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black and white strategy battler aztez is finally coming out this summer

gif the last time we checked in with team colorblind’s aztez was in 2013, and the hybrid strategy board game/beat-em-up was slated for a 2014 release. three years later the game is set for a summer release. no really, there’s a steam page and everything.what took so long? when i played an early build of aztez back in 2012, it was little more than a combat proof-of-concept, with none of the strategic board game elements that were to make up a substantial portion of the game. those are the bits the two-man team of ben ruiz and matthew wegner have been honing ruiz told me in an email yesterday, continuing a thread we’d last visited over four years ago, “the biggest thing is that we had to design, build, and glue in the turn-based game structure. one half of the game is essentially bo