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airline fees for bags and flight changes continue to climb above $7b

airlines charged $7.1 billion last year in fees for baggage and flight changes, according to the government accountability office.        

fiat chrysler, uaw officials accused of laundering money through fake hospice center

auto executives and union leaders laundered money through a fake hospice center, federal authorities alleged in a new court filing.        

will the world end on saturday?

david meade, a christian and self-published author of end-of-the-world survival guides, predicts doomsday is near.        

lawyer: actress is 'not suing' kevin hart after vegas encounter

montia sabbag had an intimate relationship" the the actor a month ago, and now is fighting release of video of the encounter, says lisa bloom.        

bizarre baby registry emails freak out amazon shoppers

retailing giant sends bizarre email about a gift from a user's baby registry.        

mexico quake kills at least 225; one girl found alive in school rubble

parents and bystanders were desperately trying to rescue staff and students trapped in a collapsed school.        

linda hamilton, arnold schwarzenegger will return to ‘terminator’ franchise

hamilton, who first played sarah connor, hasn't been part of franchise since 1991's 'judgment day.'        

'raging bull' boxing champion jake lamotta dies at 95

the bronx bull compiled a record of 83-19-4 throughout his storied career.        

there is meddling in germany's election — not by russia, but by u.s. right wing

politician and experts have warned for months about the possibility of russian interference in germany's election.        

the role hurricane jose could play in the path of hurricane maria

maria, a major hurricane that blasted into puerto rico, appears poised to spin north before reaching the u.s. east coast.        

netflix in october: 'stranger things' returns, finch's 'mindhunter' debuts

get ready for more 'stranger things,' a bunch of classic comedies and david fincher's new netflix series.        

russell westbrook says he only wears each outfit once

he donates them after a single use.        

halle berry and alex da kid's relationship goes instagram official

halle berry confirmed her relationship with british music producer alex da kid on instagram tuesday.        

reports: ex-bears cornerback charles tillman in training for fbi

former bears cornerback charles tillman, who retired last summer, is looking to move to the fbi, as first reported by the chicago tribune.        

usa today network map gives unprecedented look at u.s.-mexico border for 'the wall'

the usa today network has produced the most comprehensive map of current fencing along the u.s.-mexico border.        

jimmy kimmel rips senator bill cassidy over health care bill: he 'lied right to my face'

"there's a new jimmy kimmel test for you," kimmel said speaking directly to senator bill cassidy. "it's called the lie detector test."        

who'll win 'america's got talent'? darci lynne farmer, angelica hale top our list

from a singing ventriloquist to a neon lights dance group, the 10 finalists gave their final performances on 'america's got talent' tuesday.        

trump blames hillary clinton for north korea nuclear weapons program

clinton described trump's u.n. speech as "very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the free world should be delivering."        

nikki haley on president trump calling kim jong un 'rocket man': 'it worked'

u.n. ambassador nikki haley on wednesday defended president trump's new nickname for north korea's leader.        

apple watch review: ditch the iphone

the new apple watch series 3 clocks in with cellular.