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gdp pocket resurrects the netbook, this time running windows 10

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gdp pocket resurrects the netbook, this time running windows 10

why it matters to you

if you've been searching for a tiny windows 10 notebook pc that you can stick in your pocket, then gdp has you covered.

the windows 10 ecosystem is incredibly broad and deep, with just about every conceivable form factor running microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system. every now and then, some now-defunct machine type makes another appearance and this time it’s the netbook.

typically smaller, lighter, and cheaper systems, netbooks were introduced in 2007 and were a craze for a few years before being killed off by tablets and low-cost “normal” notebooks. now, gpd, typically a maker of android handheld consoles, has introduced a netbook-like device for windows 10, the gpd pocket.

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the gpd pocket looks like a very small notebook pc, which was the typical netbook form factor as well, except windows 10 is arguably much better suited for small screens like the pocket’s 7-inch 1,920 x 1,200 display. while windows desktop apps will be hard to use on such a small device, windows 10 apps should scale nicely and be perfectly usable.

the pocket runs everything with an intel atom x7-z8700 cpu with 4gb of ram and 128gb of storage. that is not going to break any performance records, but it should be suitable for web browsing and productivity tasks. a 7000mah battery should keep things running for a few hours, at least.

in addition, gdp gave the pocket a very macbook-like magnesium alloy chassis that measures a diminutive 180mm x 106mm x 18.5mm, and it weighs a relatively light 480 grams. it has a tiny keyboard and a red nubbin for controlling the cursor, and connectivity comes by way of a usb type-c port, a usb 3.0 connection, and hdmi. wi-fi is 802.11ac and bluetooth 4.1 rounds out connectivity.

the pocket is being crowdfunded on indiegogo at the price of $399, with a normal retail price of $599. an ubuntu linux configuration can also be selected for the same price. gdp anticipates shipping the pocket in june and will be offering bundles with usb type-c hubs to make up for the otherwise limited connectivity.