ripe onion

a father and son fought over an onion on sunday in michigan, according to police.(p o: buriy, getty images/istockp o)

battle creek, mich. --- battle creek police arrested a father, 55, and his son, 29, after they fought sunday over an onion.

officers said they were called at 4:07 p.m. to come to the house by another relative who said the father aulted the son. both men live in the house and the son said his father receives food stamps but sells them for crack cocaine and then eats the son's food.

the son said they have had numerous conver ions about the subject but that the father continues to eat the son's food. the father said the son be e angry over an onion and began the ault.

neither were injured seriously and neither wanted to pursue charges, however officers arrested both men and took them to the calhoun county jail.

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