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how restaurants hack your brain to get you to spend more

we’ve all had this experience. you go to a restaurant, you don’t have a set budget in mind but you know you don’t want to spend that much money, you just want a decent meal out. one thing leads to another and you’re on your third glass of wine. you go for appetizers, a more expensive meal than you thought, and, who knew? you have room for dessert. what happened? well, it may not be your fault. you’re not necessarily a weak-willed individual. restaurants hack your brain using known psychological effects to get you to spend more money.full story at youtube.more great psychology. posted by josh urich

terry crews shares his own sexual harassment story

hollywood has been rocked to its core by accusation after accusation of sexual harassment levied against some of the film industry’s most important, influential, and powerful people. a number of women have already spoken out against these people, and even a few younger men. but this story is a surprising one: someone actually harassed terry crews. it just goes to show that no matter how big or how strong you are, sexual harassment can make you feel small, weak, and scared. but the way to get some of your power back is to speak out.full story at youtube.more intense news. posted by josh urich

lg c7 black friday 2017

the lg c7 oled is the best-rated tv on wirecutter for good reason: it comes “as close to perfect as a tv can” and provides the “best picture possible,” bringing an unprecedented level of gorgeousness to your movies and shows.home entertainment at your house will never be the same if you pick up on these bad boys this holiday season.don’t take our word for it – take the experts’:“the best overall tv we’ve ever tested” – cnet“you simply can’t get a better picture anywhere else” – digitaltrends2nd best tv behind lg w7 – consumer reportsthat’s why today we’ll be walking you through the lg c7’s most promising black friday sales so you can get your family the perfect tv for the best possible price come thanksgiving.for starters: what’s the lg c7’s base price?before coupons and sales, lg suggests retailers sell the lg c7 for $4,499.99 you know why we’re doing a black friday sales article! it’s beyond well worth it to get this premium tv while it’s price will be as low as possible.don’t think you can wait until after black friday to nab your c7, you may end up having your wallet gouged on that “suggested” price!best lg c7 black friday deals 2017for the 65” inch lg c7, you’ll have loads of black friday deals to choose from.note: deals may fluctuate in the coming days / from region to region.for your part, all you’ll have to decide is where you’d like to get your c7 from and what price is right for you:if you go ahe...

parrot learns to activate amazon's alexa and turn on lights

you have to imagine that amazon did a ton of testing before they released alexa. they probably tested dozens of accents from around the world, tested how well alexa could hear people from different distances, and who knows what else. but this is probably one use case the tech folks at amazon hadn’t considered: activation by parrot. this african grey parrot, it seems, has learned to activate and control alexa, or at least turn on the lights.full story at youtube.more great animals. posted by josh urich

deadpool gives a bob ross style painting lesson

it’s harder to imagine two “characters” farther apart than deadpool and bob ross. deadpool is a sassy, raunchy anti-hero with a penchant for dirty jokes and murder. bob ross, on the other hand, was an afro-ed, mellow, gentle, and loving painter. ryan reynolds dons the deadpool suit to give a bob ross style painting lesson, replete with subtle dirty jokes. stay tuned till the end for a quick trailer for the new deadpool film.full story at youtube.more great humor. posted by josh urich

the slow-mo guys slice through water bottles with a katana

the katana, or the japanese samurai sword, is infamous for its strength and sharpness. legends (disgustingly validated––you can google it if you’d like, but we recommend against it) tell of the sword cutting through multiple human bodies in one slice. fortunately, the slow mo guys don’t test that exact legend. instead, they test the katana on ten water bottles. it’s harder than it looks to hit all those bottles with the sword, so it takes them a few tries.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

jon stewart reacts to the louis c.k. accusations

louis c.k. was, for a minute, america’s sick and twisted comedic moral barometer. unfortunately, as it turns out, his own moral compass was askew. with the news of several women accusing louis c.k. of sexual harassment––and with louis c.k.’s own admission that the accusations were true––it’s interesting to see how other men in hollywood are reacting. jon stewart, louis c.k.’s longtime friend, tried to give his friend the benefit of the doubt but, now stewart’s got to face the ugly truth about the comedy industry.full story at youtube.more intense tv. posted by josh urich

foods chefs will never order at restaurants

when it comes to experts in restaurant foods, chefs are probably top of the pecking order. in other words, you should listen to them when they tell you what foods to avoid––and some of these foods are surprising. chicken, for example, seems like a safe bet. but the problem is many restaurants overcook chicken for fear of making their customers sick, leaving the chicken dry. kobe beef, the famous japanese delicacy, is another risky bet thanks to some labeling confusion between kobe beef and wagyu.full story at youtube.more food stuff. posted by josh urich

animated comedy bit about why you shouldn't fly spirit airlines

we all want to take the cheapest flight possible. while you can often find good flights for good deals, the problem is that sometimes you get what you pay for. spirit airlines, for example, is very well priced. but the moment you step on spirit, according to this comedian, you’re going to see why it’s so cheap. it’s the only airline with cockroaches, as he says, but even the roaches on spirit don’t want to be there!full story at youtube.more about aviation. posted by josh urich

binging with babish makes 3 classic harry potter dishes

anyone who has read harry potter can probably name at least ten mouthwatering food items that appear throughout the series––not to mention the disgusting-sounding every flavor beans. in this binging with babish episode, you can learn to make three of the simpler recipes: pumpkin pasties, treacle tart, and butter beer. all three recipes are pretty simple for the home chef or home baker. you can’t give the kids butter beer, though, because there is butterscotch schnapps in it.full story at youtube.more great recipes. posted by josh urich

how jun from jun's kitchen trained his cats

the jun’s kitchen youtube channel has over a million subscriber, so chances are you’ve seen one of his videos. perhaps you remember this noodle dish he made? well, it wasn’t just him making the noodles––it was him and his feline helpers. his cats actually appear in all of his videos, “helping” him make his delicious-meals. ok, so they don’t actually help but they are well trained, and they don’t eat the food when he turns away––oh, and they do some pretty impressive tricks. how did he train them? he explains in this video.full story at youtube.more great animals. posted by josh urich

5 times bitcoin hit all-time highs within the past two years

chances are you’ve heard of bitcoin these past few months as the #1 cryptocurrency has exploded to new all-time highs week after week—sometimes day after day.per coinbase’s yearly charts and in november 2015 you could nab yourself some bitcoins at around $380 each. not bad, right?well today, in november 2017, each bitcoin will set you back approximately $7,150—an astonishing 1,780% appreciation in value since just two years ago.1) june 18, 2016the price of bitcoin stagnated in the $300-$400 zone for most of 2015 before surging up to a then all-time price high of $757.77 on june 18, 2016.2) march 3, 2017then after 6 months had passed, btc jolted up 69% to a new price-high of $1,280.36. this would be the first of several major spikes in 2017 alone!3) june 11, 2017and then in the summer of 2017 the crypto space sees the price of bitcoin really beginning to move, settling at a new all-time high of $2,875.this price point marked a 124% increase from the previous price milestone of $1,280.4) september 1, 2017on september 1, 2017, the bitcoin community saw another impressive milestone reached, with btc capping $4,764.56 before consolidating in the short-term in the upper $3,000s.5) november 5, 2017btc hit its latest all-time price high on november 5, 2017—almost touching $7,600 before settling back around $7,200. at least, for now, that is!so where’s bitcoin going from here?blockchain technologies have the potential to change the world in the same way t...

why metals are shiny - holy kaw!

unlike (non-polished) wood, plastics, fabrics, and pretty much every other fabric, metals are shiny. what makes metals different from these other materials? it’s in the atoms. the same reason that metals can be banged into different shapes and wood, plastics, and so on cannot causes metal to reflect lines. basically, the electrons line up and when light strikes them they vibrate, causing another wave of light to emanate from the metal. see more in this video.full story at youtube.more great science. posted by josh urich

what makes stranger things season 1 so darn good

almost everyone agrees that stranger things season one was a very special bit of television. it was set in the 1980s, but it doesn’t use nostalgia as annoyingly as some other shows. it references a ton of 1980s pop culture elements, but it doesn’t do so in a cheesy way. in fact, stranger things adopts some of those pop culture references and then takes them even farther, bringing them into fruition. take a look at this brilliant video essay.full story at youtube.more great tv. posted by josh urich

why more archers don't shoot like lars andersen

remember lars anderson? perhaps this video of him turning arrows in mid air will jog your memory. or maybe one of lars’s earlier videos? now that your memory is jogged, you might wonder why lars hasn’t revolutionized the sport of archery. this professional archer explains that there are several reasons people don’t shoot like lars. first, space. it’s really hard to find the kind of space you need to perform his trick shots. second, you can’t practice with live people unless you’re really good (and they’re really carefree…). see the rest in this video.full story at youtube.more great sports. posted by josh urich

the history of time travel in fiction

the idea of time travel probably dates back to the first time a person felt regret and wished she or he could go back in time and avoid whatever mistakes she or he made. but when it comes to time travel in fiction, things are a little murkier. h.g. wells’s the time machine comes to mind, and there’s also mark twain’s a connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court. both were written in the 1890s. but charles dickens’s a christmas carol was written fifty years prior, and surely that counts? and what about stories since then? take a look at this video to learn more.full story at youtube.more about literature. posted by josh urich

tips for pairing hot sauce with food

pairing food and wine has been a popular art since the first vintner quaffed his creation with a mouthful of food. now, it’s an extremely developed and lucrative art form. we may be witnessing the birth of a new pairing art form: pairing hot sauce with food. there’s a lot to keep in mind: flavors of the hot sauce, level of saltiness, level of acid, texture of the sauce, temperature of the food, and so on. you also have to learn to care for your sauce properly: don’t expose it to direct sunlight, don’t let its temperature fluctuate, and so on.full story at youtube.more great food tips. posted by josh urich

how a tapestry is made

a tapestry is basically a combination of a story, a painting, and a massive sewing project. it’s hard to imagine how such a project even starts. take a look at this video, though. it walks you through the process of making a tapestry from the beginning to the end. it involves lots of transparencies, hand-dyed fabric, a massive loom, and lots and lots of hand-stitching. the end result is, of course, spectacularly beautiful.full story at youtube.more great art. posted by josh urich

how the college board popularized the sat

let’s stop and think about the college admissions process for a second. what do you need to do to get into college? take the right classes, of course, but also you need to take the sat or act. you can’t avoid it. and to take that test, you need to pay a fee. if you want to do well on the sat or act, you need to take a prep course, for which you will pay substantially more money. or you could buy an expensive book to help. either way, these tests are very lucrative. how did this system come to be? take a look.full story at youtube.more about education. posted by josh urich

why aren't there more dead animals laying around?

since there are so many animals on the planet––heck even if you live in cities there are a lot of animals around––why don’t we see loads of dead animals lying around? there are a few reasons for that, actually. first, most animals don’t die of old age; most animals are killed by predators and then eaten. if an animal does make it to old age, or perhaps gets ill, it tends to find a place to hide. once it has passed away, vultures or coyotes find it. and if they don’t, the bacteria and fungi will.full story at youtube.more interesting science. posted by josh urich