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photos: city lights emulate starry skies in ‘stray light’ - photo journal

by jun 29, 2015 12:40 pm et sl.2014.0510 chicago, 2014clarissa bonet/catherine edelman gallery, chicagoa chicago transplant from florida, clarissa bonet was immediately taken by the urban space that was her new home—particularly the vastness of its manmade landscape. the photographer, who spent much of her day in the studio, took to the street to document her new surroundings, capturing patches of stark light as pedestrians walked along the pavement, colossal buildings hovering around. titled “city space,” that collection of images chronicles the urban landscape by day.but soon, on her nightly drive home through the city, ms. bonet found herself similarly transfixed by the way the city’s lofty skyline softened, window lights glimmering like stars, punching holes into the darkness. she bega

photos: city lights emulate starry skies in ‘stray light’

in her series "stray light," clarissa bonet creates images of chicago's nocturnal landscape.

photos: city lights emulate starry skies in ‘stray light’ - photo journal

bychelsea matiash jun 29, 2015 12:40 pm et in her series “stray light,” clarissa bonet creates images of chicago’s nocturnal landscape. to read the full story, subscribe or sign in

susan sarandon joins ray donovan cast for major recurring character arc

why it matters to you the showtime series ray donovan is known for some great recurring guest roles, so it's exciting to know that season five will see another oscar winner joining the cast.ray donovan will be welcoming a second oscar winner to its cast, as yet another movie actor has decided to join the ranks of television. it’s been confirmed that susan sarandon will play a recurring role in the upcoming fifth season of the showtime series, reports deadline.the series stars liev schreiber as the title charcter, a professional “fixer” in los angeles. to put it simply, very wealthy and/or famous people who are in trouble call him when they need to make problems go away. he always gets the job done, but oftentimes, it’s in pretty questionable ways.more:dicaprio and ray donovan writer to col

oakland drama depicts grim lives of migrant workers

if you think a story about workers in a poultry factory sounds grisly, you don’t know the half of it.oakland’s ubuntu theater project is performing the west coast premiere of “to the bone,” a relentlessly bleak drama about exploited undocumented central american immigrant women working at a chicken factory in upstate new york. the play, which debuted off-broadway in 2014, is by lisa ramirez, now an ubuntu company member whose solo show “exit cuckoo (nanny in motherland)” was staged by the group last year.not only do the women in the factory perform achingly repetitive movements all day, their slave driver of a supervisor (a domineering francisco arcila) barks orders at them to work faster, without breaks. the factory owner (william hartfield, creepy and confrontational) threatens workers w