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ex-prosecutor burns jack kingston to the ground for comparing mueller indictments to ‘traffic tickets’

former congressman jack kingston (r-ga)  got a lesson in the law saturday morning for attempting to dismiss the coming indictments from special counsel robert mueller as nothing more serious than parking tickets.since friday night, kingston has been put in the unenviable position of defending the trump administration after news broke that indictments and arrests are forthcoming as early as monday morning.appearing on cnn’s new day, kingston attempted to tamp down the story by saying the charges and arrests amount to “bullying,” while maintaining there is no evidence of russian collusion.“i don’t think they’re going to find any evidence of collusion,” kingston began. “i think they’re going to try to get somebody and use him as a stalking horse to try to get somebody else to say something. but, you know, a little bit of bullying is going on here and i think the timing is very suspect. we as trump supporters are coming off a very good week, not just with the budget, but –”kingston was then pulled up short by host victor blackwell as the panel looked on incredulously.“when you say bullying, who is being bullied?” the stunned blackwell asked.“i think that what they are doing is they’re sending a signal, and carl bernstein said it earlier, they’re sending a signal for other people that, you know, you better step forward, you better cooperate,” kingston explained. “here is somebody who probably had maybe the equivalent of a traffic violation in t...

corey lewandowski claims mueller is going after ‘bad players’ who had ‘nothing to do with the president’

in what was likely a slip of the tongue, one of the former campaign mangers for president donald trump claimed that special counsel robert mueller should be investigating the “clinton administration” — presumably hillary clinton’s administration.appearing on fox & friends, former trump flack corey lewandowski pushed back against reports that indictments are being handed down — and arrests are expected — relating to trump aides working in tandem with russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign.speaking with the fox & friends hosts, the manic lewandowski indicated he wanted mueller to focus on anything other than trump.“speculation is so insane right now,” lewandowsky offered. “what we should be focused on right now are the continuing lies of the clinton administration.”“the continued fallacies that they perpetuate,” he continued as he built up a head of steam. “look, robert mueller is doing his job, whatever that may entail. and he has filed charges against somebody, although we don’t know what they are. we don’t know if they are felony charges. we don’t know if they are against one or multiple people.”“let me be very very clear, i am certain of this, this has nothing to do with the president,” lewandowski insisted. “if there were players on the outside that had a periphery or a small role of some type in the campaign, my guess is these charges have nothing to do with the campaign because i was there, there was no collusion, ...

joy reid accuses trump of colluding with fox news on bogus clinton stories because he knew indictments were coming

saying she doesn’t like to indulge in conspiracy stories, msnbc host joy reid laid out a compelling case that the white house colluded with fox news and several key republicans to hype up bogus hillary clinton stories this week because they knew indictments were about to be filed.earlier in the week one am joy regular speculated that “something fairly big” was coming, and host reid took it a step further on saturday.sharing clips of president donald trump, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and house intel head rep. devin nunes (r-ca) attacking clinton this past week, ried made the point that there was a method to their pattern of deceit.“now, usually on this show as a rule we don’t cover fake news stories, we stay out of the realm of conspiracy theories,” reid began. “but the coordinated effort to resurface the long debunked uranium one conspiracy seems to deflect from imminent indictments from robert mueller’s indictment”“on tuesday, devin nunes — who in april supposedly recused himself from the investigation of russia’s involvement in the 2016 election — announced two new investigations,” she detailed. “one, into why there were no charges against hillary clinton’s private e-mail servers. nunes said his committee wants to look at a deal that obama’s administration approved in 2010 that allowed russia’s atomic energy agency to buy a canadian company, uranium one, which controlled 20 percent of america’s uranium supply. th...

‘he’s a threat to democracy’

at an investment conference in new york last week,  several influential billionaires made their feelings about president donald trump known, with one major gop donor lamenting the state of the country saying it has become “awful” under the current white house a speech documented by new york magazine, billionaire hedge fund manager seth klarman — ceo of the baupost group — told assembled attendees that trump is a “threat to democracy.”“the president is a threat to democracy. he has attacked journalists and he’s threatening to take away nbc’s license,” klarman can be heard saying in audio recorded at the robin hood investment conference. “he’s attacking judges. he’s violating all sorts of democratic norms, from the emoluments clause to questioning the election and threatening to lock up his opponent. people don’t focus on this but nazi germany had a constitution before hitler came to power and at the end of the war they had the exact same constitution. it lasted all the way through, but democracy didn’t.”“the country is getting divided, whether it’s immigrants, whether it’s transgender people, whether it’s blacks, whether it’s mexicans. it’s awful,” he lamented.klarman wasn’t the only billionaire speaker who is not a fan of trump.billionaire real estate mogul barry sternlicht, who boasted that he has golfed with trump, is unimpressed with his golfing buddy as president.“i expected him to go to the middle, because ...

watch howard dean and msnbc’s stephanie ruhle gang up on paul ryan and his ‘nutjob’ budget plan

appearing on msnbc’s am joy, former vermont gov. howard dean (d) and the network’s own stephanie ruhle ran roughshod over the proposed gop budget plan, with dean calling house speaker paul ryan (r-wi) and his fellow tax cutters “nutjobs.”addressing ryans’ comments about pushing for tax reform, host reid accused the conservative of being hellbent of helping out the wealthy.“paul ryan and the republican party are bending over backwards to achieve tax reform and they came one step closer on thursday when house narrowly passed the senate’s 2018 budget which means the senate only needs a filibuster-proof simple majority to pass their tax cuts for the rich,” reid explained. “details are hard to come but, but regardless of what the legislative details come to be, most americans know who already stands to gain with 60 percent saying it will help the wealthy.”“it does seem that paul ryan’s whole life has been organized around the idea of repealing the 20th century and passing very, very deep tax cuts for the wealthy,” she reporter ruhle jumped in to to say, “it’s tax cuts, not tax reform. if there were tax reform, there would be something to talk about.”ruhle noted that corporations and the wealthy have the most to gain from the proposal because loopholes are left untouched, before hammering at white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders for misrepresenting what the middle class will have to gain.asked to comment about the propose...

the evolution of slenderman — an internet horror star

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here is how fox news is desperately trying to keep the focus on hillary clinton

a grand jury in washington, d.c. approved the first charges in an ongoing federal investigation led by special counsel robert mueller into russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential election. in a desperate attempt to keep the focus off donald trump’s white house administration, in which several officials are seen as key subjects in mueller’s probe, fox news reverted to its favorite talking point: former secretary of state hillary clinton.

here is everything you need to know about snl’s halloween special

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ny man won’t take down ‘trump – burn in hell’ halloween decorations after neighbor tells him to to go back to his country

a new york man has set off a firestorm in his neighborhood by placing a fake corpse next to a gravestone stating, “trump — burn in hell,” leading one trump-boosting neighbor to tell him to go back to his country.according to usa today, the decoration gracing the home in cortlandt, new york is so offensive that some local trump fans want the decoration taken down — and the homeowner booted for the community.the report states that the tombstone is one of five on the lawn belonging to fabian vergara, a native of ecuador who lives in the house with his wife and two of their children.according to vergara, he put it up as a joke, saying, “i’m doing it for fun. i like halloween, so i don’t see anything wrong with that. it’s a free country.”neighbor theresa gucciardo-perry disagrees, saying she is so disgusted that she asked the city to force vergara to take it down.“i want to know how far freedom of speech goes,” she said before adding, “fabian needs to be removed from the neighborhood.”according to vergara, he had every intention of taking it down until he had a confrontation with gucciardo-perry who, he claims, told him, to go back to his own country.“it’s not fair,” he explained. “that’s not the right way to treat me, like that.”“the man had no intentions of removing it,” gucciardo-perry said in her defense, admitting that she grew frustrated and told him, “is this about halloween or about you making a political statement? you don’t l...

counter-protestor hilariously trolls shelbyville white supremacists with offer of free genetic testing: ‘it will be great’

a group of white supremacists and neo-nazi’s chanting ” white lives matter” were greeted by a much larger group of counter-protesters in shelbyville tennessee on saturday, who made a generous offer.according to the huffpost,  police decked out in riot gear also attended the rally, keeping the two warring factions on opposite sides of the street where the two groups shouted at each other on the cloudy afternoon.the report notes that the white nationalists raised their arms in nazi salutes while chanting, “blood and soil’ and white lives matter.”the black-clad neo-nazi’s also brandished shields and flags at the counter-protestors who were kept on the other side of the street, chanting right back at video uploaded to twitter by the huffpost’s christopher mathias, the nationalists receive an offer from a counter-protestor using a sound system.“hey, i’d like to make an offer to you guys,” the unidentified man can be heard in the video. “free genetic testing, for every one of you. i know you aren’t used to talking about it on your facebook forum, but you can have free genetic testing and it will be great.”watch the video below:competing white lives matter and black lives matter chants and then counter-protester mc offers nazis free genetic tests— christopher mathias (@letsgomathias) october 28, 2017

new yorkers are getting sucker punched in the face

new yorkers are now concerned about getting sucker punched in the face while walking down the street, thanks to the “knockout game.” the sick game involves someone walking up to a person, sucker punching them without reason, and walking away from the victim.

noose at new jersey bar’s halloween costume party sparks call for boycott

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counter-protesters rock out to ‘la bamba’ as white supremacist leader speaks at tennessee march

on saturday, anti-racist protesters at shelbyville, tn’s “white lives matter” march trolled white supremacist leader michael hill by blasting latino rocker ritchie valens’ 1958 hit song, “la bamba.”neo-nazis, white supremacists and other far-right marchers gathered in shelbyville on saturday to march and chant nazi party slogans like “blood and soil” as they brandished homemade shields and other weapons. “you can party all you want to,” said hill angrily, “but we are just getting started.”“we know who we are, we are the people,” he continued, shouting into a hand-held microphone, “who civilized this land.”he struggled to be heard, however, over the the exuberant rhythms of “la bamba.”valens was a mexican-american singer from california who was the first u.s. latino to cross over into mainstream rock and roll. he died at the age of 18 in a plane crash that also killed singers buddy holly and the big bopper. the february, 1959 crash has since become known as “the day the music died,” after folk singer don mclean memorialized it in a song of the same name. watch the video, embedded below:counterprotesters play "la bamba" while "white lives matter" rally leader michael hill speaks— buzzfeed news (@buzzfeednews) october 28, 2017

more indictments are coming if mueller’s case is ‘as strong as it seems’

national security expert and former assisant secretary of homeland security juliette kayyem told cnn on saturday that the sealed criminal charges announced on friday are likely to be only the first set of indictments filed in special counsel robert mueller’s investigations of president donald trump, his campaign, transition and presidency.“this week,” kayyem said, the white house has been doing “this sort of hail mary” attempt to confuse the public and cloud the issues around the investigation, which as some have noted has become a sure sign that something about to break.that, she said, “made it seem like to anyone who knows how these cases unfold that something was going to hit quickly.”“this is not the end, though, and people should not think this is going to settle any issues, this is just an indictment,” she explained, “but it does mean that mueller has proved something not just to a grand jury but to his chain of command at the department of justice.”“to be honest,” she said, these could only be the first of many indictments, “if the case is as strong as it appears to be.”cnn announced on friday night that the first charges have been filed in the investigation and that arrests could come as soon as the video, embedded below:

trump wants everything in america to be big — except our national monuments

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ronald reagan jr. scorches trump and his gop enablers as traitors to the us

ronald reagan, jr. told msnbc on saturday that president donald trump and his republican enablers are “aiding and abetting” russia and other hostile powers by weakening and dividing the country. “this is trump’s party now,” said reagan — son of president ronald reagan, “but if you’re a republican senator or congressman or you want to be one, you need to ask yourself some questions.”“for one thing, you have to be post-factual,” he said. “you have to be comfortable with unreality. if mr. trump says down is up, you have to be ready to march out in front of the cameras and confirm that down is indeed up.”“you also have to engage in behavior that i would call traitorous,” reagan said. “the russian efforts on social media and the internet regarding our democratic system are ongoing — and they are going to be ongoing in 2018 in the midterm elections. so for mr. trump to go out and say this was all a hoax, to continue to insist this is a hoax is aiding and abetting the russian effort.”watch the video, embedded below:

team trump rushes to deflect and distract after mueller bombshell

the white house has launched a full court press to push back against friday’s bombshell news that special counsel robert mueller has filed the first charges in his multi-pronged investigation into president donald trump and his connections to russia.politico said on saturday that while some aides are going on the offensive against mueller and the investigation itself, others are trying to pretend that nothing is the matter whatsoever. “this has been a tremendously successful week,” said kellyanne conway in a text message on saturday. “budget passed, which is a critical step toward tax cuts; gdp again at 3%; ‘russia collusion’ boomeranged toward the democrats; the president and the first lady delivered a major policy speech and nationwide call to action on opioids and drug demand; potus is preparing for his first trip as president to asia.”the fact that the indictments are sealed has sent shock waves through the administration and the uncertainty of what’s to come on monday has left some advisers “livid” and “focusing their rage on how the information leaked and on a forever target: hillary clinton,” said politico’s annie karni.“it is unusual for prosecutors to file indictments under seal and then have it leak out,” said mark corallo, waxing indignant. “this was an ill-advised leak of information.”corallo — who was jettisoned from the white house legal team for his campaign of “character assassination” against mueller — added, “i’m...

top florida law enforcement official plotted to abduct, rape and murder ‘a black man or a jew’

update: unfortunately, this story was sourced from a fraudulent website. raw story regrets the error. the chief deputy of the palm beach county sheriff’s office has been outed as a white supremacist who corresponded with other members of the now-defunct website stormfront and plotted to abduct, rape with a metal pipe and then murder “a black man or a jew.”according to d.c. weekly, chief deputy micheal gauger has been exposed as “krieger” — a frequent poster to stormfront, which has been linked to as many as 100 hate crime deaths.“according to a confidential police report leaked to dc weekly, a white nationalist stormfront user going by the name of ‘krieger’ was trying to recruit help from other stormfront members to kidnap a black man or a jew, rape them with a metal pipe, and kill them. one of the members whom krieger contacted decided he needed to contact his local police department,” wrote d.c. weekly‘s andrew heaton. a police detective wrote in their report that they met with gauger and told him that informant “john doe” said he was a stormfront member and produced correspondence between the informant and gauger. “chief deputy gauger became extremely nervous, his mouth went dry and his completion became pale.” the detective said. “i could see his jugular vein pulsing hard, like a person under enormous stress. he looked at me, ripped up the paper, and told me that i would not be filing a report on this incident. i was informed by chief deput...

dan rather decries virginia republican ed gillespie for ‘disgusting and dangerous’ campaign race-baiting

former “cbs evening news” anchor and veteran journalist dan rather lit into virginia republican candidate for governor ed gillespie for playing on racist fears in his campaign. in a saturday evening post on facebook, rather said, “when it comes to racial tensions, there are leaders and there are cowards. there are cynical instigators seeking personal gain, and there are wise voices of reason seeking a better society.”“these thoughts are in my mind this weekend as i survey a troubled landscape,” rather wrote, saying that what he’s seeing in gillespie’s campaign is “disgusting and dangerous.”“the republican candidate, ed gillespie, is a man who should know better. but he is running a despicable campaign of stoking fear around immigrants and race, playing to base fears and echoing the toxic rhetoric of president trump,” continue rather.“gillespie was an establishment republican who has decided he will summon the ghosts of the confederacy and greatly misrepresent (more accurately lie about) his opponent’s record. this may prove a successful tactic in the upcoming election. fear sells, especially in the short run,” he said.“(e)ven some of gillespie’s former gop allies are marking his descent into bigotry for what it is,” rather said, “a stain on his character and a moral millstone around the long-term reputation of the republican party.”read the full post, embedded below:

users rejoice that twitter has permanently banned roger stone

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