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wedding cakes vs. regular cakes

what’s the difference between a wedding cake and a regular cake? a few hundred bucks, usually. this british comedy skit perfectly captures the frustration of buying a wedding cake.full story a youtube.more great humor. posted by josh urich

outage outrage: the true cost of tech giant downtime

a five-minute outage may not seem like a big deal to most, but when a company can measure their earnings in seconds, every minute can equal tens of thousands of dollars lost.check out what happens when tech giants such as google and twitter go down.via company infographics. posted by kate rinsema

an honest trailer for wonder woman

wonder woman finally made her way into the superhero renaissance. and, just like other superhero movies, this one has flaws. honest trailers mocks those flaws.full story at youtube.more great movies. posted by josh urich

how to make alton brown's perfect popcorn

alton brown turns the methods and tools of science to make perfect meals, and in this case, popcorn. here’s how to make a delicious, low-cal snack.full story at youtube.more recipes. posted by josh urich

crowds cheer when dog rescued from mexican earthquake damage

in the middle of a tragedy, people naturally look for a victory, even a small victory. rescuing this dog definitely qualifies. listen to the crowd cheer when they see this dog rescued.full story at streamable.more people doing good. posted by josh urich

check out the world's first electric vertical take-off & landing jet

if “the jetsons” theme suddenly springs to mind when you see lilium’s creation take off, it’s understandable. this all-electric jet looks as if it escaped from a sci-fi movie.the company’s goal is to create an on-demand air taxi service with these jets, which can fly from paris to london in an hour at speeds equal to a formula one race car. for once, it isn’t all about satisfying the luxury market.according to the youtube description:the lilium jet successfully completed its maiden test flight series in the skies above bavaria. the 2-seater eagle prototype executed a range of complex maneuvers, including its signature mid-air transition from hover mode to wing-borne forward flight.full story at lilium.the future of aviation? posted by kate rinsema

beautiful footage of a mountain drone flight

we can fly in planes, helicopters, paramotors, hang-gliders, and even wing suits, but we can’t fly like birds. this drone footage may be as close at it gets.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

dog knows how to use toilet

this is a good dog. this sweet, smart dog knows how to put the toilet seat down, pee in the potty, and then flush all by itself.full story at youtube.more great dogs. posted by josh urich

a timeline of american ninja movies

hollywood’s fascination with all things ninja hasn’t faded a bit since hitting the scene back in the action-packed movie binge weekend would be complete without at least a few of the films in this infographic from dare you not to start jumping around on the furniture.via infographics? so do we. posted by kate rinsema

man narrates his paramotor emergency landing

the last thing you want to hear when you’re literally flying above the ground is the sound of a stalling engine. but this guy kept his cool and even narrated how he salvaged the situation.full story at youtube.more intense flying vids. posted by josh urich

this man can speak in perfect echoes

everyone has a talent. some of our talents are stranger than others. this guy, for example, speaks with perfect echoes, just like he’s in a cave.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

10 ways to make money on the side

who couldn’t use a few extra bucks every month, with the added bonus of getting outside or honing a few potentially profitable skills?entrepreneur offers this list of ten money-making opportunities with flexible scheduling for the person who already has a full-time gig to those with obligations that prevent them from committing to a nine-to-five job.1. building chatbots for companies.if you’re reading this thinking, “i definitely don’t have the expertise to create chatbots for big companies,” think again! nowadays, you don’t need to have any coding or programming knowledge to create even an enterprise-grade chatbot. thanks to platforms like chattypeople, you can create a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (ai) and natural language processing (nlp) in a matter of minutes…2. dog walking.if you work in an office during the day and want to find a way to make some spare cash in the evenings while being outdoors, why not take up dog walking? all you have to do is create an ad and post it in local shop windows. you could even ask your neighborhood if they require your services. dog walking is not only a great side earner, it’s a good way to get some exercise and fresh air.

funky guitar + incredible spoons = amazing song

this guitarist is funky. his kick drum skills are amazing. this woman’s spoon talent is second to none. take a listen to this awesome song.full story at youtube.more great music. posted by josh urich

why colleges used to takes nudes of students (& why they stopped)

between the 1890’s and 1970’s, it was common for ivy league and the seven sister schools to take nude photos of students — known as posture photos — because it was believed bad posture indicated a host of other problems. not surprisingly, these photos were not kept in a locked cabinet, away from prying eyes, for eternity.scishow explains how one psychologist talked several universities into giving him the photos to prove a theory that eventually fell out of favor, but not before plenty of them ended up published.moral of the story, all you freshman out there? if any of those psych experiments require you to strip down, leave the building and find one that only involves filling out a questionnaire to get that credit.full story at scishow.questionable psych studies. posted by kate rinsema

are we really left-brained or right-brained?

you’ve probably taken a facebook quiz telling you that you’re either left-brained or right-brained. is that true? take a look at this explanation.full story at youtube.more interesting science. posted by josh urich

little kid overjoyed to have a knife

if you see a kid running with an object in his hand, your first question should always be, “what have you got there?” if it’s a knife, time to panic.full story at streamable.more great vids. posted by josh urich

guy makes training a cat look ridiculously easy

for most, training a cat consists of getting them to use a litter box and not scratch the furniture. not so for trainer omar von, we see von muller take kit through a parkour course for cats.your cat may start scratching the furniture to punish you for even watching this.full story at laughing cats?! posted by kate rinsema

a closer look at trump's response to n. korea and the health care bill

tump has called kim jong un a “rocket man” for some inexplicable reason. the gop is trying to push through another health care bill. and there’s an ongoing and intensifying investigation into russian meddling in u.s. elections. confused? here’s a closer look.full story at youtube.more great politics. posted by josh urich

awesome aerial timelapse footage - holy kaw!

drone technology is getting so good that drones can now park themselves long enough for cameras to capture timelapses. take a look at this awesome compilation.full story at youtube.more great photography. posted by josh urich

how particle accelerators can be used to make solar panels

even if your interest isn’t peaked about particle accelerators, this short video from minutephysics gives an inside look at how solar panels are, who can resist the vision of a solar manufacturer wielding a super ray gun?okay, there aren’t ray guns involved, but if you think this idea has merit, and you happen to be an investor interested in renewable energy technology, this could be the idea for you.full story at it’s made. posted by kate rinsema