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lebron james, cleveland cavaliers arrive at game in matching suits — again

for the second time in two games, the cleveland cavaliers arrived wearing matching suits. the cavs wore the same thom browne suits to game 3 and lost.        

conway dodges questions about trump tweet on unnamed 'drunk/drugged up loser'

trump top adviser kellyanne conway, said she did not know who the president was referring to when he tweeted about a “drunk/drugged up loser.”        

shania twain sorry for saying she would've voted for trump 'even though he was offensive'

shania twain says her stepfather abused her, she dreams of cutting her former friend's hair off and that she would have voted for trump.        

how? jr smith drains insane buzzer-beater from other three-point line

jr smith did as jr smith does, draining a buzzer-beater from indiana's three-point line to put the cavs up by six at the end of the first quarter.        

'westworld' season 2 premiere recap: welcome to the brave, bloody new world

the second season premiere of 'westworld' shows the aftermath of the massacre in the season 1 finale, and the new world at the park is even bloodier.        

martha, bela karolyi defend training environment, say they didn't know about abuse

martha and bela karolyi spoke to dateline in their first interview since sexual abuse allegations against former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar became public.        

don't throw your old tv out—do this instead

it'll be earth day this weekend, and—while you should be mindful of our big blue marble every day—it's still the perfect time to do a little homework and figure out how to dispose of your old tv properly.whether you've recently replaced your old led tv with a newer set or have just had a boxy crt gathering dust in your basement for years, there are much better ways to recycle or pass on these complex devices that have brought you hours of comfort and joy than dumping them unceremoniously on the sidewalk. you are some options to consider before (or, hopefully, entirely in lieu of) simply throwing your old tv in the trash or on the curb.donate itcredit: goodwill most charitable organizations like goodwill or salvation army will accept tv donations, though you should call ahead to check if your tv is particularly huge.i save crts (tube tvs) from sidewalks all the time, and i've never once brought one home or to reviewed's office and found that it didn't work. it's a little baffling that someone would take a perfectly functional tv and just toss it out, but it happens.if you've got old tvs sitting around that still work, consider donating them instead. try calling up your local goodwill, salvation army, or even a school or public library, and see if they're in need of a tv. we've donated 65-inch 4k hdr tvs to the goodwill around the corner, so i know it can be done. try just googling "donate electronics." you might also consider calling your local hob...

avicii: what does the late edm dj's stage name mean?

tim bergling, aka avicii, who died friday, once explained to usa today that his dj name has a pretty twisted meaning.        

'avengers: infinity war': chris evans spills on captain america's 'dangerous' beard

chris evan's 'avengers: infinity war' beard is a social-media hit, but it also tracks with captain america's character in the new marvel film.        

ahead of state visit, french president macron touts rapport with trump, warns president on tariffs

the french leader said he has a strong relationship with trump in part because they are both mavericks. but president emmanuel macron warned trump against a trade war with europe.        

as danny farquhar fights for life, friends from a decade in baseball balance hope, heartbreak

danny farquhar's family is by his side as the white sox pitcher fights for his life in a chicago hospital after he suffered a brain aneurysm.        

a 29-year-old man saved numerous lives during tennessee waffle house shooting, police say

a 29-year-old man is credited with saving numerous lives sunday morning after he disarmed a man who opened fire on a tennessee waffle house.        

world's oldest person, last survivor of 19th century, dies in japan at 117

the world's oldest person died at the age of 117 in southern japan. she left behind more than 160 descendants.        

fitness trainer bob harper's dogs provided emotional support during his recovery from a massive heart attack

fitness trainer bob harper's dogs provided emotional support during his recovery from a massive heart attack        

dozens of businesses looted amid nicaragua unrest

the protests over several days were sparked by government social security reforms, and human rights groups say at least 26 people have been killed.        

in india, an 'untouchables' wedding highlights tensions over social change

a man who is a dalit, the lowest of castes in india once known as "untouchables," wants to defy tradition and ride a horse in his wedding procession.        

lebron james, cavaliers should stop it with the matching suits or they'll be missing rest of nba playoffs

if lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers want to keep playing in these nba playoffs, they should probably stop worrying about their pregame outfits and instead focus on the indiana pacers.        

syracuse u. to review greek system after racist fraternity video goes viral

syracuse university expelled one fraternity and promised a review of the greek system after a video of a racist, hate-laced sketch went viral.        

cubs coach threw drink at ump after bryant injury

the cubs were not happy.        

florida man gets 330 years on child porn charges in 'sex tourism' trial

a florida man arrested with the help of the fort myers child exploitation task force was sentenced to 330-years in prison n a child sex tourism case.