocks group of seven from consensus

rome – top energy officials from the group of seven industrial nations failed to agree on language for a joint declaration on monday because of the u.s. administration's review of policies related to climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gases.italy's economic development minister, carlo calenda, said those areas remained "key priorities for other g-7 countries and the e.u." but that the united states "reserves its position" while the review is underway."therefore it was not possible to sign a final joint declaration, since it would not cover the whole range of topics in the agenda," he secretary rick perry led the u.s. delegation to the talks that were being closely watched by climate change activists after president donald trump signed an executive order that was par

air italy expands as uae-backed alitalia goes bankrupt | italy news

italian airline meridiana changed its name to air italy with the backing of qatar airways, its new shareholder, aiming to become italy's flagship carrier as uae-backed alitalia undergoes bankruptcy proceedings.expansion planre-branded as air italy, meridian unveiled a new restructuring plan to make of air italy "a sustainable airline alternative for the people of italy", as qatar airways' ceo akbar al-baker said on monday at a press conference in milan. “air italy will achieve global scale in both fleet and network expansion ... we will show that we are the star,” added al-baker.over the next three years, 20 boeing 737 max aircraft will be added to air italy's fleet, the first of which arrives in april 2018. qatar airways will lease five of its airbus a330-200 aircraft to air italy "at mar