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explore rep. duncan hunter's spending with this map

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explore rep. duncan hunter's spending with this map

the san diego union-tribune has been examining the paign spending of rep. duncan hunter, who has receipts all across the country and world. 

use the map below to explore what he and his paign spent during the past two years. the larger circles show larger expenditures, and the colors indicate whether hunter has reimbursed his paign.

» story: rep. hunter mixed personal and paign expenses, trips

red expenses are those reimbursed, which means they were identified by his own paign as personal, mistaken or lacking documentation. yellow expenses were partially reimbursed, and green expenses were identified by the paign as allowable.

drag the map to look beyond north america — there are also several expenditures in italy. zoom into san diego county or washington d.c. to see the largest clusters of expenses.

rep. duncan hunter's spending

the federal election commission reports used for this map run from january 2015 to november 2016. the fec filing does not require filers to report the specific location of all purchases, so those made to corporations are mapped to their corporate headquarters. 

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