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christie blatchford: a tale of duplicity or ineptitude — here’s what mcguinty’s staffers first told police

minutes after she responded ‘i have no records’ to a request for documents on the cancelled gas plants, laura miller’s partner tried to wipe clean her computer

nafta negotiations ‘going very badly,’ stephen harper writes in memo blasting trudeau government

officials in ottawa accused harper of essentially negotiating in public -- against the government of canada, and called the memo ill-timed and perplexing

whoever wins, new leader of alberta’s ucp will chart course for conservatives across the country

alberta is canadian conservatism’s hearth and home. this leadership race — and the fight that will come after — is personal and heated: success here must spread

‘catty text’ from millard girlfriend at root of laura babcock’s murder, prosecution suggests

'happy birthday. a year ago today was the first day i slept with dellen,' christina noudga wrote in a text to babcock

ousted by spain, catalan separatist leaders vow to continue working peacefully to ‘build a free country’

carles puigdemont's comments, made in a recorded televised address that was broadcast as he sat in a cafe in his hometown of girona, were a veiled refusal to accept his cabinet's dismissal

morneau shepell breaks silence, strenuously denies it has benefitted from bill morneau’s position

tthe only thing morneau shares with morneau shepell these days is a name, the company said in a statement aimed at countering 'a growing amount of misinformation'

regular pot smokers are having more sex and scientists think it may be stimulating libido

researchers found that women who regularly used cannabis had sex on average 7.1 times a month, compared with abstainers who had six encounters

‘oh my god, call 911’: police shootout in ontario hospital leaves elderly man dead after wife shot in head

police were called and when officers entered the room, 'shots were fired at that time and the male person was deceased at the scene'

now the world is supposed to end in november (the date’s been pushed back twice) when an imaginary planet appears

you might think two consecutive misfired would quash the nibiru theory. instead, it's simply transcended its erroneous author

u.s. defense secretary promises ‘massive military response’ to north korea strike

'any use of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military response that is effective and overwhelming'

canadians angry over omar khadr deal donate money to family of slain u.s. soldier

the fundraising effort — part political protest, part generosity — comes after the canadian government paid khadr $10.5m for breaching his rights

csis faces $35m harassment lawsuit as muslim employees claim discrimination

a gay man known as alex alleges that a colleague wrote in an email, 'careful your muslim in-laws don’t behead you in your sleep for being homo'

fate of planned quebec city muslim cemetery in hands of 49 referendum voters

‘there are catholic cemeteries, protestant cemeteries, jewish cemeteries — we aren't inventing anything here,’ said mohamed kesri, who leads the project

banished to alberta for one year: newfoundland crook handed ancient punishment

unlike so many other newfoundlanders, gordie bishop is a newfoundlander who, in his 32 years of life, has never left the province. that will soon change

raise the avro arrow: group looks to recover prototypes from lake ontario, 60 years later

between 1954 and 1957, nine avro models were fired at the lake to test its design and flight — they are now ‘the only intact pieces of that whole program’

winnipeg woman gets 8 1/2 years for hiding six dead babies in storage locker

the horror lies in little things, the ones both known and not: underwear, size four, scooby doo. a concrete disc, the body gone — liquefied — an impression left behind

canada’s spy agency faces $35 million harassment, discrimination lawsuit

a gay man known as alex alleges that a colleague wrote in an email, 'careful your muslim in-laws don’t behead you in your sleep for being homo'

matthew fisher: canadian warships shadowed by chinese navy in south china sea

‘it was a bit of a cat-and-mouse game. they claim something that the world does not agree with. … they are very active these days,’ said the chief petty officer

trump’s vp reassures trudeau: new nafta will be ‘win-win-win for all’

trudeau said he was gratified by the response from various levels of government and urged more trade, not less: 'we must get this right'

private email of top u.s. russia intelligence official hacked

while it's unclear whether the hack is an isolated incident, or part of a broader campaign, it comes amid a widening investigation into russian cyberattacks