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snuggie-filled, shot-for-shot remake of "countdown"

there is something ever-so-slightly disturbing about this video. this guy made a shot-for-shot remake of a rather sexual music video, except he’s wearing a snuggie.full story at youtube.more great humor. posted by josh urich

french marching band plays daft punk

to celebrate bastille day, you might think that the french marching band would play something, well, more traditional. but instead they chose the modern day french pop duo daft punk––and frankly, it’s awesome.full story at streamable.more great music. posted by josh urich

how bodybuilding has evolved - holy kaw!

if you look at a bodybuilder from a hundred years ago and then look at one from five years ago, you’re going to see two entirely different body types. take a look at how the sport has changed.full story at youtube.more fitness stuff. posted by josh urich

overly dramatic dog growling match over a toy

the thing about dog fights is that they often sound much worse than they really are. this is a perfect example of that: listen to how loudly and dramatically these dogs growl over nothing.full story at youtube.more great dogs. posted by josh urich

on fake youtube drama - holy kaw!

if you follow youtube channels regularly, you’re probably used tot he random bouts of drama that will crop up. this video calls for those fake dramatic blowups to end.full story at youtube.more tech stuff. posted by josh urich

the stories behind the 100 greatest props in movie history

peter farrelly, director: “we shot most of the bowling stuff in the pittsburgh area. there are tons of old bowling alleys around pittsburgh — in the midwest, they bowl! but they’d never been changed, so they were just beautiful. every town had one! “we were scouting for the bowling alley and there it was, on a shelf. i said, we have to get his for big ern, so we bought it from them. when i first saw it, it looked like art, man. but [bill murray] did bowl with it, of course. the minute we handed it to him he was just tickled. and there was only one ball. now it lives in kings alley in boston, massachusetts. they have a kingpin wall.”

hidden oil patterns on bowling lanes will change your game

when you go out to bowl with some friends, are you paying attention to oil patterns? you probably didn’t even know there were oil patterns. but there are, and this is why it’s so important.full story at youtube.more great sports. posted by josh urich

how to say "friend" around the world

admittedly, there are plenty of more useful phrases to learn when you plan to travel internationally, but it would be nice to know if someone considers you a friend.incidentally, july 30 marks international friendship day in case you feel like picking up a new pen pal.via fuzzy infographics. posted by kate rinsema

poor dog can't figure out glassless door

this poor pooch doesn’t know what’s going on. he sees people going in out of the door without opening the door, but he can’t seem to do the same himself.full story at youtube.more cute dogs. posted by josh urich

3 common beginning editor mistakes

learning video editing is easier than ever, thanks to all the online instructional videos. but becoming a good editor is a whole different animal. this video teaches you how to avoid three common mistakes.full story at youtube.more great filmmaking tips. posted by josh urich

fidget spinners: the anime - holy kaw!

fidget spinners are everywhere, even in the world of animation. take a look at corridor’s (a digital media company known for excellent special effects) hilarious take on anime fidget spinner combat.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

mesmerizing old school russian dance

they don’t really make tv like this anymore. this spectacular russian dance required hours and hours of practice for the dancers and setup for the producers. the result is this awesome production.full story at youtube.more great dance. posted by josh urich

playing techno on a mouth harp

mouth harp isn’t exactly a popular instrument, but this guy has spend a lot of time practicing and, as a result, he can really rock it. maybe it’ll be popular after this video goes viral!full story at great music. posted by josh urich

a bad lip reading of mayweather vs. mcgregor

bad lip readings are one of the best ways to enjoy something you might not otherwise like. this weigh-in show down, for example, becomes incredibly fun when you watch a bad lip reading.full story at youtube.more great humor. posted by josh urich

15 excellent autobiographies to round out your summer reading list

look no further than this list of autobiographies from sumaiya kabir at lifehack full of stories of real people who overcame incredible odds to make a difference in the, you’ll look like a total smarty-pants at the beach.written from 1771 to 1790, this book contains the life history of one of america’s founding fathers. benjamin franklin’s autobiography will tell you how a lower-middle classed youth raised up into one of the most admired men in the will also tell you how mr. franklin believed in the american dream, and indicated the possibilities of life in the new world. he proved to the world that hard works paid off, and that undistinguished persons could become of great importance in america.another reason why this is a classic is due to the historical factors. it reveals how life was in the 18th century, the idealism, the intellectualism and optimistic beliefs are very well expressed. this autobiography contains four parts and is totally worth a read!nelson mandela’s autobiography contains every elements of knowledge you want to know about this legendary leader. starting from his childhood, growing up in to a freedom fighter, to his twenty seven years in prison, and his significant role in molding up a new, democratic south africa, this book has it all.

china's reputation as a political powerhouse surges around the world

turns out the phrase “make china great, again” might be a better way to term the trump era.according to a pew research center report, although the u.s. retains the top spot, china’s reputation is surging around the world, primarily in africa where they’ve spent years investing. european views of china are also shifting.over the past year, perceptions of relative u.s. economic power have declined in many of america’s key trading partners and allies. the trend can be seen in several european countries, where views about the economic balance of power have fluctuated in recent years. following the onset of the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, europeans increasingly named china, rather than the u.s., as the world’s leading economic power.full story at pew research center via boing boing.china on the rise. posted by kate rinsema

diver explores the deepest pool in the world with just one breath

there’s something eerily beautiful about this video. guillaume néry explores the deepest pool in the world, but he does so with just one breath. what’s the big deal? this video is two minutes long.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

student tries to quit band, teacher has another idea

break out the tissues, you’re going to need them for this video. a kid tries to quit band because of his handicap, but the teacher has a way to keep him in the band and participating.full story at youtube.more people doing good. posted by josh urich

how to catch bass by hand

good things come to those who wait…and have wicked fast reflexes.the bonus of catching bass by hand? no need to remove the hook.full story at youtube.the simplest way to fish. posted by kate rinsema

blind magician stuns penn and teller

it’s hard to tell what’s best about this video. watching the magician do his thing is, of course, incredible. but watching penn and teller’s faces is really enjoyable, too.full story at youtube.more great tv. posted by josh urich