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captain disillusion shows you how to do the invisible box challenge

you might have seen the invisible box challenge on floating around on facebook or on instagram. if not, basically it goes like this: you pretend to step over an invisible box. nothing too crazy, but it is really hard to do. so people have been posting their attempts to do that trick on youtube. most fail, but some are crazy––they even do two steps without touching the ground. captain disillusion shows you how those tricks are done.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

why finding alien life might spell our doom

more than fifty-percent of americans believe in extraterrestrial life. according to this video, though, if those americans are correct then we are in deep trouble. that’s because if aliens exist––and we find the aliens––that means that they have likely started traveling. and, as happened here on earth, when civilizations start to travel they do that with one purpose: colonization. we definitely do not want to be on the receiving end of that intergalactic colonizations.full story at youtube.more science. posted by josh urich

2018 will be the year of the electric car, here are the consequences

in 2006, a documentary came out called “who killed the electric car?” as it turns out, that documentary’s question was a little premature. take a look at this economist video, which suggests that 2018 will be the year of the electric car. they’ll be easier to get, affordable, and go faster than ever before. but there will be unintended consequences. the materials for the cars come from politically unstable countries. without oil money rolling in, the middle east will be totally destabilized.full story at youtube.more about cars. posted by josh urich

what's up with kids eating tide pods?

if you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last month or so, you might be wondering what the deal with the kids eating tide pods craze. are kids actually eating tide pods, or is this more internet shenanigans? well, sadly a little from column a and a little from column b. nearly a hundred people have called the poison control center for ingesting tide pods. what’s happening? teenagers are basically being teenagers. this video digs into the psychology of why teens would eat laundry detergent.full story at youtube.more interesting science. posted by josh urich

a short story about the end of the universe

in honor of ursula k. le guin, a science fiction author who recently passed away, exurb1a wrote a short story. it’s about a bear and a goose having a chat at the end of the universe. each of them is the last survivor of their respective civilizations, and each of them is attempting to come to grips with the end of the universe. in the tradition of good science fiction, there’s a nice twist to this video so stick around.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

how to make artichoke dip, just in time for the superbowl

super bowl lii (fifty-two) is a few days away, so it’s time to get prepared. if you’re planning to have people over, then there are two routes you can take. you can buy some artichoke dip from the store, chuck it in the microwave (if you want to put that much work into at all) and then serve it up. or you could follow this really simple recipe and impress all of your friends with your cooking talent. or, surprise third option, just watch this video and enjoy it because it’s hilarious.full story at youtube.more food stuff. posted by josh urich

why sweat stains yellow - alltop viral

we’ve all had that embarrassing experience of raising our arms in an old white shirt, having forgotten that we’ve sweat them up over the course of months or even years. and it’s not just shirts––sweat turns white linens into a gross yellow mess. but here’s the rub: it’s not really the sweat that turns your clothes yellow. it’s the aluminum chloride that actually turns your clothes yellow. some ways to avoid it: don’t use antiperspirant. or you can use special laundry soap that has enzymes that’ll eat everything up.full story at youtube.more science. posted by josh urich

why sitting is so bad for you

they say that sitting is the new smoking. but why exactly is sitting so bad for you? this video explains that your body is built for movement, one body part at a time. then, it tells you exactly the damage that sitting does to those body parts. after you watch this, you’re going to want to quit that desk job and become a park ranger. you’ve been warned, now get out there and get moving!full story at youtube.more about your health. posted by josh urich

what's the best cheap, used bike you can get?

buying a new bike is a minefield, but buying a used bike is worse. if you look on ebay or craigslist, you’ve probably had a hard time sifting through the dross. this video is more than just pure entertainment (though it is really fun), it shows you some of the pros and cons of different styles of bike you can get used. plus it shows you cyclists struggling to make it up a hill on a fifty-pound crappy bike.full story at youtube.more about sports. posted by josh urich

choir performs the best version of "africa" you'll ever hear

toto’s “africa” is such an iconic song that it’s become a must cover for choirs and a cappella groups the world over. most groups do a pretty straight forward version of the song, but this choir decided to go a different route. they mimic thunderstorm sounds with their hands, with snapping, and then with stomping. the result is a pretty remarkable recreation of a thunderstorm. and of course the thunderstorm ties straight into the “i bless the rains down in africa” line, which they deliver very well.full story at youtube.more great music. posted by josh urich

how audiobooks are made - alltop viral

audiobooks are the perfect way to pass the time during a long drive. many of us have probably listened to dozens of audiobooks without thinking about how they’re made. this vox video takes you behind the scenes during a recording session for an audiobook, a book that they wrote. the voice actor explains her profess for how she preps the material that she reads, and how she decides how to deliver the material.full story at youtube.more tech stuff. posted by josh urich

iceland now growing a forest for the first time in a millennium

iceland was one of the worst nations in the world in terms of deforestation. a thousand years ago, the island was twenty-five to forty percent forest. but now, it’s largely without forest. for the first time in a thousand years, though, iceland is now growing new forests. this short video chronicles how iceland was deforested and the work it takes to regrow the nation’s forests. at the very least, there are lots of beautiful shots in this video.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

babish teaches you what to keep in your pantry at all times

binging with babish became famous for making foods from famous shows and then teaching viewers how to make them. babish became so successful, as a matter of fact, that he started another series called “basics with babish,” in which he teaches viewers the basics of cooking. in this installment, he goes through all of the things a successful home cook needs in his or her pantry to make most dishes and to cook regularly at home.full story at youtube.more great food. posted by josh urich

why your commute is killing you

do you feel like your commute is slowly draining you of life? well, we hate to say this but you might not be wrong. many americans have a commute that’s almost like a second job, and many cannot afford to move closer to their place of work. the result, for many, is a long, long commute every single day. some of which are several hours per day. and there are loads of health consequences––both mental and physical––to that commute.full story at youtube.more about your health. posted by josh urich

what writers can learn from mad max: fury road

here’s the thing about the mad max: fury road screenplay––there was no screenplay. think about it, this movie was so intensely visual with each object or character layered with details. if you tried to write out all of those details the screenplay would be impossible long, and it would probably fail to convey the same imagery that the movie wound up conveying. that’s because the writing process for mad max: fury road was different. this video explains how it was written and what writers can learn from that process.full story at youtube.more great movie stuff. posted by josh urich

the history of ancient rome in 20 minutes

there’s something inherently fascinating about ancient rome. maybe it is that rome’s government (before it became an empire) was a republic, just like the united states. and, since before the united states even began, the american colonists were fearful about the future of their experiment. once the united states was born, americans were perpetually fearful of threats to their republic. so perhaps that’s why we love rome, because it offers a lesson in what not to do.full story at youtube.more great vids. posted by josh urich

8 common misconceptions about animals

if, like many people, you were first exposed to animals through cartoons, chances are you internalized a lot of misconceptions. you probably think, for example, that cats love milk. though it’s unlikely that you could pinpoint where exactly you learned this. same with bears and honey. thanks to winnie the pooh, you probably think that bears love honey. well, we have some bad news for you––lots of what you’ve internalized through popular culture is just straight up wrong.full story at youtube.more great science. posted by josh urich

the psychology of hating on millennials

we have all heard the complaints about millennials. they’re lazy. they’re entitled. they’re ruining every conceivable industry. so what is the deal with everyone hating on millennials? actually, there’s some science behind it. this sci show psych episodes describes juvenoia, the exaggerated fear of social change on the youth. it’s a condition that has been around since, well, pretty much forever. learn more about the condition in this video, and why it’s not actually that true for millennials.full story at youtube.more great science. posted by josh urich

the dark coin riddle is going to drive you bananas

do you like riddles? we’re not talking about a simple “where do they bury the survivors” kind of riddle you tell your preteen cousin to light her up. we’re talking about an intense, brutal, mind-bending riddle. here’s the set up (without all the fluff, which you can see in the video). there’s a big ol’ stack of coins. one side of those coins is gold, the other is silver. in aforementioned big ol’ stack, there are twenty silver-side up coins. your task is to divide the stack into two equal stacks with an equal number of silver coins per stack without being able to see the coins.full story at youtube.more great vids posted by josh urich

the psychology of emerson's self-reliance

ralph waldo emerson’s essay “self-reliance” is one of those few essays that can be said to define america. reading it is like reading the ethos of our nation. this academy of ideas video examines the psychology of “self-reliance,” both in terms of the emerson essay and in terms of what it psychologically means. don’t be fooled by the title––self reliance neither means being closed off to others or others’ suggestions nor living an isolated life in the woods.full story at youtube.more great videos. posted by josh urich